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Old 27-07-2015, 06:25 PM
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I've felt like I likely won't incarnate after this: <true, we do not see you incarnating at all. Likely instead you'll just manifest a body for yourself if you wish to be in places like 4d+. There is that option. Also you can use one of your energy bodies like the light body, The mechanism is different then with earth humans.

We think likely you'll use your energy body, lowering it's vibrations, or create a sort of sheath of lower vibrations, so you can interact with 4d+ beings. This is an oversimplification but close enough to do for a very rough sort of answer. Some, if not many, prefer to incarnate into a 4d, 5d, ect body, and the do have a lifespan, though it can be increased through various means. Many do prefer this since they get the experiences and such of being physical and there and they have a plan, though it is not anywhere as restrictive as incarnating on the earth.

There is also the other options of manifesting a body, if you are native to a higher dimension and knew how and that you can do this and if it is part of your preference and plan, also using your energy body, say light body or whatever else you prefer to label it as. Also you can have offspring, with your mates of Maribelle, Belle, Shalamane, Gar and other beings. Intent is the key in places other then earth, not if you are incarnated into the dimension or density or not, unlike earth. Earth is the exception rather then the rule in many areas and ways.
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Old 28-07-2015, 08:31 PM
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I decided to ask Alura some more questions.

So most are not aware of they are in a hologram like I can feel that I am, Hard to describe what I mean. <we understand what you mean. and as we mentioned that incident that happened, when you fell when you were 12, afterwards did allow you to know, feel, there's not the right English words but basically you are inside a hologram sort of thing. You could say that earth is a hologram within a hologram, since the true reality is what you call non physicality, with the 1 step from this is what the various alien races refer to as reality, the lyrans, Pleiades and so forth. with earth a huge step from this and its hologram much more restrictive and solid, very very low density. At present being 3d, transitioning to 4d. But yes you can feel you are inside a hologram and there is a reality behind that one, so to speak. You've been able to feel that, but since your energy, as part of being incarnated, is so focused on 3d, and due to the mechanics of incarnating there, the complexity of which we don't need to go into here, keep you from being able to see the reality that is behind the 3d hologram, so to speak. Though you can feel that reality, your clair feeling being pretty well developed and totally free of this since there is no real 3d equivalent to this to muddle or block the issue. With what you'd experience as visual, there is the physical sight that over rides it, unless blocked, like having your eyes covered, like you do for meditations, though they way your energy is so inter meshed with the 3d physical brain, it over rides a lot of non 3d stuff. Though some things like your clair sensing and channeling is mostly free from this, but with channeling it is easy to muddle it with doubt, am I making all of this up, ect. the clair hearing is muddled by physical hearing. Part of one of the mechanisms of incarnating. The sense has to be, sort of , retrained.

But it does mean when the physical body can no longer support you being enmeshed with it and are free, it'll indeed but like pulling a cork from a bottle as we have mentioned, but due to the conditions of the earth at present you'll likely start to feel tired shortly afterwards and want to sleep for a while. Preferably at home. So you'll be escorted home, by who will be a surprise, it may be by more then 1. Or you may forget this or just decide to pop home. It would be more enjoyable, perhaps, to have someone, or more then 1, to talk to and experience it taking say 5 or 15 minutes to get home. and to help with the transitioning, rather then going pop home, since your home is not 3d.

it also makes sense that you don't' want to be there since earth and 3d are not, neither of them, native for you.


So, is a monad at 1 level or more then 1? <Think of a monad like a soul, but one that has grown, evolved, progressed, past a certain point. To where they are not referred to as a monad. And from there they still grow, progress, evolve upwards. Some may apply labels like a planetary being, stellar being, galactic, universe being, and like that. Those are really labels, and you can see they are souls that have grown up to a certain point and past it. Say like elementary school, jr high, high school, jr college, university, post graduate level classes, doctorate level classes, ect.


