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Old 12-06-2006, 03:28 PM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: leicester
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How do we find the balance

Hi folks,
a wise old fella once told me that over the past few centuries mankinds technological growth has been enormous, but spiritually we , as a group , have slipped back a bit.
It seems to me that in order for us to use our new toys wisely we need a stronger spiritual base from which to operate, a balancing if you will, of science and spirituality.
What do you all think

I have to say that I sometimes wish God would just pick up australia and turn it upside down for an hour os so, and make the words` I DO EXIST` appear above and sign it God
Then scientists would have to believe and how would that change the experimental pocess huh?
Old 14-06-2006, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by peteyzen
Hi folks,
......I have to say that I sometimes wish God would just pick up australia and turn it upside down for an hour or so, and make the words` I DO EXIST` appear above and sign it God
Then scientists would have to believe and how would that change the experimental pocess huh?
"Oi! Have a care! I live in Australia!"

Seriously, though, I think your wise old man was right... our modern technology really only does in the 3rd dimension what all humans have the (dormant) capabilities to do without the machinery, were they to train themselves to do it. And the energies used to power the technology are inimicable to life - despite the scientists saying that they can detect no harm. I don't believe a word of it; negative evidence is no proof! In all the very technological civilisations that have existed here on Planet Earth, the result has been a waning of spirituality of action and purpose, and a growing dissonance that eventually ended up in war and chaos. That is because the dissonance of the energetics that surround everybody eventually outpictures in the outer 3D world. It happened with Atlantis; it happened with other civilisations before that. It IS happening now with our electrical and nuclear energy-based equipment, industry and personal gadgetry that we all like - just think: anywhere we go, we can pick up radio reception from dozens of radio stations - this means that planet-wide, the atmosphere is full of Radio Frequency Energy, for just one way in which we pollute the environment. And nobody can get away from it!

Never mind - I believe all this will end soon, as the Earth Mother has decided to go forward in her evolution, and is taking her power back from humans and others who have been dictating the way things are. This will shortly result in some BIG changes in our lifestyles - for one, electricity will become less and less reliable and available as Earth changes over to a fully magnetic form of planetary energy. Imagine what that will do to our industrialised civilisation!!! It will be "back to basics"; and many there will be who find it too tough going and will exit from this plane. Or so it is said!
Old 15-06-2006, 08:46 AM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: leicester
Posts: 1,445
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Sos about upside downing `stralia mate, just needed a big place to get the point over, you know how it is.

Some interesting stuff in your post pounamu, lots Iv` e never heard about before. the magnetic energy and such like. Time will tell if you are right.

Personally, I don`t think there is anything wrong with technology, I just want to sepereate technology from materialism.
We need to be using our technology wisely, holisitcally we need to start understanding that as the supposed highest level of consciousness on the planet we have a responsibility to look after the interests of all other life and stop destroying evreything. That kind of appreciation of where the human condition should be and how it should act comes from increased spirtual understanding alongside a more moral and ethical society.

If we get ourselves right (in the head) then we can use our new technology properly and not just try to make a swift buck with it..
Old 15-06-2006, 02:49 PM
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Intersting thought.
The divine is real and is making you all realise this in this moment.The Paramtman light has been bought to earth for the first time.It is working rapidly as we speak.
Light and grace.
Old 26-06-2006, 08:40 AM
peteyzen peteyzen is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: leicester
Posts: 1,445
  peteyzen's Avatar
How long will it be before the changes of the paramatman light become evident in our society eternity?
Old 26-06-2006, 06:50 PM
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I think the evidence is already there petey. It seems 21 12 2012, could be an important date too just as 21 12 1998 was.
Old 28-06-2006, 02:33 PM
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weird science

Does the internet exist for the passing of spiritual knowledge at this time even ?. And tv, movies if it was used properly.
Once we get going and spirituality and science are in their natural balance with each other, there is no telling what we can do.
We will of course naturaly see each other as spiritual beings, without fear of death and no untimely death.
what else could we be but souls anyway ?
It is religion which won' t be at the party, in its pure form perhaps, which is peace, our nature.
So, everything is a bit degraded now, but we have the tools to change it, and that is what matters, or, anti- matters.
Beam me up scotty!
Old 28-06-2006, 09:39 PM
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Is the internet our collective unconcious made manifest, yes I think so and how funny the idea becomes manifest again. No more secrets, no more censorship, no more darkness.....and soon this hard reality becomes (more flexible) realm of spirit again.
Old 29-06-2006, 10:12 AM
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The Paramatman light is working as we speak.Changes are on the way foe the whole of the world.
The light is for the general protection of the life of all things and all creatures.
It is colourless but has every colour in it and the force of the light of every plane it is now everywhere and in everything.
Light and grace.
Old 29-07-2006, 01:25 AM
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peteyzen / dreamer / eternity / etc. - -

Just - - consider this - - because I don't want to be stabbing someone's bubble. If you don't like this - - give it the toe. Fast ! !

The whole concept of something "coming down to enlighten us" - - or - - "some wave taking us all over" - - or - - "some group of Masters or an individual Master coming to SAVE us - - is a pipe dream ! ! Always has been. Always will be.

Why ??

Because if someone or something were to actually come to save us - - to save us from our own karmic implications - - to save us from our own limitations - - without each of us learning from these same limitations / issues / experiences / etc. - - then the entire concept of the Path would be moot and insignificant.

Something would come along and do it FOR us ! !

And the promise that it is on the way or is here or is about to be here or whatever - - is - - ageless.

Bottom line ??

Settle down. Take stock of who and what and where you are at the moment. Understand your issues. Deal with them. Move on. Try to recognize the greater principles that the issues have to deal with. Grow into those. Move on. Begin to live as part of the whole while recognizing that you are experiencing life seemingly as a "part" - - and move on. Know when to view from which perspective - - and move on. Uncover how to mostly live from the greater picture - - NOT thru dismissal / negation / indifference / blindness / avoidance / aloofness / etc. - - but thru understanding of the greater Laws of Life.

In other words - - slowly - - learn to live in accordance of the Law and not in defiance of IT.

The mind - - in countless ways / cons / smokescreens - - will try to convince you of the latter while whispering empty promises in your ear.

People at the level of the murderer and theif have it easy. They just grope thru life, stying numb to it all, stumbling on. But as one begins to live into the morals and ethics - - the religious and spiritual - - it all begins to look the same. The bigness of it all. The oneness of it all. The eternity of it all. The Nowness of it all.

Things get tough to sort out. Find those who can help you make sense. Who can help you move forward. Who can help you open doors. Who can help you add to what you know rather than just justify your staying where you are.

That last sentence - - can be key.
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