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Old 15-08-2016, 11:20 PM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze
Tobi have you ever done a thread or written out a post about that experience? Was the loved one in question your K9 companion or another 'loved one'?

Yes wolfgaze, that was my Misty! My K9 Soul sister That event was THE particular catalyst which made me for the first time absoultely 150% sure of what I'd only been 50% sure of before (if that)
I'd had contacts from other loved ones, family, friends of family....etc before that, but rationailsed those things away, and not really listened.
The Misty-after-death encounter was a complete wake up for me which changed my viewpoint entirely.

I sensed my mother suddenly and very strongly also, about 3-4 times and that was loving and also humorous. Although I haven't literally met her while out of body, yet.

I didn't know you'd had those serious health problems wolfgaze. It seems we all have our story....eh? Hope you are OK now?
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Old 16-08-2016, 01:53 AM
wolfgaze wolfgaze is offline
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Originally Posted by Tobi
Yes wolfgaze, that was my Misty! My K9 Soul sister

I love the way you speak about her...

Originally Posted by Tobi
The Misty-after-death encounter was a complete wake up for me which changed my viewpoint entirely.

Very nice...

Originally Posted by Tobi
I didn't know you'd had those serious health problems wolfgaze. It seems we all have our story....eh? Hope you are OK now?

Oh yeah I'm doing fine now and have been for awhile... Thanks for inquiring....

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Old 16-08-2016, 10:37 AM
Morrigan Morrigan is offline
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Hi Bubbles! I just checked on your age - 19 and I recall that around that age one does become more aware of the fragility of life, as teens and young 20s (sometimes older people too) tend to have a sense of invulnerability until something happens to make them question this - such as what recently happened to you.

I lost mine quite early, at 13, when my 26 yr old brother took his own life, but to a degree I still felt relatively invulnerable myself. I do feel though that around the age of 20, it dawns on a lot of us that we are mortal.

However, until I was around 40, I did feel relatively in charge of my own destiny, and this is what personally changed for me around this time. Bad things happened in my life (I won't list them here) that made me realise that we are a lot less in the driving seat, with a firm hold on the wheel, than we think we are. Control in this life, is an illusion, and as we mature and more and more stuff happens that is tough, hard and difficult to live through, the more we realise this, IMO. To me, the challenge of life is realising we are not in control, but not allowing this to get us down or derail us, but to use these experiences for our growth.

I'm one to talk, I have suffered depression severe enough to be hospitalised, plus an addiction (now happily in the past) so I have been seriously derailed. Always expect the unexpected!
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Old 23-08-2016, 09:58 AM
Robinski78 Robinski78 is offline
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Two things...

Two things in my life, changed it dramatically...

When I was 54, I was knocked about by cancer... An operation plus five weeks radio therapy set me back on my feet... That was the first issue...

The second (discovering my spiritual pathway) that took place a few years later, created an even more inspiring change, that seems as though it might well be never ending...

Overall, the combination has served me well... I've turned 80 and at peace with all and sundry...


Never search for answers. Wait patiently until they are placed before you, which will be when you can unconditionally accept: and live those answers...

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Old 24-08-2016, 09:13 PM
lauterb lauterb is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 180
Dear Bubbles235

A quick answer: they are reminders of what really should do, to fulfill our spiritual commitments (as for material commitments not need reminders)

A more elaborate answer: would be that all of us, before we return to a material body, we make a life project; if we are not able to make them higher spirits will assist us.
This project consists in: suffer the consequences of our actions from previous lives (good or bads), repair all the evil we committed to others (in this case usually those born around us those of which we are debtors), repair the "disorder" that we committed in front a community, we must got rid of vices, get rid of bad habits, acquire virtues, acquire knowledge, accumulating spiritual goods through the practice of good.
Armed with this program we return to the body, ah I forget to tell that we have a personalized supervision (exclusively encharged of our case that stays in our side all the time).
During the course of our lives, obviously we forget why we are here (if we remembered would be like cheating in the final test). Then when we forget the project our supervisor sends reminders, as much as necessary, some even very "audible" regardless of our degree of deafness to wake us up. That dissatisfaction we feel without having a source is precisely the "unconsciousness" charging our commitments!

