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Old 04-11-2018, 06:07 PM
MattMVS7 MattMVS7 is offline
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My musical tunes and their unrealized greatness

My Mental Musical Gift That Has Yet To Be Recognized

Note to Reader: This post has much more insight into my composing dream and even includes a Q&A Section. It gives full insight for the reader and is a much more coherent presentation/explanation of my composing dream.

Even though I don't know anything about composing, I have created really good tunes in my head for now. I have created a melody that, to me, conveys something awesome. It was a melody created through channeling inspiration. I've got down the right notes and rests to this melody I hear in my mind and I got the right tempo.

The scene I envision this melody conveying would be a dark character such as Shadow the Hedgehog unleashing a magnitude of energy. What you hear playing at the higher octave is to prepare the listener for what's about to happen next. It would be a leading tune that I think people call the "bridge" in music. Therefore, this part of the melody would convey Shadow preparing to unleash.

Then you hear things playing at the lower octave and this is where Shadow unleashes his power. This part is supposed to be the chorus which conveys awesome, dark, heavy, powerful emotion. Now, this melody is supposed to be awesome, catchy, and dark. It's not just the instruments I've chosen for this melody that convey a dark, awesome mood.

It's the actual melody itself that conveys this to me. If anyone tells me that this melody conveys nothing of the sort, that it's nothing catchy, that it's "ok," or that it's all musical gibberish or something lame/awful, then perhaps it's because more things are needed to make this melody coherent for the listener and to fully bring out its intended power.

You see, there's more to making music than just having the melody down and a beat. There are so many other factors and, as long as those factors aren't met, then music might sound like gibberish or something unpleasant for the listener. Only I know what this melody is supposed to be and only I know the awesome power it has since I'm the one who created it. Other people might not know because I have yet to find a way to fully convey the melody for other listeners.

Me knowing what this melody is supposed to be is a memory. In other words, if I were to lose that memory somehow, I would perhaps see my melody as gibberish because I would no longer know what it's supposed to be. This has, in fact, happened to me with other tunes I've made. The memory just didn't stick there and, as a result, I lost the memory and perceived my created tunes as gibberish. Fortunately, with this tune I've made, the memory is permanent.

I have also managed to bring back some of the memories of my previous tunes which means I'm back to perceiving them as amazing, catchy tunes since I now know what they're supposed to be. Anyway, I have this dark melody on a cd. But here is the youtube link to this dark melody. In addition, I will also give a link to the music sheet of this melody.

With all of that being said, I am now going to share the links to my tunes. These are simple, catchy, memorable tunes that are great and they all convey different scenes and atmospheres. Some of these tunes convey powerful and profound emotion. But said emotion might not be conveyed because these melodies might not be successfully conveyed in their current stage.

Nonetheless, I am going to share them anyway. I do have a beat to go along with these tunes which is a beat based off of the melody itself. Hopefully, this conveys my melodies. If not, then I would have to learn more so that I can successfully convey them later on down the road.

So, here is the youtube link to my 1st melody which is that dark tune I was talking about. It has some chords along with it. You just hear the beat at first. Then you hear the theme later on. It conveys something evil, awesome, and powerful. In regards to the chords I've chosen for this tune, they're basic chords since I don't know what chords I'm supposed to use:


(Note: In the Q&A Section of this packet, I said I might've gotten the notes wrong to this tune. Actually, I was referring to a previous version of this tune I made. This is my final attempt and I did my absolute best to get the notes right this time.

Again, in regards to the tunes I'm sharing, you might not understand them. Only I understand them since I'm the one who created them. I will have to learn more about making music so I can make my melodies understandable for other listeners. Hopefully, other people will be able to understand them as they are now though).

Here is another dark tune. This one sounds like a catchy, awesome, Halloween tune someone would dance to. This is supposed to be the chorus and this tune is supposed to repeat (although, I just had it play one time). The chorus repeats which is why this tune is supposed to repeat:


Here is a link to a new tune I recently made. I think it's a very good one. It conveys a strong, dramatic emotion and is catchy. It has chords and there is also a pattern to this tune because it alternates between something playing in the treble clef and something playing in the bass clef. Here is the youtube link to this tune:


Now, here is a link to a different tune. This tune is supposed to convey something bizarre and mysterious such as being all alone in a far away distant time period or galaxy:


Here is a link to that same tune, but with a different choice of instruments that I like:


Here is that same tune. But slowed down and added to a scene in Sonic the Hedgehog. The slow version sounds sort of creepy/ominous which is the reason why I have added it to this scene:


Here is a link to a short, simple, catchy melody:


Here is a link to a bit of a weird tune I made:


Here is a Super Mario Galaxy 2 tune I made which would convey the scene of Mario obtaining the Grand Green Star. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario collects yellow stars and then he collects the big yellow stars known as the Grand Stars. Later on in the game, you start to collect green stars.

But there is no Grand Green Star in that game. Therefore, I have come up with this theme which expresses Mario obtaining the Grand Green Star which would be a special, secret, hidden star. I first have the melody in basic piano form so that the notes of this melody can be distinctly heard:


From there, I have the Super Mario Galaxy 2 tune with more suitable instruments:


Here is a lovely tune which I think would be a full theme song:


Here is a beautiful, catchy tune that I think many people would really love:


Lastly, here is a tune that's also really good which would be a haunting tune. I haven't chosen the perfectly suitable instruments for this tune. But I think the instrument choice should be good enough. The instrument that would play the melody would be the eerie type of instrument you hear playing in the X-Files theme song.

But I would prefer a choir instrument to play the melody. It would have to be an eerie choir that conveys the same type of vibe of the eerie instrument in the X-Files theme. Anyway, this melody is catchy, memorable, and great like the rest of my tunes and it conveys profound horror:


Now, here is the soundcloud links to all of those tunes I've just presented to you:














Lastly, here is a link to the music sheets of my tunes so you can see what types of notes and rests I've chosen:












I am actually going to point out the music sheet of one of my tunes which would be the Super Mario Galaxy tune. I have circled the pattern of notes I see in that tune which proves I'm not just coming up with melodies with randomly placed notes or, what I like to call, just plain ruckus. What's interesting is that I did not sit there and think of a pattern of notes. Rather, this melody came to me through pure inspiration alone and, sure enough, I discovered that this inspired melody actually has a pattern of notes to it.

This means my brain can create great, catchy tunes through pure inspiration alone with no intellectualizing before hand. Of course, I do think of certain scenes to be inspired by in order to come up with these melodies. But I do not sit there and think what notes I should use to convey whatever scene, character, or atmosphere I want to convey. I let the inspiration alone create the music. It's no different than how artists say they let the inspiration alone create the work of art. Whenever I feel positively inspired, I let that emotion create the music.

