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Old 19-01-2018, 12:51 AM
aimtobe aimtobe is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Texas
Posts: 187
Energy and the Human Senses

A conversation from another thread inspired this idea.

I'm curious as to how people experience Energy.

Personally I feel it - not as in touch, but as in that extrasensory sixth sense kind of way. Also, sometimes I might get visions understand something visually. I've also heard of others seeing, tasting, etc.

Please share your mode of experiencing energy. There's all kinds of senses.
Feel - that 6th sense thing I was talking about
Other ESPs (Extrasensory Perception)
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Old 19-01-2018, 10:04 PM
FallingLeaves FallingLeaves is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 2,530
extrasensory sixth sense
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Old 19-01-2018, 10:56 PM
emeraldheart emeraldheart is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,292
Empathetic feeling
Audio (I can hear people's energy signature if I tune in) - probably why I resonate with sound healing.

Personally and with some environmental energies I seem to channel via
Occasional clairaudiance and
Occasionally very vivid premonition type visions...

I know there is more to it but my brain is half asleep. It is having a stress response Lol so it has zombified.
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Old 20-01-2018, 01:04 AM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: North East united States
Posts: 1,071
  SaturninePluto's Avatar
I don't know what to call it- what I do when I do it.

I do it most with other people to hone and develop and practice it.

What I do is I give energy readings. I attempt to sense the energy of the person I am reading for- the sitter.

I have started this about six months ago. Years prior to this I sensed energy differently and I will explain momentarily.

When I do energy readings for others here at SF or anywhere else, I attempt to tune into the energy of another to read them- I do not know what to call this-. When I started doing this images would come- I could get images of what another's family member would look like, and would often wear for clothes- or an image of a certain gem- that the sitter would often carry with them or wear even on them. The image looked like a diamond, but if I had told the sitter do you have any interest in diamond in particular- they would have said no. But I did not tell them this, because the image looked like a diamond, but upon myself feeling the image out- the thought topaz popped in, accompanied by a feeling of Topaz. I told the sitter I had an image of a diamond in the upper region of the body by the head, but it feels more that it could be a topaz, do you have an interest in Gemstones?

The sitter did indicate yes to Topaz and interest in gemstones.

I say this to explain how sometimes this works for me.

The image of the diamond is not the literal image of a diamond in this reading.

In other readings yes I have gotten images that were dead on. Often items. In some instances an image of a painting is a painting literally.

So what I do is a combination of abilities. I receive clairvoyant imagery- but the clairvoyant images can mean something else. So along with the imagery I use as the base read to get acquainted with the individual's energy, and the base- starting point- along with that I use my second ability for reading, which has taken me a number of years to develop which is the ability of claisentience- or clear feeling. So I will get an image- and then I will feel what it is about- could be about or in relevance. If an image can not be felt or if no feeling comes from it- I still yes will relay it to the sitter to see if indeed anything will resonate with them there with the image itself- sometimes they do, sometimes they do not. And sometimes I have had something not resonate at first, and then later on the sitter will tell me- Hey funny thing..

So my process is Imagery- feeling- and then relaying the information, and interpreting it with thought and putting it to words.

Now where I said I used to sense it differently I mean that I was not practicing these energy type readings at the time, and did not use clairvoyance at all. I was then doing Astrological readings for others, and the ability I used with those was clairsentience alone. The gift of psychic feeling- or what you aimtobe refer to as sixth sense.

So these are the senses I use when sensing energy for the most part- as there are rare occasions I have been able to hear information clairaudiently- but not the same as this internal clairaudience others speak of- though I have heard thoughts and have them be accurate- I mean to say rarely I will get accurate information audibly in an external way- I actually hear another voice externally from behind me. I am often able also to hear a male sounding thought like voice in my head at times, which I am currently trying to figure out whether it is actually a guide or what it is.... but I am not able to get many answers on this, advice has been given but I find it easier said then done. I do not have loads of time to sit and meditate to try and find out and others do not seem to realize what actually goes on in my meditations- it is too scary to consider trying at times.

Interesting topic,

Those are essentially the senses I use or the very main ones, when attempting to read energy.
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Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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Old 17-02-2018, 03:11 PM
aimtobe aimtobe is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Texas
Posts: 187
Originally Posted by SaturninePluto
the ability I used with those was clairsentience alone. The gift of psychic feeling- or what you aimtobe refer to as sixth sense.
Thanks for clarifying and putting that together. Now I know I have one of the "clair's"! :)

When whatever it is happens and you get a sense of that energy (for those who have the multiple senses gift) do you experience the same thing at the same time through multiple senses?

And for those with clairaudience - what do you hear? I'm curious how its different from SaturninePluto's gift.
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