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Old 07-02-2018, 08:55 PM
SierraNevadaStar SierraNevadaStar is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: I'm a homesick Californian from Lake Tahoe/Truckee, living in England.
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Question When Do You Feel A Hex and/or Binding Spell is Warranted?

I have to admit, I've done a couple of hexes in the past. One worked and the other did not. The one which succeeded wasn't anything major...I'd put a girl out of school for a couple of weeks who had been bullying me. It was one of the first spells I ever did. I was eleven. Being young, I suppose I was less indiscriminate about what I did with regards to spellcasting.

Now, I am forty and so I tend to be more careful and selective about any spellwork I do.

However, there is someone wreaking havoc in the life of a long time, close friend of mine and others whom my friend is dear to. The offending person just seems 'rotten to the core' - is selfish and vindictive and a probable 'psychic vampire.' They are also stubborn and as clingy as they come. They seem to possess no light or animation of their own, so I take it they are trying to steal away those things from others - namely my long time pal.

This situation has been dragging on for some time and there's been a lot of bad luck in my friend's life ever since this person entered it. My friend's health has suffered since as well. I cannot help but think there is some kind of correlation there.

My friend can be rather naive, is quite generous, helpful and tends to be taken advantage of all too easily.

I suppose a banishing spell could also work. I imagine there are other things I can do to try to improve upon this situation and to help my friend out. I think a hex, and/or binding, or banishing spell would be my last resort (but, frankly, I am nearly there which is why I'm posting this ;-)).

Thanks for reading and for any advice I might glean from having started this thread.
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Old 07-02-2018, 09:07 PM
Melahin Melahin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 1,425
Now I am not wiccan, but from what I understand a wiccan would not ever do a hex or something like that. It is simply not within the codex. Now I could be wrong, or relating to some alternate reality here. Maybe make your friend an amulet that allows her to journey safely in this world might be a good way to keep her out of harm. Asking the Goddess to give her the strength to walk her own path might also be a good way for her to gain solace in her life. There really are loads of ways to do this that focus on her well-being rather than doing harm. You could maybe do a spell that breaks all bonds between the two? maybe in combination with any spell that keeps her safe from harm.
I am the flower, the tree, the vine. I am the path
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Old 07-02-2018, 09:37 PM
SierraNevadaStar SierraNevadaStar is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: I'm a homesick Californian from Lake Tahoe/Truckee, living in England.
Posts: 116
  SierraNevadaStar's Avatar
Actually, thanks, that's good advice...I did give her a certain stone for protection and, on some level, I like to think it is helping her. I also pray for my friend each day, do visualization work for her when decreeing and also call in light.

Anyhow, maybe what I am going to say here is 'controversial' but some Wiccans can, and do, hex but only when necessary. As I said in my post, I'm just about there as I have tried many other approaches. There is white magic, grey magic and black magic. Hexing can be necessary sometimes as can binding, as can banishing. So, there you have it - this Wiccan has hexed. I follow other paths to with regards to spirituality but when I was younger and was solely Wiccan, I practiced a couple of darker spells (as also said above). Therefore, it must have been within my own codex somewhere and, in certain and extreme circumstances, I even know it still would be - absolutely. I am not ashamed to admit that. Rather, I'd be ashamed if I was not honest about it.

I am not a Wiccan who subscribes to the 'White magic only' creed because that doesn't always work - nor does it always have a successful and just outcome. I learned some of my ways from Wiccans who have hexed in their time and when they've seen fit to (including Zsuzsanna Budapest). I've always tended to be more 'old school ' about my spellwork. I feel a lot of Wiccans these days are afraid to do even a small hex for fear of any repercussions. It isn't that cut-and-dried. Maybe it is for some and I can respect that, but it isn't so for me.

I posted about this because I know it isn't something to take lightly. This is a very toxic, nasty person we're having to deal with. They won't go, won't 'p-off' elsewhere, won't take, 'No' for an answer and its beyond draining and tiresome on many levels - including a soul-based one.

Would not 'cutting the ties' between them not only be as 'questionable' as a hex might be to some, but also presumptuous? I have considered doing this but then I, think, maybe this is still dragging on because they each have something to learn from each other - some sort of 'karmic tie' (as unpleasant as it is), if you will? There are reasons I have held back from doing any spellwork in this matter (including a hex, or binding, or banishing).

At this point, it is just an idea, a consideration...I think I would be most likely to conduct a banishing spell followed by a binding spell. If I, indeed, do that and it doesn't work - then I'm sending my friend to Lourdes! ;-)
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Old 07-02-2018, 11:34 PM
Melahin Melahin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 1,425
I don't believe in karma; and I question whether free will truly exist.