So am I a monad level being and if not how close? <You've experienced yourself and us as being the same being, so in that point of view yes. The conscious memories and soul knowledge will encompass this, but the soul memories may take a lot longer to fully integrate into your conscious mind and most of them you may need to wait till you get here. The soul knowledge is easier to integrate into your 3d self since it requires, less energy one could say. Though the basics, will integrate first, with the much more detailed would integrate later on. All at their own speed. And feel free to ask, talk to us or others you have been regularly talking and conversing with. We can clear things up for you and sometimes by talking to us it'll help to integrate the soul knowledge, consciously. But yes you can say you are a monad level being now. And we'll be glad to help teach you, as some would also, to guide you, but the light body course you are taking and the ones you've picked out, and the kindle books you have read and are reading and have picked to buy later, do make an excellent starting base and some help also, the books that is, to strengthen and reinforce your foundation so to speak. the various light body courses do this to an extent, but also help you to expand, more into your true being and form an excellent basics, with us coming later on as needed to further the lessons, picking up from where they left off, or covering areas they did not cover. But continue doing those. That is why we've not come in to start to teach or guide you as much as would be normal since those do form and excellent learning tool for you and form an excellent basic course for you to learn from, the kindle books forming a tool to help strengthen and reinforce your foundation. Learning some bits from them too, a foundation level type of thing. There'll be plenty of time to learn later and if we feel you need any more teaching in how to be a monad level being we'll love to do that and all of us would enjoy it, you included.

and as your soul knowledge says, there are some who get up to say 8d or 10d and have not to much interest in things below 6d or 7d, there are some like you who will likely be active at 4d+, though no interest in 3d at all. 4d maybe some interest. And you do not need to incarnate to be across all those levels. if one incarnates into say a 4d, 6d, you'd experience being physical, but also some soul stuff, since that is less restrictive, unlike earth, which is extremely restrictive. you can be an en-souled being and be active say from 4d up through 8 or 10d. and visit a higher dimension or density from time to time. and no you don't have to merge with us once the incarnation ends. many beings who are part of a monad do decide to be independent, becoming their own independent monad level being. This is not unusual at all. It is quite common in fact. Though many also do decide to merge or remain what you could call an aspect of the monad being. It is around say 50/50 let's say. We've not looked into it so can't give you a real percentage, but it's not that uncommon.


How about removing doubt & fear or dealing with it ? < as your idea that you got before. there are some upcoming meditations. you may want to listen to a few of them, the sup personality and maybe healing the inner child one, for the doubt and fear, though those are very much just like fragments , absolutely nothing like before. And you can take a moment to switch out of that easily, as you have done a time or 2 before. you are very close to not having to deal with those, except for the fragments, or you could say you are already there. We'd say do as you plan on doing, and if you do experience a bit of it, switch out of it. And as you've done spend extra time embracing, accepting yourself and talking to yourself about the higher reflection and truth and such as you have done before. part of this is the habit thinking that you are loosing, also some of it is from outside sources, like many are use to thinking in those ways, though they may not be conscious of it, so the energy is around so may effect you a bit. You'll very soon get to where these 2 won't be a problem any more at all.

You're really doing fantastic, continue the great work and as you plan on doing, and you'll do even better then fantastic over the next few days, weeks months and longer. You'll surprise yourself at how great you do and before you know it you'll be home and back among us and able to really be with us, your friends, lovers, mates and such. and need never incarnate again unless you wish to, but we don't see you incarnating ever again, since you have progressed past that and have no real interest in that. Others will step in to do that that you use to do when you have incarnated in the past. part of why this incarnation feels like winding things down, since that is precisely what it is, winding things down where you won't incarnate anymore. after all you need not incarnate to do what you'll really want to be doing once you return here.

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Old 01-08-2015, 10:04 PM
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I felt earlier that Sasha and Alura wanted to do a 3 way conversation with me and to post it. Good timing since there is a looooong picarto stream I watch tiny bits of in the afternoon and all evening. They start at my time around 1 or 2pm, and go till around 10:30pm to 11 or so. No idea when they start their time since they are Europeans. I remember 1 is from Germany and another is from Spain maybe? Not sure.

