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Old 31-07-2016, 02:27 AM
7luminaries 7luminaries is offline
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Originally Posted by Blue Tiger
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, 7Luminaries :)

My humble example of what I have been told was a soul contract between my mother and myself is hardly the stuff of Hitler or any other heinous figures in history.

It is a simple acceptance that the coldness and aloofness of our relationship is precisely why I am who I am today... and I am who I was always intended to be. There is no need for you or anyone else to accept that we agreed for things to be that way. None at all.

Oh, and you might notice that I do not denigrate your opinion by calling it rubbish or saying that it smells. Your opinion is simply your opinion. Who am I to judge?

Live long and prosper, 7L.

BlueTiger, no offense was intended to you or anyone personally...nor was I directing my response to your or anyone's personal situation.

This thread was about suicide terrorists, and so my examples of those perpetrating genocide or terror were directly in line with that.

Regarding our personal situations, and the abuse and cruelty we may have experienced at the hands of our parents or others...this is what remains true of each of us. This is what is universal...

Regardless of who we are, and regardless of any agreements we may have made beforehand to cross one another's paths or be in one another's lives...

We are all sentient, we are all self-aware, and we all have free will. No matter what else, we are all responsible for the choices we take throughout our lives. For our intentions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

In your case, your mother was and still is responsible for all she has ever done and all she ever will do. You are not. You are only responsible for all you have ever done and will ever do. At every moment, she had an infinity of choices, as she still does now. And as do you. As do each of us, even it the infinity of choices simply means all the possible choices between A and B, rather than between A and Z.

Whilst children, we are still constrained, of course. As each of us comes into adulthood, it is revealed to us more fully that we are responsible for everything we intend, think, do, and say.

Does that mean that we cannot learn as children very deep and poignant spiritual truths from the abuse and cruelty we suffer? No of course not...for we certainly can learn deep truths from any situation, whether loving or brutal.

Does it mean that there was a binding spiritual contract (the equivalent of a spiritual contract in blood, a spiritual gun to the head, or some other sort of spiritual coercion or eye-for-an-eye type of situation) that forced your mum or my folks or whomever to abuse us or to treat us cruelly? Of course not. Everyone makes their choices in each moment, and then in the next moment, and the next.

But IMO it is self-evident in the entirety of our existence that since we have free will, there are no spiritually binding contracts for infliction of abuse or cruelty to punish or school you. That is simply humankind's inhumanity to one another...and clearly this happens all the time.

Rather, as I understand it, there are only agreements to incarnate together and/or to cross paths, for opportunities to exchange lovingkindness and to support one another.

Back to those who have been abused or mistreated...it is not on us to excuse or condone the behaviour, nor to rationalise it as karma or some other contractual, obligatory, or tit-for-tat suffering we must endure.

What is upon us is the following...

To name the behaviour as misaligned (with Spirit), to call it out as unacceptable, and to to draw healthy emotional and spiritual boundaries for ourselves.

To accept that these things happened, to honour our pain and our grief, and to nurture ourselves and our healing by surrounding ourselves with those who love us authentically (seek our highest good).

Next, to continue to walk our own path toward Spirit and right-aligned with Spirit, and thus with self and others as well. This means primarily making authentic love central to our way of being and to all our relationships...with self, others, nature, and existence at large. Importantly, releasing anger toward oneself and forgiving oneself for enduring the abuse or cruelty is often a very necessary part of this phase of the journey.

And last...if you hadn't already got here in earlier phases...to forgive the abuser and let go your pain and anger toward them from deep within your heart. If you have done this and you're strong enough, you can then even reach out personally (only if you feel emotionally and physically safe in doing so), and begin to heal your relationship on the ground.

If you are not yet at this last step, then all in good time...it may take years of releasing pain and forgiving the abuser. I would say, be sure to be loving and accepting of yourself whilst you revisit the steps on honouring your pain, your anger, and your grief...and on nurturing and forgiving the self. But forgiveness is ultimately something you do first and foremost for yourself and for your own healing and growth...as well as for the healing and growth of the abuser. So I would always recommend forgiving as soon as you are sincerely able...and even beyond that engaging directly (if it is safe and you are able) for a fuller reconciliation, if possible...this allows for a much deeper and mutual level of healing and transformation.

But regardless...don't ever let the other hold you back from moving forward on your own path, because the moment you forgive sincerely within your heart...the repercussions are vast, they are good, and they are eternal

Peace & blessings
Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy.

Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult.

