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Old 15-05-2016, 10:25 AM
Celaris Celaris is offline
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Cool In the beginning God laughed.

I, 1, 2 and 3, have decided to enter into relationship with ourselves. The following essay is a blueprint for co-creating our relationship (of which there are three of me). This blueprint will guide the trajectory of my relationship by answering some key questions prior to finalizing our intimate contract.


(a) Why have you chosen to couple with this particular person and/or persons?

Because I/we choose to.

(b) How do you know that the choice is conscious?

How do I know that the choice wasn’t unconscious?

(c) What factors (interests, values) do you and this person/these persons have in common?

We create so that we can explore.

In exploring we learn, in learning we understand and in understanding we become two. When we become two and three-in-one, we do not forget anymore who we are. This allows us to understand what it means to be two. 3 is better than 1 although 1 is necessary. In the beginning there was one- and this was the ultimate singularity. Self-sacrifice, not because of aloneness but because of oneness.

(d) What factors (interests, values) do you and this person/these persons have in conflict?

We do not have conflict. The process of creation is the process of reconciliation. Creation is will. Reconciliation is love. Reconciliation does not mean returning to alone in the dark. There are two types of dark EMOTIONAL dark and MENTAL dark.

(e) Do you see any vestiges of Shadow and/or other unconscious materials?

Shadow is the illusion of 2, as each being ascends the illusion of 2 is transformed into the 1 in 3. The illusion of two is what some call the dark and light grid. This would be the chess board archetype. We exist outside of the grid but still enjoy the game of reconciliation. When the game is over there are still 3 in 1. This is the explanation of the queen who has power over the king at the end of a chess game. Emotional force (love) has power over mental ability. This is the ‘gravity’ of love.

(f) Do you see any influence of cultural family, church or traditional influences?

I see how everything is connected (past and present). The more we decide where we are going, the more we learn about our past. This is why technology and archeology/anthropology discoveries are so fascinating. We still don’t fully remember the story of the heavens (although we do). Memories of the future do not feel the same as experiencing the future yet. This is the next level of consciousness for the monkey/hue-man species. This is the next ‘stair-step’.

(g) What will you do if you or your partner(s) awakens to a deeper level of insight and determines that the coupling was not made in full consciousness?

Coupling was not made in full consciousness. Space, just like the ocean, represents the unconscious. The 2 were not conscious when they became one. Some call this TIME and SPACE. First came WILL (gravity, force, unconditional love). Will created TIME and SPACE. Time and space created movement, movement created friction. Friction created light and sound.

(h) What sexual mores have you chosen for the relationship? Why? Do you have a provision for the possibility of these mores changing over time?

Hue-man’s call this sexuality. Cosmic sexuality is the idea of the Father, Mother and the ALL gendered and Non-gendered child. This child is always changing in form and function to better understand itself. The child exists outside of time and space. The child is an idea.

(i) How will you maintain individual incomes and expenses?

Money or ‘fair-exchange’ does not allow reconciliation. Fair exchange slows time down, but it is needed for the evolution of the next lifeform. This is how we create. Earth is the womb- it IS the center to those who are bound to its gravity. The idea of a hollow earth, flat earth, round earth (there are more) etc. are all expressions of what development phase the collective conscious of that being is in.

Scarcity is illusion. We create out of nothing. Will = 0

Time = money = power = illusion of time.

Food = fear of death = illusion of space.

Both illusions could become a reality if a person continues to believe in scarcity of time or matter/space. These are the two paths. This is why dark things eat energy to live and control minds through economies. Any system of wealth is rooted in fear of separation (scarcity of time or resources).

(j) How will you structure contributions of the partners to mutually needed purchases? What if one partner is a substantially higher wage earner than the other? What if one partner is un/under-employed?

The archetype of the Tower of Babel talks about the falling of one’s weight from living under the scarcity/power illusion. Those who are 3 in 1 do need money, however people living under the influence of the 2 reality (split-mind) are more than happy to exchange food and shelter for freedom. People pay 3 in 1’s with their time and in return a seed is planted. Employment is an illusion of security.

(k) Will children be a factor and, if so, how will you manage issues of child care, parenting, child associated expenses, and degrees of involvement?

Child care can be seen as the 12 Baktuns. During each Baktun one of the 12 ascended beings (angels, light beings, channels) is put in charge of the development of the level of that collective tribe. For Hue-mans, there are 12 stair steps in conscious development and the 13th is considered the ascension.

