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Old 01-07-2014, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Visitor
Years ago, when I was searching the bible for information about the Light of God, I realized something. The beginning and end of Light for humanity:
Between the first and last chapters of the Bible is about the relationship between God and humanity in this world.
  • [Genesis 1:3] And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
  • [Revelation 22:5] There will be no more light. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.
We are still between these two chapters, we are still part of the bible story (so to speak).

Wow.. this is quite an observation. If you put it that way.. I guess you could say we're living in the New Testament where people are starting to sacrifice their lower selves and accept Christ Consciousness. You have some great insights, thanks for sharing.
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Old 02-07-2014, 12:19 AM
Greenslade Greenslade is offline
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Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
I guess we each have our own awareness. Our awareness of what we experience- children are always curious for new experiences.. I think we are all children at heart. Children and love are both aware in the most simple ways. Maybe it's not about becoming 'more' aware as it is about being simply aware.
Wouldn't be the first time I've had my shiny hiney roasted by an irate parent for playing in the puddles with the kids But I often wonder if people are trying to grow up too quick and leaving so much behind, and the same goes for Spirituality. It's easy to forget where we come from sometimes and how much do we leave behind? There's a lot to be said for innocence and the child inside. I have some children who visit me regularly that keep my child inside alive. Usually they slap me sideways in the heart with a truck when they come around and take great delight in that, but I wouldn't change that for all the tea in China. I've had people telling me they're aware but the question for me is what are they aware of? The answers for me are only the places to catch my breath before asking the next question.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
I suppose there is no higher or lower or motion or static.. in that case, it's just the way we perceive things (again).
That's what it comes down to for me and as yet there's nothing to say any differently.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
I am the way the universe thinks.. the universe thinks through me? I am the universe become manifest.. yes. It's all about 'being', right?
It's all about being, who and what we are. Beliefs for me simply cloud the issue, for some they're all-important and it's not long before they become some kind of Universal Truth. The Universe simply exists, accepts everything and doesn't distinguish between good and bad, this or that. It's when we align ourselves with the Universe as it is that everything snaps into place, and the Universe will bring what you need.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
Haha thanks :P

Journey to Self: The chronicles of Novelty- buy now. Haha. Well before I saw myself as static and now I see myself in motion relative to a static background.. I am static and motion morphing.. I am what I seek and my perception is always been modified into one of that? Every second truth is different to what it was before?
You could be onto a winner with that one, Pulitzer Prize stuff?

You are static or motion morphing relative to whichever one you choose. At the moment you're static compared to your surroundings but compared to the sun you're whizzing around the solar system at break-neck speeds. One second your perception is that you're static and that's your truth, the next your perception is that you're moving at scary speeds, is that also your truth?. But you can also perceive that to Spirit everywhere is. Is your truth different somehow? We could go into all kinds of silliness on this one but there's a very simple answer. A very wise man once said to me "Take what resonates with you as your truth, leave the rest behind because it does not belong to you." When you let go of what you think of as the truth the truth comes back to you.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
I know that feeling well. Hmm so.. I loved myself enough to create the illusion.. wow, actually, you're right. That must actually have been a really difficult thing for me to do.. yes.. I have been starting to see that lately, and you put it in such a good way here. I've always been love but through the experience I am now experiencing the understanding of that. Actually this has just blown my mind because I loved myself enough to create an illusion that made me feel separate.. wow.. just wow..

That's quite some going! That's some love alright! That's really quite incredible actually..!
Be Loved, Be Love, Beloved.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
So we can blame Constantine right for some of the most atrocious acts in history being committed? That's actually really interesting. I never knew that about him. But I guess like anything we as an entity created Christianity as it exists today in order to experience control. Which is still all a part of love... it's weird when you put it that way but it's true.

About the Sumerian beliefs.. I have a feeling some of what you are talking about relates to what I researched a long time ago about the Zoroastrian religion which has two equal gods, one dark one light, which were actually one god that did the same thing? One is called Ahriman I think.. the other I don't remember.

I think the bible holds truth too.. but after years of being force fed it I'm not too inclined to read it again lol. I have started reading the Upanishads and for me that works fine. No negative associations there. And I think a lot of mythologies are more or less the same anyway, once you really start getting into them. I think it's easier to piece a picture together of things when seeing it from every angle. For this reason I would like to read as many different holy books from as many different religions as I can before I die. For the sake of interest and understanding mostly.
It's when you see systems at work in this world it becomes pretty mind-blowing, and they're just are relevant today. I hear all this about people being here to learn lessons but when it comes along it's bad, so they stop there and perhaps don't learn any more than that. "If you want to understand Spirit you have to think like Spirit." When you come from a place of truly Unconditional Love, how unconditional is that Love when you inflict so much pain on another Spirit so they can have that experience or vice versa?

The other God was Ahura Mazda, but if you think about it they're archetypes that live on today - always the balance between light and dark that's been playing out since time immemorial. Maybe Neitsche was right, God will be dead one day when we no longer need the archetypes. If you read up about Mithras you'll also see some pretty amazing similarities between him and Jesus.

The Bible can be pretty interesting sometimes but if you take it in context a very different one shines through. Beyond the fundamental Christianity is the story of everyday people trying to understand their Universe, the same as we are. And there's a few people who have tried to 'update' the beliefs and making a pretty good job of it. Keep an eye open for Amilius777. Have you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene? - http://www.thenazareneway.com/the_go..._magdalene.htm

It's been said that every religion was right for that culture at that time and the same can be said of Christianity. Pretty much most of them are about living a 'righteous' Life so you'll probably get something similar from each. The Sufis said it best though - all beliefs go to God so it doesn't matter which religion you believe in. "The Tao that can be told is not the Eternal Tao, the Tao is the Mother of all things." sounds a lot like God, does it not? Oh, and watch out for the Shining Ones, they crop up in more cultures than you'd imagine.

Originally Posted by ScarlettHayden
Thank you too, so much. Your responses have helped me an incredible amount. I see things so differently now!!! Namaste
You're very welcome, it's been lovely walking with you. As they say in an ancient tongue - "Kahlia Atora. Sharaster."
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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