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Old 05-10-2016, 05:44 AM
anditmakesmewonder anditmakesmewonder is offline
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(Long text)Incubus/Succubus/Spirit/Guide/Thought form/etc?

Here am I again to ask about this(some of it I may have written here before).
Please give your opinion about what it may be, your theory or personal/similar experience.

I think my weird dreams started maybe in 2013? I don't even remember ever since when I got to this forum I've seen many people talking about similar stories like my weird dreams and I've been trying to understand how it started.
Honestly the incubus/succubus was by far the scariest theory of all possibilities I guess. When I talked with a forum member that is more focused into astral projection he said I could be going into Real time zone, RTZ, that would be a state in between dimensions, it's not the physical world but it's not the dream state, not fully awake but no fully asleep. It usually like 90% happens right after I fall asleep.
It's truly strange because many years before I never had these types of dreams at all. The first one I noticed to be odd, as when I felt someone lying in my bed and spooning me. It just felt like a body, but I knew I was sleeping but there was no dream, it felt as being in bed w/eyes closed as if I was in a copy of my physical reality but no truly inside a dream w/landscape, scenery, characters, etc.
The more it happened the more real and solid the presence felt. And when it started just as I would feel like drowning or losing consciousness or just falling asleep I'd feel goosebumps coming in my arms and legs and being touched by some energy. And because I followed the "positive" crowd of this forum("accept the love", "don't fear it", etc) that advised me to make questions and such, I allowed it to happen while I inquired the being the next time it happened.
It felt like being in bed, eyes closed, no scenery, nothing, just the feeling of someone above you doing their embarrassing thing. I mean, it's something that completely embarrasses you, to tell stuff like this and people would thing you're imagining or just dreaming, but you can tell this is different from other dreams.

So because of the advice I was allowing it that night and when I realized I wasn't getting any answers I just tried to escape it, just wake up but it would allow me. When I finally managed to open my eyes within this dream/nightmare I was no longer in my bed but in a basement, my arms covered in bruises because of the impact, the being pushing me down to the floor. Obviously there were no real marks afterwards but I was truly scared.

After this anytime I'd feel the goosebumps right before falling sleep I'd force myself to wake up, stay wake for 30 min(as overtime I realized I needed this time so it would start again) and then fall asleep again without this happening. Hopefully to me this wasn't happening every night, I think it happened once in a while with months in between. But when I thought it was gone, it was back.
Somehow I always felt it was the same being whatever it was. Once I failed to wake up and it started, I was so tired of it that I cursed at it and it stopped and I fell into a regular dream. I was surprised by this, because many times praying wouldn't work as it's terribly hard to focus on it when you feel some being pushing you around. Many times if I failed to get up and then goosebumps went beyond I'd try to escape and feel as if I was falling from bed, being thrown to walls, dresser, but always connected to my physical body by one part from my spiritual body, usually my feet.
Another occasion I would just feel the being sit behind my head as if he had his legs around my body as some sort of watcher/keeper/owner?

Which makes me think of a dream I had after these weird experiences started, that seemed like a regular one still it was so vivid that felt as some spontaneous past life regression where I was a slave bought in some market auction or something like that and then used for sex. I managed to escape but I didn't see if I succeed to go far or if I was captured again.

Do you believe such thing is possible?

Anyways the "weird/blackness" dreams usually would get violent because I was resisting to it, literally fighting the being.

One day I had a dream that seemed normal where I met to friendly beings, a female told to me to say "Saint Michael" anytime I couldn't see in a dream and immediately I went "blind" and I tried her suggestion and it failed because I thought of it, I didn't say out loud in the dream. Then I did as I should and I could see. The problem is to remind myself of this. I think I have to make an effort every night to remember this just in case the weird dream shows up.
In this same dream I met a man and I said to him: "But weren't you Natalie?" and he said, "Yeah, but now I'm Charlie", to this day I'm not sure what these names mean, just that he was showing me art pieces and he had the most warm gentle smile in his face and had grey hair. The name thing made me wonder if he was the first woman too.

In other occasion I was having a regular dream, me in a gallery seeing paintings, a man I couldn't see the face holding my hand. I was just calm and enjoying the visit but suddenly the goosebumps started coming from his hand to mine and I just said "Oh no, it's you again" and it was as if the walls of the dream, the scenery, all fell down like cardboard sets. I was sent into the blackness/weird dream again trying to escape the being.

