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Old 21-06-2019, 10:29 AM
Rsandee Rsandee is offline
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 609
Spirits communicating through dreams

Sometimes I have very vivid dreams that have to mean something. Sometimes I dream about certain things that are hard to remember when I am awake again, or only made sense while dreaming. Sometimes I know exactly what will happen in dreams because I recognize something about them even if I have never seen those things before. Most of the times I will wake up by feeling this very tickly electric sensation somewhere in my body, like between my ribs on my side.

I only remember vague details about my dream this morning. It was about travelling between dimensions in order to experience certain things and grow as a person. If something couldn't happen in one dimension, I would "hop" to another and when I achieved what I wanted, ai'd go back. I saw someone inhaling purple smoke like it was a psychedelic. I saw a bloody, half-dead rat stuck in a cage. I saw a family of dogs. But what really bothered me was that I saw an aunt of mine but I knew it wasn't her. It was like it was some message from a spirit or something, I know it can be my subconscious and I just make this stuff up but I have also dreamed about aliens checking in on me and sending me messages. Same thing with angels.

This time though, I did something they didn't expect. I went against it. I asked them what was going on and the woman responded saying that I can always count on spirits whenever I needed them. I changed my tone and asked why and what this is, if this is some primitive network or something or if this is how they heal me (no idea what I meant but it made sense at the time). They didn't like this, the woman looked at me in an annoyed way and decided to end the dream by poking me between my ribs in my side. I got that electric shock and I woke up.

The thing is, if I really do receive messages in my dreams, how can I be sure to trust anything? They could be malicious for all I know. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Old 21-06-2019, 11:11 AM
ThatMan ThatMan is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Posts: 223
I experience the same thing, you are just like me when it comes to trusting them, I have no trust in them, why? Because until now I didn't had the chance to test the spirits, and also, I met many evil entities.So this is my best advice to you, don't trust them, do what you have done now and see their response, if they change and become evil, then you will know the truth.There's one more thing that I did, I called for Christ, I did this almost every time I was face to face with the evil forces, I am not trying to convert you or something like that, I am telling you that calling Christ is what saved me from those horrible entities..

I received many messages ( I even wrote about them on this website ) and I also received many other messages that I ignored, just few days ago some beings gave me several messages.

Sometimes, when I receive messages, I am outside my body, having an OBE, I hear them talking very clearly, you know, like I hear people talking in real life.. Sometimes they only talk in my mind when I am close to wake up or when I meditate, they tell me many things and I received messages from around 10 sources until now, I just know, every source has its own "vibration"..

I thought that everything stopped but here I am..

There are many deceivers so don't trust blindly, I am telling you from my own experience.
Christ is the absolute truth.
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Old 21-06-2019, 08:02 PM
dream jo dream jo is offline
Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: sea dream u cud say
Posts: 19,534
  dream jo's Avatar
yes thy do
its lk travl astell 2 it is
sum tims nxt or wen we is awakin off dream we seam tiedd all day
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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Old 21-06-2019, 10:41 PM
Energy22 Energy22 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 63
Interesting you mention a purple light traveling trough dimensions, I’ve traveled guided by purple lights going into deferent woulds similar and talking to some teachers other entities/ETs? learning from this big book and so on. I’m no longer afraid of the spirits, evil entities and so on? Something happened some years ago through meditation and I just stoped having horrible dreams or I don’t see them as horrible anymore. I will occasionally have dreams of evil entities or spirits but I no longer give them the power to scare me. In my opinion we do have the power to stop, remove, and choose to change the outcome of a dream if we don’t want that type of experience. I honestly sometimes just go along with the natural course on my dreams since I want to know were it leads or ends. So I choose to go through with them but you can choose to stop, change them if you feel threatened or scared. Just remind yourself you are dreaming and in control without waking yourself up and keep on going. That’s how I can have up to five or more recurring dreams in one night since I want to see the end and get the full massage. I’m not saying it’s easy to just remember your dreaming but it’s possible and for me that has lead me to wonderful places to many people, good and not so good and to the end of a dream but most important to remember all the details. Just remember you are in control and you have the power to change anything you don’t like. Good luck...
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Old 25-06-2019, 01:29 AM
AutumnGold AutumnGold is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 48
I've been quite inquisitive in dreams also, some have replied to me and some have laughed at me because im so eager to know, when I've realized that I have connected with someone. lol
others just fade away when i start asking questions.

Its a cool ability!
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Old 25-06-2019, 10:51 AM
LadyMay LadyMay is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 9,529
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I get dreams like these, I generally have learned to trust them. They are an interesting mix of the personal symbolic and the greater astral exploration. Of course, what is the astral anyway but the representative of mankind's collective dream symbols? They are connected and so I think there's a lot that can be learned about ourselves and about the world in general through these kinds of dreams.
The Goddess Rises
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Old 25-06-2019, 08:14 PM
Lucky Lucky is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 417
I have dreams where I've met what seems like spirit guides or angelic beings or masters. They are very vivid dreams and these beings have a different presence or energy as opposed to dreams involving people we already know in our everyday lives. They give me important messages that I know are very detailed, but it must be beyond my comprehension because I wake up remembering nothing of these messages, just that they were very important and told to me by beings of higher vibration. For me, these dreams are not negative but I just wish I'd remember what they had said.

I've also had dreams involving negative entities or presences but they don't show themselves to me. I have woken up terrified by these dreams, which thankfully don't happen often at all...but when they do happen I have found myself reciting the Lord's Prayer in my dream, and then it all stops and I wake up. It's funny because I don't follow a certain religion, yet I instinctively say this prayer while in my dream!

That purple light...you mentioned someone inhaling it like psychedelic smoke and your ability to travel through dimensions in dreams (which I believe I've gone to different dimensions as well), and Energy22 mentioning the same purple light...wow...this was one of my first "experiences" while meditating, seeing this purple light. It started at the beginning of my spiritual awakening and it continues to this day whenever I meditate or receive healing. One time during meditation I was in such a deep state that I started to go into this purple light and it became like a swirling tunnel as I travelled into it. Then my ego quickly took over and said holy (blank)! and I snapped right out of that experience. Pretty wild.
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