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Old 09-04-2019, 11:31 PM
sentient sentient is offline
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A little bit controversial Buddhist Lama on the subject of death:

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Old 11-04-2019, 01:09 PM
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Please keep this Topic polite to all members

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Old 11-04-2019, 05:18 PM
essvass essvass is offline
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Originally Posted by 7luminaries
You know what is a real kicker? Yes - you do all that after/between lives, but you can also do a fair bit of that right now. You can meet with your guides all the time...certainly as needed. You can review what is needed from a higher or more integrated perspective. What is needed at a soul level. You can see the true purpose of healing, radical forgiveness, authentic love, and reconciliation. You can be with your loved ones in spirit...at least from time to time. With your closest soul fam, it seems in spirit you are always held in the circle of belonging...a place where all things were, are, and will come to be. It's just the ticket for growth and being.

So much of all that we think awaits is in fact here now. We're just in the body and bound by the laws of our universe/existence. Not eternally and not in the realm of spirit, of course, just regarding the physical aspects, more or less. Sometimes more so, sometimes less so

Peace & blessings

Thanks, 7luminaries. I am thrilled that this is how it is for you. As to me, I still have to go to a medium to talk to my loved ones in spirit. But, the day isn't over yet, right?

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Old 12-04-2019, 08:22 PM
janielee janielee is offline
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Originally Posted by Busby
There are many things about being alive which cannot, as yet anyway, be comprehended by ourselves. This thing we call life is, if we look at it from a distance, just cannot be. There is something we are not seeing. What is quite clear is that there isn't or aren't any 'experts' who can answer our requests for knowledge although there have been many instances, reports, accounts and experiences of all kinds of esoteric, mysterious and incomprehensible happenings: apparitions, ghosts, Ufos, abductions, miracles, healings - and all the rest. No need for a list, all of us here due to our interest in this thing we call 'spiritual', know just to what extent this list stretches.
Personally I have been involved in quite a number of 'odd' or 'strange' experiences all of them spread over various times, directions and instances. Some of them changed my attitude to my mental and physical existence and allowed a 'peep' through a slightly opened door - so to say. I think that the mental world (the one in ours heads, where each of us is the centre of the universe) and this world we call 'spiritual' are in fact the same. I have reasons for this, reasons which for me personally are quite persuasive.

I'd like to suggest that we know exactly how 'life after death' will be but don't accord the regular cycles of dying and awakening the value they deserve. I'm talking about going to sleep each night and awakening each morning. The simplicity of it is too obvious.
Each time we go to sleep our consciousness moves away leaving our physical body in a state of animated suspension. Each time we awaken our consciousnesses move back. In the dream state we live other existences. However puerile or demanding these dream experiences may be they are of the same relation to life as to that moment of death where the consciousness does not return.

Our consciousness (of which we are aware!) is permanent but cycles between being present in the physical and then in the mental on various planes just like notes and octaves in music. After death we dream the dream we deserve or want to dream. This choice depends upon the path we have chosen.

The universe, the one that we know, exists only in our personal and collective imagination.


I wish you'd write more! Ack!

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Old 14-04-2019, 01:23 PM
Untersberg56 Untersberg56 is offline
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Within the "Christian tradition" the first promise of salvation stated clearly occurred when Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared at Aylesford, England on 16 July 1251 to St Simon Stock, head of a monastic Order recently returned from the Holy Land. She said:

"My beloved son, receive this scapular for your Order. It is the special sign of a privilege which I have obtained for you and for all God's children who honour Me as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Those who die devotedly clothed with this scapular shall be preserved from eternal fire. The brown scapular is a badge of salvation and a shield in time of danger...

In 1322 the apparition appeared to Pope John XXII and revealed to him that she would descend into purgatory to deliver from their agony those who had faithfully donned the scapular of Carmel and wore it constantly.

She also made known that her visitation to Her devotees would be made on the Saturday after their death. This strange promise appears to be a continuation of the ancient Egyptian tradition:

In an extract from the life of Pisentios, Bishop of Keft, written in the 7th century (re-published Ed.Amelineau, Paris 1887 at p.144f), the Bishop stated that in answer to his question as to whether he had enjoyed any rest or period without suffering in purgatory, the Mummy replied: "Yea,O my father, pity is shown unto those who are in torment every Saturday and Sunday. As soon as Sunday is over we are cast into the torments which we deserve so that we may forget the years we have passed in the world, and as soon as we have forgotten the grief of this torment we are cast into another which is still more grievous."

Over the centuries, the apparitions of Our Lady have become more regular and have made personal salvation easier to achieve: for example at the famous apparitions at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, on 13 June that year the Immaculate Conception declared that she wished to establish in the world devotion to Her Immaculate Heart and promised salvation to those who embrace it.

