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Old 17-11-2016, 10:30 AM
Shalrath Shalrath is offline
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Impressions after a 60-hour training with pendulums and radiesthesia with a master.

Hey guys,

I've just completed an apprentice training revolving around radiesthesia and using pendulums as well as dowsing rods, the latter to a lesser extent.
It lasted for 60 hours and was carried out by two professionals, both of them masters of the craft, who often engage in field work, providing radiesthetic expertise, water detection, finding lost objects, people etc.

Before I continue, you need to know where I'm coming from - I'm an engineer and a computer scientist. Everything related to hard science of facts and measurable forces is what I studied and what I do at work.
So you can understand the reluctance and skepticism at the prospect of dealing with something deemed undetectable, mystical-bordering-occult, something that deals with the subconscious and esoteric, something that most scientists dismiss as superstition and 'magic'.

Nevertheless, after about half the course, I already knew this stuff works.
It's not charlatanerie, it's not guess work. I won't get into the details but more and more work is being done in the department of building and using actual electrical devices and meters to measure the forces at work, in the context of radiesthesia. Some of these are already out there but since so few people commit to this, it's a slow-going process. Finally, UN considers radiesthesia a discipline of science.

The course I participated in was a prelude to becoming a journeyman but I decided this wasn't what I wanted for several reasons. My main goal has been to get to know what this is about and how it works. There are many books on the subject which address minute elements of the whole dowsing phenomena and enable to broaden one's knowledge in that department. That latter part of the course was oriented towards the more mundane practical applications of dowsing and preparation for something akin to a state exam. The most important things have already been said in the first 60 hours.

Thus my next avenue of approach - to read as much as I can and perhaps find some way to bridge the gap between hard science and this "soft" science as I like to call it.
There is a common agreement that radiesthesia should be studied first if somebody intends to embark on a journey to become a healer - we're talking biotherapy, reiki and such.
The primary idea is that radiesthesia works with the same energies, both beneficial and detrimental. Knowing how to detect sources of the latter, enables a healer to better apply the former.

For example, unknown underground water streams universally generate negative energy that radiates outward for hundreds of meters and passes through most substances, including reinforced concrete and metal plates. If a healer were to help a person get rid of something that negatively affects their health, that healed person might return to their home, to their bed, without knowing that they are in the radiation zone of a negative watercourse. All healing will be reversed within a single night spent in that area, sleeping. The solution is often to simply push your bed a couple of meters to one side and suddenly many health-related problems disappear. With dowsing and knowledge of radiesthesia, a person could use a pendulum to detect such watercourses and select their places of rest or work (places where you spend the most time) in such a way as to avoid these areas of negative energy.

The negativity we're talking about here can be of sufficient intensity that at the age of thirty, people have health problems typical for elderly - heart failures, strokes, cancer, mental afflictions etc. All this just because they've spent their lives in the zones of negative energy without knowing about it.
This is just scratching the surface; when I realized the extent of knowledge and the bulk of information and science behind all of this, I was baffled and stunned. This isn't something you can summarize or explain in a single book or a prelecture. People study this for years.

There are many kinds of pendulums and materials from which they are made; every physical object around us has its own energy signature. It can be positive, negative, strong or weak. You can use radiesthesia to determine for example how beneficial a particular type of food is for you or for somebody else. Radiesthesia and dowsing ties with chakras, with colors (including chromotherapy), with auras and with the general concept of extra-sensory perception.

A theory claims that there is no such thing as extra-sensory perception; rather it is an aspect of radiesthesia and a particularly strong sensitivity to perceive energies involved. By extension, anybody could learn that, it's just that some people have a natural tendency.
You can determine possible areas of esoteric affinities - different people have different tendencies; some are more naturally inclined to be healers, others to be herbalists, yet other people have premonitions and strong intuition which indicates talent at clairvoyance. All of us can technically master any of these skills, thus some come easier than others depending on predisposition.
I realize this is a rather loose and chaotic collection of thoughts and conclusions but I'm hoping this will at least pique some interest and push people to explore this sadly obscure discipline. It's really worth a shot, if you can keep an open mind.

