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Old 02-05-2018, 03:39 PM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles 211-217

What is the purpose of life?
To create and enjoy beauty.
To rediscover and explore truth.
To gain and practice virtue.
To cause and share pleasure.
To foster those conditions wherein the willing achieve happiness and ascent.

Mirages entangle and forfeit joy to an illusive struggle for supremacy.

Be no more lost as in a hall of mirrors.

I mourn the passing of those precious things, which perish alone and unseen by a world in darkness.

Is the indelible mark of the parent not within the child?

Those of understanding learn much from a dialogue, the foolish require commands.

Truth is not determined by volume.
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Old 03-05-2018, 08:27 PM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles 218-222

What difference to a wide world can but one make?
Ask she who has lost her child or only love.
Though she seems yet to live, her heart begs to differ.
Share with her this truth: No love is ever lost beyond reunion.

There is a divine and creative principal, which operates in eternal opposition to the forces of entropy and decay. By this, matter rises to life; life to consciousness; consciousness ascends to Loving Wisdom and from Loving Wisdom, comes all else.

The living soul dwells within a vessel of clay to a lofty purpose; not to send children to endless war for blood, profit or doctrine; not to control and destroy nature, subdue and despoil the earth; not to own or use one another, but to end self-obsession and express reverence for our common home by compassionate decency.

Do you not feel within yourself, that powerful urge toward great goodness? The desire to accomplish some wonderous thing, that serves to enrich the lives of many? This pure yearning is embedded within you, deeper than blood.

To live abundantly is a creative endeavor. Wealth and prosperity are not identical.
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Old 07-05-2018, 07:19 PM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
  John Asherah's Avatar
The Asherah Code: Particles 223-333

By this gritty world, we are smoothed.

Being unwilling to follow does not make you a leader.

Many paths may be followed in a single lifetime, but only one to its very end.

Even when you win a war, what results is not necessarily peace.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society.

Rulers demand taxes, but may only earn trust and devotion.

Beware those that suggest Loving Wisdom itself is subversive.

Many seek to dismiss truth unheard, for they are unable to refute it.

How long a single kiss may last, even a lifetime.

The autumn tree itself cannot say which is the next leaf to fall.

The cults of blood curse and revile the truth restored.

We are more alike than different.

They deprive you of choice and claim they know better for you. Their profession of superior knowledge and concern overrule you. But know this: somewhere, money is changing hands.

Being human is to become a source of justifiable pride, not a disclaimer.

The eternal realm is both within and above you. From both, it proceeds into the world. from within, outward; from above, descending to converge and manifest in resonant harmony throughout the world. You are no passive recipient, but an indispensable co-creator.

To those who grieve already or soon will mourn, a new vision is given and in knowing newly received, the mirage of death is seen through, fear departs, peace falls as gentle rain upon a field parched and thirsty for the comforts of truth.

Evil thrives when it goes unopposed by the rest.

By the authentic impulse of the Fully Human Being, we cultivate the spirit, develop and share a message of hope, join with the willing and prepare the way forward.

You are to stand; not alone, but as one against approaching darkness, unafraid and resolute. By the power of loving wisdom to oppose the destroyer; truth, beauty and life will not forever pass from this world.

What good is eternal life, but that it is filled with the joy of love everlasting?

In a moment of desperate need, inspired by an instinct of protective love, one sacrifices themself without hesitation to save the rest; and these others, in understanding, strive to prove worthy. Savior and saved, are bound together in love, memory and hope.

In the most private realms of an individual's life, no one else can properly have any vote.

The power of love overcomes the love of power.

It is the belief that Armageddon is inevitable that makes it certain.

On the edge of disaster, is found opportunity.

Though what you have perishes, what you are continues.

Something skirts about at the edge of your memory; teasing and tugging, like a playful child desirous of attention. You can almost remember it and clearly sense its importance; like a joyful dream you wish to rejoin.

From a sleep, so deep you are unaware even that you live, you awaken time after time. Yet, there are those who from this example learn nothing and insist there is but one life.

Take courage. From life, you awaken to joy.

Words themselves have no value, but that read or spoken become as a mirror, to better know yourself. In this reflection, you are discovered and revealed.

Discover your purpose and with your courageous whole heart, serve it.

Those in power are there because they desire control above all else. They do whatever they must to gain power and keep it, often without regard to truth or harm. They destroy by deception or violence, even ones who feed and heal; all without suffering the pangs of conscience. By such the world is reduced to meaningless rubble.

The one who is called to help, will do so despite personal cost; though held in contempt, even by those for whom they suffer and die. They do this without seeking personal advantage, reward or even thanks. To such the world owes its human existence and is saved from itself.