Moreover, besides Fatima, in two other 20th century apparitions, one in Belgium and the other in Germany, She promised salvation to the child visionaries to whom She appeared: "We shall meet again in Heaven" and at Akita, Japan on 13 October 1973 She repeated: "Those who place their confidence in Me will be saved."
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Old 14-04-2019, 04:58 PM
brown23455 brown23455 is offline
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I believe in an afterlife. I have gifts and are often visited by people on the other side. I think when you die it is confusing and some people who have the ability reach out for help in figuring out what is going on and where to go. Some people stay around, some move on and are able to come back to visit every now and then. I think its like it is here but a different dimension(not sure what the correct word is). But I do not believe there is a heaven or a hell. But in my experiences, I for sure know there is life after death.
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Old 17-04-2019, 03:18 PM
dfnj2019 dfnj2019 is offline
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I think when you die you have the opportunity to go into the light and experience God's infinite beauty. If you choose to go into the light we become so enamored by God's infinite beauty time ceases to exist. We melt into God's mind experiencing eternal heavenly bliss. Experiencing the face of God in all it's infinite beauty is the greatest possible experience by definition. Nothing is more penetrating into our core being of experience than experiencing God's infinite beauty. You will experience the greatest possible depth of feeling of unity and oneness with the utter total complete perfection that is God. Why would you ever want to continue to experience time after experiencing God's infinite beauty?

For whatever reason, which is kind of mind boggling in a way, some people choose to turn away from going into the light and experiencing God's infinite beauty. The most compelling reason why someone would turn away is each of us is our own greatest critic. God's infinite beauty and light is a mirror showing us the very worse aspects of our own character. It's only when we are capable of loving ourselves in spite of all our own imperfections that we are capable of not being driven away by the demons of our own creation.

For people who turn away from God there are two paths. One is the short path. One is the long path. First, we will start with the long path. With the long path, after your turn away from God, you choose not to participate with what you are experiencing. This is a very nihilistic way of being. At that moment the person chooses to turn away from God and stop participating with the Universe in a kind of suicidal rage against being itself, the person is immediately given the power of being omnipotent.

Now some of you may be thinking, gee, you die, you turn away from God, you make blasphemy against all of existence by choosing to be a nihilist, and you get rewarded with the power of having omnipotence. This may sound unfair if your heart is immature and you take pleasure at the thought of sinners suffering. Or maybe your heart is full of hate and you are seeking revenge against people who have sinned against you. Or maybe you are jealous and envious of someone else having more power than you do. But from our omnipotent all-loving God's perspective, our God of unconditional love, what better way to win over someone you love so absolutely and completely than to perfectly give them everything their heart desires. The real sad thing is why would you ever waste any time at all with petty profane desires when you can be looking into the face of God basking in the glow of heavenly eternal bliss. Nothing we can imagine could ever come close to experiencing God's infinite beauty.

Now at first having omnipotent powers may sound like a really good thing. But after millions and millions of years, or what just seems like millions of years, which is only nanoseconds real time, living out all your petty profane desires and imaginations you will become extremely bored. Your mind will have exhausted every possible thing it is capable of imagining. Every possible conceivable scenario of experience you are capable of imagining will have been played out millions of times over. After having sex with two chicks 10,000 times is probably enough. Eventually you will decide there's no point in turning away from God any longer. You will decide with having absolutely nothing left worthwhile to do you will turn back and look into the face of God. However, this time you don't look away. All the reasons forcing you look away before have been resolved during your stint with having omnipotent powers. And just after you look into the face of God you have a very brief thought where you think, “What the heck was I thinking when I turned away the first time?” Time will then cease to exist and you experience eternal heavenly bliss.

Or, instead of choosing the long path, you may choose the short path back to God. Short path is based on what happens to you in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Essentially, what happens after you turn away from God, is you go down a path towards reincarnation. This is not an easy path to travel down. All along the way there are demons that get created based on who you were in life that are the exact manifestations of everything you would find to be the most terrifying or would cause you the most suffering imaginable. After each encounter you will have a moment or two to find peace and forgiveness from within and choose to finally turn back into the light and face God directly. However, if you continue to decide to turn away from God you will face every possible demon you could possibly suffer from experiencing until you are reincarnated to someone living in New Jersey. When you live in New Jersey there is only Heaven. And the endless cycle of life, suffering, death, and rebirth in New Jersey continues until you finally learn or decide how to appreciate God with the greatest possible faith imaginable and have absolute reverence for God, God's creation (including New Jersey), other people, people living in New Jersey, and yourself.
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Old 18-04-2019, 06:20 PM
Flexibility Flexibility is offline
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Dont go into the light.
Go into the darkness and see what happens. <3
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Old 18-04-2019, 06:53 PM
Wally Wally is offline
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What happens when we die? We go to Starbucks in the Sky and order our favourite coffee. Or am I wishful thinking?
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Old 18-04-2019, 10:44 PM
Andyangel1205 Andyangel1205 is offline
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This is such a great thought-provoking question. I've studied and watched a lot of Raymond Moody's stuff and think it's pretty accurate, but who knows?

My wife is a vocal channel and one of the beings she communicated went into depth about this subject (upon my asking). According to this being (from Betelgeuse in Orion), he was once a human and died in the early 80s. When I asked about the exact experience, he confirmed the whole "life review" scenario and went on to say that you get to choose your next destination. For this being, he chose to assume his next incarnation as an "scientist" alien on Orion. Intriguing stuff to say the least.
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