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Old 08-01-2018, 04:29 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 690
SkyGodWarrior In love

Hello everyone....

I am writing a little post.. I know some of you have been following my posts and are curious as to my lovers.... I decided a long time ago to go for the women that was in my heart and not my pants haha... but anyways.... I am still not quite sure how she will take it if I was to go up to her and tell her how I felt. I know that if I did so I would most likely get a bit emotional and possibly shut off because that's what I was use to. Not showing my emotions and bottling them up. I have been learning how to feel with my emotions for a while now and I feel this is my next big step in becoming even more wholesome...

I love this special lady :) So I am doing a secret admirer thing for her. I have a lot to say and I believe that she may be a lover from a past life but lol who knows.... but I feel it is her... she still has that heart piercing gaze.... Its funny how one can go thousands of years and still have those same eyes....

anyways... I know she knows something but since she is kinda in the religious scene she does not talk about it... so I have written some things that are giant metaphors that speak to this inner truth.. who knows maybe she knows more than I think she knows or not at all lol?

anyways here is one of the letters I am writing to her. This is set to be translated into another language as well.

Hope you enjoy... lol SkyGodWarrior doesn't do much poetry but my heart will always know the words of truth....


(This is actually about a dream I had of her when we kissed in this dream...)

A butterfly and a flower
They were there enjoying their day. As time passed by, it seemed as if all was still. One could look and pass on by if they did not know how it could feel to be. Inside trembling blissfully, flowing gracefully the butterflies encompasses all. Beauty, grace, calm, happy a floating buttery kisses the flowers pedal warm from the sun. Smiling cheerfully, flowing happily, they and they alone can only know how each other feels to be as one. Do they feel the same way for each other? One can only imagine how it could feel to be a butterfly and a flower.

(The one below is the start of the above one but didn't make the cut haha.)

Butterflies’ Dream
One sees this beautiful creature float within the breeze. Exposing ones heart one only hopes that the butterfly finds a place to land. As it did, stillness turned into to a feeling of magic. Filled with the irony of the truth this butterfly felt like butterflies within my heart.

Wish me happiness and love. :)
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Old 12-01-2018, 04:13 PM
linen53 linen53 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Colorado, USA
Posts: 13,356
  linen53's Avatar
Love the butterfly and flower story. So sweet! Good fortune in your journey with this lady.

If you hit rock bottom, start picking up rocks.

You know nothing, Jon Snow. Ygritte from Game of Thrones.
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Old 13-01-2018, 01:49 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 690
thank you I am following my heart! :)
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Old 13-01-2018, 05:33 AM
Nature Grows Nature Grows is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Posts: 1,691
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Good on you for taking a chance, all the best, may you have a wonderful time.
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Old 20-07-2019, 06:39 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 690
lol.. here is an update.

I was on a roller coaster when I was writing those letters. I wrote 1 per week and on the 3 letter I asked her out on a date.... on the 4 letter I told her more of how I felt but less coded....

I created a 2nd number just to text her while doing the letters as if she knew it was me it would of gave it away. So the funny thing was... that she would text my number on some days and the other number on other days but not both in one day lol...

I was having mixed feelings.... and then I remember my coworker asking me what the letters were fore and I told him about the poems and such haha and he said... ohhhhh you mean stalker!?.....

I was like ohhhhhhh nooooooooooo...... what if my letters have been scaring her!?!!! so that was dreadful.... then I found out week 3 that she only received the 1st letter... oh my...... now I was like.... oh noooooo how do I find time to meet with her....to reveal myself.... i was having trouble rescheduling because at that point.... it may have went on too long.... and she was busy.....

I later found out that my step sister and brother in law were having their bachlor/bachlorette parties the week that I wanted to take my love on a date... lol and my brother in law told me like 3 days before the actual date....

coincidentally" the week after valentines day it was my loves birthday... so I plotted to buy her a present for her birthday to give to my brother in law to give to my step sister... who are best friends... so she could give it to my love.....

haha my brother in law declined... and said... Terrance... if you want a girl to like you... you have to give it to her your self.... haha I was like.....THATS A GREAT IDEA!!!!

as we were riding to the next location a dude in the bachelor party asked me who the gift was for.... lol and before I could say anything my brother in law said it was for the girl I loved...... it was funny because... he was like..... Terrance you better hurry up.... word is.... she has a "secret admirer" or aka stalker........ lol I was like ohhhhhhh noooooooooooo.... how can I compete with that...... I basically had them pep talk me the whole time.

it was interesting because I had a vision about being at that bowling alley but maybe 5years ago...... I dont like bowling... so I was like... That will never happen... I dont knw what I would be doing in a bowling alley.... It was interesting to see a vision come true....