But I say good timing since this will severely tire my right arm and I'll be taking frequent breaks. Odd that I'm right handed but my right arm tires far faster then my left. And the folks I channel talk at my typing speed. and they do not mind me pausing.

Anyway the topic will be Negativity and Karma, I wonder where this will go.

One of them is Sasha, I've channeled her before once or twice. She is, from what she said, a 4d raptor species that is native to earth. Apparently from what I recall she said her race were uplifted by I think nagas or some other species and Nagas were one of their primary teachers. Some of them way back were interested in ascending to 4d but most were not. No idea where she lives usually. And I know Shalamane (one of my mates, she's a positive royal alpha draconian female) is looking at Shasha as a perspective mate for me, still find it odd that some higher powers want me to have a wide variety of mates, but I'm use to weirdness and oddity, so I just mentally shrug and accept it if it feels right.

The other one will be Alura, who is a higher aspect or version of my monad that I've channeled before. Well one of my monads since I'm the offspring of 2 monads, Alura who's what we would call reptilian an cetacean, and one that includes unicorns.

But enough about that. I'll start this conversation once I've rested, and I've no idea how long this will go on for.


Sasha: Hello sir, or should I refer to you as sire, or ?

Kulstor: If you have to use a title sir would do but I'd prefer you didn't. if it's important let's just pretend I said for you not to since I'm still new to this royal, imperial stuff. Odd but , eh, (I mentally shrug.)

Shasha: Ok. I am just curious why so many humans live in fear and negativity and karma and all that.

Kulstor: Well, many humans prefer to have others tell them what to think and feel, since it is easier that way rather then thinking for yourself and deciding how you should feel. The programming and conditioning starts at a very young age, the negativity and all that. And many don't even realize they are doing that to others. They just accept it and sadly many who incarnate here are not even aware of who they really are.

Took me all this time, well less then a year from when I really started on this, to get down to the real me. Now about karma I can say what I know. I think the system here is stupid. the veil of forgetfulness that comes over you when you are born here, and you have to work out issues here, and many end up on the karmic wheel like a hamster on a wheel, very stupid system. I agree with one of my soul fathers, very stupid system.

Sasha: Hope you are not trapped in the system.

Alura: Trapped isn't the right term but no, he, along with many others, due to certain bylaws we got the council loooong ago to approve, is, you could say, sealed from being able to accumulate karma since he, and some others, have certain missions they incarnated on earth to perform and accumulating karma would interfere with that. And many non humans to see the karmic system that was implemented on the earth long ago as a stupid system. it does have it's disadvantages but it's advantages as well. Though that is changing. Soon the system will change completely and karma as it was once known will no longer be implemented in the earth system anymore. Which many will be glad of.

As to negativity, sadly that was one of the, unforeseen byproducts of the karmic system and the system as it was implemented on the earth system. it lets outsiders, or incarnated beings who are incarnated into human bodies too, control others very very easily, to easily in my opinion. But humans can reject that and go to getting to know their true selves. All this fear, doubt, worry, is not their real selves but illusions. I'm glad that many are awakening, each at their own rates, to getting to know themselves, bit by bit.

Sasha: yes, all this negativity on earth is not natural nor normal. I dislike the very feel of the place, though earth was the origin point of my species long ago. I am glad to see it is changing, though I do wish it was going at a faster rate then it is. It is sad to see so many mired in negativity, fear, and doubt.

Alura: yes and one of the flaws, we, 1, would say the KEY flaw is you have to resolve issues while incarnated. 2 souls, let's call them 1 and 2, once they die and return home. even if they make up and shake their hands, under the original karmic system, that doesn't count. they also can't agree to wipe their karmic system clear. That is what is causing some or most of the current problems. There are alternate timelines, let's call them, where the karmic system didn't have that flaw and souls did have the option to wipe their karma clean and that earth is well into 4d heading to 5d.