For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way

and become themselves despite all opposition.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Old 31-07-2016, 03:16 AM
Blue Tiger Blue Tiger is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 422
Forgiveness has long since been given. And yes, forgiveness set me free.

My parents were who they were. I am who I am. They passed over long ago, but we've been in contact since then. They are growing spiritually and personally; so am I.

I've come to know then better, since they died. Getting to know them assuaged the anger and much of the pain.

Ultimately whether anyone believes that Mother agreed to play the role she played or not, in my heart I know she did. I've been told she did, and that she did not enjoy treating me that way, but that I had asked her to. I needed to learn certain lessons that are not to be found by living a loving happy life.

Obstacles in life give us great opportunities to learn, grow, and test ourselves. I guess I wanted to take on a lot of obstacles in one fell swoop lol.

You are right, 7luminaries. Forgiveness. That is the key. Forgiveness. And love.
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Old 01-08-2016, 07:50 AM
joyfirst joyfirst is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Since this life is just a physical reality game, that God (us in nonphysical)play, there is no difference what we did in this game, when it is enough, we simply withdraw our attention from it. And then we are what we always are - the oneness and love. I do not believe anyone is punished for not playing the game well. Who is there to punish, if all exists is just God and love? The form dies anyway. When people do nasty things, they do it from deep insecurity and powerlessness feelings. Arrogance is always insecurity hiding under the pride. Those people generally have been hurt a lot in their early lives.
Enjoy the moment- experience life instead of just thinking about it.
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Old 02-08-2016, 05:12 PM
AnotherBob AnotherBob is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 75
"That which you call a murderer is a mental projection of human morality. Those in the spirit world, at least in the rainbow gardens of which I walk, do not live by the moral code of one miniscule species, on a tiny planet in the vast multi-verse. The shared moral overview and principle of acceptance in these realms of light are forged from billions and billions of species who have come together in love and harmony. Who have created a place that all are welcome, regardless of any action performed in physical state. For they know, and you will come to know, that no matter how evil a human being may become in nature, their true nature, which is their beautiful spirit, awaits them in pure perfect loving acceptance.
It is simply that the soul identity which is attached to that spirit has, at some point within its human experience, forgotten its true nature and lost its goodness. This does not make the spirit of this human evil, for it is not the spirit which is perpetrating evil acts. It is the biological aspect which has commandeered control of its soul destiny and abused the gift of life. Despite fallible belief, no being is ever born evil. It is actually the social and environmental, both external and internal which corrupts hearts and minds, and produces unbalanced behaviourisms. It is the quality of life a person has been born into which determines the traits they foster in later life. This is not to do with wealth or material possessions, but of love, nurturing companionship and personal centred education. A civilisation which hacks away at tribes of trees to build farm factories, promotes murder and violence on television and cinema screens, and produces racist and sexist music for children cannot place all blame in merely one misguided individual, and then call them a murderer. So too for those who are then manipulated in their hour of weakness by false prophets and misguided leaders, who then perform savage acts in the name of a God they know nothing about. Each misguided action is always preceded by a tormented twisted story of a once pure heart which fell from grace in their weakest hour.

So it comes to pass these individuals return to the spirit world from whence they came. What good would punishment do to the aspect which seeks alignment with goodness and truth? For punishment begets hate, and hate begets rage. What does rage achieve? Who are you to inflict your own moral code upon the free will of another? Would you likewise seek to punish the billions of other life forms which do other species, on other planets wrong, in terms of your own human moral concepts?

Now then, those loving beings who actually committed such deeds of disgrace would have done so purely because of the harsh conditions associated with physical state. It is important for people to understand that human beings do not act is such despicable ways because of spirit nature, but purely because of the nature of the environment which influences their behaviour. When such individuals return to the ether world, their true beautiful pure Self begins to be re-membered, and they feel remorse and regret for their deeds upon other physical beings. In order for these beings to fully re-associate themselves with their divine identity, they will feel compelled to resolve these feelings of remorse and regret by forging a loving bond between them and their subject of injustice. This is usually done by acts of selfless service to the soul group or family to which the other belongs.

It lies within one’s wisdom to understand, very little indeed will be gained by returning to such difficult human conditions since they will simply make the same mistakes again and again, creating more remorse and regret. This is true because of the repetitious instinctual nature of human animals and the poor environment they currently exist in. I have spoken before about the effects of environment on human actions.

