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Old 19-10-2006, 07:35 PM
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The spiralling nature of existence

All souls were created in the beginning and are
spiraling their way back to whence they came.
~ Edgar Cayce ~

All human progress is in a circle;
or, to use a more accurate and beautiful figure,
in an ascending spiral curve.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne ~

Moral law must be of divine origin,
because, even before the tablets of Moses,
it was already contained in the spiral, genetic code.
~ Salvador Dali ~

We do not go round a circle of existence.
That is an illusion, just as the cycling of
the planets and the stars is an illusion.
We move along a spiral track.
It is not quite the same journey from the
cradle to the grave each time.
Sometimes the differences are small.
Sometimes they are very important.
We set out each time on the same road
but along that road we have a choice of adventures.
~ J. B. Priestley ~ I Have Been Here Before

We have learned much, Siddhartha.
There still remains much to learn.
We are not going in circles, we are going upwards.
The path is spiral: we have already climbed many steps.
~ Hermann Hesse ~ Siddhartha

All those Philosophers believed more or less in animated
atoms, not in invisible specks of so-called 'brute' matter.
Rotatory motion was generated in their views, by larger
(read, more divine and pure) atoms forcing downwards other atoms,
the lighter ones being thrust simultaneously upward.
The esoteric meaning of this is the ever cyclic curve downward
and upward of differentiated elements through intercyclic phases
of existence, until each reaches again its starting point or birth place.
~ Helena Blavatsky ~ The Secret Doctrine

Spirals appear everywhere in our creation, in seashells, pine cones , animal horns and patterns of plant growth. They also appear in non-living natural objects such as galaxies and in non-living natural processes such as hurricanes or ocean waves.

Virtuous, the Roman architect and author of De Architecture, said, "Nature has designed the human body so that its members are duly proportioned to the frame as a whole." Studies show the proportions of phi (fibonacci) are found in man.

The average height for the navel of a man is .618 of the total body height. The same proportion is found between the bones of the human hand . The human body, including the head, has a Fibonacci five appendages attached to the torso. The hands and feet each have five fingers or toes. Our senses also number five, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. The Fibonacci sequence has been found in the solar system. Planets with more than one moon have a Fibonacci correlation in the distance from the moons to the planet. A similar Fibonacci relationship holds true for the distance of the planets to the sun.

This is a great link for more info on this subject - called the 12 Fibonacci
Godessess - on the crystalinks site:

Old 19-10-2006, 07:36 PM
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I found this on www.divinecosmos.com from David Wilcock (who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce):

So the Sun is not a nuclear furnace. The Sun basically represents cosmic energy, the true energy of Creation.

What this means is that the Sun is like a pinhole in space where the energy is flowing out — just like the pinhole in the bag of water we spoke about earlier, or what you would see in the Bermuda Triangle.

And in higher levels of vibration, you see a lot more than just the pinhole of the Sun; you see all the vibrations that surround it. These appear as concentric spheres of energy, like ripples on a pond, which are connected by a spiraling coil of energy that expands on out to drive the orbits and rotations of the planets and moons. Everything meshes precisely together like one giant set of gears. This coil from the Sun has been studied and measured. NASA refers to it as the ''Parker Spiral.''[11]

Right now, we can only detect these fields with instruments as a form of magnetic energy.

The Sun's coil, sacred geometry, and crop circles

There are many, many crop-circle formations that show these energy systems of sacred geometry and concentric, expanding spheres connected by spirals. So ''they'' are definitely trying to give us a message. The recent 900-foot long Milk Hill crop formation mirrors the Sun's expanding spiral energy patterns. It contains 409 different circles and was actually displayed on CNN Headline News, as its sheer size and grandeur attracted attention.[12]

And what I am saying is that when the energy in the Bermuda Triangle rises, for example, matter changes. When the energy that the Sun is producing rises, the spiraling coil wave from the Sun actually expands, pushing the planets into spheres of energy that maintain a higher frequency of vibration. My research suggests that the actual physical sizes of the planets expand spontaneously when this happens — not hugely, but enough.

You can see this in hindsight by going to the idea that if you shrink the radius of the Earth to 55 or 60 percent of its current size, all the continents fit together like a jig-saw puzzle; there's no left-over space. That's called Global Expansion Tectonics.[13]

Planetary expansion and the Ascension process

So as the planet gets farther away from the Sun, it expands on this spiral of energy that the Sun is pumping out at a very slow speed, and it gradually inches farther and farther away. That's why the Ancients said that Earth's year used to be exactly 360 days long, and that they only begrudgingly added the last five and a quarter days after the fall of Atlantis. Five days is just a tiny bump compared to what can happen.

So the farther away you get from the Sun, the more you break into higher levels of vibration represented by a bigger sphere. As the Earth punches into a higher level of energy based on its position to the Sun, it expands in size, because as it moves into that higher energy, the energy within the core actually expands.

