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Old 12-07-2017, 12:09 PM
Spotted&HerbaceousSmall Spotted&HerbaceousSmall is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: England
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Angel1 Signs or Wishful Thinking?

I'm hoping that someone who knows a bit more about this kind of stuff can help decode the situation!

Most of my family has pretty good spiritual "antenna" (most of the family can pick up on spookables, get premonition type feelings, have angel-religion type happenings etc) but mine is pretty rubbish.

However, I've been getting the overwhelming feeling that there's a specific person that I'm supposed to do something with- be friends, be partners, I have no idea, just that they're supposed to be/do something to do with myself.

Now, I wrote it off at first and squashed it down but it didn't get much better so I figured to try and get to know them a bit better but that went hopelessly wrong and they haven't spoken to me since.

I figure again that I must be wrong, so try to squash it down, but the feeling just gets stronger by the day until now (about a year after the disaster attempt lol) it feels the same way that it does just before a thunderstorm- like a pressure has built up and is about to spill over.

I've asked for signs, and explained as best I can to whoever is listening that I'm really no good at spotting signs, and I seem to get them.. Feathers sometimes turn up on my walking route, or robins bob out the hedge and look at me, clouds shaped with the initial letter. Most recently, I turned on the computer and one of the first things that popped up was an advert with both our names in it.

I've used oracle and tarot cards, which all seem to say roughly the same thing (positive thinking, its all about to come to fruition, new relationships on the horizon) but they have done for the past year.

The last time I had a similar feeling, it did actually turn out to be correct and I ended up getting my best friend.

But here's the catch. I genuinely have no idea exactly how I'd go about getting past the big barrier raised after the disaster attempt, and I'm beginning to seriously wonder if it's all in my head.

How can I tell if the feeling (which gives me the impression of someone stood besides me getting increasingly irate as they shout at me in a louder voice ) is a real one or just the by product of too much coffee or something?
How do you tell if the signs are real or just coincidences?

Thank you in advance :)
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Old 12-07-2017, 12:51 PM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: North East united States
Posts: 433
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Hello, and welcome to SF.

With signs as I have come to understand it, you simply know. It tends to be made apparent to the individual who receives a sign exactly what the sign means, and the interpretation thereof.

Example I know when I hear an owl hoot and a crow caw in succession that something is up, and while I do not know what, I am more inclined to pay attention when this happens.

A white feather for me does not always mean the same thing. Also with signs I believe it to be of no good to interpret the sign of another- it is meant for them, and they will come to know what it means or meant.

This is merely how I have come to understand signs and omens.

This feeling that nags at you of which you speak seems more of what I call a calling. It can call us to certain places, or people, or situations.

It can call to certain items.

With people their is this factor called free will. I can not ignore whom I feel called to. The last physical person I was called to was a very rough spot for me as well.

I have yet to figure what the calling was about if someone comes to me, speaks not long enough to get to the bottom of why I feel spirit calling me to them, and then turn around and run the opposite direction. Makes it difficult to figure out what people want and need.

I would suggest perhaps you could try again if possible, then again, I do not know the details.

Hope that was somewhat helpful.

We are reminded to pay attention to our speech and how it affects others.- Eagle power animal in reference.

I claim no expert status in anything I write on any subject in any form. I merely seek my path.
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Old 14-07-2017, 06:36 AM
KimMii KimMii is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2016
Posts: 10
Trust your inner knowing and the signs that are showing up, you cant be wrong on it if u know what you are searching for. And this day and age people are becoming more aware so dont doubt what you are seeing here. hehe <3
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Old 16-07-2017, 03:52 PM
Icrics Icrics is online now
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 26
Life is all about learning. This clearly made a big effect to your inner thinking prosesses. You get strong intuitions, but because of free will others decide to do whatever they do. You also get feather signs to your walking route. I get a feeling you are going through your path how it should be done and everything is right like they are. Now it is your time go back and meditate/think, what you learned or maybe this is not just a learning session for you, but also for the others too. They get angry, so what it tells about them...

I wouldn't call your intuition and symbol gifts rubbish, because you have a good field to develope your soul. Strong ESP abilities doesn't mean you are developed soul. It is much greater ability to go inner knowing and learn.

when speaking about symbols, you don't understand. Try to remember those symbolic visions. I get also much symbolic visions, but eventually some day those symbols comes to use and I understand them. Also understanding your life path helps sometimes with symbols you should understand right now.

I hope you get some sense. Hard to explain when kids runs and yells everywhere here where I'm now
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Old 16-07-2017, 04:25 PM
Badcopyinc Badcopyinc is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Posts: 284
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I'm currently interacting with a few people that I was pushed towards. My logic in this situation is to not jump to any conclusion beside knowing I'm being urged to interact with this individual. As time goes on they either leave or stay. I feel as though if the other party isn't accepting of the idea there is something to be gained and learned then there is nothing I can do. Maybe it was an attempt for the other individual to be introduced to a different way of thinking. Maybe it was pointing out something in me that I'm ignoring. When I stay open to why I'm able to allow them in the way they were intended to be. If I try to figure out why then I start putting up rules and definitions that can lead to upset or failure in the original intent.
Stop trying to change your situation.
You are not your situation.
Your situation is you.
Change YOU to change your situation.

Current books on my nightstand.
Third Millennium - Ken Carey
Raise Your Vibration - Kyle Gray
Astrology for the Soul - Jan Spiller
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Old 16-07-2017, 04:55 PM
Spotted&HerbaceousSmall Spotted&HerbaceousSmall is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: England
Posts: 31
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Thanks guys, I feel I know I'm not going crackers now!

The 'feeling' has been getting stronger since I posted (now at the level of someones-car-alarm-has-gone-off-but-you-cant-find-it ) and the signs still continue.
And, intriguingly, a mutual friend has Had Words and is fairly certain that the person in question is going to stop being a womble about the whole thing the next time I see them..
Still no idea what I'm supposed to do with said person, but I guess we're going to find out
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Old 17-07-2017, 07:25 AM
Icrics Icrics is online now
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 26
Nice to hear, you are doing just fine and you are at the right route

Originally Posted by Spotted&HerbaceousSmall
Still no idea what I'm supposed to do with said person, but I guess we're going to find out

Don't do anything yet, just accept visions and intuitions and let them go, and relax. Trust and pray spirit world to do their own mission to prepare and soften persons you should 'battle against'. Person goes through his/her own path and it can take sometimes a long time when he/she is prepared. You will know suddenly when a place and time is right and then shoot wise words, and then you can release your heavy emotional message load. Final solution can be anything, you shouldn't worry yet.

Trust me, when you develope yourself, you can have very many messages for the different persons at the same time. Then above way to think could work, at least it works for me
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Old 17-07-2017, 01:30 PM
Spotted&HerbaceousSmall Spotted&HerbaceousSmall is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: England
Posts: 31
  Spotted&HerbaceousSmall's Avatar
Thanks Icrics

I'm not a naturally patient person, so it's frustrating.. But it's nice to think that perhaps my antenna is starting to develop!
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