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Old 21-04-2017, 09:59 AM
kisalipa kisalipa is offline
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Finite, Infinite, Imaginable and Unimaginable domains

Dr. Prasad asked: Can You clearly explain the link between finite, infinite, imaginable and unimaginable domains?
Swami replied: Imaginable domain is this creation, which has two subdivisions: 1) visible and 2) invisible. Shankara says that creation of God is both visible and invisible and both these are imaginable only (Drishyaadrishya vibhoothi...). You need not mistake that if something is invisible, it should be unimaginable. The invisible part of creation can be seen through sophisticated instruments as in the case of x-rays, gamma radiations etc. Here, the word invisible means that which is invisible to the naked eye. Similarly, the soul is invisible part of the creation only and hence is imaginable. The soul is nervous energy, which is a specific work form of inert energy only resulting in the specific nervous system. This nervous energy can be seen as pulses of inert energy in the instruments in medical labs. Hence, Lord says in the Gita that the soul is not viewed by ordinary human beings by their naked eyes, but can be viewed by the high level scholars or scientists (Vimoodha naanupashyanti, pashyanti jnanachakshushah). Imaginable domain is that phase in which you can differentiate two items like matter and light energy. Similarly, you can differentiate finite and infinite and hence both these are existing in the imaginable domain only. A tree is finite and universe is infinite. Infinite means that it is imaginable everywhere. The core and the boundary of infinite universe are imaginable. The boundary of this universe consists of the same visible components of the core and hence the boundary is well imaginable. The only difference between the core and boundary of the infinite universe is that core is visible through naked eye or instruments and the boundary is not visible to the naked eye or even to the instruments. But, we can imagine the boundary since boundary is like the core only. Some people wrongly take the infinite to unimaginable domain. The unimaginable domain is always one only because you cannot distinguish two unimaginable items separately. Any number of unimaginable items become only one unimaginable item since neither core nor boundary of any unimaginable item can be imaginable. Therefore, you cannot bring the infinite into unimaginable domain because infinite is distinguished from finite. Two distinguished items must exist in the imaginable domain only. The invisible nature of the boundary of the universe cannot bring it into unimaginable domain. The reason is that invisible nature exists even in the imaginable domain. The unimaginable domain or God is also invisible. All invisibles are not belonging to imaginable domain or unimaginable domain only. Invisible belongs to both the domains. Hence, God is invisible and unimaginable whereas the boundary of the universe is invisible but imaginable. Real infinite means that the boundary of which cannot be seen by anybody. Such real infinite cannot exist. You cannot say God as real infinite because neither core nor boundary of God is visible. In the case of infinite universe, the core is visible and imaginable and its boundary is imaginable though invisible. The problem of the invisible nature of the boundary of the infinite universe is not arising because the boundary is the boundary of a real infinite. The boundary of this infinite universe is visible to the unimaginable God, who surrounds the boundary of the universe (Sarvamaavritya tisthati Gita). Invisible nature of the boundary of the universe is not the problem of this actual universe. The actual problem is that if you reach the boundary of the universe, you will see the starting boundary of unimaginable God just like when you reach the boundary of the earth, you will find the starting boundary of the sea. When God is unimaginable, there is no point of visible nature of God. Since you cannot visualize God, you cannot reach the boundary of the universe. Hence the problem is due to unimaginable God and not due to the imaginable universe. Hence there is no absolute infinite and the unimaginable God cannot be the absolute infinite because infinite should be always imaginable. The unimaginable God is beyond the aspects of finite and infinite. This imaginable universe is only a relative infinite since its boundary is invisible to human beings only and not to God. This infinite universe did not exist at all before its creation. Non-existence of real infinite is impossible. Therefore, the created universe is finite with reference to the creator and is infinite with reference to its part or human being. When God said in the Gita that this creation is infinite (Naantostimama...) it means only that this world is a relative infinite (which means that it is infinite to souls and simultaneously finite to the unimaginable God). The constant expansion of the universe, indicating the running of space ahead as the human being runs after it, is also a poetic expression of the above concept. Otherwise, how the universe can expand in space, when the space itself is a component of the universe?
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