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Old 06-11-2017, 09:01 PM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
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Religion founders and realms reality .....

(I paste it here and explain them with further details).

So you think this is obsessed by the lower realm? Do you know how many battlefields I've fought for the peace of "both realms"? Do you know how close I'm with the Christianity? And you don't know what's is Christianity for? And it's not wrong either we can or can't follow the Bible. It's God Jehovah who's the founder of Christianity that's matter. He's Jesus's Father.

Explanation: (This is clearly stated in the Bible that verified by Jesus Christ. So anyone who disagrees with this fact he isn't right at the first place. Jesus Christ never said, Creator is his Father and there's no indication to show that in the Bible).

And you don't know there's not other realms. And the one who's founder is staying in this realm. I've been to God Jehovah staying planet. As I said, Christianity is the angels family religion for your story or bad angels is no such thing. That's only a story to find an excuse for the bad people in human world.

Explanation: (in this world, there's only one realm. When I say, spiritual realm and human realm, actually they're all in one realm for we all share the same stars or universe. The question of --- is there another realm outside one realm? I think that's human imagination. Even there's then that's within one realm).

My eyesight can penetrate all objects or the God's body that's why I know know what type of animal they're belonging. All religions founders on earth are third line Gods. And creator is the first line God.

Explanation: (there's a confusion about Creator and third line Gods of the founder Gods of all religions on earth. Creator never found any religion on earth. If he wants to find a religion then it should be only one religion for all human not only for particular human race).

In my universe-heaven they're more than 50 millions Gods staying peacefully together. They fight me first and some surrender to me directly...... So you don't think that they're not real. You are looking too high on Christianity that's why you think there's another realm. It's because human can't see spirits, Gods, demons, ghosts.....

Explanation: ( in the universe or my universe-heaven they're million groups or races or tribes of God families and any one family can form a religion on earth. And they're real, we can't say, in the universe, there's only one God, for God Jehovah , he's only saying his family matters but he seldom stresses that there's other God families because he can't understand all races in the universe and unless he's the Supreme God in the universe. This isn't true, otherwise peaceful reality is under his control and there'll be no war or turmoil in both realms).

In my body, I've Buddha's Chinesewords of scriptures and I've Jesus cross at my back So there's no bad gods who can obsess me.

Explanation: (no one can possessed or bewitched or hypnotized or control over me by the protection of my mentors' apprentice relationship between us).

I can leak a little bit of what God Jehovah angel family , they're also belong to one type of Holy animal. Human are also from the animals, birds, reptiles..... But they are not return to that animal shape again.

Explanation: ( all Gods are created in animals, birds, reptiles.... forms or shapes first and then they're evolved into human shape Gods. So all the founder Gods are not an exception).
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Old 08-11-2017, 04:51 PM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
  Jeremy Bong's Avatar
Gods and weather.

(I paste it here for my collection). Gods and weathering are connected to all ways.

You're following too close to the ability of the Christianity God. Just to tell you, no God wants to busy himself. And that's why not many Gods want to find religions on earth. But it isn't easy to handle all the followers, the disasters, the phenomena facing human. And the weather is another "hot yam that can burn the hand" that's wars is always get along with one's will if he's claimed to take care about that weather control work.

If you said, there's only one God. Then in Christianity religion it's Angels family business then you can't think that there's only one angel in this world. Angel is God. But God said that angels are the passengers of God. That's not the true story. All the living spiritual beings in the universe are Gods.

If you said, creator is the only God then he never try to form any religion on earth. For him , he no needs to form any religion on earth. So he's not known by human on earth. And for other religions , they also think the same way as Christian, their worship-god is the creator of life and they're the only God in this world. That believe is not universal but more subjective than objective.

The funny assumption is: Buddhist think that all human are Buddhas, all Hindus say Shiva is the creator and they're Shiva's origin. Christianity has the same idea that Christians are from God, the Almighty God.