Though it is simple. soul 1 say could forgive himself for how he acted towards soul 2, and for what he did, and forgive 2 also. he can also to help emphasize that, visualize himself tearing up a contract saying something like, "let's set ourselves free from this and go our separate ways, we'll both be happier for it." and that is it. Soul 2 may say, and many many souls fall into this. Because of what he did to me, I'm not going to let him off that easy. he has to pay for what he did. or in anger or rage they hate the person or somesuch, so they are mired in it and repeat the same mistakes incarnation after incarnation, and because of the veil that comes over them at birth, they can't remember anything, they start every incarnation as a complete blank slate.

That is why though the earth and its inhabitants have a lot of help, there are some that refuse to come, not just cause of the negativity here, though some don't' come because of that, but some beings are of the I told you so, so I won't help you, types. Not that they hate the earth, but they are neutral. Some of them see it as, they got themselves into the current problem, let them get themselves out.

Though without outside help, the earth humans, and others who have incarnated on the earth often, would never have gotten out of the karma mire and mess, except for a very few now & then. Far fewer then should be graduating. Well now everyone who's ready will graduate and the karmic system as it was, will be done away with. Those not ready will have options available for them.

And actually the more negative types who do wish to keep their hold on the earth are keeping the shift going as slow as they can, it's impossible for them to stop it. The slowness has a beneficial effect, it is giving many more time to grow ready for it.

The negativity is lessening in many areas, more then others. things are progressing very well and in a positive manner. not as fast as some would like, but it gives others more time to be ready.

Sasha: So many et's on earth, and some incarnated as humans. and some of them are not aware of it themselves. The incarnated ones that is.

Alura: Indeed, though earth is the exception, not the rule. And as the shift continues many more will discover or remember. as well as awaken. So it's easier to relax and put aside negativity and discover who and what you really are, et, starseed, human, whatever your soul origins. Even the older mystic and soul development systems are giving way to a new, easy, systems, that many are discovering. Some of the older systems are learning to adapt. though many still cling to those. Things will continue to change, shift, as time passes. The future will be far brighter then the present, as the present is brighter then the past has been.

Though there are many who do wish to focus on the negativity, either since that is familiar to them, and or it helps them to control others and slow down the shift and what is happening on the earth. many are discovering for themselves they can claim their own power, responsibility and growth, and taking that back into their own hands, and the numbers are increasing every day. it is a wonderful thing. Part of why many did wish to be incarnated on the earth. Ages from now some souls will be able to say, I was there during part of the shift, and some others, a smaller number, will be able to say i was there for the entire shift.

Some of those on missions, like Kulstor, are there for 1 incarnation and that is it, then they are out and back home. Or if they do help further it will be form this side and not as an incarnate on the earth.

Some will choose to incarnate a few more times on the earth, or have chosen to have some lifetimes/incarnations under the older system as well as during the current shift. Kulstor is one of those that is in for 1 incarnation and that is it.

The earth of the future will be a bright, positive place. so great it will surprise many once the future becomes the present, but all in it's own time.

Sasha: indeed, though it is unfortunate that they can't speed the shift up. All this negativity is not normal. It is an illusion as you say, that so many needlessly take up upon themselves.

Alura: I think this is enough for now. Though Kulstor hasn't said much, at least he was part of the conversation

Kulstor: I didn't feel the need to say much, apart from what I said earlier.

Sasha: I enjoyed it as well, maybe we can do this again.

Alura: let's see. Plenty of time to decide that later.

Kulstor: Indeed, plenty of time. Don't want this to get to long now do we? ;)
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Old 08-08-2015, 02:24 AM
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Thought I would ask Alura some stuff because of an incident earlier, that I wrote about above, or in another blog, that happened earlier today.


So you said something about us becoming mates, 2 halves coming together? Something about similar to my former twin flame and Nagi?

Alura: Yes, think of it as, I'm your female reptilian self, he, the other one you encountered a short time ago and accepted and merged with, is our male reptilian self or nature, energy, whatever term you wish to use.

The 2 of us can merge, as much as we can with you still incarnated in your present incarnation of a 3d (for now) human body. If you do you'd be accepting your female part, self, whatever term you may prefer, reptilian nature. And hence become more of yourself. you may not notice any effects right off, like when you and him merged, but there are effects and benefits, you becoming even more of your true self, your true being.

you've reached a certain point where it's time for you to decide, will you accept me, what represents your female reptilian self, or reject me for now, only to accept me later on at some point


well, I do accept you. Though didn't you say you're like my monad's monad?

