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Old 28-03-2018, 11:02 AM
dowsingdoer dowsingdoer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 32
Thank you jerseyguy77 for your very interesting reply.

The reason I asked about where your sessions were held was that there is a lovely ruined Norman church not too far from me and every time I visit my head "buzzes" with the spiritual activity, I was thinking of trying my Spirit Box there. A couple of years back when part of a Mediumship development circle, I was told by the leader that he would not want his developing mediums to go there as he knew black magic was practised there. Rather rashly, I had been thinking of trying my luck there - suitably protected and grounded.

Having heard your story and followed your Reddit link, that might not be such a good idea so thanks for that.
I do notice however that neither you nor the Reddit poster mention anywhere about being grounded or properly protected or closing off after the experiments and that I find very risky and worrying. I do get the impression that the Reddit poster might be someone who is of a too sensitive disposition to be doing this kind of thing, I'm no expert so I hope I am wrong.

One thing that we don't know is would you and the other person have developed clairaudience anyway if they had not gone down the chosen path or was the EVP experiment totally responsible for causing the problem.

If you really do find the spirit voices too much perhaps you could post in the Mediumship section asking for advice or help which i am sure would be willingly given.

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Old 28-03-2018, 08:31 PM
jerseyguy77 jerseyguy77 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 33
Hi Chris,

it gets pretty complicated when it comes to triggers for hearing voices and the cause.

I had never heard a voice before in my life prior to that 2 month time when I was recording for EVP....same for many of the others I know.....most of us started hearing them with just our ears pretty fast....within just a matter of weeks or months...but I met one person who was doing EVP for years and then it happened to them to...so it seems like there are common patterns here....but exceptions seem to occur as well.

I don't know what makes a person more vulnerable really....for a while I thought maybe it was drugs or such that I did when I was younger...but then I've met a guy who started hearing the voices after using a pendulm and another who used a spirit box who were sober their whole lives....I've always felt in my case it was at least in part that I was doing EVP sessions so often with that same group of spirits/entities..and I attuned my hearing to them very quickly. That and that I didn't recognize what they were up to until it was too late.

I think any type of grounding or protection is still a big if....I mean if we don't know who are what all of these spirit entities are...how would we know if we're protected from them.?..and across the board?...perhaps some are older and have more abilities than others.....I mean we can pick up their voices on EVP....but we don't know who or what they are with any degree of certainty

but back to the original post from the OP and the question is there a danger factor?.....my two cents on that question is that it would seem that there are elements with less than benevolent intentions out there that like to hijack / infiltrate a persons perceptions.....it's not something many might want to talk about....but there's still a trail of accounts of similar circumstances out there.....here's a few more... ( I have many more)



Its something that should be considered when taking up this pursuit I feel.

Take Care
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Old 29-03-2018, 02:51 PM
dowsingdoer dowsingdoer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 32
"it gets pretty complicated when it comes to triggers for hearing voices and the cause."

I must admit that I am learning a great deal about this strange phenomenon from your posts and links jerseyguy77 and it makes sad reading.
Most of what I already knew comes from the books of Michael Bentine - one of the founder members of the famous Goon Show in the UK along with Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan et.al. As well as being a comedian he was a top class clairvoyant, medium and dowser and he wrote much about hearing voices and demonic possession and Rescue Circles in his many excellent books. "The Door Marked Summer" is my own favourite. Very scary stuff some of it and a serious warning!

The problem as I see it is that thousands of people do spiritual stuff such as Ouija boards, EVP and Spirit Boxes, Tarot and dowsing etc with no noted problems or ill effects and have done for years. Just a small proportion, an unknown number as yet, seem to suffer consequences from mild to severe and although most can it seems handle these, "fragile" individuals may come to grief sadly. this is just my naive attempt to rationalise the situation.

You appear to attribute some of your difficulties to being too regular with your EVP sessions and if that is the true reason perhaps we would all be well advised to limit our exposure to only irregular use until we are sure we have the situation under control - just a suggestion.

In the mean time, it can't do any harm to be fully grounded and protected and to be very suspicious of the motives and identity of any voices our Spirit Boxes relay. Thank you for your warnings, they could save someone (me?) real grief.

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Old 29-03-2018, 08:10 PM
jerseyguy77 jerseyguy77 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 33
just my personal opinion....I think there is more to at least some percentage of hearing voices cases than mental illness....I don't know what the percentage might be....but I've seen enough cases and accounts that resemble these others I've seen that started from spirit communication.

This is something that I hope is looked into further someday.....as I think there's a connection there.

Sometimes to, you'll find cases where people start hearing voices after drug use....but the voices remain even after the person quits drugs. Does it in some way shatter our blinders or make us more open to other dimensions or planes?

there has been some examination to this.....of course it'll be controversial....but I think there's something to it at least in some cases.

a Doctor named Van Dusen wrote a paper many years back suggesting perhaps a link to something spiritual (see below) in many hearing voices cases


These days...there's a retired doctor named Jerry Marzinsky who before he retired, worked with schizophrenia patients for years and came to the conclusion that in some of these cases...it very much seems like the voices are coming from an external source. He has a page on Facebook called The Presence of Other Worlds in Schizophrenia

He believes the voices may be some type of parasitic spiritual entity that feeds off of negative emotional energy

here's an interview with him


I think he's on to something....at least in some of these cases.

Take Care,
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Old 30-03-2018, 02:35 PM
dowsingdoer dowsingdoer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 32
Thanks jerseyguy77 for your reply and links within.

Although I think we may be getting a little off-topic I believe much of this stuff could be relevant to some Spirit box users.

Your Swedenborg paper link to William Van Dusen makes fascinating reading and since he was writing from his own hands on knowledge of clairaudience sufferers, does seem worth the effort.

There is an established link between the susceptibility to hearing voices and early cannabis use, in schizophrenics and bipolar disorder sufferers:-
https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/healthadvi.../cannabis.aspx and according to an article on the mind.org website (a UK mental health support group) hearing voices is a problem in between 5 and 28% of the population. There is the story of a sufferer named Katie on the site.

A question I have asked myself repeatedly since starting Spirit Box use is "who are these people, who are we listening to?" It seems from the Van Dusen paper that there are two types, the low type and a high type for want of a better designation but as the low type can lie about themselves, caveat emptor would seem to be the best approach!

As usual, lots to learn!

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