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Old 08-06-2011, 04:51 AM
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the Lilith story occurs in many Middle eastern/African/European cultures with many names but same MO. So i guess the Describtion as a Demon is the most fitting one.
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Old 09-06-2011, 12:18 AM
athribiristan athribiristan is offline
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Originally Posted by Jazlan
Yes I agree with the demonizing of the woman in power. Adam's wife. How did she come into existence? Perhaps she was already in form and the concept of Adam being there first is also a misconception?

Genesis clearly states that God made man and woman. It later goes on to describe the creation of Eve. There is no reference to who that first woman was or what became of her (at least not that I can remember), but there were definitely two different women created in that chapter. One at the same time as Adam, and Eve later on.
With Love,
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Old 09-06-2011, 09:37 AM
norseman norseman is offline
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Lilith = fallen angel

Invocation in wicca to Astarte, Diana, Lilith

Remembrance is a form of meeting.[Gibran]
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Old 11-06-2011, 06:34 AM
Asrais Asrais is offline
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Originally Posted by Perceiver
That was Morgan Ley Fey, Arthur's half-sister.

Ah yes, so it was.

I finally found the book I was thinking of. Its Irish Myths and Legends by Michael Scott.

In it, Lilith is the first wife of Adam, made from the mud beneath Adams feet. God found her to be imperfect, so she was cast out of the Garden.

After Cain (son of Adam and Eve) killed able and God punished him by giving him pustules over his body and left him to wander the world, shunned by all people.

Together he and Lilith spawned a race that was not blessed by God. Though they came from monsters, the children were beautiful.

Three of these children, Banba, Fotla and Eriu are the original Goddesses of Ireland.
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Old 11-06-2011, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Perceiver
That was Morgan Ley Fey, Arthur's half-sister.

The Lady of the Lake was Nimue, Viviane, Elaine, Niniane, Nivian, Nyneve and other variations.

Morgan le Fey was someone else entirely:

And I thought the Queen of the Fairies was Titania, wife of Oberon.
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Old 12-06-2011, 07:02 AM
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Heh, I've actually been reading the Book of Lillith lately. It is true, she was created from the mud. And because of this, she wanted to be an equal to Adam, making her claim that they were both made from earth. But Adam did not see her as an equal partner, since he was made of earth and clay, while she was made of mud and muck, so he rejected her claim. Could have had something to do with sex too, LOL.

The Angels petitioned to Lillith to go back to Adam and work things out for the greater good, but she chose to feel the pain of rejection instead of becoming subservient to Adam. Eventually, God put both Adam and Lillith to sleep, taking one of Adam's ribs, and splitting Lillith's soul in half, taking only the submissive aspects of femininity, and created Eve.

From there on out, Lillith was said to take up with the fallen Angel Samael. Since God castrated Samael, Lillith would go around collecting all the loose "sparks of God" (sperm) so she and Samael could create demons. She would also go around seducing men, sleeping with them only once, then flying up to Heaven to denounce them as sinners, before God. And in some ancient religions, they claim the it was actually Lillith who talked Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. It was also said that God made her baron, so she hated all the daughters of Eve for their ability to create new life, and would go around killing babies if the parents did not set up protection wards against her. There's even a belief the lullabies were originally chants called Lillith-bye to keep her away from the babies.

And then according to the Sophiean Gnostic legends, Lillith reunited with the other half of her soul, when her spirit came across a caravan that was under attack by thieves who were raping all the women. Since Lillith hates being under the weight of men so much, because it proves their dominance over her, she actually took pity on the women. Now, the caravan actually belonged to a wealthy merchant, who had sent his daughter out with her dowry to go an get married to the husband they had arranged for her. And it just so happened, that this daughter had the other half of Lillith's soul inside of her. So when the thieves forced this woman's legs apart, Lillith saw her long lost half soul, and entered into the woman, so that she could help her fight off the men. But while the first man who tried to enter inside of her, died instantly, she couldn't fight them all off.

Eventually, the woman was sold into a life of prostitution against her will. But she was so beautiful and well educated, coming from a wealthy merchant family, she learned how to use her charms to convince one of her clients into buying her from her owner. And when he did, she refused to marry him as promised. But since she couldn't go back home to her parents after all that, the only thing she could do, was continue on with prostitution, until she made enough money to have her former slave owner murdered. But, this deed did not bring her happiness. And after much soul searching, she turned to God for help.

She wound up making enough money to buy other women from their indentured prostitution and helped them to regain their dignity. Eventually, she became so wealthy, that she decided to leave that city behind for good, leaving behind most of her wealth for the women she helped rescue, and set out to search for the man who had been rumored to be spreading the word about God's undying love for us all. This woman's name was Mary of Magdol.

According to the Sophian Gnostic belief, Mary Magdalen was able to fuse both the wild half and submissive half of femininity back together again. And her soul was once again reunited with her husband, Adam, who had reincarnated as Jesus. And Jesus/Adam, would now accept her as an equal.

And again, according to Sophian Gnostic belief, Mary M. made a pact with God, to continuously reincarnate back into the world, as a way for helping bring all the lost sparks of God (that Lillith stole) back home.
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