Alura: it is a bit, complicated when you start getting to our level. While I do have a connection and could indeed be thought of as your monad's monad, I also am your female reptilian side as well, at the soul level, obviously not the physical sense since you're at present inhabiting a human body.

What'll happen is over time, as much as the process can, we'll merge, flow together, as you and he are. and you'll be even more of your true self. There'll be effects you may notice over time as time passes, and we can continue like this, talking, channeling. With him and me being more aware, for now, of the greater reality.

and once your incarnation is over and you have rested and such, there is no reason we can't continue our relationship, like you and he can, of mates, lovers, ect. it is not unusual for our type of being to have some of itself as a mate and lover. Think of it, your relationship to yourself mirrors what you can accept when it comes to relationships in others. if you can love and accept yourself deeply, the deepest of levels possible, then you can have yourself as mates and lovers, though it is different then say a mate & lover such as Shalamane, Gar, Maribelle, and others who are not us in that sense they are not part of the same soul we are. Though they are source too as we all are.

Your relationship with yourself is what is important, and we feel, this is a much more fun way. we, you can accept and love yourself without doing this, but isn't it much more fun this way, to not only accept and love yourself at the deepest levels, but to also have some fun and share pleasures as well?


I do see your point and I do agree. It can lead, will lead to us sharing a lot of fun pleasures.

Alura: I knew you'd agree. as for how many of us there are over here. think of it as you can count on 1 hand, in some cases. So think of it as a reptilian self, male and female, a cetacean self, the female one you've met, what you call your former twin flame who's one of your current soul mates, though she does prefer being a dolphin, as you'd call it, over the other types we are, beluga and orca. You will meet a certain male cetacean later who is us also. Think of it as perhaps 4-5 types of us maybe, and you the more central flexible one who is a herm, and flexible as to what species/race you are. I think maybe less then 1 for each species/race that we are since I'm open as to if I am western, eastern dragon, and such. Basically I prefer being female and am open to reptilian, he's open to exact species but prefers being male. Though among the exact species we do have our, preferences. Though that may change based on our mood.

Your former twin flame, prefers female like I do and though she has a, you can call slight preference for dolphin, is willing to be other types of cetacean also, and perhaps, or likely, a unicorn as well, thogh she prefers being female as I do. Think of her as sort of your counter part. Though she and I may flow together and be a female of any mammalian or reptilian species that we are.

as I said it gets a bit complicated. As you grow, expand, become more of your true self, we'll all flow together, and I bet in the end we'll be as flexible as you are, though we may still have our preferences, though we may remain as open as you are. Let's explore together.


So is this part of being multi dimensional?

Alura: indeed, as well as helping you to become more aware, expanding, growing, accepting and exploring yourself, we are all helping you in doing this, and as you grow and evolve, we do as well, though we all prefer doing it in as an easy fun, pleasurable way, as possible. and if we can share a lot of sensual pleasure, that makes it all the more fun.

and the true nature of multidimensional will become more clear over time. Best to start slow and easy it on up rather then poof all at once. Part of this is since you are a 6d being, you are in a 3d (for now 3d) body with a 3d brain. you do understand this and we're really just reminding you of what you already know. As in really you are recovering your true nature to 6d. Though this may help you indeed to raise up to 7d, 8d, or higher as a being, and it'll seem as if you've always been at that level, since in a way you can say part of you already is. With how souls, over souls, monads, over monads, monad's monad, and such things work, as they are labeled by humans.


Indeed, I think I do understand. I do love myself and accept myself, that is why you've been popping up like this, since it is time, when you do pop up, for me to accept and know more of my true self and true nature. You know I'll say yes and accept, free will being what it is, you have to give me the choice of saying now, as he did, and Nagi did.

