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Old 01-08-2012, 10:41 PM
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Isis, Mistress of the House of Life

Isis is a goddess many people are vaguely familiar with. Her worship seems to have originated in the Fourth Dynasty (roughly 2613 to 2494 BCE), from what evidence we have. In later times the island of Philae was the center of her cultus, from where her worship spread throughout much of the Western World, from Nubia to London, from Gaul to Iraq.

In the early periods of Egyptian history she was seen as a goddess of royalty, the protector of the throne's power and the person who sits upon it; which is unsurprising since in Egyptian, her name, which is commonly spelled Aset (Isis is the Greek transliteration of the Ancient Egyptian) means she of the throne. She is the daughter of Nut & Geb, the Sky and Earth. And married to her brother Osiris, who was the Pharaoh of Egypt. In the earliest accounts of the myth, which is only alluded to in the Egyptian texts, Osiris drowned in the Nile. But the most well recorded myth from Greco-Roman sources is where Osiris is tricked by his jealous brother Set and killed; then dismembered and the pieces scattered around the lands. Isis, mourns her husband, her tears causing the annual flooding of the Nile, then with the help her sister Nephthys finds the pieces of their brother and uses her magic to restore him to life, conceiving a son off him, before he goes down to the underworld to rule as the Pharaoh of the afterlife (thereby creating the afterlife itself).

Isis hides in a field of reeds from her blood-thirsty brother Set even after she gives birth to her son Horus. She travels about with him, protecting him with her magic. One mythic spell recounts how the Child was stung by a scorpion and neared death, Isis' anguished cries shook the entire earth and even stopped the Sun-Barque in the sky, causing Thoth to come down and assist her with his magical knowledge, and helps her restore her child to health.

Eventually Horus contends with his uncle Set and wins the throne of Egypt after a lengthy series of trials. Isis is thus the wife of the King of the Dead, and the mother of the King of the Living.

Another myth recounts how Ra once ruled the land before Osiris, but he had grown old and drooled as he slept. Isis, in her cunning took some of his spittle as he slept and kneaded it into some clay to form a serpent, which she placed in the path of the god's daily procession. As he passed by the snake bit him and caused unbearable agony, he screamed and writhed calling his attendants to him. His best healers and magicians could do nothing for his pain. Isis, taking her chance steps forth and claims she will be able to remove the venom from him if reveals his secret name to her - which is a very important thing, in Ancient Egypt the true name of things was believed to confer control and power to those who know them. So, Ra told her that he was the one who created all things, and with the opening and closing of his eyes light came upon the earth, or darkness shrouded it. He is called Khepri in the morning, Ra at midday and Atum in the evening. But the poison did not abate, and she told him that none of those were his secret name. Finally Ra relented and spoke his true name to her, giving her his powers.

Thus, Isis was seen as one of the most powerful of gods, she was called Great of Magic, and She Who Gives Birth to Heaven & Earth. Historically as time went on she absorbed other goddesses in terms of functions and powers. She became associated with the sky and love as Hathor was, she also was identified with the protective scorpion goddess Serqet, and even the primal creatrix Neith. By the time of the Ptolemaic rule she had been seen as the Egyptian Demeter and Aphrodite. Her cult was brought to Rome by sailors and quickly took hold. Hers was a mystery religion where people were initiated into the sacred mystery where she grants her followers immortality and protection from fate, just as she did with her husband and son.

The Greco-Roman worship of Isis differed from her original Egyptian form, she became a universal savior goddess who listened to all people - both slaves and emperors joined each other in worship of her. She was called the Star of the Sea, because the star Sept, or Sirius was connected with her. She is the Lady of Green Crops, and the One Who Hears the Orphan and the Widow.

Conservative Romans disliked her cult because it was heavily connected with the Hellenistic dynasty that ruled Egypt in opposition from Rome. Her colorful annual processions in port towns were considered uncouth by more traditional Romans. Even so, her worship spread across the entire Empire - until the decrees of the Christian emperors outlawed her cult, she was one of the principal divinities.

