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Old 31-07-2017, 08:34 PM
Azmond Azmond is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
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Originally Posted by twinflamemale
I saw one a few years ago travelling home after a late night at the gym. I was driving down this newly constructed road that was very dark and quiet, when all of a sudden I could see what I initially thought was a 'glider plane' about 50ft above me travelling in the same direction.

However it was pitch black, and it was heading towards a small forest at the end of the road, so to this day I'll never know what it was. But it didn't make a noise so it had me rattled a little....

Your experience sounds a bit like mine. I also considered it being a hand glider, just that it was way to big and it didn't have the right shape, but was instead a really big triangle. Besides it really makes no sense to be flying a hand glider in dark with no lights on. Well at least at my location it didn't, since it is an urban area with no place to land.
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Old 31-07-2017, 08:50 PM
SlayerOfLight SlayerOfLight is offline
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Not sure if it was anything alien related but I remember a long while ago I saw something what appeared to be a white glowing dot shooting across the sky with great speed and reached the other side of the sky in mere seconds before disappearing. I could be wrong but it didn't look like a comet or shooting star as it didn't leave a trail behind. Whatever the hell it was I still don't know today.
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Old 05-08-2017, 09:56 PM
Wiclas Wiclas is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jul 2017
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I have only seen few crafts. Last winter I saw a bright light at the ocean. It was a dark night, and no airplane could have such a bright light while flying in the sky. It seemed as the craft was looking for something, when it seemed more bright at some points. I was about 3 kilometres away from it.

Then the light hit me too, and I felt the energy of that ship, as it was not from this world. The feeling it self was warm, and I thought it was some "higher energy", because it actually felt good. But I just walked away, I am not ready for alien contact in a physical realm. I prefer to communicate with them in other ways (e.g. channeling)

Wonderful experience, but I love to seem them from few kilometres away, otherwise it would be a bit scary experience. Perhaps they sensed my fear or they just had other business to do, so they did not follow me.

(I am a non native english speaker, so please forgive some misspellings)
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Old 06-08-2017, 01:58 PM
TinyToad TinyToad is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 34
Only thing I have ever personally observed in this regard, was several years ago while way up north in the U.S., on a camping trip with several other people. It was late at night, bonfire and such, visibility of the stars was very clear and vivid. The lot of us were laying down on blankets on the ground, staring at the sky and just talking. One of the stars started to move but not like a flying vehicle. It would move fairly quickly straight 'down' and be still for a few seconds, then move fairly quickly straight to the right, be still for a while, then move up and to the left, and so on. We all noticed it one by one and were all just sort of freaked out and fascinated by it. Then a couple of the other stars, we noticed doing the same thing. It was very obvious because the visibility of the stars in general was very high, so the stars around the moving ones were fixed and not moving at all, which just made the movement of the few really stand out, side by side. We couldn't figure out what they actually were, so for us they remained unidentified. I admit I still don't know what they were, though, haha.
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Old 04-09-2017, 02:15 PM
rodan rodan is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 304
1)(this one happened when I was 20 years old)

I just left the house on my way to pick up my girlfriend for a date, Friday evening, about 6:30PM. Lived in a small community, not very many houses, driving out to the main highway, about two miles away. No sooner I reached the blacktop road that takes me to the main highway, I see what I thought was a helicopter, with a spotlight, shining it on the treetops of the trees along the road. I occasionally glanced over at it and noticed it was following the treeline, parallel with me.

When I reached the main highway, I turned right onto it. As soon as I did, a very bright light hit my car from above. My thoughts were the helicopter spotlighted me, and wanted me to pull over. It's not uncommon for the state highway patrol to use helicopters to search for vehicles.

I kept driving thinking it might just be shining the light on me to read my license plates and get the make and color of the car. The light stayed on me, so, I pulled over into a driveway in front of a house.

I shut off the headlights and motor, and as I stepped out of the car, I noticed the " helicopter " was just about 50 foot to my left, maybe 50 foot off the ground level of the yard.

This is when I noticed the " helicopter " made absolutely no sound, and, as I got a really good look at it standing outside of my car, I saw it was not a helicopter. It took just a few seconds to realize it's nothing I recognize or have ever seen before and then " UFO " came to mind.

It had different colored lights that surrounded it's circumference, and, I could tell the object was rotating. I even saw " windows ", though didn't see anyone looking out of them.

As I thought " flying saucer, UFO ", the object shot off at an incredible speed, till it was the size of a distant star in the sky. I jumped back into my car and went straight home.

I went into the house, my mom and sister were standing in the kitchen and mom started yelling at me asking me where I was. She said my girlfriend kept calling the house wondering where I was at.

It was after 9:00 PM. I couldn't make sense of that, as I was only gone about ten minutes total. Mom told me if I was going to cancel the date the least I could do was call my girlfriend and tell her. I sat down on a chair by the kitchen table as I was getting my *** chewed out by mom trying to comprehend what just happened, what I saw. I didn't tell mom or my sister, at that time.