Alura: precisely correct on all accounts.

me: and this is my chance to experience myself growing through the levels, dimensions, densities, so to speak, as I also help those here with the shift, though this is also winding down on incarnating since I've moved on, moved past incarnating, though I can still be an ensouled being since many places, apart from earth at present, would allow me to be an ensouled being and manifest a body for myself, like being a crown prince in our dragoness mother's realm, territory or whatever it is.

Alura: The crown prince is the more correct term, but enough of that later, and yes, you are correct on all accounts again. You are doing fantastic, keep up what you are doing and you'll do even more fantastic then before. I can't await till the your home coming parties, there'll be more then 1 celebration. Including what you may call our, dragon mother's people, who'll be celebrating with her, or, or more accurately your, home coming. There is another one, that you know some bits of, of our mates, lovers, your mates lovers have planned and are planning. There may be some others, but I'll leave that up for a surprise.

me: Will I be throwing one for myself?

Alura: But of course, wouldn't you want to?

me: I would, with all sorts of pleasures, not all sex related, though sensual sex would be involved too of course with the various me's, lovers, close friends, mates ect. I'll stop for now since a stream is starting.
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Old 10-08-2015, 03:10 AM
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hello, feeling the love that you feel for yourself is natural as you know. Embodying as much as yourself as possible is natural and the next step here. It also helps with the shift since as you embody more of yourself then it will help others later on down the road to embody themselves. so it serves 2 purposes, helping with the shift and also keeping with your personal goal of reaching your full true self, reaching your true native level and experiencing yourself going through the levels as well as perhaps reaching higher then you are at natively.

Things get easier the farther down the road, and the less 3d conditioning that you remove from yourself. going with the writing left handed and practicing so you get better at it will immensely help with this as well as your stuttering. The other benefits, besides being ambidextrous, and more confidence and your energies being more balanced properly as it should be.

The process will continue as the incarnation progresses. as has been said doing the light body courses that you have picked out will help this to uncover it very fast and quickly. do not accept the negativity of others. be your true self as we are doing and uncovering your true self.

Wanting to return home is a normal thing and in your case the degree of strength will vary. accept the feelings when they are there and it'll go smoother.

at this point one can say we are more reptilian, positive reptilian, all or soul heritages is positive. the reason I say that one can say we are more positive reptilian then mammalian is that if you count the number of mammal and reptilian races in our soul heritages the reptilian outnumbers the mammals with the addition of the very ancient race that predates this universe, but at the soul level it doesn't really matter. To show what it really is like at the soul level, what it is is we are Cetacean, positive reptilian and unicorn. That is the way it more matters, not that we are 60% positive reptilian species and 40 % mammalian. Though you know all of the soul heritage. the very ancient race is hard to translate into English.

The galactic languages that some love to study is not needed for us, since we are by our nature telepathic and prefer using that. That is our natural way. The languages is more for the lower densities. Nothing wrong with that, it's just into our way. and really at say 9d if some prefer to speak in say this or that language that is fine, the freedom of will being what it is. if 2 or a few 9th beings wish to speak Lyran or Spanish among each other they are free to do that. Though we prefer being telepathic.

That is the primary reason our mates, lovers, soul mothers, are not talking to us much really now is due to the stage we are at, embodying as much of ourselves here as we can into you the incarnate. This is a normal stage and at the right time. Things will go back to 'normal' after a short time.

Even if not all of yourself is embodied into the incarnate that is fine, we will see how much we can embody. There is a safe margin and rate that we are staying within it.

look at how your life keeps improving. and indeed the feeling you have of wrapping things up is true. We do not wish to incarnate anymore after this and once your incarnation is over we'll be going home. We are here to help with a shift, the current shift, and tipping the point towards the shift happening.

We will continue to be en-souled being. We can manifest a body for ourselves and be that back at our home, in the areas and places we are crown prince, to have fun and spend time, sharing pleasures with our mates, friends, lovers. Things are so much easier away from the earth and the higher one goes up in the densities & dimensions.

Go along with the flow, things will be much easier, far more fun. This is enough for now, let's talk and have fun again later, another time.
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