Koji Kondo is the composer for video games such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Now, this Super Mario Galaxy tune I made is something I think is just as great and catchy as any one of Koji's tunes (but might not sound good or catchy in its current, beginning stage of development). There are certain tunes Koji Kondo makes which are short tunes. An example would be the tune you hear when Mario obtains the Grand Star in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I have created my own tune to express that scene and I think it's just as good as any one of Koji's tunes.

That might sound arrogant of me. But, if I was truly arrogant, then I would be saying it's a fact that the tunes I'm creating in my mind are just as good as Koji's tunes. I'm not saying it's a fact. I am merely keeping an open mind to this possibility. I have every reason to keep an open mind to this because, from what it sounds like, this tune really does sound just as good and catchy as one of Koji's tunes. I have suspended all factors that would make an inflated judgment and I have honestly judged this tune to be just as good and catchy as one of his tunes.

If someone else made this tune and fully crafted it, then I would see it as being just as good as Koji's tunes. Whether this is just a **** tune and it's simply my lack of knowledge and experience rendering me unable to tell the difference between a **** tune from a really good one has yet to be determined. Like I said before, only time will tell and it's only when I successfully convey/fully develop this tune would it be determined for sure if this tune really is as good as I say it is or not. I will say one last thing before I move onto the Q&A Section.

It takes a gifted composer to convey something great, catchy, profound, memorable, and powerful in one simple melody. I think I have that gift, but have to find a way to convey it. If there's any skilled composer out there who can convey my melodies, then I would tell them to feel free to convey them. I will show them the music sheets to my tunes and they can get to work. But, if it's really the case that only I can convey these melodies since I know what they are, then I'll have to forget about others conveying my melodies for me.

Q&A Section

Other Person's Response: You've got to be joking!

My Reply: I'm not joking. I really think the tunes I'm hearing in my mind are really good and that I have yet to find a way to convey them. I have every reason to think I'm creating really good tunes in my head.

Other Person's Response: What makes you think you are creating really good tunes in your head? For all we know, they could be **** tunes.

My Reply: As I said before, I have autism and it's said that autistic people are gifted. People who are gifted tend to be incapable in other areas and highly advanced in one area and I think I could be that person. I think I might be creating really good music in my mind that I have yet to share to the world. Once people recognize its greatness, they should see me in a whole new light. There is also another reason why and I explain later on.

Other Person's Response: What do you mean when you say other people can't understand your melodies? I understood the series of notes of your tunes just fine.

My Reply: When I say other people can't understand my melodies, I don't mean they can't understand the series of notes I'm playing. I mean they can't understand the power and meaning these melodies of mine convey. For example, if I just had a powerful tune from any given song, then people wouldn't be able to realize the power and meaning the tune conveys without the things necessary to successfully convey the tune's power and meaning. All they'd understand would be the series of notes being played.

Other Person's Response: How a person perceives music is all subjective. So, even if you do fully craft your tunes to make them understandable for other people (take, for example, that Dark Tune you said was powerful and awesome), other people might not see it as awesome or amazing. They might see it as being "ok" or just "Hey, I thought that was a bit good!"

As a matter of fact, they might even see the tune as conveying something entirely different than what you describe. This means that, for you, whatever this tune conveys in your eyes is your own personal truth/interpretation while, for others, their perception of your music is their own personal truth.

My Reply: My whole goal though in making music is to convey the things I describe. For example, if I say one of my tunes is amazing and conveys a certain powerful scene, then that's what I intend to convey. My intention is to create music that really strikes the audience.

Beethoven and Michael Jackson have achieved this because their music was powerful, moving, and profound to many people. It wasn't just the lyrics to MJ's music that moved people. It was the music itself that did.

Sure, there are some people out there who don't like their music or think their music is "ok" because not everyone is going to think a certain song is amazing and powerful. But, the fact is, their music was still powerful and amazing to many people. That's my goal is to create music that's awesome for many people.

It would be quite frustrating if I was one of the very few people (or perhaps the only person) who sees his own tunes as amazing and conveying the awesome, powerful scenes I describe. Like I said though, some of my tunes aren't that amazing. But some of them I think are. That Dark Tune being one of those awesome, powerful tunes.

Other Person's Response: Maybe that Dark Tune will become amazing, powerful, and will convey what you describe once you fully craft it. In its current stage, there's no way the tune is going to achieve its intended goal. However, even if you do fully craft it and it's said to be not that great and/or conveying something else, then maybe your assessment of your tunes is off. In other words, what you think your tunes convey and your judgment that they're awesome, powerful, and amazing would be an assessment that doesn't match up with reality.

My Reply: Again, that would be quite frustrating if it's the latter. If it's the latter, then I would somehow have to fix my way of assessing my tunes. I wish to see my tunes for what they really are rather than deluding myself into thinking they're amazing and conveying the scenes or characters I describe.

If I could know what my tunes actually convey and if they're that great or not, then that would give me a major advantage since I would know if other people would think they're awesome, great, and convey what I describe. Otherwise, I'd be all alone and and I'd be the only one who sees his music as great and conveying of certain scenes.

Other Person's Response: I agree that your assessments are off.

My Reply: Here's the thing though. I can give an accurate assessment of any given song. For example, if someone were to present to me a song or tune by Michael Jackson, I'd be able to describe the power, personality, and emotion it conveys. So, why can't I give an accurate assessment of music I create in my head? I conclude that, since I can give an accurate assessment in regards to other tunes and songs, that my assessment of these melodies in my mind is also an accurate assessment.

Other Person's Response: You're no good at writing music because it's all ****! However, you're good at writing packets. I think you should be a writer rather than a composer. Instead of writing music, maybe you should take up writing poetry or writing stories.

My Reply: Writing isn't the hobby I wish to pursue. Composing is my passion. One might ask why I've written all this material if writing isn't my passion. Well, it's because this is all material I need to share. I wish to express my personal issues I'm having and my views/philosophies.

Other Person's Response: It requires empathy to understand what music you create is going to be awesome, great, powerful, moving, and conveying of certain scenes to people. Otherwise, you'd only be creating music you think is great and conveying of certain scenes, but really isn't. So, even if you do share fully crafted music you create, it might not be anything great as you say it is.

My Reply: I do have some empathy because I'd feel bad if I hurt someone's feelings and I'd feel the need to save my mother's life or help her if she were in a dire situation. Besides, since I can understand the power and emotion of songs being presented to me, then why can't I understand what music I'm creating would be powerful, great, etc. to other people?

Other Person's Response: Are there sociopaths and psychopaths who've composed amazing, moving music?

My Reply: I'm not sure. There could be.

Other Person's Response: I'm a professional musician and I can tell you right now that, even if that Dark Tune was fully crafted, it's nothing good because not too many people are going to like it.

My Reply: Will there be other musicians debating against you on that? If so, then we don't know the real truth yet. I bet there will be other professional musicians and composers out there who might say something along the lines of:

"Give this man a chance! He could have something great here and all of you are being ****s! I would love to see this melody in its fully crafted form to see if this man's claims of greatness were true or not!"