I will answer any questions related to the subject, to the best of my ability.
I took the liberty of answering some that I've found on the main page where I'm posting this:

1) Any tips on finding things with a pendulum? (somebody lost a bracelet)

Without previous training, I would advise against using a pendulum. A person would have to use a specific type of pendulum and experience shows if people have pendulums at home, they are of the type that is best suited for some other work. You need to understand how a pendulum works with you - women and men have certain differences that practically make their pendulums behave in starkly different fashion. Men typically have polarity opposite to that of women - it's like the yin and yang, but like everything else, there are exceptions to the rule. The most important thing is to understand what a pendulum's behavior means to you. If it makes circular, clockwise motions, does it mean yes? or no? That depends on said polarity and relates to programming your pendulum.
Without understanding the very basic rules of pendulum's behavior in simple cases, you cannot hope to expect it to work when looking for a lost object - it's an advanced usage that even professionals have occasional problems with. Finally, a pendulum is like a personal talisman - it is advised to carry it with you at all times so it's attuned to you by constantly being within your own biofield. Without that, pendulums gather whatever energies happen to be around, including negative ones that will inevitably affect the accuracy of whatever findings they are used to obtain.

2) How do you know you are not using your mind to move the pendulum?

This is a frequent question. The idea is to clear your mind and avoid asking any questions, then simply let the pendulum swing above the open palm of your hand. Then turn your hand upside down and check again what happens. If the pendulum reverses its motion on the other side, this means it works and you're not affecting it with your mind.
Using a pendulum is a mental process and you need discipline and a good dose of conscious effort to keep your mind focused and clear. If you do that, you won't doubt your pendulum's motions. It is easier said than done.
What works for me is color meditation - print a sheet of paper with 7 colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Then in a comfortable position, imagine as each of these colors (one after another) enters your chakras and energizes them. This could last as little as 2-3 minutes but it works wonders for me. It calms my mind and somehow makes me more centered, more open to interpret the pendulum's behavior rather than impose my own will upon it.

3) Just wondering what technique people here use to get a session with their pendulum started.

The general set of rules is as follows:
- you must not cross your legs or hands (sitting cross-legged is out of question, you're better off standing)
- the tip of the pendulum should not point to any part of your body
- some pendulums require 'discharging' after each session or even after each question; this is done by knocking the pendulum once or thrice against a solid object (like a wooden table) or letting it rotate over a lit candle for a dozen or so seconds
- a pendulum should be whirled around and then allowed to settle itself in whatever motion it wants; this way, you're expending much less of your own energy to make the pendulum swing. Letting it start moving from a resting position is possible but it does expend a considerable amount of energy. Move it deliberately, then stop your movement and see what happens while asking the question
- questions should be as simple as possible, preferably yes/no
- for novice pendulum users, try not to work with a pendulum longer than 20-30 minutes daily. This is considered equivalent to 8 hours of regular physical work. Anything more and you might be overworked. Professional dowsers may extend this as far as 90-120 minutes but they too have limits
- pendulum detection works in conjunction with electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic fields. It can detect all three, show the polarity, plus and minus, flow of electricity etc
- some materials distort the reading, especially in the field. Chief among these, is clay. It's not a coincidence that in ancient times (and some places not that long ago) the floors in homes/huts were made of packed clay - it works like a shield against negative watercourse radiation
- there are two basic ways to ask questions: these are called the physical method and the mental method. The former is related to questions like "point the source of negative energy" or "is there negative radiation here". The latter is more complex and involves questions like "how negative this energy is in a scale from 1 to 10", followed by counting slowly from 1 to ten and observing the pendulum's behavior. These methods are supplementary and are often used interchangeably
- finally, where to hold you pendulum? This is different for each person. First, make sure you hold the string like you would when plucking something from the ground - all of your fingers should point downwards. You need to find the length of string that works for you. It's related to the so called radiesthetic color of the user. The higher the color, the shorter is the distance between the pendulum and your hand. Start by holding the thread very closely to the pendulum and let it move on its own. Typically it won't move at once and that is good. Keep extending the thread and observing the pendulum. At one point it will start moving and if you continue to extend it, that movement should cease eventually. Get back to that point where it moved and mark it somehow - this is your personal length, at which the pendulum responds to you. It may change over time but most of the time stays the same. For me, this is equivalent to the width of the palm of my hand - I place the pendulum between my thumb and index finger, let the thread fall on the palm of my hand and grab it at the base of the pinky. This length should work for most people but the best method is the one I explained earlier.