So human should put the type of religion-ground believe aside in order to know more about the real world realities. We can't keep the limited reality in a box. But it's good to keep the religion notion but not to neglect other whole truth. Just put his way, we worship a God of highest respect in our mind then whatever happens and reason I still respect him. That's I believe him once and my belief never shift.... It's because he's the good great righteous God and that's enough for my belief. No other truth......Gods do interfere with the weather on earth. Whenever there's a typhoon created by god , there's an energy connection from that God (with the clouds) who send the energy. And because the energy creates a shift flow of air and the god is gathering energy from our atmosphere. That work I can see (the energy) and all gods can see but it's hard to find it's source. They're too far away from earth. That's the talent almost all elite Gods in the universe can achieve ---- create typhoon or earthquake.

So for me it's easy to find out the source of that energy(energy collector). My intelligence energy is given by my mentors so I can also appear in front of the god who sent that energy. So if I try to punish them than I can eliminate a lot of energy senders. So I let my Cupidsons to learn how to handle this situation. And quite a lot after I captured them and I let them go because it's just the wrong way to find their energy to feed their family in that way. But human can't stand or want that "intolerant act of their doing".

Actually, they're compelled to do energy hunting. It's because now it's hard to find food for their families. This is the survival warfare and essential for their living elements they need to strive for. That's the energy to the uplift of their dharma energy. And .........
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Old 10-11-2017, 12:25 AM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
  Jeremy Bong's Avatar
Trying to give wrong comments.

Trying to know my situation.

(I paste it here for my collection). This is my another post to someone who doesn't understand what I'm doing. And he never came across with this encounter experience. And what he can comment about my abilities is totally not following to the truth. I can't blame him for it but he can't just say something like this if he doesn't know well. He's no more than a layman on the subject.

If what you said in the post can confuse me then it can also confuse others. Why not neil, you write this way, creation or to have Cupidson in spiritual world is not understood totally by human and this is the first time we hear in here. And I hope it can be real and as our human to have our children but in Godly form that's incredible and endowed with superior intelligence. And it's unparalleled to worldly reality which conform to objective reality.

I can tell you , other's Godly children are not so clever and can't learn dharma energy that fast. This has proved by some other Goddesses just bring their children to me without saying anything then I want my Goddess wife to look after them . But however I teach them they're slow learners. It's because their energy are different from mine. My energy and my Cupidsons energy are the same and it's a lump of the same energy. Whatever I know they can learn by themselves and they're in their minds.

So I must know that when you're a kid, you're always warning by your parents to be careful not to be " vanished" by the nature of law otherwise no one can save you . And you are clever now and tell the experience to my Cupidsons then thank you for your kindness and empathy. That's what a good person can be.
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Old 11-11-2017, 12:10 AM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
  Jeremy Bong's Avatar

(I paste it here for my collection).

Your assumptions:

1) someone to take me out of my body
2) nod off to sleep
3) replace my soul
4)astral haven
5) real and false creator
6) milliom of galaxies
7) silver energetic cord is served
8) your heavenly Father
9)my heaven become my haven

neil, can you explain to me which one of the above that you really know? You're just assuming something. The above are reality that you can never know, so you're asserted to convince others or me. what about new viewers here , that mean you're cheating them. It's none of them you're familiar with at your state of knowledge. And even Gods also don't know but you can say this way?

Why you described my heaven become haven? Where's the "e"?

You know there's real creator and false creator? Where you know about this differences? Just you don't know but simply say. I give you an advice, whatever you want to say just go over your brain first.

Are you sure you know your heavenly Father? Or just by guessing work or assumption.

I've dealt a few of your types formerly. They're practing evil practice trying to steal energy from others. In your case, you're facially saying, "nod off your sleep actually is stealing others energy". Am I wrong to scolding you too hypothetical? All your saying is made up stories to cheat others. It's you never know anything about it.
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Old 12-11-2017, 05:52 AM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
  Jeremy Bong's Avatar
Perception of outside world realities.

What's viewing outside your body? (I paste it here for my collection).

