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Old 03-11-2016, 05:13 AM
bees bees is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 241
Thank you, Jyotir.
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Old 03-11-2016, 05:32 AM
firstandlast firstandlast is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 961
Allow me to be clear; No one progresses in any matter without divine grace, but that no one should understand divine grace if they were one thing than suddenly another, so divine grace is that realization that you do not realize, but that you gracefully approach--

You see divine grace is in between you and what you will be; because if you suddenly became that, you would not be yourself; continuity would not be maintained, and unless you know your own intentions in a cosmic way, you would not know how you could be multiple objects at once, or one object than a separate one; so that divine grace is both the effort put in, and the only method--

But that we should not experience it that way, because the form of our intentions which we identify with, are not our true context and thus not our highest quality alignment with the will that governs all; so that if you understand your intentions in the human context, you will not understand where you are going when you die, because your human intentions would no longer support the relationships that create you and the path ways they take-- This takes pressure off the universe so that it can perform the divine will, while not being inhibited by what it wills to do--

But that, death is the result of relating to forms that do not truly give you your true relationship with reality, so that you do not understand your origin and purpose beyond a doubt-- And that the nature of this, is that we created a work around using a system of light to allow transcendence through what makes you up, to appear more eternal and lasting; so that you might identify with an ever present situation, but that it is no more eternal than you are, but that you associate with a body and not the earth, that it appears greater instead of equal, so that time appears be within eternity, but that eternity is the same as our time, but that we need forms to understand our relationships and methods of mechanics when we do not know our spirit--

So such as when people talk about their immortality through the light, or emptiness; that they have approached the same thing, and it expressed the most they could understand in the way they approached that does increase the quality of relation, but that understanding the relationships in form exposes the lack of spirit in all spiritual teachings-- Because no ones truly told us what we are doing here, because that is fully supported; if it was willed to return to oneness, it would happen so fast the moment we figured it out-- Otherwise, there can be no divine will to be aligned with; because if we align with the will, and we do not remove all obstacles by virtue of it being the will of all; than we cannot claim that it is even remotely so beyond but one step in the work, meaning that these paths are temporal just like the eternal, that they were always based on life so that if thousands of years go by and not everyone is being given the process; than something else must be occurring and that the paths themselves are meant to guide us in physical reality, but not in spiritual reality which is not yet opened; and that the true path has the ability to be available to all without issue the moment the work is has completed what it is doing--

Do not get me wrong, such is a struggle; but that we must ask if all this is the case, what would be worth struggling to, if it need not be a struggle to reach--
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Old 03-11-2016, 05:39 AM
firstandlast firstandlast is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 961
I might add on the note of surrender-- That you do not surrender, you cannot surrender to anything-- Because you are many things making many choices, who's choice is the summation of all these choices, and this is the opposite of divine will, but the will of self; the free will-- But this will cannot act coherently, because while each of them can surrender; they can only surrender entirely to what you yourself would surrender to, and not what you are told to surrender to--

So that this is quite simple, we cannot surrender unless we surrender to that which all would surrender to; and that as many in society, we cannot abide by any order or truth without conflict until we know that one thing we would surrender to, which would be representative of the opposing but complimentary divine will--

So that surrender and authority come hand and hand; but that it could never be done unless it was that which could do it; otherwise we are squeezed by our inability to allow every ones choices to be made according to their own spirit without conflict from misleading desires, which are not the source of suffering; but a symptom of our approach to spirit-- Which like every thing, appears different based on the angle of approach--
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