What also happens is that this energy ''zaps'' all the creatures that are on the Earth, because the increase in the wavelength of the planetary spiral is accompanied by a spontaneous burst of energy from the Sun — a burst that has qualities of both radiation and intelligence. The ancient Hindus
referred to this burst as the "Somvarta fire at the end of an Age".
Old 19-10-2006, 07:39 PM
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I've recently discovered the work of Walter Cruttenden, and he also talks about us living in a 'spiral of existence'. Here is an excerpt from his earlier work, called The Great Year @ http://www.thegreatyear.com/thegreatyear/index.shtml

What is The Great Year?

The Great Year, is the term that some ancient civilizations use to describe the slow precession of the equinox through the twelve houses of the ancient zodiac, a period that takes about 24,000 years. Different cultures refer to this cycle by different names including: the Platonic year, Perfect year, Yuga cycle, Ages of Man or just the equinoctial cycle, but one thing is clear, it was known to virtually every ancient culture throughout the globe. In their epic work Hamlet’s Mill Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend document the great year tale and point out it was the number one topic woven into myths and folklore around the ancient world.

Why were our ancestors so fascinated by this subject that they memorized stories that were passed down for thousands of years and built megalithic structures on every continent to monitor this movement? We think it is because the tales are true! That is, as the Sun curves through space carrying the Earth with it, our bodies and our planet move to a region where they are affected by different cosmic forces that indirectly result in the rise and fall of civilization. As mans consciousness expands and contracts, and the cycle plays out, just like a solar year with its seasons, it results in great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery. Indeed, the archaeological record shows a broad decline of ancient civilizations beginning about 5000 years ago, a long world wide dark age and then finally a rise in consciousness with the renaissance continuing to the present day. Were the tales and myths and stone henges really just for amusement and farming? Or is Hamlet’s Mill correct: folklore is the scientific language of ancient times, and they were trying tell us of the dark days to come, and trying desparetly to preserve knowledge in the pyramids and megaliths and temples so carefully aligned to the heavens incorporating sophisticated mathematical principles.

This is the story of the Great Year and new scientific evidence to support it. Recent solar system studies seem to indicate that precession is indeed caused by a curving motion of our sun through space. While not yet widely accepted, if true it a startling finding confirming the wisdom of the ancients.

His follow-up work is at http://www.loststarbook.com/loststarscience/index.php
Old 19-10-2006, 11:28 PM
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when we look at the earth, the solar system and beyond, the cycles are quite clear and obvious. the spiral or circle or whatever, these are the cycles of life. this whole 2012/enlightment "event", well this is also a cycle with an inevitable "backslide" at the "end" of it. a slip back into "darkness", or...whatever. the physical cycles are/were/will be here, forever.....
Old 20-10-2006, 08:42 AM
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Hi Blair!

Do you think that's why so many people are incarnate on Earth right now? Because they want to take advantage of these cycles and higher vibrations at this particular point in time? My own thoughts certainly lean towards that suggestion - a great time for growth and the learning of many lessons....

Taking a closer look at the spiral, if you start off at the bottom, and do one full circle of it to that you are back where you started from, you will find that although you are in a very similar position, you are also slightly higher than you were to begin with! And on and on it goes, until you reach the top.

In other words, we are ascending all of the time we are on this spiral of existence, albeit in a slow & subtle way.

Last edited by ~Jay~ : 20-10-2006 at 10:29 AM.
Old 20-10-2006, 11:44 PM
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Really interesting info Jaycee, thanks. One way that helped me wrap my mind around this at this level was to look at it from an astrological standpoint. Thinking of just the sun traveling through the 12 zodical signs throughout the solar year, one astrological sign per month. Then when the sun "returns" to our day of birth each year, we're 1 year older but very different than the precvious year because this wasn't a repeating closed "circle" but a spiraling sort of orbit that expands each go around.

Personally I've remembered since childhood that the sun (and humanity ) looks and acts differently during different astrological Ages. Leo and Aquarius are the only two Ages when the sun and this whole solar system orbits into an area in space that's been called the Photon Bands of higher dimensional Light. This particular higher dimensional Light offers this system (and more) these periods of "peace" to integrate and heal everything that we've experienced during the Ages while in the dark so to speak. Great balancing and healing Ages where much can be done.

But, like what's been said above, we're not in a closed circle going through this same thing again and again, but in an open and expanding spiral. And because so many different cycles and multiple sub-cycles are all reaching about the same position on the spiral at the same time (2011-2012ish), even this "return" is vastly different than what's gone before. That's why so many eyes are turned towards humanity now, to watch the jump and changeover to new and different levels entirely. Of course this is just my opinion and I reserve the right to be wiser tomorrow or the next day......
Old 21-10-2006, 11:08 AM
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hi people :)

great thread jaycee.

when i was younger i used to look at the sky as a dark sheet and each star was actually a pin prick, letting heaven shine through. my views on heaven have changed. but i do believe in the Divine and our constant state of change and growth...in a spiral motion. i believe in reincarnation...but that we go up as we evolve. like a spiral :)
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