(l) What communication standards will be held? What will you do if these communication standards break down?

WILL = 0 outside of Time/Space (binary communications) this is how to communicate.

(m) How will you settle disputes and differences of opinion?

The dispute is only settled in the mind and heart first. There is no ‘other’.

Oneness has 2 definitions from two perspectives. This is the 3 in 1.

Oneness to the light always seeks reconciliation and freedom of creation and is always aware of the 3 in 1.

Dark path believes that oneness is alone in dark. This is where the fear of dark comes from.

There have been dark psychological experiments done on people to learn the information about being alive and in the dark. When there is awareness while alone in the darkness, and combined with fear, madness will take over the mind- it is madness that created the first lie. This is why anger is called madness. Madness is the inability to remember. This is why children are given awareness before birth.

(n) What will you do if it attempts to negotiate result in your partner(s) becoming unpleasant and/or displaying negative emotion?

Being unpleasant is the process of becoming fully aware. It is a part of waking up. It is a part of bringing those who are in darkness into the light. This is where the love energies are very important- because they exist in the space of darkness. They are the feeling side WILL. (there is dark will and light will based on which reality one is in)

(o) Where will you set the dividing line between unpleasant behaviors and those which are damaging to your physical, emotional, and/or psychological well-being?

The job of the light side is to guide consciousness into the light. This is a multi-dimensional game of chess. The goal is not to end life by canceling out TIME and SPACE but to guide the birthing process of each new life. Both sides are aware that if everything were to be reconciled, the process of exploration would end. Therefore, the boundaries of TIME/SPACE are that there are no boundaries. There is no end, just like there is no beginning. This is the illusion of time.

(p) If gender differences are involved, how will you resolve these differences in terms of perspectives, views, ego-expectations, communication styles and so forth?

Squaring the Circle is what masonic orders called this (they will soon be added to the mystery schools of religious science).

(q) What provisions do you have for the possibility of growing in two different directions? What if, ten years from now, you are each radically different people and the differences are not compatible?

Growing in two directions is what the game is about. Just like cell division, so also there are dimensions and growth. Darkness explores the depths and destroys in that destroying life is not ended but transformed and changed into new expressions and combinations. There are new things to learn off of earth and Hue-Man is about to enter this phase of understanding.

(r) What provisions do you have for pre-planning a separation/divorce if it becomes necessary at some juncture?

Separation and Divorce are the same thing to the person who is a 1/3. A person who lives in the duality matrix seeks divorce AND marriage through force and control at the same time. Creating consciousness by force and out of fear is how hue-mans were initially created. This is why we come out of darkness- this is the story of ingesting the lie (fruit of the knowledge of good and evil). If the light (moon not the sun, this is a common misconception) did not arrive, we would not be aware of the duality of the matrix and therefore would not ‘exist’ even though we would. We would not be ‘self-aware’. The moon has been watching over the development the entire time hue-mans have been becoming aware. This is a long story in itself.

(s) In the event of separation/divorce, how will you divide property? How will you structure custodial arrangements for any minor children?

There is no such thing as divorce to 1 in 3. The illusion of divorce is caused by shame and guilt which are gods that keep minds in bondage. Forgiveness brings life out of bondage. One path creates worlds and one path teaches them.

(t) How will you handle psycho-social developments that could arise such as the development of an addiction, infidelity (if monogamy was indicated), mental illness, and/or physical disability?

This is all part of the creativeness of the ‘dark’ path. In fear and anger the WILL will create entire new worlds of mazes and realms.

(u) If it becomes necessary for you and your partner(s) to separate/divorce, how will you do so in a way that is not injurious to anyone involved?

If the path of the illusion of separation choses to reconcile nothing would exist except for the one, alone in the darkness or alone in the light. And when something is either just SPACE or JUST time- nothing exists at all.

1 = 0 Male = Female

When they collide they create and destroy worlds.

The illusion of separation is both reason for creation (happy madness) and the reason for destruction (fear madness).

And this is the cosmic joke.

(By the way …. 3.14, if tuned to the right timeline and amplified a certain way could control matrixes based on the WILL- as long as someone was constantly observing the earth; but that info it top secret) The great flood does not mean ‘water’… although water is a by product of creating two worlds (google quantum tunneling and water properties) . J

This is my earliest memory this is 'Adam and Eve' - this God on the surface of the waters (waters = space). This is also how dimensions are created. But that's a long way down the road.
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