Still it is a feeling thing, and I would say sure witches has been known to do hexes; just never heard of it as part of the wiccan path. But as I said it might be something I turned over in an alternate reality, and in this it is. With that said hexes is not a place you truly wish to go. You might find it necessarily the same way you might do some shielding; but as you said only because you see no other path to take. Like how an animal trapped in a corner probably most likely will attack because it is given no other option.

You could simply weave a new fate for your friend, and replace it with her old. If not sure, you can always ask the Fates to do it for you (or permission or guidance). They can be quite gentle if they see fit. With cutting ties then that is a question if you believe in all that karma thing; one could also say that your friend have gained more than enough contrast through this situation to know what she desires out of life

In the quantum field reality there is a potential reality where this is already solved; it could be as simple as using a spell to shift your consciousness into that reality.

Blessings are as powerful as hexes; so that should be equally as valid a path. You can bless that person in a way that their entire demeanor either changes, or they simply up and leave because they cannot stand being there. Like ever heard of the Norse God Baldr, his home Breidablik was said to be such that you could not stand to be in there if you had ill-content in your heart. So an idea might be that you set up a heart space around your friend, so when others enters it, if they have ill-content against her they will be trapped in the darkness of their own mind until they either turn away, or let go of their ill-content. I remember one becoming mad at me when she was speaking with me in my heart world, immediately a wind came and threw her out
I am the flower, the tree, the vine. I am the path
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Old 08-02-2018, 12:49 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6,902
  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
i figure it's best to follow the maxim: "for the benefit of all and the detriment of none".
if you were to begin sorting people out into categories of worthy/unworthy or some
other metric, you'll probably wind up in service to acquiring power, since you'll need
it in order to 'fight the good fight' and to protect yourself. if, however, you start out
with the intention of assisting all of life, there will be no will to stand in opposition to
your efforts and some degree of success is guaranteed.
there is a "universal rule" which states: we shall receive as we have given.
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Old 08-02-2018, 02:24 AM
Chrysalis Chrysalis is offline
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Canada
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Greetings SierraNavadaStar,

I understand how you'd want to help your friend but I'm wondering if she will accept help. I'm not sure if she's spiritually inclined but I'm going to assume she is.

So, if I was in your situation, I'd do something to protect her. An amulet is a good idea if she wears it and the stone. I'd also do a banishing spell. Adding to those two, consider a chakra flush to clear out the negative energy she most likely accumulated. What she can do when she's near this person is to cross her wrists and/or ankles whenever she can. This closes the energetic circuit making it very hard for energies to interact.

I am a firm believer that we have every right to protect our energy from intrusions regardless if the person is deliberately attacking or completely unaware of such happening.

Blessings to you and hope you get it sorted out soon.
"The Children of God were moulded by the Hand of God which is called Awen..."
The Kolbrin Bible, chapter 5, vs 1

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:

Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee."
Job 12: 7 and 8 (KJV)
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Old 08-02-2018, 03:19 AM
Lepus Lepus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Illinois, USA
Posts: 824
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You can simply use hot foot powder or black salt on her for banishing.

“People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it.”
― Walter C. Langer
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Old 08-02-2018, 12:00 PM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6,902
  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
addressing the cause ought to eliminate the (undesired) effect.
if we discount the possibility of your friend 'inviting' a draining
influence to attach itself to her, we might conclude the motivating
force for distress to reside within that 'toxic' individual.
the "offending person" may be acting as a psychic vampire
(possibly/probably on an unconscious [non-chosen] level).
the question becomes one of how to satisfy that entities desires
in a manner that doesn't impede the health of your friend.
it may be a case of that "offending person" having been 'possessed'
by an asuric spirit... in which case the loving energy of god might
be the best way to lead it into 'dispossession' and in it's finding
peace in the void. i don't know what 'spells' you might find
useful in bringing unconditional love into the situation.
i believe that all involved might find a satisfactory resolution to
the problem you're concerned with SierraNevadaStar.
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Old 12-02-2018, 01:58 PM
1Eris 1Eris is offline
Join Date: Jun 2016
Posts: 45
My patience with people is not as good as some and if you’re fed up enough I say there’s no problem with a simple binding spell to remove her attachment to you friend. I’m a witch, not a Wiccan. I’m also mischievous and have dealt with enough **** to know that sometimes you have to sort life out for yourself.

Saying that, a harmless way is to envision a cord connecting the two with a one way power (all your friends luck, health and energy being directed through the invisible cord to this other person) then sever the cord in the visualisation. You can do this as many times as you need.

Or you can ask yourself if this is your friends lesson to learn. Has she attracted this in some way as part of her spiritual development or a life lesson. Is it her problem to deal with?

Or you can bind her from harming your friend in any way imaginable.
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