Feel free to ask questions.
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Old 17-11-2016, 09:18 PM
mArIya mArIya is offline
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Thanks for this information

I have a number of pendulums but tend to favour my amethyst one. Ive been playing with it recently and have done most of what you've advised here on how to use it. Your information is valuable though and there are some things you've mentioned that I did not know.

I don't have any questions at this time for you but will follow your thread with interest. Lately , Ive been prompted to use my pendulums and decks a lot - every day that i walk past them I get a little "push" to pick them up.

Thanks for sharing this.
" For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

" And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to the span of life?"

Jesus Christ

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Old 18-11-2016, 12:10 AM
TheGlow TheGlow is offline
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Now why would sitting cross legged be an issue?
I always sit cross legged on the floor, my pendulum arm's elbo resting on my thigh so it's very stable/immobile, and I always start from a stopped motion.

Great write up other wise but I'd be moving way to much standing up.
Must be a personal thing there I guess.
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Old 18-11-2016, 08:46 AM
Shalrath Shalrath is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 20
Legs should not be crossed because this causes something called a closed energy loop, where you are much less sensitive to the energies you work with.
Thus it may introduce inaccuracies in interpretation. I will have to look back into the materials that I have received during the course and find the exact explanation.
The general agreement was that a chair is best for when you need to work on something stationary.

The master dowser spoke of it during the course and made a point of ensuring none of the attendees crossed their legs while doing pendulum exercises.
Of course, if you only use the pendulum while your legs are crossed, then you probably already compensate for whatever impact this might have.
On the other hand if you were to uncross your legs and then try to get the same readings, you might fail.

Also, by starting from a stopped motion, your pendulum requires much more energy to start moving, than it otherwise would if you swung it manually and then let it settle into whatever motion is best for it at the time. We were regularly discouraged from using our pendulums that way, especially since we spent several hours on the exercises. The difference in fatigue was noticeable.
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Old 20-11-2016, 05:37 AM
Johnathanrs Johnathanrs is offline
Join Date: Mar 2016
Posts: 212
Originally Posted by author
A person would have to use a specific type of pendulum and experience shows if people have pendulums at home, they are of the type that is best suited for some other work.

This statement inclines that there are different types of pendulums that are needed for a practioner. Can you make a general one for all purposes? Also if not, is this because, my hypothesis, because certain elements can only pick up on a range of frequencies? Also How does one make the best pendulum suited for a task?

2. How do you program your pendulum properly? Inner or outer voice matter? Believing or actually stating out loud and talking to it as if its a separate conscious being?

Originally Posted by author
Pendulums gather whatever energies happen to be around, including negative ones that will inevitably affect the accuracy of whatever findings they are used to obtain.

How do you determine what type of energy the pendulum is picking up? For example, positioning it at a certain level within your biofield may change some polarity?

Originally Posted by author
basic rules of pendulum's behavior in simple cases

4. What are the geneal basic rules of pendulum behavior without getting into it the individual dependencies upon an individual?

Originally Posted by author
So called radiesthetic color of the user.

5. An individuals aura color, correct?
God loves you.
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Old 20-11-2016, 10:18 AM
Shalrath Shalrath is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 20
Originally Posted by Johnathanrs
This statement inclines that there are different types of pendulums that are needed for a practioner. Can you make a general one for all purposes? Also if not, is this because, my hypothesis, because certain elements can only pick up on a range of frequencies? Also How does one make the best pendulum suited for a task?

