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Old 21-03-2017, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Holly
I learned today that God can teach us through any faith. I always had nothing but disdain for religion, especially Catholicism, but when I spoke to him, he told me to become a catholic! This is another lesson in love and inclusion for me. It stings. I don't like it, at least, my human mind doesn't.

He'd made it clear before that he dislikes my pride and ego, in the sense that I often put religion on a low peg in my mind and spirituality on a high one.

The more I actually read the bible or listen to others read it, the more obvious it's becoming to me that it was written to inspire and teach love. Regardless of how people interpret or use it for justification, there's a lot of love between the lines. It's a tool. If you use it lovingly it becomes a GOOD thing.

I think God wants me to become a catholic because it means humbling myself before someone else's judgement, which is a loss of control and an alien concept for me. It also means openly admitting and speaking the things I do that even I'm ashamed of. I think he means it to be cathartic. (I'm not saying I will become religious, by the way. Just that I'm exploring his reasons for asking.)

I never get the impression he favours one religion over another when I speak to him, but I think he points certain people to certain faiths to teach certain lessons. Anyway. Make of this what you will


[] = my notes/non verbal information.


God (To Holly) – I wish you to have faith in something that is not yourself, non-limited and outside of your NOW consciousness [my humanity.] Put your faith in God via one of his/her churches and have belief AS WELL as humility. Come on me humble on your knees, NOT with preconceptions about me [or pride or ego.] I wish to teach you all I know and I wish you to be receptive and open, and to trust in me and my will EVEN if you do not agree.

Let me guide you to the correct faith FOR YOU. I will ask things of you. You will obey. If you place trust in me instead of mankind and trust my will I shall reward you. If you do not, you cannot grow. [I'd remain stagnant despite coming this far already. This isn't optional. He wants me to do this.]

I have made a covenant with humankind [in the past.] They are breaking it. I want you all to come to church. Be my spouses. My children and friends. I made these rules [in the bible/holy books] to guide you to better self expression, to bring you consciously closer to the ultimate expression of humanity. I want you to put faith in me Holly, you and ALL others. [Remember though that] responsibility for your life is yours and yours alone.

Holly – What I get from this is that you want me to have a religion, a faith to view through like a lens, to find real, outside guidance that doesn't come from me. Rather than relying exclusively on my own wisdom or the things I already understand, as opposed to the many things I don't know. Right?

G – (agreement.) I wish you to live as a human woman with an angel for your husband and [both of you] to come to me, rather than go to each other, in ALL matters, through an ESTABLISHED structure of faith which cannot be perverted or altered by your own desires. I gave you Azrael. Now you wish to be his wife, so you need a higher guide to replace him. You have been offered ME. Do as I say and you will be rewarded.

H – Do you have a preferred faith for me then?

G – Whichever one suits what you still need to learn. Becoming catholic would suit you. But so would becoming Christian. Or Buddhist! [teasing/laughing.] You need guidance, child. You are a very powerful presence, a spirit of huge awareness who must be taught to temper her power with ultimate love [his love.] You have wings made of light frequencies that I gave you to further your journey on Earth. They could be used to do harm, which is why I do not let them wake up fully yet. You could do much harm in other ways too. You need guidance from an outside force and source of absolute love to become the balanced being you ought to be.

H – So many angels in here. I can see them.

G – My children love to be near me. They watch over you as though you are their own children. Holly, you have internal mastery of so much now. [He sounds concerned.] I feel you need a limit while your mind catches up [with your power.] Allow me to provide you with one? Accept the catholic faith, [even if you] practise it only in your heart, but practise it! Practise the limits and virtues of Catholicism for me. Consider yourself catholic. Confess and receive holy communion [he means either directly through the church on Earth or via angels and/or himself on the etheric.] And when you are tempered by faith I will reinstate your angelic light frequencies so that you can make changes to Earth's dense atmosphere, to your own body and bodies of others.


I'll follow this up shortly with what Jesus said to me in the chapel LOL! (Which reminds me, bear in mind that this was a telepathic convo! It's translated into English. Don't freak if it doesn't sound "goddish." He talks, I do the english writing as close as I can to his meaning.)

I don't know. What do you think? Would you become a catholic or a christian or a buddhist because God told you to? I'm more of a...I know better...sort of personality. And I'm skeptical too. No surprises there LOL.

I recal when I moved through the choices of change from religious conditioning that required me to let go, I kind of still held god in me as to what I needed to choose.
Then of course I learned those lessons and moved into understanding that my choices just got clearer when I left all others out of the picture. There is only you as the teller in all this. There is you and your own life that decides for you.

We are moved when we are clear as the one in all this.

Naturally I understand this process in my own way, so perhaps you might take something from this sharing that might inspire you to know differently or to add more to your current picture...

Clarity is born through an ongoing process and usually at those intersecting points where you just know and you move. Its a grounded movement that doesn't question itself or god. It just does.
The infinite, a sudden guest
Has been assumed to be,
But how can that stupendous come
Which never went away?
- Emily ****inson
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