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Old 13-02-2012, 12:21 AM
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Thank you for your re-affirmation pertaining to what I may perceive as negative beings due to their appearance. It takes trials to overcome this as I am being pushed to do so. Thank you
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Old 13-02-2012, 06:01 AM
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In my adventures in the Lower planes I have gone to very brightly lit empty warehouses, run down cities, A huge ballroom with lit chandeliers except it was very dark in there somehow (That never made sense to me). A completely dark weirdly shaped boxy room and the walls had glowing white pinstripe lines in them, sorta like a grid. I ended up onetime falling through the ground and landed in this huge fun zone looking place it had huge like blocked letters like children play with and all kinda weird block shapes that were huge and were dimly glowing neon colors (pink, yellow, green, etc) and the floor was checkered and glowing as well. Last one I can remember is I ended up in another weird glowing place but this place seemed like some type of Planetarium and had huge scale models of planets that I have never seen and maps of star systems. It was pretty dark in there and that is when I made my first true encounter with another Astral being. That is about where my experiences end because every time I leave my body an Astral Hitch-hiker attach's to me and pulls me down into the lower planes (Which I don't wish to really go to anymore to be honest). I am getting to the point I am just going to let it take me wherever it wants, maybe there is something I am supposed to be learning from the experience.
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Old 13-02-2012, 06:38 AM
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For years I was fascinated by the prospect of another world after this one. Well, not a world in the sense of another globe, but, rather, that of another state. By the time I was in my 40’s I had read hundreds of books on the subject. Some of them seemed pretty far out, but not all. The common thread, once you overlook the semantics, is that life does indeed go on, even though the facts of it are not easily discerned from this side.
I have no interest in proselytizing, nor do I presume that my findings are the final word on the subject. But, for those who haven’t got 20 years to spare for research, here is what I discovered:
To begin, when the mind is freed of the body, it is something like a water-logged cork, floating within a sea of consciousness – not on the surface, but deep inside where everything around it is of similar “specific gravity,” for want of another word. The law is: “Like attracts like.” In this mode, dominant thoughts determine an individual’s environment. Overriding fear and notions of damnation invite mental torture that is as real as anything perceived can be. Expectations of happy reunions lead to just that. Anticipation of sitting at the feet of a master will surely accomplish it. All of this, however, is tempered by what you are, which is the product of how you have evolved while continuing to create your reality.
If one could see self in its entirety, one would have eyes with which to see everything. But, we do not. Our vision is limited to that which is closest at hand, and our conclusions about ourselves are a reflection of our immediate reality. We see what we think we are. That is as true for the present as it is for what comes after. Accordingly, when leaving the world of the physical, you will find yourself immersed in a realm that is coincidental with how you are, how you think and how you relate. That is your next state of reality, but it is not all that is real.
No matter how evolved your perspective and state of being, you migrate through every life-death-life experience as a child – a child of God, if you will. As such, although the opportunity to be is endlessly expansive, invariably you will always discover yourself as only a tiny part, seeing but little and hoping otherwise. No matter how mature you think you are, you are a child of experience and an infant in terms of self-realization. You are infinitely expansive. That is your joy. Your bliss is the endless pursuit of self-discovery. Being is the absolute adventure.
Resurrection, if that is what you call it, really doesn’t apply. You cannot be raised from the dead because you never ever died. You are immortal. You changed, that’s all, like water that becomes invisible as vapor, but it’s still the same water and you are still you. So, welcome aboard, and for heaven’s sake quit fussing about it.
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Old 13-02-2012, 01:18 PM
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Indeed, with confrontation of any kind, self reflection is key
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Old 13-02-2012, 01:24 PM
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Indeed a great response. I'm honestly very new to many of the ideas being discussed on this forum, but you're message seems to affirm my own intuition that there are many shades of grey, and even those with teeth needn't be feared as being 'evil'. Insanely interesting the idea that you could travel so.
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Old 02-03-2012, 10:00 AM
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@my_road Yes, I've been to places that one would refer to as Hell. I usually think of it as the Pit. Once, in the lower planes, I saw like smoke or whatever at ground level. There were many beings perhaps hundreds that were laying down in a small bed-type thing. They looked-like zombies. They seemed like they never take a bath. They were addicted to drugs and I'm sure other things. One of them said to another like "where's my drugs?" or something like that. One entity said to everyone there (I assume), "we have an intruder," which they were obviously referring to me. There was this woman hiding in a cabinet. She told me like about how they don't change or something. I said out loud to everyone there, "it's not too late to change" or something similar. The woman didn't want me to tell anyone about her, so I didn't.

Another time, I remember flying somewhere outdoors (I think) and saw like smoke/cloud-like formations of like demonic heads/skulls at ground level. It seemed like it had no bottom, like if you fell you would fall forever. I think an entity actually referred to it as the Pit or made it obvious that that area was the Pit.

I doubt that anyone would want to go there intentionally. They are there because of their desires and their unwillingness to let go of those desires. Their inability to look within and see what is truly real and important.

I would like to go there to help them but of course its up to them whether or not to take the advice. However, those places and the entities within them are kind-of creepy.
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Old 02-03-2012, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Nebulous
Depends on WHICH lower plane you're talking about. There are more areas and planes than you could possibly list, though some are frequented by astral travellers. In the astral there is sort of a beaten path, and basically the further out you wander the less you'll find people have been there before and the harder you'll have to dig to find any information about that area of the astral....assuming there IS any information left.

When you say "lower planes" I'm going to assume that like everybody else you're talking about "zomg dark" planes. All I can say is there are beautiful dark planes and haunting dark planes, hostile and barren ones, ones full of the dead and ones full of terror, ones full of strange creatures and ones full of wise ones. It truly depends on where you go and what you encounter. I am a friend to both higher and lower planes - any who would take the time to build a bond of trust and mutuality with me are welcomed in my opinion, and I refuse to discriminate based on what "Realm" they come from or whether they LOOK scary to me as a fallible human being. If you open your mind (carefully and sensibly of course) you will find that sometimes the scary ones will simply walk up, take a seat and talk to you and smile - even if their smile is full of sharp teeth and there is a great darkness and aura that inspires awe and fear around them, they'd never harm a single hair on your head. I have learned some of my greatest lessons from these, and made friends as well among the higher realms where things are bright and beautiful and orbs of light seem to smile as they float about.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's very hard to make a blanket statement about the "lower" realms and there far too are many of them with far too many variations. While I'm sure there is probably a realm like you described, my_road, I doubt it's "hell" and if an astral traveler ever ran into it they should probably just handle themselves carefully. Nothing to be afraid of. :)

Honestly, this is the best post I ever read since I'm here. So munch love, gentle touche...woah. Thanks for sharing, hope to see you more from you in the near futur.
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Old 03-02-2014, 01:43 AM
LittleWolf, the Contender
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Dark Pubs

Originally Posted by my_road
I heard these spirits would be drawn to pubs and places where addictions and troubles are to try and touch but they cant...

I feel like I might have gone to some lower realms, where people were going about very banal existences doing what they did in life habitually to repress negative emotions, and the whole place had an oppressive feeling to it. I remember talking to a very depressed man at a bar, and I was being very cheerful because I felt like an adventurer going to a new place, and the man looked at me like I was in the wrong place...
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