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Old 26-10-2017, 10:54 PM
SlayerOfLight SlayerOfLight is offline
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Although I can't say for sure (since I don't know you personally) you don't appear as someone crazy. Though if I may ask, how are you so sure you aren't being manipulated by not so benevolent forces masquerading as divine beings and trying to implant certain feelings into you to make it convincing? By no means am I jealous or anything, because I really don't give a flying fudge whether I am an angel myself or not. But I certainly would be having severe trust issues if entities claiming to be my guides and guardians would suddenly tell me I am an angel. That's exactly the kind of thing I would tell people if I wanted to seduce them.
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Old 26-10-2017, 11:02 PM
shivatar shivatar is offline
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Originally Posted by Kittycatcacher
For years I have gone through paranormal encounters. I suppose they are daily since I always talk with my guardian angel who claims I too am an angel and my ghost guardians for years as well. Last week though I found a website that seemed genuine and read about a lot of things that seems to have triggered a spiritual awakening of sorts. I started feeling energy at a higher level and while trying to see them (something I've been trying on and off for years) I actually saw something move which made me happy. I also read about seeing signs and I asked for them to send me coins. I got them many days in a row both in real life and dreams. I also saw a store I've never payed much attention to with the name of my soul on its window in big letters. That actually may have been one of those exchange jewelry for money shops and had the word coins on it. We drove by too quickly for me to see. One of those nights I was reading more and felt a huge presence in the room. My angel said "oh it's our brother Gabriel." I told him I liked him in Supernatural. Anyways it lead to him telling me "hold you your hand" and I did and felt his power flowing through me and messing with my third eye. The thing that has truly convinced me I am an angel though is what I found two days ago. I have a habit of looking into the name of my soul and using it to find out what angel I supposedly am. That day I did something differently, I prayed to God and my angel to help me find out who I used to be. I told them I felt lost and that finding out who I was would help me find out who I can be now and in the future. I was told by who I think was god that I would. He was right and I found it. My angel reassured me that it was me and even if I was slightly skeptical I agreed that it did sound like me. Eventually after reading a lot about the angel I took a break from it and hopped into the shower. Afterwards I was going to watch YouTube but my computer froze. So I decided to continue research on my phone and found a picture someone made of the angel that looks exactly like me well younger me since I've gained a few pounds in recent years *sigh*, but still me right down to how I part my hair. I was shocked when I saw it, and happy and excited and relieved. I know I'm not special, we are all equal. I have always known this, but finding out who I was, and who I will be again someday has been simply amazing and I truly feel blessed. But even still I can't help but sometimes think man is this weird. Am I crazy?

Angels don't incarnate in human form according to angelic mythology. If an angel comes to earth then they come in their angelic form, they are messengers for God and don't need to become human to deliver their message. Often they do it in dreams or in a visionary experience.

I was just reading up on hearing voices this weekend. It said that there are a countless number of entities that are praying for someone to talk to them, to listen to them.

Sometimes God speaks to people, but only those who have been tested. Something like one in a million God may speak to. So out of 7 billion people, maybe God speaks to 7,000 and out of those 7,000 the vast majority remain silent about the experience.

The number of people who hear voices that seem like God is substantially higher. Especially since so many people think hearing a voice is a sign that everything supernatural is true. Their desire for it to be so allows the bodiless entities an opportunity for interaction. Once they have interacted the only way to get rid of them is doubt. If a person finds their self plagued by thoughts of a voice in their head that is not them the best way to deal with it is to ignore the voice, ignore all the things it says, and keep ignoring until it goes away.

I've been talked to by entities that seemed as divine as angels. They brought me pain. Be careful, even the sweetest sounding messages can be full of danger.
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Old 27-10-2017, 12:54 AM
Smoreslover Smoreslover is offline
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The thing is that I’ve known them long enough to know that they are not negative beings. It’s been at least five years now since I met them and I can’t think of a single time they’ve tried anything bad or off.

Anyways it’s been so long now since I started this topic that I already know the answers to what I was wondering. It’s real but it doesn’t change anything here.
We have lots of ups and downs, pleasures and pains, but that's life and we learn to accept the bad with the good. Without the bad times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. Life is precious and I cherish it, every living moment.
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