So.... later that night I texted my love and I told her I had a gift for her.... also "coincidentally" it was easter that sunday... and I know her and her family usually do something for easter.... so I asked to join her for church and to bring her gift to her.....

she ended up inviting me to her house first before church and later after church for dinner....

let me tell you........ I had butter flies the whole time heading to her house...
first person who answer the door was her dad lol.... he was surprised.... "Oh.... your coming to the house first"

lol so the plan was to tell her im her secret admirer at some point during the day....

we went to church... her, her mom and dad, and her friend.... then when we got back from church.... my step sister and brother in law were there for her to help plan their wedding... lol and then my loves sister was there too... who was the wedding planner... and she was the one who helped me get my loves business address to send her flowers and etc......

lol my step sister and brother in law... knew I liked my love but me writing poems apparently went way over their heads lol and no one even thought it was mee even though they knew how much i like her hhaha price less.... anyways.... as far as they were concerned they knew i was there to counter the secret admirer.... so when they saw me... they both had those glaring eyes.... lol i had to hurry and text them..... i didnt tell her yet...

I had told her sister at church that I didnt tell her too so she was in the know.... lol and everyone else didnt know.....

oh man I had so much fun and I had butterflies and I had drinked soda when I dont normally drink soda so I was bloated too! :(

long story short I was trying to find a time to tell her but I wanted to do so alone..... lol i never really got that chance... there was 1 time... i was about to say something lol and her dad came peeking in when we were in the kitchen... lol we were on opposite sides of the kitchen so his peek was in vain... lol and he left...

it was getting late now and people were starting to leave.... her friend left and my step sis and brother in law had all ready left the house.... it was me and her family.... I surmised that I couldn't stay to much longer by myself considering the unofficial circumstances so I decided to call a uber........
I went to the rest room to pep talk myself up..... this was my last chance.... it was now..... or never.....

I went into the kitchen where her and her sister were talking.... my phone was on the charger and I picked it up to see where my driver was... 5mins.. ohh noooo but as I listened in to what they were saying.... my love was referencing some of the material I written to her sister..... lol....

i figured this was her sister helping me out.... This was my only chance... so I asked.. what are you guys talking about?

lol my love.... paused.... and stuttered.... its complicated.... I then referenced the flowers they were talking about.... and before she could answer I looked her in the eyes and said.... im your secret admirer.... lol... "coincidentally" it was also april fools day.....

so when I said it the first time lol she kinda gave me that look of disbelief haha.... I was like.... seriously..... I am your secret admirer.... then I quoted something I wrote.... "Love is something that lasts forever"

at that moment.... she knew it was meee and the lovely smile that lit up my night happened... lol I gave her a brief story about how I got to that moment and her and her sister were like...... ahhhhhhhh lol...

her mom had came running in... as she was popping popcorn on the stove... lol she was like... what did i miss.... and i kept talking about how it was writing the poems and stuff.... but I did so in a way that her mom wouldn't understand what we were talking about haha....

the uber was there... and I had to leave..... she walked me to the door... still smiling ear to ear and I gave her a big hug and left....

of course... the story wasnt over..... yet...

haha I will tell you guys the rest next time :)
I ask that you ask questions if you have them on what I have said. I have lots of experiences and feel that I can communicate them in a way that you can understand.
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Old 22-07-2019, 09:19 PM
whispershadow whispershadow is offline
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 47
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I just seen this, I'm glad you have her in your life, SkyGodWarrior
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Old 25-07-2019, 06:09 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 690
Thank you :) I am too.
I ask that you ask questions if you have them on what I have said. I have lots of experiences and feel that I can communicate them in a way that you can understand.
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