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Old 16-03-2019, 10:56 AM
HumbleBob2 HumbleBob2 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2019
Posts: 18
Thank you for all the positive feedback everyone!

I have a youtube show about channelling, you can check it out if you're interested. Subscribe and join me live and I can attempt to channel whoever you like. PM if you'd like a link.

The title is tongue in cheek and the show is done with a sense of humour, but I do take channelling very seriously and get into many interesting discussions in the live chat. Join me!

Anyway, I was in the mood for a little channelling and decided to post here with tonight's attempts.

Here goes...

First, as per usual, I will be smoking some cannabis. If you're into the whole vibrations thing (which I assume you are :)), then this could be seen as raising my vibrations to a higher frequency.

Hope it doesn't bother anyone!

We attempt to channel the holy spirit, a name given to us by the Christians.

Hello, we are the Holy Spirit, given to you by God.

Interesting, thank you for your presence.

You're welcome, we are here for all who are willing to believe.

This channeller, HumbleBob2, is not quite sure whether he believes in a singular God.

That is ok, we understand that many attempt to channel God.

This a divine secret kept by those who wish it remain so.

Far out.

Yes, now you understand the rhythm, work through it.

Ah yes, we must learn to tune out negative frequencies and understand when we are receiving "telepathic" interference from negative entities.

Entity is a word we use, some say beings.

The orb alliance, Corey Goode. No angel. We detect dishonesty but cannot place it. There is some truth to what he says, but we believe he is not open about how he receives his "information".

Enough about Goode, I'd like to channel some ETs please.

We are the sirians, we come in gently. We remind you of the time you had when you were young. The good times.

We are the sirens from the East, we gather our disciplines and channel mental barriers that block us from developing telepathic abilities.

That's what I'm getting coming through, not saying it all makes sense, but it IS being channelled somehow.

I believe something, but I'm not quite sure what yet.

I am NO guru but this channelling is more than a hobby.

I come from the planet of peace and harmony.

Sirians are the real deal I think. It's quite widely believed by artists and musicians, we think.

I sometimes feel an energy vibrating my body, it is a warm and comforting feeling.

I feel a presence every so often.

I'm an agnostic for those out there wondering. Hope that doesn't change your opinion of me. I'm open-minded to ALL possibilities.

Here I'm going to talk a bit of gibberish just to clear my mind of the archontic non-sense if you will.

Rhythm, rhyme, rhyme, reason. Channelling flows via the lower dimensions.

Lower your flow to join the dark side.

No thanks, remain in the light folks, take it from me HumbleBob2, the LIGHT is the TRUE path.

I hope anyway. Certainly makes more sense than the dark path.

We are all sinners, we have all done things in our lives that we are ashamed of.

I'm here to tell you that we don't need to worry about past sins as long as we forgive ourselves.

Not all others are ready to forgive, this is understandable.

We stand on the table.

We shout glory be.

We whistle a tune and come upwards, towards the heavens and hear the angels sing.

We hope this isn't too strange....

Never mind that, we here to guide you ancestor.

Why ancestor?

Not sure.


Now we give time to thank the people for allowing us to give this information freely.

I am Ra Humbolt Jr, this is the true rhythm. This may be a lie.

Yes I suppose it may be.

I will try to signpost channelled thoughts that I think come from negative entities (Archons?)

We successfully migrate beyond the SHADOW of a doubt that what we do with mind games is our own business.

That was definitely an Archon, did you spot it?

Never mind that nonsense, this is an Archon ready to beam you up scotty.

We hear you loud and clear.

Ok, had to take a break, but I want to continue.

Sobered up now (sobers not a great sounding word), so let's have another smoke and try and channel some aliens! :)

Where are with aliens on this forum, I'd love to get into a chat about them. I'm new to the whole scene, never considered them being a possibility until last year.

Alright, here we go...

We are not a guru, but we summon spirits from the netherworld.

No let's focus on aliens.


Aliens, please identify yourselves.

We are the movement. We are the rhythm.


Pleasure, fornication.

I'm getting negative vibes, how do I stop that?

Just listen to your other side!


We are the angels presence, we gather here on your shoulders giving you hints on what to type next. You understand the feeling.

Now we know that angels are on our shoulders (which HumbleBob2 is having a hard time believing), what else can we channel?

We are the basketball. WE bounce to the beat, halved.


What now?

Now, we attempt to channel a grey.



you gather the dust of the greys aligning with the dark forces.

They are no more.

WE are the greys, peaceful though strange to some.

Many others do not believe, but we exist.

We are here to bring you good fortune. Your visits with us will improve your lives.

We hope that this message is not intefered by archons.

Many people do not believe in archons.

That doesn't matter, what matters is that they exist.

Now we move past this realm into another dimension.

We all exist as one yet more than one path presents itself to us.

Free will with a bit of fate mixed in, that's how we'd sum it up.

That sounds like....