More detail information you can seek on questions 335, 337, 340, 393, 399, 491, 498, 522, 523 and 524 from below book:

Good reading!
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Old 28-08-2016, 04:07 AM
HMyBodhisattva HMyBodhisattva is offline
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Meeting the love of my lives, and then his subsequent suicide. It has shifted everything in my universe. Very similar to what wolf said. Sept 7th will be a year and a half. Still really difficult, as I imagine it will be for the rest of my life. I know I'll get to go home one day and be with him so that keeps me going.
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir

We are love.
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Old 28-08-2016, 08:10 PM
SerpentSun SerpentSun is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Ozarks/Shawnee Hills, United States
Posts: 441
1: My biological mother committing suicide when I was 2, and my subsequent adoption by her older sister. I don't remember any of that, most of my childhood memories beside cold hard facts are vague, but I'm sure those events made a lasting impact. I've been told I'm just like my birth-mom.

2: A sort of awakening between ages 9-13 after I moved to a new house. Not a spiritual awakening per se, but a sudden realization that this government, modern society, all the corporations, etc are just plain messed up. That's when I began my lifetime boycott of manmade drugs and started pursuing natural healing. Kinda hard for a middle schooler though, so I struggled with my faith and slipped into depression. My house also fell victim to arson when I was 10.

3: My spiritual development seems broken into eras; I'm trying to list major events, but so much has happened that I don't know where to begin. From 14-16, the apartment I lived in just started getting creepy. A lot of strange entities followed me around, beings not there for the first 6 years I lived in that building, and the nightmares I have now started back then. My brother who was a decade my senior slept in the upstairs loft, and he became afraid to go up there. Hung himself in the garage when I was 16. A week later, exactly 5 years after the first time, our apartment caught on fire again. This time we moved out.

4: I searched for answers but in all the wrong places. Slipping deeper into depression, my nightmares made me fear the stupidest things, and my crazy mom let her abusive ex-husband (my brother's dad) move back in. My first ray of hope came on my dead bio-mom's birthday when I was 17. That day I met who I guess you'd call my "soulmate"; a true love so my opposite that I wanna strangle him sometimes, but who shares my deepest values and challenges me to grow. Of all the eras of change I've been through, meeting my mate is one sole life event that I can say changed me the most. He saved me from myself.

5: The most recent singular even that affected me. Her boyfriend is back in prison again, but after my brother died, my mom has just been hard to stomach. She was already narcissistic and aggressive even when I was a child. Even after meeting my soulmate, the depression, anxiety, and rage I've struggled with since I was 11 are still difficult habits to break. Sometimes I feel very dark. But a new spiritual awakening, unlike any dream, vision, or ghostly encounter, has given me hope. And fresh fear. It was about 6 months ago....I can't even put words to it. I just felt this rush of strength and serenity I can't reclaim, started noticing all these signs and recurring themes, and realized that everything I am has been building up my whole life. I know it sounds like jibberish and it's freaking me out.

So yeah, what changed my life? My biological mom dying, the whole period between 8-17, and this weird rush I felt earlier this year haha. Ooh-wee am I a mess. Sorry for always being so long-winded folks; I just crave some validation for my experiences, someone on a similar journey to talk to. Getting this all out is so cathartic.
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Old 28-08-2016, 10:25 PM
Howla Dark Howla Dark is offline
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In childhood yes, when I was 6 years old I had a serious illness and almost died.
I was in the darkness so darkness I become.
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Old 30-08-2016, 03:47 PM
lauterb lauterb is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 180
Dear All

Good or bad luck?

It is said that long ago, a man won a horse. At the time this was a symbol of wealth. His neighbors said:
- But what a lucky man ... and he imperturbably replied:
- Maybe, it depends on ...

One day, the horse ran away. The neighbors said:

- But that unlucky man had the joy and then lose it. The man again answered

- Maybe, it depends on ...

Some time passed and one day the horse returned, now accompanied twenty-five other wild horses ... The neighbors all amazed, then said:

- But it is not that man is even a lucky man ...

The man, always calm and impartial, replied:

- Maybe, it depends on ...

One morning her son was tame one of the wild horses and this down, breaking her leg. The neighbors responded in one chorus:

- What bad luck man ...

And as always, the man replied:

- Maybe, it depends on ...

It happened a few weeks after the war broke out and all the young people were called, all dying. His son, however, was bandaged leg and did not need to go ... All the neighbors again, said:

- About a lucky man ...

The events in your daily life have only the meaning you assign to them. another way of seeing, there is no luck or bad luck, good news or bad news; there is only news and facts. You have the power to choose their perceptions. You exercise this power of choice in all circumstances, every day of his life. When you consider the importance of this observation for his own life, I think understand why I think this is a profound truth.
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