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Old 02-12-2018, 12:57 PM
RadiantPearl RadiantPearl is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Posts: 51
Was this astral projection?

Iím very certain it was! But Iíd like to hear from an expert if it was. So I awoke from a dream about my guides. There was lots of stuff that happened but Iím gonna write what I remember and itís only a small portion of what happened as itís the most important part.

So basically I entered a room with my guides or some other beings present and they said a lot of empowering stuff but their faces had blank expressions and they said I had to work in order to talk to them or something along those lines. They also said I needed to get the students in my class to believe in their exsistence. (Iím not in school) There was one male and one female but I donít know what the other two genders were. They were cocooned inside of a red coffin looking thing but they were standing upright. The coffins covered their entire bodies and it was hard to see them but my mind could still make out their bodies and gender and they were very strong looking. There was another being in the room who I described as Santa Claus who I think might have been God but my brain pictured him that way. Iím not sure if the dream had anything to do with the events that happened next but Iíd like to know.

I awoke and felt more energy than Iím used to feeling. I have negative entities attached to me right now and usually when I wake up I feel cleansed but today I felt a more empowered and insightful energy than Iím used to feeling as if I was still in the dream. I closed my eyes and noticed that I could recall some of my dream from still being present in the same position from which I woke up.

I laid there and tried to remember as much as I could but I didnít get much. I then laid on my back to try to astral project because Iíve been researching it and my mental state was still a bit tired but awake which I heard it as a good way to start. I did the rope technique and imagined my spirit climbing out of my body with a rope. I had my eyes closed and soon the energy Iím used to hearing since I usually hear energy I donít know if itís the negative entities energy or just hearing energy in general; started to get quieter. I felt like I was lifting out of my body but I was still in it and it was a minuscule amount of separation. I kept trying more and more but didnít get to much because the entities were holding me back.

On a side note do you think these entities will follow me if I succeed in astral projection? Or will they stay linked to my body? Will they be able to possess me and act as me when my spirit is in the other realm? Because I know itís something they want to do. If a reading I had was correct these beings have been with me for about 4 years before I could even sense them

I hope this wasnít to long and I hope it makes sense!

All help is very appreciated.
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Old 02-12-2018, 05:55 PM
SimpleMan SimpleMan is offline
Join Date: Aug 2018
Posts: 135
Did you felt lucid in your dream, like your awareness was there? That's a good indication that you had an astral projection, you became lucid while you are dreaming, then, one more clue, you can act upon your dream, doing lucid actions, like flying.

I don't have much experience, I have a long history with demons, shapesifters, humanoids, monsters and the list goes on.Usually, when a demon comes, you find yourself surrounded by "dark" things, in my case, there's always night and there's no natural light, just darkness and artificial light.A "good" dream or astral projection is when you find yourself surrounded by a warm light.

If you ever find yourself among these beings, try to use the name of Jesus, tell yourself that by using Jesus's name, you will see their true "face".Many times I found myself in really bad nightmares but when I called for Jesus, I woke up instantly, once it happened while I was in a very deep meditation state, some hands were touching my body, then, I knew, they had the intention to rape me, so, I called for Jesus with all my being.

This remainds me about something in the bible, it talks about taking the armor of God to defend ourselves against dark entities ( Read about Ephesians 6:10-18 and you will understand ) There's so much evil in this world that is very hard to know what's really good, what's really true... Remember, Christmas is a pagan holiday, it has nothing to do with God, I know that we celebrate the day Jesus was born, but if you search more, you find the truth.Many of the christian holidays are pagan holidays, but early christians tried to replace them with "new holidays" to save people from all the bad things that were done in those pagan holidays ( sometimes they used to sacrifice human beings, in many cases, children... )

All the demons I met ( I met 3 in real life, after an accident, long story short, their faces were black and melting down, they were laughing at me ) have one goal, to take control of your life in some ways... well, this is what I had to face on the many times I was face to face with demons.. so if you don't have a strong protection ( God, Jesus ) you may experience bad things..

Just last night I met two beings, one was trying to catch me, the other, tried to save me, the first one had a humanoid shape and the last one, the "good" one was a girl, her name was "Amanda" ( she told me her name )I could see her face.I had an OBE so this is how I met them.Now, I am very confused but I don't let myself tricked, you know why? There was no light in this OBE, only darkness and artificial light, this is a clue for me that both of these beings were really bad!
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Old 04-12-2018, 10:57 PM
Luke. Luke. is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 6
I think demons will only stay with you if you allow them to.
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