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Old 11-06-2017, 03:43 AM
girlsearching girlsearching is offline
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I never associated Exterrestials as being 'Fallen Angels '. I believe Angels and Extraterrestrial beings are both different.
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Old 22-12-2018, 06:53 PM
Morpheus Morpheus is offline
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Originally Posted by TheGlow
Thankfully that is not the God I love and trust to nurture, love, understand and care for me.

Judge not lest the be judged

So, evident is that the three are seperate and not to be confused with each other.
"The dragon, the beast, and the false prophet".

Regarding what is fallen, we see in scripture
that there is a fall of the angelic, and a fall of mankind.
Are they to be equated?
I've come to perceive that humanity actually has it's origins in the angelic who were deceived by the former archangel, as can be seen in Revelation 13, regarding "stars".
Our true origins, and actual situation involves Spirit.

Hence the verses about how humanity has gone "astray". (?)

Science is sharing things about matter/anti-matter. A new article I read is that an anti-matter universe would appear like the universe of matter does. Is this evidence of the fall? Is the big bang of the material universe a result of a fall?

"I believe there are two sides to the phenomena known as death. This side where we live, and the other side, where we shall continue to live.
Eternity does not start with death.
We are in eternity now." - Norman Vincent Peale

"There is no place in this new kind of physics for both the field and matter, for the field is the only reality." - A. Einstein
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Old 14-04-2019, 06:36 PM
Found Goat Found Goat is offline
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There are those within the UFO field who would agree that there is definitely something shady about the Grays and question their agenda for being here.

Their formulated opinion of these researchers is that the Grays (as Abductors), coupled with their steely, mechanical, clinical behavior which suggests they are without emotions, makes them suspect.

In trying to determine the motives of Alien visitors, I am of the feeling that one ought not to be overly hasty and jump to quick conclusions as a kangaroo court would, especially if one has not taken the time to acquire a comprehensive view of the situation. Then again, there are times when, in certain situations, a suspect stance might well be justifiable and the prudent decision. Sometimes a “wait and see” approach can appear like a bad case in judgment in hindsight.

There are a few within the UFO and Alien Abduction communities who, after years of examining this phenomenon first-hand, are convinced that the Grays are up to no good and after publishing their findings are met with scorn and criticism even from among their professional peers, as well as even some Abductees themselves – the latter of which, despite their own admissions of having been nabbed, prodded, and probed, nevertheless regard their Abductors in a favorable light; not as violators, but as companions or even benevolent intercessors.

As to where the Aliens originate them, there are doubtless various types who’ve visited this planet, and who maybe have been doing so for eons. There are a number of well-documented reports of people having seen UFOs ascend out of oceans and even lakes. Some have deduced from this that there must be an aquatic alien breed inhabiting the watery depths of Earth. Albeit, the idea that some type of nonhuman intelligent race of beings exist as subterraneans may also have its origin in the tales of “the Good People” of folklore, or possibly from fictional stories, as with those agents of the “vril” who, as told by Edward Bulwer Lytton in his 1871 novel “The Coming Race,” retreat to the planetary interior to escape a great global cataclysm.

There have been countless fictional narratives within sci-fi, and movies that tell of ETs landing on Earth and their being greeted with fear and paranoia by humans who immediately take to thinking of them to be hostile.

The Gray – as the one pictured here in this thread – may appear to some to be a shady entity. The Grays might very well not have our best interests at heart. Or they may only look suspicious to us. Or even scary, as some humans are terrified of, say, spiders, and yet the strangest-looking creatures, whether insect (a la the praying mantis) or aquatic, are nevertheless lifeforms brought into being by Creator. In other words, the Grays might look evil, but may in fact have kind hearts or are only wearing their own form of spacesuits.

As a believer in the paranormal, as with UFOs, it’s enough for me to admit that these phenomena exist, and if at times my own conjecturing might seem contradictory, this is only because I obviously don’t know all the answers and am merely entertaining various possibilities.

It must also be noted that the Gray Alien is usually if not always associated with the Alien Abduction phenomenon, which, when studied, seems to provide a clue as to their actual motive for being here.

In examining the Alien Abduction phenomenon, one of the first things one learns of is what some researchers of it have dubbed the Breeding Program.

Interestingly, it is said of this Breeding Program that it often involves people who have not invited this presence into their lives. If that is so, then no amount of printed or pictorial warnings as to their presumed nefarious activities would then seem to have any effect on the Aliens, from either walking through walls, materializing, or doing whatever else within their agenda, for good, evil, or indifferent purposes, being that these space aliens are undoubtedly more advanced than humans from an “evolutionary” standpoint.

It is somewhat of a surprise to me to learn that the Grays or those of their ilk can apparently make their presence felt or known to (self-professing) Christians. Assuming the Grays or other Aliens are indeed sinister and of the Devil, then as with demonic activity, would it not follow that such malefic entities require some sort of entry point in the form of an inadvertent ingression on the part of the experiencer?