I only wrote them in point form and now to explain them further.

1) When you meditate ,your consciousness is rambling inside your astral playground.

Explanation: when a person meditate all actions actually are doing in his own body. That's inside never is outside of him. This is a misperception of reality.

2) Consciousness can't go outside a body.

Explanation: consciousness can only be existed Ina body otherwise it can only stay outside of him for a while and die off. When a person did the OBE he's actually done by his consciousness been accidentally escaped to his body and died off in a few seconds. When he can see is just a few event-happenings or just see his own body. Then he can't see anymore information from this event.

3) Spirit can go outside of your body at that time you're naked. You don't have clothes to wear.

Explanation: if your spirit ever go outside of your body, your body will be naked. I've seen myself in that manner but I can create clothes for myself then I can wear myself properly.

4) You can't see or meet Jesus because he's with me all the time.

Explanation: Jesus is with me nearly forty years and he's probably doesn't have much time to be with you or others "all the time". He lives inside me after he's integrated into my body for nearly forty years ago.

5) when you see energy that's the astral light or astral playground.

Explanation: when you see "energy" that's the "false" evidence (you see astral light and think that it's energy) which's surely inside your astral playground inside your body. But by your misunderstanding about the truth is again mistaken to state that it's the outside world or spiritual realm.

6) You can't see consciousness no matter it's in What form.

Explanation: Consciousness is you or your senses of mind so you can't have another self to see "him" by you. You've oneself and have no other self to do other work for investigation outside of you.
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Old 15-11-2017, 07:20 PM
Jeremy Bong Jeremy Bong is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 4,142
  Jeremy Bong's Avatar
Who cause all the turmoils for human?

(I paste it here for my collection).

I hope you know what you're saying but you're not.
And I hope you're a Christian but you're not.
I hope your eyes are clear and sharp but you're not.
I hope you say all these because you're righteous but you're not.
I hope.........

Can I hope for something more from you because you're not a true Christian you never understand what is the God Jehovah and Jesus relationship and the interaction after he's dead . And you don't know the religion of Christianity.

May I ask you, is world war one because of Christianity? Is world war two because of Christianity? Evey post you wrote you must include the elements of anti- Christ and anti-christianity..... Your pity of Christ nailed on the cross is only pretentious but you gain nothing from your accusations of God Jehovah. It's because as I said many times you don't know about him and you never see him. So what you said is not valid for you never know the true story behind it. You only see the facial expression about the truth. And it's not the true story about it.

You may see from books but it's purely from people but not as it should be or the real meaning of the whole incident. That's about the death of Jesus on the cross. You're not him and you're not God Jehovah, are you?

What's evil is your saying about something against God Jehovah but you don't know you're wrong. And you're spreading the agenda of the demon who's against Jesus Christ and anti-christianity. So sorry, who's supposed to be evil? Can it not be yourself?

Do you know when there's a war on earth there's a war in the spiritual realm between two parties of Gods? So don't blame religions for you don't know the whole truth.

During the second world war, the German supporting Gods only left 58 of the thousands and the Japanese supporting Gods only left 57 of them . They all surrendered to me now that's why I know the whole truth about the war. They're not killed by the other Gods because they don't involved in the war. They're against the war then they escape from the fighting group then they survive. (Few days ago I wrote wrongly that the two countries supporting Gods are 77and 78, this number 57 and 58 is the right one).

You blame about religions , it's very blur in your perception. Of course, no one knows this truth, unless you're involved in it or you can get the information directly from the true source. Or there's demons involved in the war.... Like you're doing now.....

What about the wars fight in those days in China? Changing of ruling means changing of Gods ruling the country. That's why you never know about all these.

Do you read what I've written? Or you just glance on the pose of it. Understanding it before you answer. They're connected to the real world events. So you should know how the real world is going on but not blindly following your heart saying.

Reasons are always hidden from you. Who can influence a war? It's only human greediness and they're the descendants of Gods and the chess of Gods. Gods are the Masters but human are only followers or tools.
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