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Old 01-08-2019, 08:15 PM
Wireman24 Wireman24 is offline
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Getting started?

I would like to hear about how some of you began your astral projection journeys? What techniques or teachings did you use?
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Old 05-08-2019, 04:48 PM
Lord_Viskey Lord_Viskey is offline
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I had a book ages ago (@1984), of which I cannot remember the title nor the author.

In the instructions, it pointed out to start out slowly. (Don't look for miraculous experiences on first few tries.)

The training begins in your own home - & familiar surroundings.

The process began with (consciously/physically) visiting several rooms; several areas of each room, and placing a mental marker in a very specific place (of your choosing) in each of these rooms; more than one marker, in more than one place, if you so choose.

This marker should include the combination (either all or just a few) of some kind of "tactile" object (however significant to you it might be); a scented object (perfumes, spices, scented candles - whatever); possible items that evoke some kind of particular sound if possible - (though all I could come up with is a wind up clock that makes a ticking noise - perhaps you have small kid's toys that emit some sound?). The point is that the marker has to be something that you can relate to with your physical senses in some way or another.

Once you have totally/consciously familiarized yourself with your objects, in their specific places, with their specific attributes, you begin to visit them in a route through your hallways and rooms, just after retiring for the night, and as close to the moment of falling asleep that you can make it happen.

You see yourself get out of bed.

You see your "physical"self laying there from your "astrally" standing position. Make a conscious effort to study your own details - (but from a different perspective than your laying down self might see them)

You look around your environment (beside yourself), and notice what is in the room - what is "in relation" to where you feel your body/consciousness to be. This gives the sense of 3-dimensionality to your astral self.

Work on your perspective in relation to all that is in your visual field ( as you progress with astral self, you can eventually see through walls and obstacles - but don't expect this to occur immediately)

Until you develop sufficiently, in every opportunity available, consciously move your perception away from the "resting" you, and focus on how you are seeing things from the "astral" you. You may not have to give "conscious" effort to movement, but I believe a newbie might need to feel the sense of continuity with their awareness. If this isn't an important "sensation" for you to have, then it is possible to "just be there" - the place in the room, or home environment by thinking "this is where I am."

A further note on that "continuity" - the timid astral experimenter might suddenly find a difficulty to continue, if they get even the remotest sense that "they are lost" - that they've "lost contact with their sleeping physical self somewhere".

On a personal note : that was my first "boo-boo". I moved away from my sleeping self too abruptly, and it turned into a brief nightmare that there were two "invisible" shields revolving around my sleeping body and that I couldn't get back into my physical self. (that was exhilerating in itself - but luckily I rationalized that if I had "left" me, then I certainly should be able to get "back into" me. I ended up scaring the beJesus out of my girlfriend at the time when I screamed : "I can't find my body!"... But once you wake up, you've already "snapped" back into yourself & everything turns out just fine... but I digress....

After familiarizing yourself with the "physical room" you begin in, then begin to move around. Begin to move closer to the doorway to exit the room. Constantly be aware of the "relative" perception of this astral self - in relation to your physical self. ( this is intended to comfort you that "physically" you are at peace, that you are comfortable, that there is no danger associated with being away from what you are familiar with)

Move out of the room you are sleeping in. Maybe you'll float; maybe you'll take strides with astral legs - it doesn't matter. But above all else, keep your mind on the perspective of what you are doing, where you are moving ... (are you in the room yet ? ...in the threshold of the doorway ? ... is the door behind you now?... etc.)

As you begin to move through the familiar settings of your home, make your way towards each of the objects that you had originally consciously placed somewhere "specific". Notice the route you took to get to them & everything with how that route would have looked - as if your were physically walking the route. (this is building the strength of the astral body - most particularly with your astral vision).

As you arrive at each of your objects, you may now begin to study them intensely. Use astral hands to [pick them up, and turn them over, looking at the item from every angle imaginable. See how the object looks different, whether its upright, or upside down. You listen to its familiar sound; you smell its familiar scent. (this places you squarely in the proximity of "any given place"; giving the crucial sense of realism that must be associated to the "different" body you are now practicing working with).

Try this exercise for a few weeks, on a regular nightly schedule.

Once you are confident in moving around; convinced that you are in the presence of your objects, and able to manipulate, study, and imprint with them, confident about returning to your physical shell unscathed, then you can begin to change what your astral self does after moving out of your sleeping physical self each time.

Move outside of your home... move down your street ... etc, etc.... but always view the world from this "alternate" perspective than what your physical mind would be seeing.

After all; you are there ... and you must believe that you are there "now".
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