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Old 29-07-2019, 11:06 AM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
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A dream and some signs; Titanic

Hey everyone,

I'm sitting here, it's 4:45 a.m and I've had a few odd happenings as of late. In the last 4 months, I've had a dream, several times the same number popped up, and my son ordered a relpica of the Titanic online.

I've not ever really been a big Titanic fan, I watched the movies like everyone else...but my interest is not of that era.

It started early in April, I had a dream that seemed profoundly real. I can't exactly what it might mean, if anything...but I'm getting 4:12 alot. I woke up this morning, infact...for the 20th time...at that time.

The only thing I can think of associated with that number is Titanic sank on that date. It wouldn't normally register, but since I had a dream in early April, and my son who is autistic, ordered a replica of the Titanic in June....it's popping up over and over.

The song, my heart will go on..
Makes my son cry every time....and it has for over 15 years. He just really breaks down, even his teachers at school saw this when the song came on their radio in class...but then again, it's a really sad song, so I'm sure alot of people have a reaction to it.

I'll start with the dream, and the dream is profound because it felt real...I could sense everything, from the time, atmosphere, weather conditions, and the absolute feeling of being there. I've had these same experiences as a toddler, when I repeatedly had a dream of a man's death who I didn't know, over and over.

I found out in my 30s, that the dream was infact true...and the man was my great grandmother's first husband who was killed in the early 50s...long before my birth. I saw everything in my dreams, through his eyes, and feelings...even his death. This was never spoke about, as I was a small child...until my 30s, when it was first talked about by my father.

Okay so here's the dream....

It's early, approximately 6:30-7:30 a.m. The sun is partly out, and it's a windy, warm, slightly cloudy morning....perfect temperature, with no humidity. I'm cleaning the top deck, mopping the floor and getting things wiped down. There's not alot of people on front top deck with me, a handful...but they are all doing their own work and finishing touches, wiping down windows, waxing, straightening and perfecting pieces of furniture, ECT...

I look up to see 2 of the 4 smoke stacks...as I'm kneeling down on the left, front side of the ship with my mop.., I kind of study their size for a second, but I've seen them before. I do still admire them, but I've seen it all before... I look over and the ship is docked, it's facing E-W lateral. I see sea gulls, and the ocean, which has a greyish tint to it, with small white waves from up here on the top deck...and it's very calming. I feel like, I've lived here my whole life, and this is my job. This ship is new...it is being checked over, there's a few random people walking around...and last minute touches are being done...it's still fairly early, and so not alot of people have showed up to work yet, but they will all be here a little bit later, most start showing up around noon and later, at this stage...it starts getting busy then...and they come from all walks of life.

The scene actually has somewhat of a lazy, laid back feel to it...like most all of the work is done, we are just perfecting anything we see that we think needs to be done...and the crew of people I work with, we like coming to work because, we like to be on the ships at this stage... especially the week before they take off, when they look their best...we can imagine how all the boarding passengers will be overwhelmed, at all the fine details and fancy work, and at the size of the ship itself...and this is with all our ships, new and older...but, this is a new ship...so we are particularly focused on cleaning the details for the first voyage. The excitement is building up as each day passes, among the other staff and crew.

I don't feel really particularly impressed with this ships size or appeal, but more so...for the fact that it is a brand-spanking new ship! It's always cool to check out and clean a brand new ship we have never seen before.

There is absolutely no sign, or clue...that this ship is going to have a tragic end....not to us, anyways. The thought doesn't even enter our minds. Nobody really even thought to count the life boats, because they weren't ever going to get used...not soon anyways.Nobody really paid any attention to them.

Quite the opposite, infact....it is earily calm, and everything is going smoothly, so it seems. The ship looks sturdy, nice, new...its being looked over by every person possible, very carefully...it looks good....it's going to be a popular ship for travellers in the future, and it's already got it's fair shair of hype...there's other more popular and well known ships, but they are really hyping this, up and coming one, here.

I mean, I like it....I like all ships, but I'm not impressed anymore with this one, over some of the others...but, I do like it...I don't recall spending much, if any time, actually inside the ship. Mainly outside on deck.

Other than cleaning up the ship....I have no other real ties with the Titanic...the current ship I'm working on, to clean up for the first trip....which is approximately 1-2 weeks out.

It felt real...I was not thinking about it he Titanic, I don't know if it was actually me in that ship, my son, or someone else I was seeing and feeling through their experience....because remember, I've done this before...picked up on deceased people's life...within my family, or close connections to my family.

I just don't get why I'm seeing 4:12 all the time....I honestly have not paid attention too much, until this morning...I'm putting everything together, because it feels like something else is going on ...like there is this energy around me, but it is not quite making sense to me.

I think I might be picking up on someone else's past life here, maybe even perhaps my son.

I just wanted to write about, incase anything else happens....I can come back here, for verification of my own documentation, of what is going on so far.

Thanks for reading

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Old 04-08-2019, 08:30 PM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 683

I feel like I was possibly channelling. I forgot about this post after I wrote it. Then this past Friday, I clocked out at work..
It was 4:12 a.m. Okay...no big deal....got a new debit card in the mail Saturday, went to use it online, and the cvc code on the back...412.
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