There are general purpose pendulums, yes.
The fundamental definition of a radiesthetic pendulum is this: an arbitrary mass on a flexible string.
Typically, simple pendulums (regular cone-shaped) are universal but in practice, Isis type is the most commonly used, since it cleanses itself as opposed to having the need to be cleansed by the user.
It's also a broad-range pendulum.
As for the materials, the typical ones used are non-magnetic metals, so brass is very popular.
It's easy to cast, cheap and relatively heavy.

With pendulums suited for particular tasks, you'd have to be more specific.
There are pendulums which resonate with specific energies and can be adjusted to resonate with different ones.
One example is the de Belizal's Pendulum. It's made of wood and is extremely sensitive.
It can be used to measure radiesthetic colors or frequencies.
Unfortunately, I can't post links to images since I don't have enough posts but if you google "de belizal pendulum", it's the second image on the page, which looks like a cross with a vertical scale of colors.
The horizontal element can be adjusted to respond to a particular color and thus resonate with whatever you wish to measure.

There's also something called active pendulum, like the Karnak type.
They are stored in two parts when not used and assembled before use since they generate a relatively powerful stream of energy.
That energy can be programmed to correspond to different colors.

There are pendulums with the so called witness. They have a chamber within that can store something, for example water.
The vast majority of metal pendulums have this chamber though some have much greater volume than others. Isis usually has a small chamber.
If you were to fill it with water, preferably from the area where you're going to be using the pendulum, it becomes more susceptible to detecting underground watercourses, because the mentioned "witness" resonates with it.
Searching for a lost cat? Put some of the cat's fur inside the chamber. You get the idea.

There are many more types but it would take a prohibitively long time to list them all here, you'd have to narrow down the tasks for which they are to be used.

2. How do you program your pendulum properly? Inner or outer voice matter? Believing or actually stating out loud and talking to it as if its a separate conscious being?

You need to determine your polarity first.
The simplest way to do this is the let the pendulum swing over the open palm of your hand and ask the mental question "what is the polarity of this part of my hand?".
Commonly, the pendulum begins to move clockwise for men, counter-clockwise for women.
Check this out on the other side of the hand, repeating the question, the polarity should be opposite on different sides of the hand.
Sometimes it's necessary to repeat this several times to make sure you got your polarity right.

Once you are certain of your polarity (i.e. if it's male or female), you move on to the proper programming: if your polarity is male, you force the pendulum into a clockwise motion (no need to use the other hand anymore) and repeat in your head that this is the positive, good, right, beneficial response.
You need to focus in this for a couple of seconds, perhaps as long as thirty seconds or as much as you feel the need for.
You must create in your mind an association between clockwise movement of the pendulum and these affirmations, so it sort of leaks into your subconscious.
Then do the same with counter-clockwise movement and repeat the affirmations that this is negative, bad, wrong, detrimental.

This will also program your mind and your subconscious to interpret the pendulum's motions in a way that corresponds to your polarity.
The above instructions are for men but women simply swap clockwise and counter-clockwise motions to achieve the same result.
In the vast majority of cases, this is a constant situation but it may happen that a woman has male polarity or a man has female one.
That's what the exercise with the hand is for, the make sure what your polarity is.

To further be certain you programmed yourself and your pendulum correctly, you can ask another question, like this: If your name is John, ask "is my name John?".
The pendulum should make a clockwise motion.
Then ask if your name is Joe or anything else that is untrue and the pendulum should respond by counter-clockwise motion.
There you go, both you and your pendulum have been programmed or synchronized.

Finally we've been discouraged from talking to the pendulum or treating it as a separate entity.
It's the extension of your will, part of you, your subconscious. You do not say that "the pendulum has shown this or that".
It was your subconscious that did it, using the pendulum as a channel.

