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Old 26-01-2017, 06:58 PM
bartholomew bartholomew is offline
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A Little About Worker Spirits...

James: On the Earth we find mineral, vegetable and animal, of which human beings are the apex, families of spiritual beings. Much is said regarding the lives of humans but little is said of the others. We tend to forget or perhaps just not think of the other lives that contribute so greatly to ours.

Bartholomew: The Earth, as a whole, is continually in a state of flux. The fires of evolution are ever at work improving things through needed changes. It is very advanced, post human souls, who guide the lessor lives of the Earth in this. It is they who keep the Earth a proper and vital setting for all that ride upon her.

But there are other lives too. The smallish worker spirits that go by many names depending on the culture in which they are described. They have distinct purpose in existence. A very short and concise description of their responsibilities would be to say that they are the worker spirits who care for the world. Some serve the mineral kingdom. Some the vegetable and some the animal. They are intermediaries to the greater souls who guide the planet. When a group of great ones decides on a necessary evolutionary event it is these workers who receive the orders and act. They are the ones who are responsible for making changes in virtually everything in the Earth.

This group of living beings, which can be generally grouped under the term "elementals" are connected to and function through both the middle astral and lower mental planes. They are, however, made of and exist in the ethereal sheath of the planet.

Their density is just slightly less than that of physical matter. This is why they sometimes are seen by us. Have we noted, sometimes, that if we allow our physical eyes to go slightly out of focus we seem, sometimes, to catch fleeting images of movement? We are shifting out of the physical ad into the ethereal. It is very much like a meditation but since we are not going far above our natural condition it is generally easier and takes less mental effort. We generally don't realize that we have momentarily shifted to a higher plane because the change is so subtle and fast.

These elemental spirits have the unique ability to make changes, on the ethereal level, to DNA strings of vegetables and animals. It is their efforts which are reported by us as being " random evolutionary modifications".

Note: they work in the mineral kingdom by guiding, changing and blending colors. This then has an effect on chemicals through the rearrangement of the vibrational components. Minerals complete a cycle by eventually become radiant. They, at this point, complete their cycle and return to the mass from which they came.

These are not human although they may appear as such to us. It is interesting to note here that they appear to animals too, even to insects. When they do they appear in forms like to those with which they are interacting. They often play with baby animals. Haven't we all seen this? It is because they are fully without guile that they seem to us to be so agreeable. They fully enjoy the role that they play in the Earth. This may seem an odd thing to say but it is the reason the seem to us to be so playful and jokesy. They are not human but a race apart. Their consciousness is not like ours nor is their idea of self. They live and work in concerted groups. They are immersed in their own evolutionary cycles but they are created and exist only to serve other lives. This they do quite well. They are happy that we are doing well. They are fully aware of their places in the grand scheme of the planet and they are content in this.

Throughout the centuries we humans have known about these little ones. We have tended to place them into our folklore usually constructing colorful stories around them. No matter the name that we give them they are all the same race of beings.

Note: When the Master Jesus turned water into wine he did so by directing his mind to the ethereal components of the water. The essential of creation is this act followed by visualization of that which is required. So... Jesus focused his mind and visualized. Immediately then the elementals of the water sprang into action. These little creatures, in turn, used their own powers on the ethereal plane and rearranged the water molecules by adding those which would be required. It only took a moment. The result was wine. Why can't we do the same thing? We can. We just don't know how because we are not adepts or masters.... yet. Of course there are those on the planet right now who are adept and who can do these things. But with power comes responsibility. Can we imagine what would happen if everyone was able to do this? The Earth would be in chaos. It is for good reason that access to this ability is limited.

The above is a little awkwardly stated.... It is good that we hold these very important lives as being important to our own. They provide vital services to us all. Without their efforts the Earth would stagnate and die.

Note: Consider the planet Mars. It is presently in a state of rapid decline. The habitats which once supported abundant vegetable and animal life are largely depleted. Lesser plant and animal lifeforms remain and will be discovered intact mostly in underground watery realms and there are some connected to minerals on the surface. But these are all that remain. There are many reasons for this but the single most important one is that most of the elementals of that planet have been called away by the great ones who guide the planet. A few are left to oversee and manage what remains. We humans have the ability to change this. There are ideas about making changes. If we modify the externals on that planet we will also be ordering the return of elementals. This sort of thing is allowed because it will serve our racial (human race) spiritual growth.

James: All things in creation are interconnected. Human beings are not static, but a dynamic part of the whole. We humans share in the creative process. Why? Because to do so is part of the will of the creator. The great intelligence which made and orchestrated it all is certainly worthy of much love.
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Old 02-02-2017, 07:52 PM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
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thanks, it was a nice read.
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Old 26-10-2017, 05:39 AM
blossomingtree blossomingtree is offline
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Thanks also
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Old 20-11-2017, 05:36 AM
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some ways to lift the spirits of your co-workers during a loss. ... the office anonymously to provide a little comfort to my colleagues.
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