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Old 07-11-2010, 08:17 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Just sharing a long read...For Dad died 1996

Please feel welcomed to post your own experiences.

I never felt close to my Dad (being the 8th child out of 11) until the last 8 weeks of his life. I was studying at uni a psychology/sociology degree.
Over approximately 4 months preceeding the last 8 weeks I was talking to my lecturer about experiences I had in my life, I was worried I was "NUTS" . His response was "No you are not NUTS and I believe you, please write them down"..Which I hadn't. On one particular day I said to him "I am feeling a dread I have never felt before,like a large dark cloud coming and it is growing daily"
I couldnt describe the feeling, each day it increased. I remember saying the only thing I have not experienced was death with a loved one! About 5 weeks after that friends seperated, so logically I put it down to that. But the feeling was still there.
I pushed it as much as I could from my mind, thinking it was irrational and tried to focus on family life and study. One day I got a call.. Dad was in hospital ( this was not unusual..my father was always in and out of hospital for various things). I thought I will visit him on the coming Sunday.
Early Sunday morning at approx 5.00 am I got a call that Dad was dying in hospital, I raced up there, my whole family and myself crying as he was being given his last rites. They said he had a massive stroke. We were all sobbing heartbroken! Some-one called out in a loud voice "DAD" and he instantly opened his eyes and said with a laugh" Jesus tricked you" he talked about his war buddies that had died in the 2nd world war! And he got well. This was the start of the last 8 weeks of his life. I recall noticing that when he opened his eyes that day, both eyes were clear and a brighter blue.. Dad always had a cloudy eye. Doctors decided it was his pacemaker that needed replacing he did not have a stroke.. They performed the operation, about 10 days later he went home. Over the coming weeks he was in and out of hospital sick with different things, I got to know my father differently. It was about the 7th week, when he was again in hospital they said he had Golden staph through his system as well various other problems, and his organs where starting to deteriorate, he going to die the doctor said. It could be a couple of weeks or more. It was the eighth week and on the Wednesday they put him on morphine..it was heartbreaking " I just knew I would never hear his voice again" I stayed at the hospital 14 hours ( I had two young children at home with my then husband). On the Thursday I had been at the hospital about 7hrs and I said to a sister " I think I will go home for a sleep" She said "NO you can't! Dont you remember on Monday I said to you when is dad going to die? You said Thursday" .......... (to be continued in 10 minutes)

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Old 07-11-2010, 08:45 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
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I dont recall that at all, during the day various family members had their own a one on one time with Dad, It was my turn, I came in and the nurse was shaving him, his eyes were opened they were the brightest brighest sparkling blue! When the nurse left "I told him how I love him and that when his time came and as he could not talk , we will use the power of the mind and I would talk for him"
Later that evening there was 3 sisters (including me) and my mum in the room, other family members had just left for a bit. The bed started to shake, Mum asked me to buzz for a nurse .. which I did. I saw what I thought was small threads of cob webs floating in air. While the nurse was coming I put my hands above his legs without touching him.. I felt what was like millions of bubbles ( sorry only description I have). The nurse came and topped up his morphine, she said he will be fine in about 20 minutes and be settled again.
Then I just knew! We only had 20 minutes.. he was about to die. Mum was across from me crying saying over and over " dont you leave me" Dads face was positioned to hers.." I felt a strong voice come out of me saying to mum" he wants you to know this " "He wants you to know that" He nodded his head at her each time the voice spoke . After all was said ..Mum looked at me I saw her soul, I felt our souls communicating. (indescrible to write). She looked back at Dad and said " go my love with the angels" He then just instantly died!

After all the family had been in and after 2 more hours at hosp I went back with some family members to share our grief . I was sitting around with my brother and sister.. She said " your the spooky one is Dad around" ..I said " how do I know I am not a ghost buster"! Then I saw the threads like cob webs.. so did my brother and sister .. we all felt like millions of bubbles were going through us.
Dads presence was felt strongly by all of us.... Exactly a week after he died, it was heading towards 9.14 pm ( his time of death ) it was 9.10 pm.. I did not want to look at clock .. I made a coffee quickly grabbed my smokes and tried to do a crossword.. I had three cigerattes ( am not chain smoker.. did part of crossword.. drank coffee).. I thought its got to be about 9.50.. I went pass clock and it was 9.14 pm exactly. ( note mum and dads living joke was that if one of them died they would stop the clock)... Then I got the channelled piece I have posted before on forum..( many are chosen..etc ) ... to be continued in 10 min...
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Old 07-11-2010, 08:51 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 4,635
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A few weeks later I was hit by a logical sense of what if????????
What if I took his last words from him.. ??????????
Was it me communicating ??????
I was absolutely grief stricken more by that thought!
A few days later.. I woke up feeling happy
This is then what occured..as I did write this down in a journal afterwards ..............
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Old 07-11-2010, 09:42 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 4,635
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From Journal

