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Old 31-01-2019, 07:00 AM
JustBe JustBe is offline
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Originally Posted by youngje847
Thanks for these words. I resonated with a few things you said. I think I am struggling to see where the fear is stemming from. I don't know that I am necessarily petrified of suffering or dying. I think part of it comes from feeling like it will be out of my control. Not having control of a situation is probably a big part of the fear and also worrying about my young kids if I am gone or sick.

I have been listening to deepak chopra audio books and he something similar to you that if I am too focused on the fear of a symptom I won't be able to listen to what my body is trying to tell me. This made sense to me and feels like the universe is really trying to get this message to me. I think I am just not understanding it on the deeper level of accepting it completely. I have lived so long this way how do I start listening to my body. I know I am very sensitive to feelings in my body or changes and I always notice them but usually I jump to fear and try to rationalize them away as normal or as long as its not deadly I can continue with the discomfort or issue. I do not think I have really connected my body mind and spirit to truly realize that my body is intelligent and connected to me and will tell me what I need.

Fear is about not having control whatever it links too. I relate to your words about your children. Letting my fear of death be released and not be confined by it in the many ways it played out, I do recall having that same thought about my son. He has been a good reflection in letting go of fears I was holding him too in myself. I think taking care of children especially if dependent on you, can create different degrees and areas of fear pertaining to that dependence. I knew that many people didn’t understand my son, so that thought process was no one could take care of him but the one who truly understood him. There you see that created the need to control my absence however it might arise.

Listening to your body, mind deeper can unfold a whole host of interconnected ways we control. Self saboutage is often one aspect amongst the layers. The mind can take over when you can’t let feelings go deeper to observe their binds. That shift takes you out if your being centre where everything is noticed, everything can be felt and released. It seems your avoiding letting go deeper, because you have found a way to keep this fear alive, rather than face it. These are often pacts we make as children, never to enter into something that was to difficult in our childhood.

Just some thoughts floating by...you may not relate.
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Old 06-02-2019, 11:13 PM
Sapphirez Sapphirez is offline
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Originally Posted by youngje847
Thank you for this information. I definitely connect with what you are saying but so far have found it impractical for me to live with a restricted diet. I don't think I have completely connected to the idea to want to make those changes for myself and not just because I feel like I am supposed to. For something to be sustainable for me I need to take it slowly or deeply connect with the belief that it is best for me. I feel your message came to me when I needed it to plant the seed in myself to grow in this direction. thank you

Thank you, I am grateful to help you plant a seed that can grow in wonderful ways. Perhaps don't think of it as a restricted diet, but maybe just doing more of a good thing. Like I guess that follows one of the philosophies or laws of life (or the law of attraction) I've found to be most worthwhile. It is about focusing on the light instead of darkness, and how you risk just growing more darkness if you treat a situation from there. ie instead of thinking about eating less of certain things, just consider eating more of some great things. and you can eat giant portions of most fruit, and some vegetables or other raw foods and so in that way it's the opposite of a restrictive diet hehe. The best meal to experiment with eating all fruit is breakfast because it is super hydrating for the start of your day, as well as nourishing in other ways. and also your body is more likely to have most of the food in it digested after a nice sleep. but if you eat fruit after dinner or lunch well your meal might not be digested by the time you eat fruit and then the fruit won't be able to digest quickly like it's designed to, and then problems arise.. fruit can digest in an hour or less usually, but most other foods take longer and complex carbohydrates/starches and proteins can take like 4 hours to digest. well I won't get into that anymore unless you ask but you get the idea. If you feel inclined to having fruit for breakfast would be the best place to begin. I'm still at the stage where I don't eat healthy enough overall so while I've committed to eating fruit for breakfast, some days I crave eating other questionable (or terribly unhealthy lol) things and impatiently wait half an hour or hour for the fruit to digest and then stuff my face with fried potatoes or chocolate and ice cream or whatever but then again I don't eat giant portions of fruit because of the situation and my fiance being the one buying the groceries and he doesn't understand the importance of fruit, and I also have to feed it to my daughter so I am afraid to eat too much myself. hopefully soon I will eat mostly fruit though and feel I have enough to be able to. sorry for that digression.. I hope it helps to see other people's stories and struggles though.

but I know that if you eat mostly fresh food and can eventually get to mainly fruit for a period of time that you will be doing your body the best favor and you will finally feel healthy and vibrant, and that feeling will help you overcome the shaky feelings and fears. I also think that, as yucky as it is to think about, that bacteria and other microbes in our bodies contributes to us feeling fear. I guess the organs are involved with fear and specific emotions too, but sometimes I feel like the fear I'm feeling is specifically coming from the uneasiness of these unwelcome things scurrying or swimming around in my body.. lol sorry for the visual, but it's a real thing to consider. However, when we heal our bodies and get it restored to its natural homeostatic state, those pathogenic microbes no longer exist because they are only there because we put out a welcome mat for them! They are there like decomposers in a forest or on a carcass out in nature, they are there to clean up.. and if we feed our bodies properly so they can clean up after themselves and the food we eat is helpful instead of just creating more waste, then the beneficial bacteria and everything can flourish and stuff that doesn't belong and makes us sick won't be able to live in our bodies anymore because there won't be anything for them to feed off of, and they can't survive in a properly alkalized oxygenated environment.. they like acidic and stagnant environments with lots of rotting stuff around for them to feed off of, and that is what happens when we eat and do the wrong things.. but I'm sorry don't worry about that now, just be concerned about feeding the good guys and yourself, your body so it can do what it is supposed to be, which is awesome to say the least.

Your body is Always healing, always trying to restore itself to homeostasis and reverse damage. Always.. only things can get in the way, but the body still tries to restore itself/you all the time. Constantly. It doesn't stop. and all kinds of things can contribute to healing and supporting yourself and divine energies in play. So just do a few or one new thing that is healing and positive and that one small step can potentially move mountains, or help you climb them or whatever lol.. Besides food though of course I do agree there are many great ways to heal and help yourself progress. and also the more you learn about things, the more fuel you have to motivate yourself to do them. for me that includes learning about the bad or negative side of things, but it's best to focus on the good positive side, and that light helps flood our shadows that don't need to exist.

Have you tried EFT?
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Old 13-03-2019, 10:34 PM
dream jo dream jo is offline
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i no i get anx a lot i do i stress so mush i can mak my slf illl
or get parnodedd so mush silly ideass in my hed sets me offf
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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Old 13-03-2019, 10:49 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is online now
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Its not something I do I don't stress about getting sick.i have had that many operations that it does not bother me at all.
I suppose if you have been lucky with your health and never suffered with anything much.then It can make you a stress head,
but I am of the opinion of if you are meant to get it then you will.
why worry about things you have no control over.

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Old 21-05-2019, 10:32 AM
jdenina jdenina is offline
Join Date: May 2019
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I sometimes get anxious about getting sick, but then again I get anxious about everything :)
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