Other event was that before sleeping I prayed to see the truth, when the weird dream and being came I could for the first time see my room, well the copy of my room inside apparently of the RTZ. I could see the black legs of the being, that seemed humanoid but not truly human or perhaps disfigured, shadow or monster like? I didn't have the courage to face the truth and just looked away crying and it ran away. And I thought this was new, he went away more quickly after this reaction, no fighting.

More recently this year I was again trying to escape another of these dreams and the being tried the best to not let go of me, it was as if he embraced me with arms and legs and I was almost falling of the bed trying to run and all of sudden I said: let go of me, Jonathan. Immediately I felt his hands out of my spiritual body as if he was shocked or scared that I knew his name or that because I addressed him directly he obeyed.

So after this I was puzzled thinking if there is some miscommunication going on. I have no idea from where the name came from. I wasn't wearing voices or anything, it just came as a thought or telepathy Idk and it said "it's someone very young" and then that phrase just came out of my mouth, I didn't think of saying it, I just did.

A detail is that I sometimes attend a spiritist temple and in another occasion I was feeling in peace after a reunion, went to sleep and prayed more than my usual, all good thoughts and intentions. Then the weird dream again, so I decided to just see what would happen but to do nothing. This time the being did what it wanted but no violence and I think I had been asleep just for 5 min or at least no more than 10 and could wake up with no effort as soon as he was gone. Needless to say I felt weirded out because it's not like I join the medium circle within the temple, nope, I just go to hear then talk, explain topics. And ever since I decided to take a time out of it...because part of me was thinking "what if there are spirits following me home?" Is this even possible? Unknown spirits?

As I said these episodes happen one day then months pass until they happen again and it happened again this week.
I fell asleep. This time it came to my mind "an asian man", I'm like okay, he said "watch it" and so he showed me a video playing in reverse(it was somewhat slow that resembled stop motion), many papers falling to the ground and a man trying to pick them up, some people around and I noticed a puddle of blood next to it. Then he proceed to show me more things I can't recall anymore, but it was as if he was showing me something through his lens or eyes. Then he asked if he could dance w/me and I said, "Dance? You're not here, I'm not there, I don't have a body, you don't have a body." I said this because I felt like I was just energy or a spirit, just me, the soul. He said "I know I'm far away but we can still be close" and so I agreed to dance. Some songs played, he was more like hugging me than dancing. We were like formless beings in darkness, nothing seem just felt. Then I was shown a face, more like it was outlined in black but there were missing details from his face, like the nose and some portion of eyes. This image fell down to a stone and there was some kind of dark wood next to it.(Later I wondered if this was a tombstone?)
Until this point I was thinking this was just a regular dream, but then I was sent to the weird/blackness again that just feel like being in bed but not awake. And so I felt this huge weight in my chest that completely immobilized me. I know people will say "oh that's sleep paralysis", no, it's not. This time at least no violence but I felt as if he was resting his head on my neck. So I'm like, "what is that? could be the astral vampires people talk about?". After this I had false awakenings and continued to sleep only waking up hours after.

The thing is, the day of this dream I had an election to go and so I told my mother about the dream, because in my family they believe that if you have premonitory dreams and you talk about then you may have a chance of stopping things from happening and I'm usually one of the people to have them. So I told her because both of us had to vote in different places and over here despite having laws against people people keep distributing papers to promote candidates at the last moment. I feared that something would happen. The guy in the dream had said "watch it".
I voted then I went w/her so she could vote. One of the papers guy talked to me asking me if I had voted, I said yes, he said "have a nice sunday", I said "you too". We walked a little, we were still in the street, and then many shots were fired, a woman started screaming in despair, sadness, anger and crying; everyone looked at the direction of that guy I talked to was standing, the cops went there to check. I'm not sure who was the victim, no one wanted to check, witness it or risk themselves, plenty must have seen it because there were a lot of people because of the election. I had just been there moments before. I literally walked from back to front of that street, in a way, the reverse way, like the dream played in reverse.

So I'm here thinking that this latest dream I was full of fear of the "asian man" formless soul and it seems he was just trying to warn me about a risky situation he had already seen somehow and the hugging was probably more like protection or shielding me.

If you managed to read this all...opinions? Thoughts? This latest being doesn't seem to be the other from the violent dreams because he talks, doesn't speak that clear, but still talks. Sorry if this thread seems confusing, but it's like a summary of weird experiences.
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Old 05-10-2016, 08:08 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
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my thinking is that all of our experiences have the underlying purpose of benefiting us
(often in ways unknown to us, due to our limitations of perception and understanding).
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