Given this, I see every reason to keep an open mind. I could have something great in my head as I say. But, then again, it could be garbage.

Other Person's Response: Do you have any way to show that we're just being ****s?

My Reply: This is a video of a song from Sonic the Hedgehog. It's called the Scrap Brain Zone theme. I will show you the video:


You can hear the melody along with all the other musical elements that go with that melody. Now, if I just took the melody that goes from 0:04-0:17 and presented that like how I've presented my melodies, then I bet there will be people who'd say this melody is nothing great, it's ****, conveys nothing, etc. (that is, if these people have never heard the Scrap Brain Zone theme. If they've already heard it, then they'd know what it is just from me sharing the melody).

Even though the melody is simple, does repeat, and there's just a bit of variation at the end when it gets to 0:17, these people would be blind to the melody's greatness, personality, and memorable quality to claim it's garbage. But, once I share the fully crafted melody in that video to these people, I bet they'd now say it's something good and catchy. Take note that I'm not talking about the whole song here. Just that short portion that goes from 0:04-0:17.

Since these people would be blind to this melody's greatness, then they could be blind to the greatness of my melodies. Once I fully craft my melodies, then I bet people would realize they're something great, too. So, I think the melodies I've presented are great and it's simply the way I've presented them that renders people bashing them. I have to present them in their fully crafted form for their greatness to be realized.

Other Person's Response: So, you think your melodies are awesome and it's simply the way you've presented them that's awful?

My Reply: Yes. This awful presentation prevents people from realizing their greatness.

*Note: Part 2/4 of this post is continued below*

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*Note: This is part 2/4 of this post*

Other Person's Response: That Scrap Brain Zone portion, even when fully crafted, is still nothing good or great on its own. It's having the full song that makes music great.

My Reply: I disagree. I think people would be having too high of a standard which prevents them from appreciating the power and greatness of simple tunes. After all, why can't simple tunes be something great?

Other Person's Response: I could be crazy, but maybe you do have some great melody that people don't realize yet. But, to make it fully crafted, you need proper chords, a proper beat, and everything else that makes a fully crafted tune.

My Reply: Sure. I'll learn how to do that someday.

Other Person's Response: It seems to me you don't understand things such as beats, chords, etc. If you don't understand that, then what makes you think you know how to create an awesome, powerful melody in your head?

My Reply: Melodies are very basic things since they're just notes and rests. That's what makes it easy for me to come up with an awesome melody in my head. Sure, I could also come up with a proper beat, chords, and harmony instinctively in my head to go along with that melody (I talk later on about how our brains can instinctively come up with amazing artwork in our heads).

But all of that is too complicated for me to try to reproduce at this point. It's much easier for me to reproduce the melodies themselves. Thus, I've just decided to stick with reproducing the melodies in my head and then adding basic chords and a beat. Mind you, I don't think these chords and beats work well. However, when I learn more and gain more skill in composing, that's when I'll add the proper chords, beat, harmony, instruments, etc.

Having more knowledge and experience will make matters much easier and I prefer the easy way rather than the painstaking, hard way of trying to replicate the chords, beats, harmony, instruments, etc. I hear in my mind right now. It will be easier because I'll know my chords and I'll have knowledge of other things. Think of a situation where a person has an amazing drawing he's created in his head.

Would it be easier if this person tried to painstakingly replicate the drawing in his head right now when he has very little knowledge and skill in drawing? Or would it be easier when he knows how to draw and has more skill? The latter would be the much better alternative. Even if he took up the former alternative, that would only leave him drawing like ****.

Other Person's Response: You said melodies are very basic things. Not always. Some melodies can be very complex.

My Reply: I agree. But the melodies I'm making are simple. Although, there might be some melodies I make in my head that will be complex. For now, I'm just sharing my simple melodies.

Other Person's Response: When you come up with melodies in your mind that don't have chords, harmony, etc. to go along with them, do you still understand their power and meaning?

My Reply: Yes. It's still possible to understand the power and meaning of a melody even without the chords, harmony, etc. For example, if I hear certain notes of the melody emphasized in my mind, then that conveys the melody to me in a certain way rather than just having notes and rests play in my head. In other words, the melodies I'm hearing in my mind aren't just melodies and nothing more. There's something more there that allows me to understand their power and meaning.

Other Person's Response: I don't think that fully crafted Scrap Brain portion is enough. I really think you need the full song with no technical flaws with it in order for music to be something great.

My Reply: That's like a robot or a machine requiring the exact right input. Otherwise, it spits out an error. My point is, I don't think everything needs to be perfect in order for music to be something great or beautiful. You can still have a simple tune with some technical flaws to it and it be something great. As long as the actual tune is there, then its power and personality should still be intact and I think said power/personality should still be praised.

But, if the melody was completely messed up, then I'd agree it would be awful. We as human beings are not machines or robots. We should be able to see works of art as still being great even though they're not perfected. We shouldn't be like these machines that spit out the following error whenever a great tune has some technical flaws and isn't a fully crafted song. That error would be:

"It's still nothing good or isn't that good. You must improve the craft to make it something good."

Other Person's Response: What do you mean by 'technical flaws?'

My Reply: I mean things such as bad sound quality, crackles, pops, etc.

Other Person's Response: Honestly, I think you're just projecting certain powerful meanings upon your tunes when they never had that meaning. You shouldn't confuse the meanings you project with reality. The reality is, those tunes are garbage and will remain garbage even when fully crafted. **** will always be **** regardless of how awesome you think it is. Think of those American Idol singers who believe their singing is great when it's garbage.

My Reply: I don't know if that's what's going on here. But you could be right.

Other Person's Response: Many people would say that Dark Tune, along with your other melodies, are nothing creative. They'd say they're basic, **** melodies anybody could come up with.

My Reply: I disagree with this. I think that Dark Tune is quite unique and awesome. Other people just don't realize its power and genius yet.

Other Person's Response: You said that Dark Tune was something simple, yet powerful and that it's something you would hear in the chorus part of a song. Sure, there can be simple, powerful things being played in the chorus of a song and it does repeat. But you need much more to make it a chorus.

My Reply: Understood. That's why I said I'll fully craft this melody someday. Remember, this tune is simply the chorus part taken out of an existing song I'd create. I could create the whole song myself if I want to or just fully craft the chorus, share that, and leave it at that because it should still be something awesome and powerful on its own even without the context of an entire song. Like I said. Short tunes can still be something awesome and powerful.

Other Person's Response: Trust me. Once you become a skilled, educated composer, you'll look back at those tunes you've created in your mind and realize just how awful they were. You will come to realize they were meaningless garbage all along that never conveyed anything.

I mean, if you already think certain **** works of art are great, then this shows you are blind to the truth. After all, you said in your Undecided Packet that you're blind to virtually every truth there is.

You are currently living in a fantasy since you believe your mentally inspired tunes are great. But reality will strike you once you head down the learning path of the composing art. In short, learning more allows you to see the real truth.