In one of the only complete Roman novels, her mercy is the culmination of the story, it can be read here: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/ancient/lucius-assa.asp

In her aretalogy (a list of proclamations of a god to assert their powers) , she is seen as a powerful goddess with a massive sphere of influence:

I am Isis, ruler of every land
I was taught by Hermes (Thoth) and with Hermes devised
letters, both hieroglyphic and demotic, that all might not
be written with the same.
I gave laws to mankind and ordained
what no one can change
I am the eldest daughter of Kronos
I am the wife and sister of King Osiris
I am the one who discovered wheat for mankind
I am the mother of King Horus
I am the one who rises in the Dog-star
I am the one called Goddess by women
For me was built the city of Bubastis
I separated the earth from the Heaven
I showed the paths of the stars
I regulated the course of the sun and the moon
I devised the activities of seamanship
I made what is right strong
I brought together woman and man
I assigned to women to bring into
light of day their infants
in the tenth month
I ordained that parents should be loved by children
I imposed punishment upon those unkindly disposed
towards their parents
I with my brother Osiris put an end to cannibalism
I taught men the initiation into mysteries
I instructed them to revere images of the gods
I established the sacred cult places of the gods
I abolished the rules of the tyrants
I put an end to murders
I compelled women to be loved by men
I made the right stronger than gold and silver
I ordained that the true should be considered good
I devised marriage contracts
I assigned to Greeks and barbarians their languages
I made the good and the bad to be distinguished by nature
I made that nothing should be more fearful than an oath
I have delivered him who unjustly plots against others into
the hands of the one against whom he plotted
I impose retribution upon those who do injustice
I decreed that mercy be shown to suppliants
O honor those who justly defend themselves
With me the right has power
I am the mistress of rivers and winds and sea
No one is honored without my consent
I am the Mistress of War
I am the Mistress of the thunderbolt
I calm the sea and make it surge
I am in the rays of the sun
I attend the sun in its journey
What I decree, that is also accomplished
All yield to me
I set free those who are in bonds
I am the Mistress of seamanship
I make the navigable un-navigable, whenever I so decide
I founded enclosure walls of the cities
I am called the Lawgiver
I brought up islands out of the depths into the light
I am the Mistress of rain
I conquer Destiny
Destiny obeys me
Hail, O Egypt, that nourished me!

It's unsurprising to see why she was, and is, such a popular and magnificent goddess. She has a myriad of powers and great knowledge. What is more, she is disposed to listen to the prayers of all, and grant her favor on those who beseech her. She is the One Who Is All, the Queen of Heaven, The Mother of the Gods. She of The 10,000 Names.

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Old 01-08-2012, 10:50 PM
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A Roman statue of Isis.

Another Roman representation of her as Isis Fortuna

Egyptian statue where she nurses her son Horus

A tomb painting where she feeds the queen Nefertari life (symbolized by the ankh) in the afterlife.
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Old 02-08-2012, 09:33 PM
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First Hymn to Isis by Isidorus

O wealth-giver, Queen of the gods, Hermouthis, Lady,
Omnipotent Agathe Tyche, greatly renowned Isis,
Deo, highest Discoverer of all life,
manifold miracles were Your care that you might bring livelihood to mankind and morality to all;
(and) You taught customs that justice might in some measure prevail;
You gave skills that men’s life might be comfortable,
and You discovered the blossoms that produce edible vegetation.
Because of You heaven and the whole earth have their being;
And the gusts of the winds and the sun with its sweet light.
By Your power the channels of Nile are filled, every one,
At the harvest season and its most turbulent water is poured
On the whole land that produce may be unfailing.
All mortals who live on the boundless earth
Thacians, Greeks and Barbarians,
Express Your fair Name, a Name greatly honoured among all, (but)
Each (speaks) in his own language, in his own land.
The Syrians call You, Astarte, Artemis, Nanaia,
The Lycian tribes call You: Leto, the Lady,
The Thracians also name You as Mother of the gods,
And the Greeks (call You) Hera of the great throne, Aphrodite,
Hestia the goodly, Rhea and Demeter.
But the Egyptians call You Thiouis’ (because they know) that You, being
One, are all
Other goddesses invoked by the races of men.
Mighty One, I shall not cease to sing of Your great Power,
Deathless Saviour, many-named , mightiest Isis,
Saving from war, cities and all their citizens:
Men , their wives, possessions, and children.
As many as are bound fast in prison, in the power of death,
As many as are in pain through long, anguished, sleepless nights,
All who are wanderers in a foreign land,
And as many as sail on the Great Sea in winter
When men may be destroyed and their ships wrecked and sunk…
All (these) are saved if they pray that You be present to help.
Hear my prayers, O One Whose Name has great Power;
Prove Yourself merciful to me and free me from all distress.
wrote (it)
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Old 07-08-2012, 12:00 AM
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Coffin Spell 148 (from somewhere between 2181-1650 BCE)