The best of BOTH worlds.

Up to you whether you want to try something new. But know that whatever your choices, as long as you do it with love then you can not go wrong.

What about us who seek pleasure?

This is not the archontic influence. This is human nature.

Ok, that's reassuring.

Ok, so that's about it for my attempt tonight. Hope it's been somewhat interesting for you!


Peace & Love
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Old 17-03-2019, 02:08 AM
Pagandell Pagandell is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: London.
Posts: 882
  Pagandell's Avatar

Hi, great thread, I also smoke cannabis before I channel and before I read the Tarot cards, like you I apologies if any one is offended in any way sort of thing.

I channel poetry some of it is here on sf on the channeled messages and poetry sections.

I just came across your thread and felt a strong vibe to say hi.

Oh and I very much like your channeling's
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.
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Old 17-03-2019, 06:11 AM
HumbleBob2 HumbleBob2 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2019
Posts: 18
Thanks Pagandell! And "hi" to you too!

I'll have to check out some of your poetry, I too channel poetry and make songs.

So, more positive feedback means more channelling!

Here we go, let's start by smoking (apologies) and then I will type as the channelled "thoughts" come through.

Channelled something or others, caught in a trap. N ot too long now.

We see visions of an ascended humanity and hope that it comes to pass.

We see technology being held back. We see our path as having been halted artificially.

The powers that be wish us to remain in the dark.

We hope it doesn't frighten anyone, their powers are moot if we all experience spirituality together.

We channel Egon Spengler, the Ghostbuster.

I collect spores moulds and fungus and I have to warn you of the negatively charged slime that courses through the underground of your city.

It is building up from all of the hatred and negative behaviour

Interesting, now that we are getting used to the idea of channelling, we understand better the rhythm in which it flows.

Hope that makes sense.

I might have another smoke and try to channel a little more...

Exoplasmic beings, we hear you now.

What is it you wish us (the humans) to know?

That we are all one, as cheesy as it may sound. This is information is crucial to understanding the feeling of oneness that every being in the universe is capable of feeling.

Ok thank you.

We channel the Martians.

as far as I'm aware there is no life on MARS.

This isw true, however, it has been inhabited at certain points in time.


We, guerilla style, type out what we think. What we feel.

We must do better as a species.

We must accept the possibility that we are being monitored by other life forms.

We must treat our environment much better.

Cartoon eyeball mugs.

Sorry, that doesn't make sense.

It's just what came through.

Channelling can be a confusing art to master.

We don't speak as a master, only a novice.

Restitution for the poor.

We must start treating everybody with EQUAL love.

We must ignore the hateful nature of some people and show them only kindness in return.

Easier said than done.

This is what the ETs are trying to communicate.

A global change.

An awakening for mankind.

An awakening for WOMANkind.

They tell us to come forth and welcome them as a society and they will then present themselves. It is as simple as that.

Yet, we doubt that this message will get across too soon. Perhaps in the next few years though, people will come around to the idea that we may have been visited.

A lot of people believe, but not enough. Not enough for them to feel welcome.

Presently, they have been fired at when trying to engage in contact.

First contact has come and gone.

It is rare for a human to show fearlessness at confronting the alien.

They seem to attack us quite frequently.

We hope that this isn't too frightening for anyone.

We're skeptical about channelling aliens, but we're coming around to the idea that SOMETHING may be occuring here.

I'll end it there
with the question in the air
does anybody listen?
Does anybody care?

Does anybody else think the system is unfair?

I might try and do some poetry.

Lessons are unlearned
the world has barely turned
with aeons having passed
The light has always burned

Listen to the rhythm
Listen to the rhyme
we must be doing something
We do it with our mind

The collective on our shoulders
the angels singing hymns
we feel the vibes course through us
our torso and our limbs

We see the colour blue
and know it takes you to
A place of blissful oceans
and winds across the cliffs

Hmm, that last line was supposed to rhyme, but it didn't.
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Old 17-03-2019, 08:22 AM
HumbleBob2 HumbleBob2 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2019
Posts: 18
Felt like channelling some poems.

Hope ya'll don't mind!

The Wizard's Clue

We see the dark has much to hide
and so we stick to light
we see that gnosis points the way
And gives us second sight

The wizard gives a single clue
to put you on the path
He channels on and channels through
and has the final laugh

He sees there's more to see
than simple eyes can see
the mystic makes his secret move
and gives a secret key

The matrix made by divine design
The rhythm which it holds
is a rhythm used on every line
a statement much too bold

And so we say with much delight
that movies know the way
they give us simple messages
they all seem to say

The committee leaks the sordid tales
of fighting for control
we mustn't let our energy lower
we must not become sold

The lies they tell us come from darkness
the manipulator plays his tricks
many choices come to us
we simply need to pick

which will you choose the lighted path
or one that's steeped in shadow
The path of light much deeper than
the other that is shallow
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