It has been thought by some within the Bible-believing faiths that Abductees had to have been dabbling in the paranormal for them to have gotten themselves unwittingly mixed up in Alien activity. It is of interest, however, as Alien Abduction researchers will note, that the Breeding Program often begins in infancy and, as in the case of Betty Andreasson, that these encounters can happen to staunch Christians, too. As recounted in Raymond Fowler’s “The Andreasson Affair,” despite this woman’s devout Christian faith, ETs invaded her life. They abducted her. Regardless of this, Mrs. Andreasson interpreted her Abductors as being angelic servants of God and at one point even offered her otherworldly visitors a Bible to look at. This Abductee did not view her Abductors as demons at all.

If I understand biblical scripture correctly, following the Deluge and with it the destruction of the Nephilim, God removed from the fallen angels the power in them to ever again materialize in human form. If this is so, these wicked angels, no longer being capable of reproducing half-breeds by way of materialized male genitalia, might be doing so in our time via the use of artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, and incubators. This hypothesis, however, is to me too contradictory to merit serious consideration. Alien-Human hybrids, after all, are described as almost being indistinguishable from humans in appearance and not in the least bit grotesque and gigantic.

When one researches this phenomenon, it soon becomes clear that it apparently involves the Aliens’ extracting from humans sperm and ova, and perhaps interested in human DNA. They seem to behave more as (mad) scientists conducting clinical experiments on what they perceive to be an inferior life form, than shape-shifting, gadgetry-less spirits.

If the Grays are to be regarded as somehow nefarious beings, it is why some of those who have spent decades examining the Alien Abduction phenomenon have reached this conclusion, that what may be of concern is actually technological as opposed to eschatological.

That is to say, if the Aliens, the Grays, are to be regarded with suspicion, it may be a totally valid stance to take, but one that must take into consideration the cold, hard physicality aspect of the Alien Abduction events, instead of the black-and-white biblical bogeymen only just pretending to snatch, experiment, and maybe even genetically alter their Abductees.

Whatever for? Why, if some Aliens might be demons, would they bother to go through all the deceptive trouble of impersonating Hybrid-creating ETs? Is God allowing the Devil’s angelic minions to shapeshift as Grays or other Aliens, not just to mislead humans but also to possibly perform physical modifications to them as well?

If the demons of our reality are to be seen under every bed, so to speak, then why not – as theorized by some researchers – in the form of highly intelligent extraterrestrial robots, which many Alien Abductees have personally described them as being or like-being. The Grays are thought of by such ones as the soulless products of ET designers, that are quite literally out after our vital energy or divine spark, envious of the very essence that makes us human, so these ones theorize – which is a perfectly valid theory alongside the demonic one.

Yet perhaps one more realistic. Which is to say, if there is a cause for alarm concerning the Aliens or the Grays, there is a more grounded, more plausible, theory, one having to do with Alien-bestowed circuitry and implants and other technological devices, that could be used for dehumanizing purposes, designed to keep humans from attaining transcendence, and ecstatic union with the divine.
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Old 14-04-2019, 06:41 PM
Found Goat Found Goat is offline
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In a thread you started elsewhere on the forum, titled “Salvation for Fallen Humans & Fallen Angels,” extrapolating on this for the sake of discussion, in your opinion would not “Aliens” that “are some of the Fallen Angels” not also be in line or at some point qualified – in keeping with the intercessional efforts of the faithful – for salvation?
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Old 15-04-2019, 01:19 AM
Spirit bird Spirit bird is offline
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Originally Posted by lowlyservant
Please watch this short video.

The UFO Conspiracy - Truth: "Aliens" are Fallen Angels


Senior bibliographer from the Library of Congress, Miss Lynn E. Catoe wrote the government document, UFOs AND RELATED SUBJECTS: An Annotated Bibliography, and summarizes her findings. She wrote, "A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities as well as phenomenon like poltergeist manifestation and possession. Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomenon that have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists."

We know them by their works:

Mathew 7:16. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?

Because it is sometimes so unbelievable, the truth escapes being known. Heraclitus (500 B.C.)

The very first skepticism I have is found in one of the first sentences you wrote: Senior bibliographer from the Library of Congress, Miss Lynn E. Catoe wrote the government document

This in and of itself gives me pause. Anyone with government ties has reason to demonize and to plant false fear within the public realm. They have been doing this for years. They never wanted disclosure to begin with so what better way to control the masses than through the one emotion that is the most effective and potent "FEAR". I am far to awake now to believe anything that comes from any connection with government ties. I will not accept them putting out stuff like this and take it as face value. Do I believe there are bad ET's? Absolutely! Do I also believe there are benevolent ET's that have the best interest for mankind at heart? Also....Absolutely! So I do not accept anything at this point coming forth from anyone that may possibly have an agenda to control the masses through fear or to keep disclosure from happening. Think about it for a moment....most people would see that and think "Gee look at her credentials and who she is and what she's accomplished in her life" and completely dismiss the fact that she has government ties. They will take this as gospel and feel it is true. There are good and bad in ALL races. So they need to do more research before putting out something that will brainwash the public. Most folks don't think outside the box like many in here do and would accept that alone as the truth. Jmo.
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Old 15-04-2019, 09:14 PM
Enchanted_DreamFaerie Enchanted_DreamFaerie is offline
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I've read articles and heard things on Youtube about Aliens being Fallen Angels, I think their separated. This is just something I believe in. I can understand why people would think this though. It's unexplainable and many mysterious things has happened. So I can understand why people would think this. People are afraid of what they don't understand and it's normal to feel those things.
"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." ~Tori Amos
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