My Reply: Although you have a point, I can't be too sure if you're right. Only time will tell if these melodies I have in my head are great or not. For all we know, if I do become a skilled, educated composer, I might still think these tunes in my mind are great and convey the scenes I describe.

Other Person's Response: If you still think they're great and convey what you describe even after all the knowledge and experience you've gained, then there must be something wrong with you.

My Reply: Maybe you're right.

Other Person's Response: I heard you couldn't tell the difference between a **** work of art and a good one. But that you can tell the difference when the absolute worst, **** artwork is compared to a great one. Your melodies fall under the category of being absolute garbage. So, I don't know why you can't see them for the garbage they really are.

My Reply: You're right. If my tunes, for whatever reason, fall under the category of being absolute garbage, then surely it would be obvious to me. The fact I think they're great could mean they're great and that I just have to convey their greatness. Or, maybe, they're not absolute garbage, but still **** that I see as great.

Other Person's Response: According to your philosophy which you've written about in your previous packets, you would need to feel a positive emotion from your tunes to see them as being great.

My Reply: That's correct. Otherwise, I'd be thinking they're great without perceiving them as great. But, for this packet, I don't use my personal definition of perceived greatness and beauty when I talk about seeing my tunes as great, amazing, or beautiful. It's for the sake of convenience.

Other Person's Response: Other people would say you're blind and can't see how awful your tunes are while you say other people are blind and can't see how awesome they are. So, which is it? I personally think you're the blind one.

My Reply: That's a good question to ask and I'm eager to eventually discover the real answer to it.

Other Person's Response: I thought I was a skilled basketball player once, only to find out later on I sucked once I gained knowledge and experience in the sport. I think the same thing applies to you. You should eventually come to the realization those melodies in your mind were garbage.

My Reply: We'll see then.

Other Person's Response: If you think your tunes are great and convey awesome scenes, but that people just don't understand your tunes, then you might as well be saying this to your audience:

"My music is great. You're just hearing it wrong."

My Reply: The tunes I'm hearing in my head I think are wonderful. But what I'm reproducing is awful and jarring. I need to somehow make my tunes great like they are in my head. Think about it. Any person who has an awesome artistic vision would be awful at conveying it in the real world. He must become a skilled artist to successfully convey his vision. I mean, if people really understood my tunes, then I'm quite sure they'd tell me they're awesome, pleasant to the ears, and convey the scenes I describe.

Other Person's Response: That Dark melody is way too simple and needs more notes and/or rests to make it something great when you fully craft it.

My Reply: Again, there are simple tunes out there like my Dark melody. Yet, they're still great, memorable tunes. I think these are the exact notes and rests to the melody itself. But I'll have to add much more to go along with that melody in order to convey its power and greatness.

Other Person's Response: No. Your melody really won't be anything good. It's overly simplistic and too predictable. Your melodies are either too predictable or discordantly unpredictable. There's either nothing to surprise or nothing to latch on to.

My Reply: How are my melodies overly simplistic? If I came up with a melody which had the notes C, D, E, F, and G going up, then that would be a very basic, simple melody. That melody wouldn't be anything great. But my melodies are more sophisticated than that. I don't think they're standard, generic melodies like the example I've just given. I think they're great and do convey the emotion I describe. It's not just a more sophisticated choice of notes I made.

I think my choice of notes and rests do convey the power and scenes I describe. My melodies might be too predictable as you say. But aren't there melodies out there that call for such predictability? Also, I do realize my melodies are lacking in many things to make them crafted and I do agree with the advice other people give me to help make them fully crafted. But I just don't agree they're generic melodies that convey nothing. Surely, they must convey the power and emotion I describe once they're fully crafted.

Other Person's Response: Yes, your melodies are more sophisticated than some lame, generic melody. But they're still too simple to be considered anything great or conveying of any given scene.

My Reply: I said earlier there can be simple, powerful, repeated things in the chorus of a song. Are you sure it can't be something as simple as my Dark Tune and still convey an awesome, powerful scene?

Other Person's Response: You can't just have the fully crafted chorus of a song and that be good enough. You need to engage the listener. A good part of what makes a great piece of music is the same as what makes a good bit of comedy. It's about the setup and punchline.

You need to set up the expectation of where the piece is going and then subtly deviate in an enjoyable, but unexpected way. In music, you can do this through tune, tone, texture, etc., or a combination. Then keep doing it. Most people who do that well do it without even realizing that's what they're doing. It just comes naturally. It's called talent.

When writing your packets, you also need to engage the reader as well. Otherwise, people won't even bother reading and won't think it's anything good. For example, when writing an article, it has to be done in such a way that readers would really want to continue reading it.

My Reply: I think that's too high of a standard because, let's pretend I did fully craft that chorus, then I think that, alone, is something awesome and powerful well worth appreciating. I think people just need to learn to appreciate things whether it be my writing, ideas, music, me as a person, or anything else.

Other Person's Response: Although that Dark melody does repeat, I can tell there's a bit of variation to it because the last two notes are lowered and then raised each time it plays.

My Reply: Some would say that's too predictable of a melody. But some melodies do have such predictability and said predictability works well with these melodies. It all depends on what emotion you want to convey. If you want to convey something different, then you'd have more variety to the melody.

*Note: Part 3/4 of this post is continued below*
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*Note: This is part 3/4 of this post*

Other Person's Response: I don't think it's a matter of people not understanding your tunes. I think your tunes really are ****. Also, there are many problems and a major one would be the synth you're using because it's awful!

My Reply: How do you know people understand the music I'm trying to convey? We can't prove if the melodies I'm trying to convey are understood by other people. As far as we know, they could be perceived as ordinary, **** tunes a mere child or complete beginner would come up with. If my tunes are being perceived this way by others, then it's because I need to successfully convey my melodies so they truly become understood.

In regards to the synth, it was in FL Studio. I can't see how awful it is. It's just fine to me from my perspective. That's because I lack knowledge and experience to see just how awful it is. Maybe I got the wrong settings on it. That being the case, I would have to learn how to get the right settings to make it sound good. Also, I don't have the proper instruments for my tunes either and expected people to understand my melodies and their intended power.

Other Person's Response: So, you're basically saying that, if people do get some sort of meaning or scene from your Dark Tune in its current stage (such as that it sounds like some awful, mediocre tune you would hear in a child's movie), that it wouldn't be the intended meaning and that you need to fully craft the tune so its true power and meaning can be conveyed?

My Reply: Yes. Imagine if any musical artist tried to convey a piece or a certain melody in his mind that was amazing and tragic. But other people got a whole new meaning from it and said it was all garbage. That musical artist would be an unrecognized genius.

Other Person's Response: Maybe the melody you're hearing in your mind is great. But, if you can't reproduce it for anybody else, then it doesn't really matter, does it? I could insist that I've got the greatest story of all time in my head. But, if all I can write is: "Once upon a time, there was a dog who saw a bird," that's not really a timeless classic, is it? Can I blame the reader for not understanding my brilliant story?