Suffice to say, such ill-deeds are best resolved in earnest through the clear mind, intent and ability of one’s own spirit, in the spirit world, and not through some tainted persona on Earth which caused such problems to begin with. So then, such resolutions are facilitated within the spirit world, where one is more open to receive love and forgiveness, as well as open to give it. Those miniscule few who do return to the Earth do so, not for some karmic journey of recompense, but because they wish to create something that was not fulfilled previously.

For the individual who has crossed over to fully understand and accept the consequences of their actions, love and education is the only route which can initiate deep change. It is only the power of love and education which can illuminate something which was once wrong and unjust. This then becomes a personal journey of purification. Experiencing regret, sorrow and compassion. Then, within their expanded heart, they determine their own recompense to those they have harmed in physical life by giving of themselves in service. This service of kindness demonstrates sincere desire for forgiveness and is then left for the corresponding individual to grant it at their own time of choosing.

It is also the case that, because of the negative vibration of consciousness such a being carries back to the spirit world, this very same consciousness filters them out from accessing realms of knowledge and communion which others freely enjoy. It will only be possible to access these other folds of community and potential when they have resolved the mindset they have come across with. This is to say then, that until they have acknowledged the consequences of their energy and actions, their energy being produced in their auric state will bar them from passing through higher realms of the spirit world. In fact everything visible to most will appear invisible to them until they raise their vibration to the required state by accepting responsibility. They can freely punish themselves all they wish, but only when they accept love and truth will they find a way forward.

So it is then that your own consciousness you carry with you, in its own dynamic functionality, works only at its best when you accept love and truth into your soul. Although a murderer will go to the same place as a saint, one will perceive and behold very little in terms of paradise, and one will perceive and behold a vast amount, all in accordance with vibrational state. Wanting or seeking vengeance upon others will just as likely bar you from greater knowledge and freedom than will the actions of those who caused your anger to begin with."

-Spirit Guide Sparrow
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Old 06-08-2016, 12:48 AM
Andrew Cannata Andrew Cannata is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Apr 2016
Posts: 5
Originally Posted by Burntfruit
I have read a little, that those who kill, commit great crimes, are held in isolation.

I heard the dead Nazis were mortified on the other side.

One holocaust survivor said that it was better to be a survivor than a Nazi given what happened after death.

Now we have Daesh, etc. What happens to them?

21 virgins?

Hi! This is quite an interesting question. The death process is highly individualized, and those who die with strong convictions about the nature of the afterlife--i.e. fundamentalists--often find themselves in what are known as "hollow heavens" after death. Hollow heavens are essentially make-believe areas of the afterlife that are built to conform with our preexisting beliefs. My guess is that terrorists, if they truly believe in the radicalism they preach, would wind up in places like these, at least until they can be convinced that their beliefs were misguided.

(However, those who don't necessarily believe fundamentalist principles, but who use those ideas to excuse their terrorist actions, will likely not enter such a make-believe realm. They may find themselves trapped in the outer darkness, which is where the nastiest people often wind up. Either way, one is never condemned to any particular fate in the afterlife, except by one's own self-judgement--and nothing is permanent; spiritual progress is the eventual birthright of all.)

Once such people are able to enter the objectively-real Summerland, they will have to undergo the life-review process, and will be made to see the effects of their actions. They will eventually have to forgive themselves for the horrible deeds they committed during their earth lives. Eventually, that will be possible for them, and they will begin to make progress. Some former terrorists may need to reincarnate in order to relearn the lessons they failed on earth--but even the most wretched, misguided spirits will eventually become advanced and loving beings.
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Old 19-08-2016, 12:09 AM
Journeyman Paul Journeyman Paul is offline
Join Date: May 2016
Posts: 48
Any and all of this is possible--and 'real'--for those who experience it.

My own experience bears out the fact that most of the 'recovery' circumstances we experience after leaving our Earth-based vehicles are self-created and self-imposed (we are ALWAYS in choice). 'Hell,' 'Purgatory,' 're-education,' review and de-compression periods/events are all created by one's own Spirit--with the counsel and input of our Spirit Family, guides, wise elders, and other spirit community members.

I felt so badly--I was SO filled with remorse--over the life achievements (or lack of) in one of my Earth incarnations--actions that I only realized/discovered in my deathing experience as the veils of Ignorance fell away from my human mind--that I created a whole lifeless planet to 'live on' as a penalty--as a place to spend time alone in order to think things out, in order to heal--a lifeless solitude with human reminders but no people present.

And I know of stories in which souls will relinquish their spirit to their Spirit family, spiritual guides, or teams of 'professionals' in the Spirit World who help with the cleansing, decommissioning, healing, and recovery process.
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