The lightning flash strikes, the gods are afraid, Isis awakes pregnant with the seed of her brother Osiris, She is uplifted, even she the widow, and her heart is glad with the seed of her brother Osiris. She says "O you gods, I am Isis, the sister of Osiris, who wept for the father of the gods, even Osiris, who judged the slaughtering of the Two Lands. His seed is within my womb, I have molded the shape of the god within the egg as my son, who is at the head of the Ennead. What he shall rule is this land, the heritage of his grand-father Geb, what he shall say is concerning his father, what he shall kill is Set the enemy of his father Osiris. Come, you gods, protect him within my womb, for he is known in your hearts. He is your lord, this god who is in his egg, blue-haired of form, lord of the gods, and great and beautiful are the vanes of the two blue plumes.

"Oh!" says Atum, "guard your heart, O woman! How do you know? He is the god, lord and heir of the Ennead, who made you within the egg."

"I am Isis, one more spirit-like and august than the gods; the god is within this womb of mine and he is the seed of Osiris."

Then says Atum, "You are pregnant and you are hidden, O girl! You will give birth, being pregnant for the gods, seeing that he is the seed of Osiris. May that villain who slew his father not come, les he break the egg in its early stages, for the Great-of-Magic will guard against him."

Thus says Isis, " Hear this, you gods, which Atum, Lord of the Mansions of the Sacred Images, has said. He has decreed for me protection for my son within my womb. He has knit together an entourage about him within this womb of mine, for he knows that he is the heir of Osiris, and a guard over the Falcon who is in this womb of mine has been set by Atum, Lord of the Gods. Go up on earth, that I may give you praise. The retainers of your father Osiris will serve you, I will make your name, for you have reached the horizon, having passed by the battlements of the Mansion of Him whose name is hidden. Strength has gone up within my flesh, power has reached into my flesh..."

trans. R.O. Faulkner
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Old 07-08-2012, 12:21 AM
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Chapter 142 Sec 4: titles of Isis from the Book of Going Forth by Day

Isis the great, Mother of the God, Isis the Divine, the daughter of Nut, Isis the great of Magic, Isis the possessor of magical protection, Isis the possessor of rolls; Isis who protected her Father, Isis the Ruler of rolls; Isis in Asyut, Isis as ruler of Shesmin, Isis in Behbit (Iseum), Isis in Pe, Isis in Dep, Isis in Coptos, Isis in charge of Pe, Isis in Akhmin, Isis in Abydos, Isis in King’s House, Isis in the Sky, Isis in the earth; Isis in the south, in the north, Isis in the west, the east; Isis in the southern and northern chapel of Sais, Isis in the northern chapel of Sais, Isis in all her Manifestations, Isis in all her characters, Isis in all her Aspects, Isis in every place where her Spirit desires to be.
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Old 07-08-2012, 12:33 AM
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Isis (left) & Epona (right) from Pompeii wall painting.

Isis carving at Philae, showing her with the celestial cow horns and vulture head dress
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Old 19-02-2020, 04:38 PM
Untersberg56 Untersberg56 is offline
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Is Our Lady of All Peoples actually Isis Returning?

"Goddess worship was prevalent in the ancient world and the devotion of the Catholic Church to the Virgin Mary is one example of the influence of the feminine principle on early Christian Belief. The Virgin was given the title Queen of Heaven. The statues of the Madonna holding the infant Jesus in her arms erected in Catholic churches are almost exact copies of the effigies of Isis suckling Horus, found in Egyptian temples."