My Reply: You can't blame the reader. I was hoping other people would understand my melodies. But I see they can't and my only option is to fully craft these melodies.

Other Person's Response: All this situation amounts to is your mind playing tricks on you. These tunes you have in your mind are **** and you just believe they're great and convey the scenes you describe. It's all an illusion and self-deception!

My Reply: Only time will tell. Once I fully craft these tunes, then we'll see who was right and who was wrong.

Other Person's Response: There's no reason why your Dark Tune can't make a great piece of music if performed well and inventively (and with more going on than you have currently). But you've not done that. There are some tunes that are great by themselves. But then there are those tunes that are great, but can't be great by themselves. Your tune is the latter because it needs much more development before it can become great.

My Reply: I'll consider fully crafting this tune then someday.

Other Person's Response: You do post the most complete collection of bollocks I've ever come across. Those melodies of yours have NO power and meaning. They're derivative, utterly predictable, ****. Stop defending rubbish, learn a bit about music (no, you haven't), learn to use the instruments and processors you find on the net (there's LOADS of free stuff which is of extremely high quality), compose something consisting of more than a single-voice drone designed for an 8-bit game for kids (even medieval monks eventually discovered polyphony), and then join the VAST crowds of wannabee composers who struggle every day to get their works heard. I give you fair warning - there are some extremely talented people amongst that lot. You don't have a snowflake in hell's chance.

My Reply: But even tunes that might seem simple, repetitive, derivative, predictable, ****, etc. end up becoming great tunes. When I say great, I don't mean the best thing in the world. I mean something that's still great and powerful in its own way. Any given tune doesn't have to meet the highest standard to be considered great. A tune can still meet a reasonable standard of greatness. What people consider to be a reasonable standard is subjective though. For example, some people would say that the Super Mario theme song doesn't even meet a reasonable standard of greatness while I think it does.

The Super Mario theme isn't the best thing in the world. But it's still something good. The same rule applies to simple, short, repetitive tunes. Tunes such as these can still be something great and powerful. My point is, my tunes might seem like simplistic, unoriginal garbage at this stage. But I have yet to convey the tune's greatness and power. Only then should it become something great and convey what I describe. Lastly, I'm willing to take the advice of others to help me improve and successfully convey my tunes. So, I'm not dismissing any advice people give me.

Other Person's Response: Personally, I don't see how your melodies are derivative. They seem quite unique and there are some bizarre ones there, too.

My Reply: Exactly. When I'm inspired to create a melody, it's purely my own melody. I don't derive from the works of others at all. I don't know where people are getting this idea that my melodies are derivative. If they seem derivative to others for whatever reason, then it wasn't intentional on my part.

Other Person's Response:

Step 1:

Matt: "Listen to my music, isn't it great?"

Normal Person: "I listened to it and, no, it's not."

Step 2

Matt: "...but it's a deep and powerful melody..."

Normal Person: "It's not. It's rubbish."

Step 3

Matt: "...but there are basic, simple melodies out there that are powerful, great, and memorable..."

Normal Person: "Yes. But yours isn't one of those."

(repeat from step 2, occasionally step 1)

My Reply: But you just told me earlier that this melody of mine could be something great if I carried out the necessary tasks you mentioned (i.e. performing it well, having much more to it, etc.). So, how can you conclude that the melody I'm hearing in my mind is nothing great?

I think I got the right notes, rests, and tempo to the melody and I don't think it matters what anyone thinks in regards to this melody because there are many unexpected surprises in life.

You might find yourself surprised once I fully craft this melody to make it like the one I'm hearing in my head. You might find yourself looking back and realizing just how wrong you were to jump to the conclusion that I never had any talent and that my melodies were meaningless garbage.

Other Person's Response: Why do you write so much bull****?

My Reply: There are two reasons:

1.) If I fully craft my melodies and it turns out people were wrong when they say they're meaningless garbage, then everything I've written would be a matter of people looking back at this packet and realizing just how wrong they were. I also like to share and express my personal views.

I'm merely speaking up for myself and keeping an open mind to the possibility that my melodies could be great and their greatness not being recognized yet.

Many people are closed-minded and I'm not one of those people because I also keep an open mind to the possibility that other people were right. However, if it's the case other people are wrong, then my tunes really were great and I wasn't talking bull****.

2.) If I really am talking bull**** and my melodies were meaningless garbage all along, then I might as well amount to nothing more than an untalented loser who talks bull**** all the time. I might as well pester people with these lies.

Other Person's Response: You know, there is a #3. Even if #2 is the reality of the situation, you don't have to give up and deem yourself as some worthless loser. You said composing was your passion and you can still go through with it and learn how to make some good music later on. Therefore, it doesn't have to be all black and white like this.

My Reply: I'll consider #3 then if it's the case #2 is the truth. But I think it could very well be #1.

Other Person's Response: Personally, I'm convinced it's #2. Imagine if I told a child to create a melody that conveys something powerful and profound such as a couple falling in love. Sure, that child would come up with a tune, claim it's something great, conveys what he describes, and that he's an unrecognized genius who simply needs to make his melodies understandable for other listeners. But that child knows nothing and he's only deluding himself. From there, he would only remain in denial to continue to stick by his claim despite other skilled musicians telling him his tune is garbage (even when fully crafted).

My Reply: You could be right. But I'm still going with #1. I don't think I'm the equivalent of a mere child. I'm more of a person than that and I think I can be inspired to come up with truly great melodies in my head.

Other Person's Response: It has nothing to do with how great you are as a person. Music is like any other skill. If you have very little to no knowledge and experience, then you can't expect to come up with any great tune in your head. It doesn't matter even if you were the greatest, most compassionate, inspired person on Earth; without the necessary knowledge and skill, the melodies you come up with in your head will be ****.

My Reply: Music is something very personal to me and I think I can come up with truly great melodies in my mind by channeling my inspired greatness as an individual. I don't think coming up with great, powerful tunes in your mind is a matter of knowledge and experience. If I wish to express a form of greatness in my mind whether it be a tune or a landscape, I can channel my greatness and create an amazing work of art in my head.

Music is my inspiration and, thus, I don't bother coming up with amazing visuals in my mind. I do explain later on that our brains have an instinctive form of knowledge that allows us to create amazing works of art in our minds. It's not the type of knowledge one would learn from reading and studying up on things. It takes a great, inspired artist to tap into this knowledge and create an awesome work of art in his mind.

Other Person's Response: Your line of logic seems to be:

"If I channel powerful, profound emotion into creating melodies in my mind that I think convey said emotion, then they really do convey said emotion and are great melodies. From there, other people just don't recognize their greatness and power at this stage since they don't have the proper beat, chords, and harmony to make their power realized."