I went to the living room, and stared out the large window, checking out the sky. I was scared. I think mom knew something was wrong as I kept saying the clocks are wrong, it can't be no later than 7:00 PM, if that.

My sister then had gone upstairs to her room, and I finally told mom I saw something that scared me and came back home. She thought I went over to one of my friend's to drink beer and decided not to go on my date.

She then said I should call my girlfriend and tell her I'm home and not to worry. I did, and she talked me into coming over to her house, even though it was after 9:30, we could just drive around town or something.

I did and told her what happened. She believed me, though I think my mom and sister ( who found out later from mom ) didn't.

It wasn't until years later I started reading stories about people claiming to be abducted under hypnosis, and discovery of " missing time ". I thought back to my UFO experience.

I don't know what happened during those two and a half hours of " missing time ", that Friday night, and, I hope I never find out.

2) ( This one happened about five years ago )

I work evening shift. I usually leave after most of the others have gone. We had a couple of inspectors that were driving out, right before I did. I saw them driving out the gate as I parked my company vehicle to get into my car in the parking lot.

As I drove out and went around the first bend in the road, I saw the two SUV's parked in the middle of the road. I couldn't drive around them, and tried to figure out why they were parked. At leas they still had motors running and lights on.

I waited about two minutes, and then blinked my headlights on them, as I was guessing they didn't know I was right behind them. Finally they drive on, but, very slowly.

When they got to the main highway, they made a left toward town, and it was then I noticed there were about six to eight vehicles parked on both sides of the highway, headlights on. I thought maybe there was an accident or something.

I noticed a couple of people standing outside of a couple of the vehicles, looking up at an angle at the sky.

As I made the right turn onto the highway, I looked up and saw a huge UFO just sitting there, maybe 150 feet above the highway. I kept driving as I stared at it. It actually resembled the shape of a very large killer whale, the way it was shaped. It then started to move, slowly at first, doing a full circle swoop then flew away, and was gone in a few seconds.

I told a friend of mine at work the next day and he said it was probably just a blimp or balloon. Then, a couple of days later, that same friend said he saw on the local city news that people in the viewing area on that night were calling in reporting seeing a large UFO.

A representative from a nearby airforce base told the local news that they were experimenting with some sort of aircraft, that night, and that's probably what everyone was seeing.
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Old 19-11-2017, 06:50 PM
lovepurple00 lovepurple00 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 8
I never believed in UFO's before, which I guess was quite strange since I believe in just about everything else. My experience with an UFO will never leave me.
It was late, I was waiting for a bus (about 10-12 years ago) looking at the stars, as I'm a big star gazer. I was staring at what I thought was a bright star. Let's bare in mind that it was a clear night, it wasn't raining there wasn't loads of aeroplanes or helicopters in the air. It was a beautiful clear night and all of a sudden this 'star' or at least what I thought was a star started slowing moving to left. It then stopped then slowly changed its direction to what I can only describe as gliding to the right slowly but in a straight line. Then again it stopped went slightly to the left then jetted off to the right as if it went into warp mode. I hope this doesn't sound stupid but the only way I can describe it is when star trek go into warp mode! that is exactly what it looked like. I've always wondered if it only moved because it noticed I was watching it. There wasn't any time lapse or anything like that for me. it just left me startled as I know it was a UFO.
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Old 21-11-2017, 01:54 AM
Nature Grows Nature Grows is offline
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Cool experiences guys.

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Old 15-04-2018, 08:12 PM
Lamaas Lamaas is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
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One summer night a decade ago, I was sitting outside to do a bit of stargazing. When I saw a white dot that looked just like the surrounding stars begin to move, I just assumed it was a satellite. But then when it got overhead, it turned blue, followed by green, then back to white. At this point, it shot into the distance like a ship on Star Trek and was gone.
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Old 18-04-2018, 05:03 PM
Chrysalis Chrysalis is online now
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Canada
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I've seen two UFOs, maybe four years ago.

One got my attention by zigging and zagging in an area. I thought it was a satellite so I got binoculars for a better look. It looked like a spider. This was at night.

The other I saw was a bright white light, moving slower than an airplane. Another, smaller faster light, joined it and went in a circling pattern. I got the binoculars again and the big white light was rectangular with blue, red and white light covering the entire rectangle. I couldn't see anything else. I couldn't see what the smaller light was but from the way it moved, it could only be a military jet. This too was at night.

A third one I didn't see but heard in the early morning. I was visiting mom, so I spent the night at her place. I was in the bathroom when I heard a bunch of beeping (similar to the UFO in Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie) above the house. A chopper flew with it which was really loud and close to the house. It just about rattled the windows. The chopper didn't really drown out the beeping from the UFO.
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Old 21-05-2018, 01:07 PM
hallow hallow is offline
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I never saw one, it would be fun if I did. I believe other life does exist.
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