How do you determine what type of energy the pendulum is picking up? For example, positioning it at a certain level within your biofield may change some polarity?

Print a sheet of paper with all radiesthetic colors.
Of course, ultraviolet and infrared are outside of the spectrum a human eye can see but typically, lighter versions of red and violet are used to represent that.
The more important part is in your head.

Once you have that page of colors, let the pendulum swing over each color, at the same time asking if this is the color that the pendulum has absorbed.
At some point, it should respond. This may happen for more than one color, if the pendulum has picked up several.
As for the biofield, we've been taught it's uniform around a person, so it doesn't matter where do you keep your pendulum in relation to your body, at least when simply keeping it with you, as a talisman.
When working, it should be suspended no higher than where your solar plexus is.

Depending on your color, the length of string varies. You can determine that length by holding the string closest to the pendulum and slowly extending it, above the palm of your hand.
At some point the pendulum should start to move and if you continue to extend it, that motion will stop.
That way you have found the right place to hold your pendulum and should mark it somehow.
If you are uncertain of what energies your pendulum has picked, you can cleanse it by letting it swing for several seconds over the flame of a candle.
Isis pendulums cleanse themselves so even if it did pick up some energy, that will dissipate on its own.
Crystal pendulums on the other hand gather energy and have to be cleansed manually and frequently as well.
They are not selective so any energy might be absorbed.

4. What are the geneal basic rules of pendulum behavior without getting into it the individual dependencies upon an individual?

There are clockwise and counter-clockwise motions, notably for yes/no responses.
There are ellipsoidal motions, which can also be clockwise and counter-clockwise and indicate uncertainty or a "weak" yes/no response.
A pendulum may refuse to move in some cases, when a question's been asked, which often indicates that the answer is not meant for us, that it is something we should not know.
There are simple swinging motions, back and forth or sideways, which may indicate several things.
A sideways motion of a pendulum between you and some object, may indicate that the object is not good for you.
This could relate to food, cosmetics, other talismans, rocks etc.
A back and forth motion, that appears to connect us with said object, indicates positive impact it has on us.
This is summed up as the law of harmony. You can do this for two objects, like two stones.
This enables you to create a circle of stones or some other geometric shape, where each stone is in harmony of the adjacent ones.
It creates a powerful shield that negates detrimental energies and can nullify watercourses if placed under a bed.

Back and forth motions (or more generally, motions in a single geometric plane) commonly represent directions.
If you were to use a Bovis scale, this is the motion that a pendulum would make.
It's a circular or semi-circular scale or chart.
For example you can measure you own vital energy, on a scale between 0 and 10000, on a half-circle.
The pendulum suspended over the center, will begin to swing back and forth, pointing to a specific value.

5. An individuals aura color, correct?

Yes, although if you rely on external equipment to check the aura, you might find out that for example aura photographs may be inaccurate, as they do not average the aura radiation and are susceptible to momentary fluctuations.
Some sensitive people see auras right away so it's easier.
However, you can use a pendulum to determine the color with great accuracy. So yes, radiesthetic color is pretty much equivalent to aura color.
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Old 20-11-2016, 06:20 PM
Johnathanrs Johnathanrs is offline
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Thank you.
God loves you.
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Old 13-06-2017, 11:56 AM
PhoenixNine PhoenixNine is offline
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Thanks for taking the time to write this...much appreciated.
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Old 13-06-2017, 01:21 PM
Busby Busby is offline
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Shalrath - just in case you don't know of Tom Lethbridge just Google. He dedicated the last years of his life to dowsing and the pendulum - uncovered some amazing realities.
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Old 30-07-2017, 02:14 PM
GreyHawk58 GreyHawk58 is offline
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Thumbs up Thank YOU!!

WoW! Thanks for Your thread and post!! Excellent information in it!!

What I found most interesting( and new to me ) is the way to measure your string!! THAT I will definitely try as I need to make a new string.

I am also " nudged" to do a bit of Research about Radiesthesia!!

Thanks Again!!
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