Sorry. That's now how it works. If you wish to create truly great tunes and themes in your head that express the emotion you want to convey, you need to know how to do that. You can't expect to be a great musician in your head just as how you can't expect to be a genius like Einstein in your head if you don't know how music works and how physics works.

My Reply: I think, when it comes to music, it's a different scenario and I explain why soon enough.

Other Person's Response: Your conclusion that these created tunes in your mind are great and convey the scenes you describe is irrational. It seems you don't have much capacity for rational thought. If you were a rational thinking person, you would've realized your melodies are meaningless garbage like other people have been telling you.

My Reply: We'll see who's the irrational one once I fully craft these melodies.

Other Person's Response: Do you wish to create good lyrics to your music?

My Reply: I don't need to. I'm concerned with just creating very good, emotionally powerful, and catchy music. Let's pretend I do create such music and it had awful lyrics, it would still be great music simply because of its power and catchiness. If anyone wishes to add their own lyrics to any fully crafted music I share in the future, that's fine. So, I'm not really concerned about being someone who comes up with good lyrics.

Other Person's Response: You see, Matt the Fraud, people who compose music that other people may want to listen to don't write whopping great treatises about what they are going to do. They simply get on with it. However, having heard bits and bobs of your previous attempts, I'd strongly advise you to take up gardening.

My Reply: First of all, I'm not trying to fraud anybody. I give all the reasons why I think these tunes I hear in my mind really are great and catchy. Second, I haven't been feeling up to composing yet due to my miserable, unhappy struggles. Therefore, I have instead chosen to write about my composing dream in the meantime until I feel up to learning how to compose. Lastly, my tunes might very well sound awful and that is to be expected at this point.

Even though I've gotten the right notes and rests to these amazing, catchy tunes I hear in my mind, that's not enough in order for music to sound good. So, all you're listening to is the notes and rests to these tunes. But something more is needed to successfully convey the greatness and catchy quality of these tunes and I don't know what that is yet. I have to learn it.

Other Person's Response: It seems to me you really are trying to fraud people. Why else would you write this whole packet?

My Reply: It's because I have problems with the personal views of other people and I feel the need to speak up for myself and to thoroughly address said issues. I have an issue with other people who claim that my emotions aren't the source of value in my life. So, that's why I've written so many of my other packets which talk about how emotions are value judgments.

I also have an issue with people who have unreasonably high standards when it comes to works of art whether said works be comedy, music, or anything else. So, that's why I've written this whole packet. I also just wish to share everything that's on my mind regarding my composing dream. It would be like how someone wishes to write every single thing that's on his mind in his journal and share it.

Other Person's Response: Even if your music turns out to be amazing, that doesn't make you an amazing person.

My Reply: Music is an expression of our personality. Therefore, if you create amazing music, that makes you an amazing person. If there was a horrible person who created amazing music, that person would be horrible in one area, but would be an amazing person in another area.

Actually, according to my definition, positive emotions are what make you an amazing person and negative emotions are what make you a horrible or disgusting person.

But I'm not going by my personal definition here. As a matter of fact, I go outside my personal definition of beauty and greatness when I talk about how other people can't appreciate the greatness and beauty of artwork.

Other Person's Response: I could also restate your line of logic as:

"I completely disagree with others when they say the melodies in my mind I'm trying to convey are meaningless ****. Music is an expression of our personality. Since I know how to express myself as an individual, then that means I instinctively know how to express various forms of power and greatness through music in my own head. In other words, I don't need to study up on how music works in order for me to create great, powerful melodies in my head. But I do need to study if I wish to convey these melodies and their greatness/power in the real world (which I plan on doing)."

My Reply: Yes.

Other Person's Response: Although I admire the type of inspiration you're channeling to create these melodies in your mind since you're inspired to come up with awesome, evil, powerful, dark tunes, what good is that if all you're creating is **** music both in your head and in the real world? Just because you have an awesome inspiration doesn't mean the works of art you create in your head will be awesome, too.

My Reply: I don't think such awesome inspiration/emotion is yielding **** melodies in my mind. I think these melodies in my mind reflect the awesome inspiration used in creating them. I just have to find a way to convey these melodies.

Other Person's Response: I think you're confusing the amazing, powerful emotion used in creating your melodies with the melodies themselves. You see them as being one when they're not.

My Reply: I can still be apathetic (emotionless) and come up with a melody in my head that I think is awesome and powerful.

Other Person's Response: The value system you live by is **** and your music is ****! Some life! Some talent!

My Reply: That's just your opinion. I have my own personal views and I often times find myself disagreeing with a lot of people.

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*Note: This is part 4/4 of this post*

Other Person's Response: You keep using the term "catchy" to describe music. What do you mean by that?

My Reply: Music that is catchy is also called "earworms." That means they're tunes or songs that stick in your mind and repeat over and over again. Like I said, I think I'm creating catchy tunes in my mind.

I even hear professional, beautiful singers singing some of my created tunes in my head because I sometimes use beautiful singers to come up with melodies in my head.

Other Person's Response: How do you come up with your great, catchy melodies? Do you just pick what series of notes sound good to you?

My Reply: No. It's nothing like a student being with a music teacher who says to pick what series of notes sound good to him. An average lay person would use this method in coming up with melodies that sound good to him. How do you think Koji Kondo created the Super Mario theme?

I bet he didn't just sit there and picked what series of notes sounded good to him. What I do to create my melodies is I let the emotion/inspiration create the melodies for me. It's as though I can use pure emotion/inspiration alone to sculpt a musical work of art in my own mind.

This method is something greater and goes deeper than just playing around on the keyboard to come up with tunes or just casually coming up with melodies in your mind that sound good to you.

This greater method is like using your own soul or your very life essence to craft music rather than just being an average person coming up with average melodies. It would be like a person deeply inspired to come up with great music as opposed to an average person going to work and making music as an ordinary job that he likes and enjoys.

Other Person's Response: So, you're basically saying that music is a very profound, spiritual thing and, thus, you can come up with great, powerful tunes in your head through your very soul rather than through actually studying up on things and learning how to do it.

My Reply: Yes.

Other Person's Response: Maybe you just need to move those notes of your dark and dramatic tunes to a new key.

My Reply: Even if those tunes were moved to the proper key and became fully crafted tunes, would they convey what I describe? You see, there's more to creating tunes than simply having the right key. You must have the right choice of notes as well. For example, the Super Mario theme song is in the key of C major.

But, if Koji Kondo has just chosen random white keys for the Super Mario theme or, at least, white keys that some lame composer would choose, then it wouldn't be the great, catchy theme that many people love. I know I claimed earlier that I'm making an excellent choice of notes for my melodies that make them great and catchy.

But I find myself wondering, even if they become fully crafted melodies that people understood, would they convey the emotion, scenes, atmospheres, or characters I describe and would they be great and catchy as I say they are? Again, my melodies aren't as long as the Super Mario theme. But I think they're still great and catchy.