They fail to diligently examine the foundations of their beliefs. Thus, blind faith and violent oppression arise.

The spirit pervades and exalts matter.

One cannot simultaneously search and cling. Sailing to a new world requires first losing sight of the old shore.

The quality of your experience is dependent upon your own intention.

Though death is not final, it produces an intense sense of risk, despite which we still choose the right over the safe and overcome.

By ignorant zeal is evil done.

One who honestly says there is no god, nor soul, nor life eternal finds correction in a single experience of truth. The contrarians, whose opinion derives from reflexive perversity, are another matter.

The most worthy dream will not become as you lay idle and wait for another. Create and your endeavor rises to exceed even the dream with which it began. When you see what your own power has wrought, you are fulfilled with joy.

Often do animals display empathy beyond many humans, and affection without ulterior motive. To measure an animal’s value based on usefulness is the standard of a parasite. Do not arrogantly dismiss the wisdom of the non-human.

The past has much to teach. How may a person or world thrive without memory?

That which was hidden is now brought forth and revealed.

That all experience is subjective does not diminish its reality. Consciousness itself is subjective. Are you conscious? How may you prove it?

The true Covenant is not blind obedience to authority, but enlightened self-interest.

Encourage, but do not coerce; persuade, but do not demand; share, but do not insist.

None are damned for the acts of another, as by another none are saved.

When they have served only themselves, of whom do they expect reward?

By despair unrelieved you are defeated without resistance.

Individual perspective is an aperture through which an image is formed and focused.

There is a divine song which lives within, that when sung opens heaven wide.

Something there is, which skulks in the darkness, just beyond eye’s reach.

In the absence of open experience, there can be no direct knowledge, only vague faith.

The return to life is not miraculous, but universal. Resurrection is but a demonstration of this fact.

That which is commonplace today was once deemed impossible. This continues.

The gossamer flesh, briefly worn, drops away to reveal naked truth.

A vessel is formed and knit within the womb, awaiting divinity.

Adversity is capable of plumbing the depth of a human spirit

You are not obliged to meet hatred halfway. You need not negotiate with disease.

Even you do not yet know all of which you are capable.

Begin with a single perfect breath. A single perfect day is a goal worthy of a lifetime.

Success is not possible, unpreceded by failures.

No one rises to success alone.

Love the question, embrace the mystery.

You are not here to be like anyone else.

If ancient scripture were competent to guide us forward, we would be there already.

The failure is not the lack of absolute theocracy, the problem is within the destructive message itself.

We cannot reasonably expect better results by continuing what we know does not work.

To perform even mundane tasks with excellence is admirable.

Within a stone, the jewel awaits discovery.

By slow degrees, justice becomes tangled. Adhering to form bereft of substance; it falls to a formal justification of its own misdeeds. Those who would honestly serve truth become instead, oppressive agents of inequity.

The wise do not grieve upon a change of garment.

The universe is vast. Certainty is unwarranted.

A smile is not wasted upon the blind.

Mistaking stubborn for steadfast, they reckon their intractability a virtue.
Their beliefs are more than false, they are an impediment to humanity’s ascent.

Not at war, nor even in conflict are flesh and spirit. The body is not to be disdained, for it is the stair upon which we tread to rise.

Woman is neither reprobate, nor lacking. She is not the source of evil, but of human life.

So selfish and narrow are they, who annihilated entire nations with joy, only to indulge in self-pity when they themselves were conquered. They call themselves holy and are not even fully human.

Now those who were never sheep, rise, turn and rend the wolves.

Knowing exceeds the power of speech to relate. Yet, there is a means beyond words to convey the experience upon which the knowledge is founded.

Impressions remain, of a profound experience beyond description. Like the remnants of a dream we know is achingly lovely, but cannot be long held in daylight. Like the memories of a kiss from one for whom we still yearn. Our heart is thwarted by the mind’s inability to retain the full power of its sweetness, though it does linger to tantalize. Do not relinquish your grip upon this elusive sweetness.

Ally yourself in the vast becoming. Shine forever in that worthy purpose where light forever travels and yet remains.

We are in willing accord and unified to power that transcends, but does not subsume.

In a manifold universe of ceaseless change and seething turmoil, there is yet that which is immutable and indivisible; such stillness does not catch the eye, but is inexhaustible and welcoming.

A greater miracle it is for one once selfish to awaken and ascend than for the dead to rise.

For one lost to the world to be found and transformed into a light which summons others from out of darkness, is a wonder.

The tumult is overpowered by tranquility.