See also this paragraph from Plutarch's The Mysteries of Isis and Osiris at Chapter IX: "In the temple erected at Sais (ancient regional capital, western Egypt) to Athena who, according to some, is Isis herself, above the portal is written "I am all that has been, is and ever shall be; and no mortal has lifted my veil." Athena was a virgin goddess, and like Mary, born of a virgin.

An apparition of the Virgin has appeared on more than 500 occasions in the years since 1251. Often She has referred to Herself as Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.
The turning point came at Lourdes, France on 25 March 1858 when in response to a request by the visionary Bernadette Soubirous for her name, the apparition stated "I am the Immaculate Conception." This is not a name but an action, and means: "I am the fertilization of the ovum without male sperm." She self-fertilized. She is the origin of all things.

That the Immaculate Conception of 1858 is Isis returned is confirmed elsewhere by Plutarch at Chapter LXII: "Isis is also called Athena which means 'She who originated from Herself'", i.e She self-fertilized. The mediaeval belief makes its enormous meaning clear by its numerous surviving statuettes of the kind called "Vierge Ouvrante". These represent the Virgin as a wooden statue, the front of her body opening like a pair of doors to reveal the Trinity inside Her: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, so that they appear to have originated from Her substance.

The first occasion when the Virgin in apparition appears to have abrogated Her role as Mary, Mother of Jesus, occurred at Banneux, Belgium, a farming village ten kilometres south-east of Liege, when in eight apparitions to 12-year old Mariette Beco between 15 January and 2 March 1933 She identified Herself as "Queen of All Peoples" and told the child, "Believe in Me and I shall believe in you."

Her subsequent apparitions, said to number one hundred and five, occurred between 1 November 1937 and 4 November 1940 at a Catholic village in Germany with a population of 2,000. The venue was at Heede on the Ems river, close to the North Sea and Dutch border and the Virgin appeared to four girls aged between 11 and 13 years: Anna Schulte, Margaret and Greta Ganseforth and Susanna Bruns. After a few days a Luftwaffe police detachment took them into custody and conveyed them to a mental institution at Göttingen where they were investigated by psychiatrists for a month and discharged unharmed, the authorities being satisfied that there was no political background to the apparitions.

On 5 April 1939 Margaret Ganseforth stated: "I saw the Mother of God directly in front of me standing one metre away and I asked Her how She wished to be invoked. She replied: "As Queen of the Universe and Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory."

The groundwork had thus been laid by "The Queen of the Universe" to be identified as "Queen of All Peoples", and as one may perceive, these ideas contained a threat to the continuing existence of the Church of Rome and its dogma. In 1945 on the 87th anniversary of the revelation of Her identity and nature by the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes, battle with the Church was joined, as will be explained next.

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Old 21-02-2020, 01:38 PM
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In the 12th century, St Bernard of Clairvaux drew attention to the problem of Purgatory.

Jesus' Kingdom is one of Law and Justice (…"it shall be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle…) and so few indeed gain access to the heavenly realms through him.
Mary controls the Kingdom of Mercy and so puts out Her hands to help up those of her devotees who beseech Her.

For this reason a century later, Mary acted as Co-Redeemer ("Co-Redemptrix") for the first time in 1251 when in an apparition at Aylesford She bestowed on the Carmelite Order in England the indulgence that whoever should die clothed in the habit of the Order would not suffer eternal fire. In 1322 She extended the Sabatini Privilege to anybody who wore Her brown scapular and adhered to the rules attaching to it.

She promised: "After they leave this world and enter Purgatory, I shall descend there on the Saturday following their death and liberate as many of my devotees as I find in that place of expiation, and raise them to the Holy Mount of eternal life."

The terms of the award of the brown scapular were the first ever indication that Mary's realm does not extend to Christians only. Without dwelling on the difficulties caused by the growth of communism, bolshevism and atheism as the principal cause of Her revolution in the early 20th century, we find that the Virgin in apparition asked to be invoked as "Our Lady of All Nations" for the first time at Banneux in Belgium in the first months of 1933.

At Heede in Germany in 1937 as "Queen of the Universe" she drew attention to the reason for Her return when She also asked to be invoked as "Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory".