Other Person's Response: You can't create any amazing, catchy music in your mind if you don't know how to do it. So, you're only deluding yourself into believing these tunes you have in your head convey scenes, are catchy, and are great tunes.

My Reply: I know instinctively how to express sadness, anger, or joy if I felt sad, angry, or joyful. The same idea applies to making music in my mind. I know instinctively how to create great, catchy tunes in my mind that express whatever emotion I'm feeling.

I would call my musical instinct a higher instinct and a more advanced form of expression since I'm creating amazing, emotionally powerful and profound tunes in my head as opposed to simply performing certain gestures or tones of voice. In other words, I can express myself through music far better than what any tones, acts, and gestures can.

Only in my mind though at this point. So, you are wrong. I don't need to know how music works. I just need to channel whatever emotion I'm feeling. The only time I need to know how music works is if I wish to successfully convey the music I hear in my mind (which I want to do).

Also, I only channel the positive emotions because I see nothing beautiful about negative emotions. When I create dark or dramatic sounding tunes, I'm actually channeling positive emotions. They would be powerful, dramatic, good feelings.

Other Person's Response: So, you're basically saying that music is instinctive and that a person doesn't need to study up on things to create great music in his head?

My Reply: Yes. But he does need to if he wishes to successfully convey his artistic vision.

Other Person's Response: Your whole idea that you somehow know instinctively how to create good, powerful, and catchy music in your head is plain nonsense!

My Reply: Music is a part of me since it's something so profound and beautiful to me. I may not know music technically. But I do know it personally (instinctively). So, I consider music to be an extension of myself which means I can instinctively create great music in my head.

I do not need to know the technical information of how to express love, hate, sorrow, or joy because I can do that naturally on my own. Sure, there is technical information on that (which has to do with evolution and psychology).

If I was a robot, then I would read this technical information because I wouldn't have the instincts of a human being. But, since I am a human being, then I can instinctively express things like love and joy without studying up on evolution and psychology.

The same thing applies to music. That's how I instinctively know how to create powerful and catchy tunes in my head that express whatever I want to express. For now, I'm just creating tunes and not anything fully crafted in my head.

Other Person's Response: I think I know what's going on here. You can't tell the difference between a tune that's awful gibberish and a tune that's good and catchy.

Since you don't know what makes a good, catchy tune that conveys scenes or characters due to your lack of musical knowledge, then that leaves you creating gibberish tunes in your mind that you think are good, catchy, and convey scenes.

In other words, fully crafting these tunes is futile since they're all meaningless, awful gibberish anyway. It would really be no different than a child playing around on the keyboard, plucking random notes, and then saying he's got something great to fully craft and share to the world.

My Reply: We can't say for sure if this is the case yet. Besides, if these tunes I've made convey such profound meaning to me, then they have to be good, catchy tunes. If I were to listen to some kids plucking out random notes on keyboards or making random ruckus with their guitars, then I'm quite sure I would see that as awful gibberish. So, the very fact that I see my tunes as great and catchy must mean they are great and catchy.

Other Person's Response: What you're doing here is making an irrational judgment of these tunes you have in your head because it's a judgment that doesn't match up with reality. As a matter of fact, many people make such irrational judgments all the time. For example, I could truly perceive a random stranger on my streets as a horrible, disgusting person simply because this is how I feel about him/her. But that would be my own judgment which doesn't make it true.

My Reply: I don't know about that yet. It could really be the case these tunes really are that great and that I just have to find a way to convey them. Music is something so personal and profound to me that it could be the case I can naturally come up with great tunes in my head through inspiration alone.

It would be like how an anime character is profoundly connected to the fire spirit and, as a result, is naturally gifted in the art of the fire spirit. That character would be gifted mentally since it's a mental/spiritual connection with the fire spirit.

In other words, that character can be inspired with wonderful, amazing ideas through the fire spirit. But some knowledge and training would be needed in order for that character to convey his ideas.

This analogy applies to me because I would be profoundly connected to the spirit of music and can be inspired to come up with great tunes in my head. I'm not saying the spirit of music is an actual spirit. That would just be a metaphor.

Other Person's Response: I think you will eventually come to realize that, even though your notes do adhere to a key, your tunes really convey nothing and are nothing great or catchy. Even if your tunes become fully crafted, they would still be meaningless tunes. Once you learn more about composing, you should come to realize this.

My Reply: If that's the case, then I'm not sure at this point how I'm supposed to come up with any real good, catchy tunes that convey the scenes I want to convey. I've been relying on my instincts/inspiration alone to do the job. But, if all that's doing is resulting in the creation of meaningless, worthless tunes, then I would have to rely on a different method that actually works.

Even if I fully knew everything I needed to know about composing, my whole method of channeling emotion/inspiration into my mind in creating tunes would only yield these meaningless tunes. So, if there's some other method out there that works, then I would love to learn it.

Another thing here. I know I said earlier I got the right notes and rests to these tunes down. But I'm not ear trained. So, it could be the case that I simply think I've reproduced the right notes and rests to these tunes in my mind when I really didn't. From what it sounds like though, I think they are the right notes and rests.

Other Person's Response: What if you do become a fully trained and educated composer, but compose fully crafted music that's still nothing catchy and conveys nothing?

My Reply: Then I would find that quite frustrating and would give up composing if this doesn't change. From my perspective, the music I create would convey profound meaning, certain scenes, or characters I wanted to convey. But, for other people, they would be meaningless themes or tunes.

Or, at least, something that doesn't convey what I described at all. Instead, it could be lame music that conveys something bland and unappealing. My whole point in composing is to create music that conveys something appealing and great. In other words, my goal is to create good music.

Now, one would think that me being a fully trained and educated composer is all that's needed for me to create the music I want to create. But perhaps there's something more that's needed that I just don't have. I will give another anime analogy here to get my point across since I love anime. Goku was able to achieve Super Saiyan.

But Vegeta couldn't no matter how hard he trained. In other words, Goku had something within himself that allowed him to become Super Saiyan that Vegeta didn't have. But Vegeta did go Super Saiyan later on. However, that's beside the point here.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I could go through all the education and training I want to with composing. But I would always be lacking something necessary that would allow me to compose music that's truly good and catchy. It would be something that I can't obtain through education and training.

Other Person's Response: So, you're basically saying you'll never be any good at composing no matter how much education and training you get?

My Reply: Correct. I hope that's not the case though.

Other Person's Response: To be honest, I think you should just give up composing. You don't have what it takes to create the good, catchy tunes you want to create. In addition, you should also give up on any higher values because you don't have what it takes here either. So, you should stick with whatever previous hobby you were good at and you should stick with your basic, emotional based values.

My Reply: I hope I have what it takes. If not, then I'm screwed both as a composer and in terms of any hopes of making my life beautiful in the event I lose my positive emotions and can't sufficiently or fully regain them.

Other Person's Response: I know you've talked about your mother in your previous packet. But what about your father?

