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Old 10-06-2017, 06:34 AM
Azmond Azmond is offline
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I can't say my knowledge about lost civilisations is substantial, and there is a lot of information that I probably forgot through time. I first came to know about Atlantis probably through some work of fiction, most likely like the majority of population. I remember some film about it, picturing Atlantean civilisation a lot like ancient Roman one, where they angered some gods, so the whole continent crumbled into the sea. Next I remember coming in contact with some more mature information in the book about Bermudas Triangle, which by many theories is linked to Atlantis almost 100%. I was really fascinated by B. Triangle already as a kid, and it probably carried over to Atlantis. Next came the books called You are becoming a galactic human by Sheldon Nidle, which I guess was the first thing that opened to me the world or extraterrestrial aspect of the universe and reality. A lot of great information gathered there about Galactic history of earth and Atlantis as well. I remember reading about is as well in some books by Drunvalo M, though I can't remember correctly. The material was really interesting but at points I found it hard to follow, as if it was highly esoterical in nature. Also the book I mentioned above by a slovenian author gave me a great deal of info that was different and dreamlike on the matter of Atlantis. I recommend those books to anyone interested in this topic.
My personal belief is that a lot of us were present back in those times, where the fall of vibration happened. I have had many people recount to me how they remember being there, as well as someone writing to me something in supposedly Atlantean language/writing, which I was able to read the meaning of.

Happy hunting for information =)
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Old 10-06-2017, 06:44 AM
Azmond Azmond is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
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Originally Posted by FallingLeaves
i know little about atlantis... but the things i've been able to gather are that we would consider them an 'evil' people... and they were heavily into crystals, crystal energies, vibrations, that type of thing.

The thing about crystals I remember in connection with Atlantis, is they were used for maintaining a sort of a Chrystal/ice dome above they sky, stretching through all of the continent. It served as a weather control device, so they had a constant pleasant temperature of around 22 degrees C, which made agriculture simple and well planed. (22 is already hitting the high limit for me though xD Would prefer 17/18C with a slight cold breeze and a warm sunshine any day haha) Most likely the crystal technology was used as well as a power source in their vehicles, as well as a living material which grew housing and infrastructure for them. If anyone watched Stargate series SG1, and still remembers the resistance movement called Tok'ra; They were using a crystal like material to grow tunnels underneath the surface, where they were in hiding. Stargate is a treasury of real information hidden inside, if people know where to look.

The fall happened supposedly with a tactical decision to destroy the ice crystals, and collapse the dome, in order to eradicate the growing population of negative beings that infiltrated the civilisation, already setting in motion the plan for planet Earth as we know it today.

Those large crystal still lying in the bottom of the ocean is what is supposedly making ships and planes go puff in Bermudas triangle.
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Old 25-09-2018, 05:44 AM
BigJohn BigJohn is offline
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Originally Posted by Lynn
Questions about Atlantis and Lemuria
Can tangible evidence of for the existence of Atlantis be found in the World today ?
It is said to be in many places around the World one newer theory is off the coast of Florida ?
Where do ye think it is / or do ye think it even exists to be found ?
I have to wonder if it was maybe here for a time but not created by the “men” that are of the Earth but of a civilization that visited our Earth. I do not feel we are alone in the existence we are that we have had visits from other Worlds that have lead us on a path.
If Atlantis did exist then how long do ye think it existed for ?

How do ye view the existence of something or some place ?

It could well be that ye see it as being a physical living and thriving city, or it could be that ye see it as existing as we still talk on it and have knowledge of it.

When does something start and stop in existence ?

Is it when the last person there leaves or dies off or it when there is no one left to remember it ?

Was there a continent of Lemuria ?

Is it possible that there is a lost continent one that sank to the Ocean bottom?

We do know that the Earth has plates that move so could this have maybe sunk an Island continent ?

Many claim to have past lives memories to this place but is it
Real or something one wants to be real ?


Plato was the first to write about Plato. I liked the part were the boys from Athens went up against Atlantis and put a stop to the emerging world empire.
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Old 28-09-2018, 11:14 AM
Mysticrose37 Mysticrose37 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
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Okay I need to ask anyone know anything of the 144 Sisterhood of Atlantis? I have been having visions since I was a child.
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Old 28-09-2018, 11:15 AM
Mysticrose37 Mysticrose37 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Posts: 392
Little Elm.. Yes it is connected to the druids.
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Old 17-10-2018, 11:55 PM
MissCreativeSpirit MissCreativeSpirit is offline
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Have u
listed to the Abraham Hicks YouTube's on Atlantis? Something about multiple islands at different times having the qualities for or understood as Atlantis.
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