The foregoing indicates the Causation. In the Third Part I show how this was received by the Church of Rome.
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Old 21-02-2020, 07:18 PM
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Ida Peedersen (b. Alkmaar 1905, d. Amsterdam 1996) was a person described as being gifted with slight clairvoyance but lacking in imagination. She shared a house in Amsterdam with her sisters. These sisters would usually be present during the apparitions of the Virgin and the eldest would note down the words which Ida spoke, repeating what the Virgin said.

The greater part of what was told to Ida Peedersen consisted of predictions, and justifications of Our Lady's claim as Co-Redemptrix based on difficult to understand interpretations of New Testament text. The purpose was to bury the true intent beneath a mass of wordage such as is familiar to Catholics, thus saying nothing to alarm the faithful nor undermine their faith.

What I have done here is extract the underlying statement of intent made by Our Lady of All Nations ("Onze Vrouwe van alle volkeren") in 56 apparitions to Ida Peedersen between 1945 and 1959. What can be deduced but is not obvious on the face of it is:
(i) the intention to destroy the Church and all world religions,
(ii) to profit by certain apocalyptic circumstances during which Our Lady of All Nations unites all surviving creeds and races in one form of devotion to Herself and
(iii) verifies Her bona-fides in the form of numerology based on dates past and present.

It may be useful to draw up a simple letter-to-number conversion table, A=1 through to Z=26 in the English alphabet. For example, 56 apparitions to Ida by an entity perhaps sheltering behind the appellation Our Lady of All Nations, ISIS and also NEITH both equal 56. This number 56 will recur during this account.

1. The first apparition occurred on 25 March 1945 at Amsterdam. This date is the 600th anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam. In the 45th Apparition, Our Lady of All Nations declared Amsterdam to be Her seat, it being the city of the Blessed Sacrament.

2. 11 February is the Feast Day of The Immaculate Conception. She appeared for the first time at Lourdes on 11 February 1858. Ninety-three years later to the day, on 11 February 1951 at Amsterdam, the Virgin stated: "I have come precisely on this day to tell you that I wish to be known as Our Lady (or Our Mother) of All Nations." Then She delivered her "Prayer" in which She cast aside her identity as Mary, Mother of Jesus. This prayer caused all the furore which followed:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
Send now your spirit over the Earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of All Peoples
That they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Peoples who once was Mary be our Advocate.

There was an objection by the Church to the last line. Answer: "The words must remain. Tell the theologians that I am not satisfied with the change in the prayer."

31st Apparition, 15 April 1951: "The Son came into the world as the Redeemer of mankind. The work of Redemption was the Cross. He was sent by the Father. Now, however, the Father and Son want to send Our Lady throughout the whole world."
32nd Apparition: "I stand here as Co-Redemptrix and Advocate. The new dogma will be "the dogma of the Co-Redemptrix."

The Church would not have it and now resorted to written instructions. The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared: "On 7 May 1956, the Bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem (Netherlands), following a careful examination of the case concerning the supposed apparitions and revelations of "Our Lady of All Nations" said to have taken place in Amsterdam, finds no evidence of the supernatural nature of the apparitions and therefore prohibits public veneration attributing a supernatural origin to them..."

On 2 March 1957 the same Ordinary repeated the above statement, and in a letter dated 13 March 1957 the Holy Office praised the Bishop's prudence and pastoral concern, and approved of the measures taken. In reply to an enquiry by the Bishop of Haarlem on 29 March 1972, the Sacred Congregation confirmed the previous two decisions on 24 May 1972.

On 25 May 1974 the Sacred Congregation "after a fresh and deeper examination of the case" confirmed the previous judgment, and invited priests and laity to discontinue all forms of propaganda with regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of "Our Lady of All Nations" and "exhorted all, moreover, to express their devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of the Universe, by forms of piety recognized and recommended by the Church."

It is interesting to note in the final sentence above that the apparition at Heede in 1939 had been authenticated, this being the first time the Church had ever admitted a description of the Virgin higher than "Queen of Heaven".