My Reply: I don't live with my father and I only see him when it's my birthday (which would be September 1st). Although, he has practiced the guitar for years and is a very good guitar player. He even composes his own music. Who knows, I might have inherited some of his talent and, as a result, am creating amazing, catchy tunes in my mind. As far as I recall, I've been creating such tunes in my mind ever since I was a very young child. I even sang them.

But, since I don't know how to sing, then everyone would just hear them as gibberish tunes. As for these tunes I've created in my mind when I was a young child, they were catchy, amazing, children's tunes and not the style of tunes I'm creating in my mind now. So, I'm naturally talented when it comes to creating good tunes in my head. But I'm not naturally talented when it comes to playing an instrument, singing, or getting the notes to these tunes right the first time. I have to keep toying around on the keyboard until I think I've gotten the notes right.

Other Person's Response: Do you remember one of these tunes you've created in your mind as a young child?

My Reply: Yes. I remember it like yesterday. I will convey this tune when I know how to do it so everyone can listen to it. I'm not going to be a singer. I'm just going to compose tunes by figuring out the notes on the keyboard and going from there on musical software. Also, back then, when I was a child, I was limited to creating catchy, childish tunes in my mind since my brain didn't have enough musical information to create these new tunes I'm creating in my mind now. I talk more about this below.

Other Person's Response: Children think they're creating great tunes in their heads all the time. How are you special? Do you think you're gifted? If so, then can other people create great, amazing music in their heads somehow?

My Reply: Our brains are naturally capable of creating amazing works of art in our head and you don't have to be someone who's a professional. You can be a complete novice. For example, ordinary people who have dreams or go on drug trips report witnessing amazing works of art they've never witnessed before. They witness beautiful landscapes and hear beautiful music they've never witnessed and heard before. But how do our brains create amazing works of art on their own? Well, I think it's like learning the English language. Your brain picks it up and you learn to speak English yourself naturally.

Likewise, when you listen to music your whole life, your brain naturally picks up on that which means your brain is capable of creating amazing music in your mind. There's a software known as Rosetta Stone where people sit there, listen to new languages, and learn to speak them naturally. I think the same idea applies to other things as well such as music, visual art, etc. However, learning to speak a language is different because you can automatically convey any message you want to convey while it requires actual knowledge and training to convey the music and visual art you create in your mind.

Other Person's Response: If you know how to create amazing, catchy tunes in your mind, do you also know how to create amazing poetry in your mind or how to create an amazing story?

My Reply: No. But that's only because I never read poetry or stories as a daily routine. Had I done so, then my brain would absorb that information and I would know how to do it naturally just like how I'm able to naturally come up with amazing, catchy tunes in my mind.

Other Person's Response: Is there any amazing work of art you can instinctively craft in your mind besides good music?

My Reply: Yes. I can come with awesome fighting moves in my mind. I can imagine 2 characters fighting and performing awesome, complex moves. These are moves better than what the average person would come up with.

Since I've played video games and watched anime my whole life where characters fight, then I instinctively know how to create skilled moves in my mind just like I instinctively know how to speak the English language.

Of course, if I tried to convey these moves to you by any means such as performing them myself or creating them on some type of animation software of 2 stick figures fighting, I bet people would tell me these moves are awful and/or that they just don't understand these moves.

This is because I don't have the necessary animation skill or physical fighting skill to successfully convey them. But I am a skilled fighter mentally. The thing is, I wish to convey the music I hear in my mind and not any fighting moves or any visual art I create in my mind.

In other words, music is my passion and that's what I'm going for. Now, even if I did successfully convey these moves I have in my mind, it doesn't have to be the greatest martial arts display in order for it to be considered talent or something great.

As long as these moves are significantly better than what an average person would come up with, then I consider that to be talent and greatness.

For example, the average person might have one character simply beating another character's face back and forth or having one character simply keep on throwing energy blasts.

In other words, think of the average moves a child or a young teenager would come up with who knows nothing about martial arts. As for me, I would create moves that make a much better work of art. They would be sophisticated moves.

Other Person's Response: So, according to you, any work of art that's significantly better than what an average person would come up with (such as your martial arts example) is talent and greatness?

My Reply: Yes. That's why I consider the comedy scenes I make to be talent and greatness despite the fact they're not the best comedy scenes in the world. I personally think my last comedy scene is the best of them all in this packet. You see certain comedy scenes in cartoons and anime and, even though they're not the best in the world, they're still great since they're better than what the average person could come up with. The same idea applies to my comedy scenes.

Other Person's Response: Do you think any fully crafted tunes will turn out to be much better than your comedy scenes?

My Reply: Yes. Even my best comedy scenes.

Other Person's Response: I know plenty of people who don't know anything about composing, but are unable to create good music in their minds since they don't know how to do it. By your logic, they should know how to do it.

My Reply: Their brains already know how to create good music. They just need that inspiration which would allow their brains to tap into that knowledge they have. By tapping into that knowledge, they will be able to create good music in their mind. There are certain methods that allow our brains to tap into that knowledge to create amazing works of art in our minds. The example I gave was dreams, near death experiences, or psychedelic drugs. But inspiration can also do the trick.

Other Person's Response: I really don't think deeply inspired people who know nothing about how music works can create amazing music in their minds. The same rule applies to other artwork.

My Reply: If that's so, then maybe it's just because they don't have the ability to tap into artistic greatness during their normal, waking life. I have that ability and maybe other people can develop it, too. I would imagine there are people who have that ability. As for those people who don't have that ability, then they'll have to rely on dreams and drug trips to mentally create amazing works of art.

Other Person's Response: I'm just not buying your claim that you're creating amazing, powerful, catchy, and profound tunes and themes in your mind without knowing anything about composing or how music works. It's like saying that I can come up with an amazing invention in my mind or that I can invent the cure for cancer in my mind without knowing anything about how stuff works.

My Reply: Haven't you ever dreamed of a scene in a certain show that was never in that show? For example, you could dream of a scene in Harry Potter that never existed such as Harry opening up a portal and flying around on his broom in a future city with advanced technology. Or haven't you dreamed of any given environment or scene that never happened in reality? For example, I dreamed of my old home. But it was a labyrinth version of my old home. It was a very complex, beautiful work of art.

This shows that our brains can take already existing information whether it be from a show or anything else and create whole new scenes and works of art that are wonderful, glorious, beautiful, and amazing. As you can see here, we don't have to know anything about how to create works of art; our brains will create amazing works of art for us through inspiration, dreams, etc. That's how I'm creating these amazing themes and tunes in my head through inspiration alone without knowing anything about composing.

Other Person's Response: What works of art are our brains naturally capable of creating then?

My Reply: It could be anything. Even a new song by Michael Jackson that is just as great, powerful, profound, memorable, and catchy as any one of his songs. If you've ever listened to MJ's music, then your brain already has all the information it needs to create a new song that is just as good as MJ's songs. Your brain would know the very soul or personality of his music and create a whole new song.
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