In the Judgment, we are made aware of the full impact of our choices, proceeding outward in every direction and inward to our depths. We see and feel each ugly, foolish, selfish thing we have done and all the pain spread thereby. We are also given to fully experience every fine and worthy act undertaken and the unanticipated joy reaching even to the ends of the earth and beyond. May you not reap the pangs of regret for things beyond recall, but in foresight, be early roused to compassion.

If in life, we were to fully recall the expansive peace denied to flesh, we would have fear only of life’s continuation.

History reveals that given opportunity, followers of Abraham willingly do vast murder without restraint or conscience, upon someone’s innocent children.

They have idolized themselves and like Solomon's false mother, will choose that all should die, rather than cease to worship themselves and their fallen word.

The darkness within them, distorts their perceptions like an illness, until they are a danger to humanity itself.

As they have sown, so will they reap. The violent intolerance by which they have destroyed many far better than themselves, now falls back upon them. This is an unfortunate fulfillment of their own misguided scripture.

Though clearly perceived by the heart, the essential is often invisible to the eye. Lacking this vital insight leaves one most blind.

The ear not attuned to truth cannot detect the music beneath the words.

This world remains lamentably willing to crush the most delicate child underfoot.

The meek invite mistreatment and embolden their abusers to view all as prey.

Give the bully and tyrant reason to hesitate, reconsider and alter their path. Not the peaceful and innocent, but the vicious are to cower.

Lacking direct experience they have settled for doctrine and worship only their own beliefs.

The power of love exceeds hatred in every way and the final victory of light and love is inevitable.

Suffering and anguish fall away from us into the darkness we leave behind.

The beauty of truth is both intricate and simple, as uplifting as it is profound.

Those who deceive and they who suppress, lack the power to forever restrain truth.

The ones who mislead to destruction will fall alone into the pit they intended for others.

Make your sacrifices ones of devotion, not of spilled blood.

True love calls forth such power that against it, death itself is powerless.

That this moment is not forever makes it precious, not meaningless. Eternity includes now.

You can be relieved of delusion and suffering, but not against your will.
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Old 14-05-2018, 03:29 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued

In the world, ambiguity is inevitable.

A journey may as often be a flight, as a search.

We begin not only transient, but helpless also.

We need not have all the answers to know peace.

Be here now and content.

You do not find truth, you recognize it.

Words are inadequate to capture even the plunge and wheel of a single bird in flight.

Return to the open-hearted, uncontrived virtue of an unselfconscious child.

We are each unique. This is the first of our similarities.

Let us rise and return to fellowship with all creation.

None may compel or coerce virtue.

The sky is deeper than any ocean.

The noise of a mind can drown out perception itself.

We are self-compelled to seek order within chaos.

It is not about perfection, but the deepest experiencing of what is.

Find joy despite imperfection.

Paradox and ambiguity live near the heart of our existence.

The line which separates good from evil runs not between us and them, but through the middle of each.

Incompleteness and dissonance are inherent in the flesh.
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Old 14-05-2018, 03:43 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued

By effort alone we can attain:
knowledge, but not wisdom;
learning but not understanding;
pleasure but not happiness;
bed, but not sleep.

Confront the dilemma.

Though the locks are removed, the chains do not fall away, for we grip them tightly in our own hands.

So long as we cling, we are bound.

Attempt compassionate indifference.

Love reveals us to ourselves.

Outside, explore the farthest reaches; inside, ponder the labyrinth.

When thirsty, drink; don't drown.

Obstacles and adversity refine the character.

The wounds of the past can be impediment or impetus.

Balance is not static, but a dynamic interplay creating equilibrium.

Make your peace with reality.

More are murdered in the name of religious intolerance, than any other crime.

Be free of ostentation.

Combine discipline and spontaneity; planning and improvisation.

In this very moment, be at peace. Until this is accomplished, of what use is eternity?

Those born rich or beautiful, begin with a handicap.
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Old 14-05-2018, 03:56 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued 3

The extraordinary is found everyday.

By a reflexive insistence upon our rights, we lose our autonomy.

No one can make another love them.

Who shall dodge the rain that falls equally upon all?

By increments, we reach the stars, or extinction.

We cannot awaken one who pretends to sleep.

The just defender is often empowered to defeat overwhelming aggression.

The specter of false shame poisons even our joys.

It is by the virtue and nobility of your struggle that you are defined.

What will you allow yourself to become?

We unfold the mysteries of both past and future.

Nothing remains motionless.
Even the center revolves.
Knowledge once adequate, is no longer.
This truth; lament of the aged, hope of the young, carries aloft or away the willing and unwilling like.

Universal truth is entwined with messages meant for but one alone.