In 2002 or sometime thereabouts, the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, Msgr.Punt, accepted that the apparitions and revelations of "Our Lady of All Nations" had been supernatural. The Sacred Congregation still saw the danger in the Prayer of Our Lady of All Nations, and insisted that the words "who once was Mary" be omitted "out of consideration for those who do not understand the phrase", i.e the entire Catholic clergy and pious from the Pope down. The Sacred Congregation altered the last line of the Prayer to read:

"May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate."

They ignored Her request to be Co-Redeemer and Advocate, and though prepared to recognize Her as "Our Lady of All Nations (or Peoples)" the phrase "who once was Mary" was forever inadmissible.

And so what occurred to make the Church realize that the Amsterdam apparitions had been "supernatural" after all? In PART FOUR, the answer to everything, and the numerology.
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Old 22-02-2020, 04:17 PM
Untersberg56 Untersberg56 is offline
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At Akita, Japan, in the autumn of 1973 the convent of the Handmaidens of the Eucharist had in its chapel a carved wooden statuette of Our Lady of All Nations with Japanese features. A nun, Agnes Sasagawa, began receiving messages from Our Lady through this statuette, which was also seen to weep subsequently on 101 occasions over a period of six years and eight months.

One of the devotions ratified explicitly at Akita was the repeated request by Our Lady of All Nations to be confirmed as "Co-Redemptrix of the Human Race". Referring to the monastic requirement 'Poverty, Chastity and Obedience', She reiterated that the "the greatest of these is Obedience", a point probably aimed at the Sacred Congregation in Rome.

On 13 October 1973, fifty-six years to the day since the major occurrence of the Descending Sun spectacle at Fatima, the Virgin delivered Her apocalyptic warning:

"If mankind does not change its ways, a terrible punishment is to be inflicted on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the Deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests not faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead." And She made the offer: "I alone am able still to save you from the calamity which approaches...those who place their confidence in Me will be saved."

Since Our Lady of All Nations is Co-Redeemer, She must mean by the use of the word "saved" not salvation in the Christian religious sense but that Her own devotees will be removed from danger physically at the time of the apocalyptic event.

This global massacre will presumably stamp out "modern humanism, realism, socialism and communism which have the world in their clutches"(45th apparition, Amsterdam) and enable "all people (i.e. the survivors) to attain to unity, to be One People, having over them the Lady of All Nations"(Amsterdam, statement of 31 May 1955). The present Pope, Francis, is the 112th and last in the mediaeval prophecy of St Malachy. By this prophecy the era of Christianity terminates with him, and so, one assumes, ushers in the Apocalypse.

At Fatima, Portugal on 13th June 1917, the Immaculata declared that She wished to establish in the world devotion to her Immaculate Heart and promised salvation to those who embrace it. The similarity between the apparitions at Fatima and Akita were borne in mind during the Church investigation of the Akita event. On 22 April 1984, Bishop John Ito of Niigata, Japan, declared the Akita event to be of supernatural origin and Cardinal Ratzinger, who had also noticed the numerological symbology but did not understand it, confirmed the decision of Bishop Ito on behalf of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in June 1988, declaring that the message of Akita is the message of Fatima, and the sender in each case was the same.


The connection in time between Fatima and Akita is 56 years to the day, "ISIS" converts to 56.
Fatima converts to 50, Akita to 42: total 92.
Lucia, seer at Fatima, converts to 46, Agnes, seer at Akita, 46: total 92.
The numerology proves the connection between the two events.

The vowels in the words Fatima and Akita are in both cases AIA which convert to 191. In the Christian tradition "alpha and omega", the first and the last, are used to illustrate that Jehovah alone is the beginning and the end. Here the choice of the two locations seems to have been deliberate so as to enable a direct message to be sent. Number "9" means Sacred Femininity, and so the numeral 191 emphasizes that ISIS of the pre-Christian era, supplanted 2000 years ago by the Christian Church but known subsequently as the Immaculate Conception from 1858, is all that has been, is and shall be, and so She is the beginning and the end.

Note the request: "Our Lady of All Nations promises to aid mankind if they acknowledge this title and invoke Her under this title." (Amsterdam, 44th Apparition.)

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