Had happy high feelings for a couple of days, thought Garth( another story) was in my inner vision had a discussion with him.
ME: " your a figment of my imagination"
HIM: " what ever you reckon"
ME: Well prove it!
HIM: "Okay I will"

All day things went missing that I needed around the house .. I was frustrated thinking " how could I lose that etc" "Where did I put it I am sure it was here" etc etc ..
My old friend from out bush rang me and said " Deb you have a young man with you, he wants you to acknowledge him and he will stop moving your things"

That night I saw Garth and Dad in my mind together smiling, I wrote things down of a personal nature from Garth for Garths friend who was coming later that night with a friend of mine. I told my 2 friends to come at 9.00 pm for I felt strongly something was going to happen.
When they arrived there was tension and friction stemming from my friend as they had a fight on way over. I picked up one of Dads tapes from a box that was thrown out that I collected when he died, I had not heard tape before ..
"the chant" I had a huge lounge light shade with 5 lights that dimmed on the roof.. I dimmmed the lights a bit and just started to relax. Thinking nothing was going to happen because of the tension between my friends.. they were in same room as me.. As one friend mentioned his guide.. instantly I saw a monk
and the smell of incense like in churches was strong in the room.
Then I could hear in the distance the sound of people coming they were taking in a musical tone like singing.. ( nothing like here on earth).
I realxed more thinking postive thoughts..Dad , Garth, Gabriel, David.
overhead lights flickered.. The room astmosphere changed, a fine mist like a cloud appeared in the room just below the ceiling, sparks were in the air.. like stars appearing. I smelt my father. I smelt flowers.
The lights started to go from bright to dim to dark over and over! I asked in my mind if it was Dad to go darker or Garth to go brighter. The lights went dark. I felt emotional and wept. I asked questions that were important to me.. some out loud some silently in my mind. Bright lights were for YES and Dim for NO. I got my answers. I was so emotional by experience I knelt between my two friends they where holding my hands. my legs and hands tingled ( like the bubbles of energy felt before) I smelt Dad so strongly. I knew he was here! I wept more.
I got up to change tape to other side as was finished, as I was doing that I wondered outloud if my ( scientific) husband should come in, then he would believe. The Lights instanly went off, I heard NO!I sat back sat down, the lights turned back on Bright. I then got up to change tape and on way back my male friend said I see your Dad behind you. I stood still i could feel Dad to the right of me behind me, my friend said "he is to the right of you behind you" The lights dimed a little .. I lifted my arms in the air whilst standing and poured out my love and grief to my Dad..suddendly i felt my body moving back and forward ( rocking) toes to heel .. heels to toes. I ask my male friend who was closer to hold my hand.. I thought I would fall as had previous operations on knees ( and I am not that aerobic). He did for a little while then he let go! I really thought I would fall, I heard a voice say I was safe from falling. The rocking continued back and forth.. still felt and smelt my dad next to me ( his energy overalpped with mine for a short time, merged ! I sobbed and wept more. I kept my eyes maily closed and then it stopped. I got " be a good girl Deb" I answered "I will" . I got " look after Mum"

Extra notes on that night... in 5 min
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Old 07-11-2010, 09:52 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 4,635
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Notes: experience was 2 hours .. felt like half an hour!
: children never got out of bed.. which they always do!
:husband never entered lounge room, even when he went to bed, did not come in and say goodnight.
: family members tried to ring on phone..only got engaged signal.(no-one on phone)
:Both my friends saw experience
:My male friend said a thought entered his mind to let go of my hand when he did
:The animals who were in the lounge naturally got up and left together before experience started.

I felt humbled by experience and it changed the course of my life!

This was one of the most beautiful experiences.. I believe in Love and I believe in the highest form of Love ( God/ The light)

Wanted to share that one.. :)
peace and love
May the stars shine for you all :)
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Old 08-11-2010, 01:13 PM
Posts: n/a
Thanks for sharing Smiler! ... it made me think...
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Old 08-11-2010, 02:22 PM
Posts: n/a
Thank you for sharing...I loved reading it :-)
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Old 08-11-2010, 03:05 PM
Spiritlite Spiritlite is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Northern California
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Wow that's amazing, firstly I'm glad that you got close to your father before he died and it seems to have carried on in the spiritual world Thanyou so much for writing this out because it really touches me.
As a nurse I've seen many things before someone is about to die, one time I saw a huge flash of light bursting outside a dying patients room so i went in and held his hand until he died. Many times I sense angels golden angels and I can hear them singing in my head. It truly makes me beleive that there is a wonderful afterlife and that angels are for real. And that contacting deceased loved ones is for real.
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Old 09-11-2010, 12:24 PM
Smiler Smiler is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 4,635
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Thanks Easy and Manda .. I feel the mysterys of 'love' is there for us all.

Thankyou Spiritlite so much for sharing your experiences, I really do appreciate it, I was delighted to read it and felt that wonderful sense of joy.

:) Bless u all
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