None are so suspicious as the untrustworthy.

From woman, every man is born; without her, there is no birth, no flourishing.

When focused, light penetrates deeply.

Ask the transformative question; for here is the beginning of wisdom.
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Old 14-05-2018, 04:08 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued 4

Hold always your home world in reverence; for no matter the breadth of your exploring, there is only one.

Reaching, we extend our grasp;
Tested, we earn our rise;
Called, we answer and ascend.

They are trained, reflexive and predetermined.
Creative spontaneity is regarded as subversive.
They choose the wasteland in seeming safety.
They relinquish their precious value for approval.
They lose their own way, to follow lost others.

You are summoned to destiny.
From the victim's ashes, the hero emerges.
The old skin is shed, to a sleek arising.

How may we set upon the path seeking light, but that we first acknowledge our benighted, lost condition?

We are here to find what we most love and do it.

As a young and trusting child, do you recall leaping fearless and excited into a parent's waiting arms?

Risk attends every first time.
Do not be held hostage by opinion.

Here is found the death of fear.

How may come reward without struggle?

Through living is learned the art of improvisation.

To discourage free inquiry and open discourse is the prelude to tyranny of the mind.

Often is ingratitude mistaken for independence.

There can be no ascent without progress, no progress without change.
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Old 14-05-2018, 04:12 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued 5

We begin here, to save a better future.

They defend the past from needful change.
By habit and fear, they impede the essential advance.

You are a living, free agent of needful change.

Only the immobile are not criticized for what they do.

Risk discomfort.

Release truth into the world.

What begins in controversy, proves its worth.

Insecurity produces violent reaction to the challenge of change.

Without your consent, the world can only dirty you on the outside.

Sacrifice is not the spilling of innocent blood nor any act of destruction. It is devotion. It is the seeking of a good not solely your own. It is dedication to a purpose beyond yourself. It is doing the right thing, though it secures for you no advantage.

The desire to be appreciated is normal and human.

What dark deeds have been done in the name of light!

For lack of a true vision, people suffer.

Not all aspire to fame.

You need not dismiss the evidence of the senses and the verdict of reason.

Those who would oppose worthy progress are on the wrong side of history and swim against the inexorable tide.

What do we most hope for our world?
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Old 14-05-2018, 04:21 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued 6

That the most fragile and innocent among us are endangered, is the shame of this world.

It is the unprecedented occurrence that conveys greatest risk and opportunity.
Here, lessons of the past may be unrevealing.

The random is indeterminate in any single instance.

Chance and causality collaborate.

If all were predestined, existence would be pointless.

Freedom of will is an unpredictable element that provides the joy of the unexpected, even to the prescient.

The influence of random factors is powerful.

Many desire to impose order upon the riot of nature.
Yet, the role of the random is as essential as order.

To thrive amid chaos is most difficult, yet essential.

To intervene in complex systemic interactions may produce unforeseen consequences. A disastrous cascade may result.

A child unloved, turns hatred first in upon themselves and then out onto the world.

By the rod may a child be ruined beneath the flesh; taught violence and inclined to respond in kind.

Confess not merely your wrongs, but the inner workings of your heart to another and find comfort in your shared humanity.

To listen deeply, is to hear beneath the words to the meaning and is a craft of the spirit.

In the soothing of another's grief, is your own cure often found.

Nearly everyone can teach you something you need to learn.
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Old 14-05-2018, 04:30 AM
John Asherah John Asherah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 171
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The Asherah Code: Particles Continued 7

Just as the light accompanies us, darkness too, lurks nearby.

Where authority is not fully subject to its own laws, there is tyranny.

The prize you seek is most worthy of your every effort.

One who is not too certain may learn many things.

Pain falls drop by drop upon the heart until beyond despair, comes wisdom.

Apply the powers of compassionate reason to benefit all,

As we hold the potential for love and the empathy necessary to make it more than a mere sensation, we are caring beings.

As we possess the capacity for wonder and the intellect to seek its fulfillment, we are thinking beings.

In the fusion of feeling and thought, we are human beings.

We are capable of adaptation and have an infinite capacity for improvement and refinement.

We are able to recognize and respond to beauty.

Our seeking of beauty and truth go well beyond mere survival and gratification; it is one defining characteristic of our humanity.

What we are and may become is the result of a vast maelstrom of instability within us, ceaselessly adapting to every challenge.

Wisdom exhibits authority over blind ignorance. We accept the challenge knowing our ability to conjure by the mindís essence.

How may the child learn to love and honor the parent, but by first observing worthy example?

They who remain bound to the past cannot ascend.
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