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Old 13-12-2019, 12:11 AM
davidsun davidsun is offline
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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
My take:

In another life- that same person could have been a master of knowing his past lives and possibly too caught up in them.
So this life his blueprint was to only focus on the now, right here.
Actors on a stage.

'State of development' is an an unknown item...in my opinion.
That is ...the murderer was meant this life to murder that person.
The blind baby was meant to teach her family selflessness.
The pauper was once a benevolent Prince.

We just don't know very much...and thus can't judge any situation.
Why, Paramahansa Yogananda said, (tho, spending many lives meditating in the Himalayas, sure),
he learned more as a single mother of many children in poverty.

Nothing is what it seems. My rule of thumb.
Sometimes things are what they seem to be, but there is no way to be absolutely sure in such regard about that (distortion due to selfish bias is always a possibility), so I agree with your point, Miss H. From my treatise:
There are many physiosocial-ego associated sets of thoughts and feelings (‘fear of death’ is just one such syndrome) that one must, at some point, or at multiple points as stated above, disentangle one’s self from and transcend if one is to eventually comprehensively actualize the Life that Jesus spoke of. There is a whole range of knowledge-and-wisdom related ‘lessons’ that have to mastered by way of resolving dilemmas, overcoming difficulties and becoming relationally proficient in the course of a soul’s developing to the point where it operationally grooves with the Totality of the Presence and Power of The Flow of Life Itself. To that end, advancing souls often incarnate in problematic bodies and stressful environments because greater challenges provide greater stimulus and (consequently) more fecund opportunities for psychospiritual (awareness) growth and (adeptitude) development. Conversely, though there may of course also be significant benefits in terms of Love and Joy experience and opportunity to augment expression thereof which accrue in the context of ‘easy’ (generally regarded as being more fortunate and serendipitous) incarnational lives, said ‘ease’ may also seduce souls into being ‘contented’ in ways which result in their not rigorously exercising and deploying their Love and Joy capabilities, and their consequently languishing and atrophying (in one way of another) instead of growing and developing as much as they otherwise could and would. All of which explains what Jesus enigmatically alluded to when he said: “There are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.” (Luke 13:30)

The latter statement just hints at the often mind-boggling complexity which, because of the number of possible permutations and consequent range and variety of convolutions that every ‘vector element’ in Life’s fluid Flow is potentially capable of and subject to, typifies any and every soul’s developmental sequence. I once again remind you of Jesus’ (previously quoted herein) statement, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8), in this regard. I know I am repeating myself here, but this point merits hammering home: One should therefore not jump to any conclusions regarding the status or degree of one’s own or any other soul’s development based on apparent physiosocial attributes and circumstances or degree of skill relating to any venue or mode of expression at any given point in any particular lifetime. So, even though reincarnation and post-incarnation related information may be of considerable orientational value (which is the reason why I have collated and presented so much of it here), I reiterate my earlier caution to psychospiritually oriented teachers and students not to get caught up in extensive speculation and talk about such matters. In a great many cases, such activity is little more than pretentious, ‘I am concerned with and involved in exploring matters of great importance’ grandstanding which distracts self‑absorbed folks and gives them cover and excuse for not attentively focusing on, thinking about and creatively discharging their response-abilities in relation to what are consequently (mistakenly!) regarded as being less important personal and interpersonal goings on in the context of their current situational lives.

It is therefore really (always, in my opinion) most important that you maintain awareness of and make decisions on the basis of the fact that your soul is a mind-n-spirit ‘spring’ through which Life Itself continually ‘streams’ and that the potential and venue for you to engage in psychospiritually sustaining and augmenting experiences and expressions of Love and Joy in relation to and with others is ubiquitously present and always available to be tapped into* at any given point, should you wish and choose to do so. This, no matter what your past history and future prospects may be, reincarnationally or otherwise. This is also true in everyone else’s case, of course.

[Footnote*: “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37-38)]
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Old 13-12-2019, 12:42 AM
zastrakoza zastrakoza is offline
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@Phaelyn, Such wise words you write! <3
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Old 23-02-2020, 11:18 PM
peeps peeps is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
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I think in some cases you're not meant to know about your past lives- although they shape you now, and they influence how people see you now, how they respond to you and so on

I think you can reincarnate with different views of spirituality and reincarnation from one life to the next- one life you might plan to be an Atheist, where as in the next life you're a Spiritualist or the other way around

It doesn't necessarily show that you're progressing one way or the other- backwards or forwards- becoming more or less spiritually aware. It's just whatever suits that lifetime and the lessons you're planning to take on

You can build up and destroy power in your lifetimes repeatedly. Whoever you are now won't tell you a lot about your past lives- unless you can see through time. It's a farce- we just wear masks and keep changing/re-developing them to suit

For example, you can plan to have a high risk of suicide (extremely challenging emotional stuff no one can see) in one lifetime but a lot of ego stuff going on (so, good looks, money, status etc)- with a lot of suicide triggers-

Or you can wreck your ego and plan to have a personality that never feels suicidal, is overly attached to what it's around, etc so it won't leave the planet- afterwards when you cross over you'll scream looking over what you did- it'll be a nightmare to review

E.g. would never even think of suicide, isn't spiritual, only believes what it sees is real- and your ego really is getting throttled by others a lot- you won't process it until future lifetimes, you can plan to be oblivious to being humiliated, so you keep putting your foot in it-

I think I gave really bad advice in a past life and I had no idea what anyone was thinking. I had no insights or reflections about anything. I lectured people and it was status-related. In my life I've attracted a lot of really lame advisors/advice I walked away from shaking my head thinking "***"

When it's not happening you still think it is happening- so in some future lifetime when it's over, you are embroiled in unfinished emotional business from being oblivious that has no relationship with your current life- other than it might take on some obscure shape that loosely references the past but everything has completely changed on a human level

The outcome is that you'll have more dimensions/facets to your perspectives and soul history- you can draw on those experiences and it helps you relate to and understand others despite not having much proven experience- it also means your ego is malleable

If things have been too easy for too long- so you've had a lot of past lives that have been favourable, and you've set your ego up for success- you'll have a lot of magnetism with others instantly- but might lack understanding and be underdeveloped in some ways- so there are some insecurities floating around
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Old Yesterday, 02:08 AM
wstein wstein is offline
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Originally Posted by LibraIndigo
I wonder I mean some people are shown about reincarnation like myself...and I feel like my life path has set me up for the truth....I actually think this is my first life where I get almost the whole picture. But it seems some people are never shown this and live their whole lives in the matrix and not believing in the spirit world signs reincarnation etc.
Not being told is NO indication that one is not meant to know. I was not told anything about reincarnation, yet still discovered it on my own. That did not come with any illumination about my life path having been set for some purpose.
You seem to be under the misconception that knowing one's life purpose is tied to reincarnation. Even for those that choose multiple incarnations, only some set up a plan divided up into chunks hopefully small enough to accomplish in one or a few lifetimes.

Some choose reincarnation without purpose other than to experience various life paths. I have talked to a number of 'tourists' and 'wanderers'. They have no big plan, they just take it as it comes.

Originally Posted by LibraIndigo
I am wondering if this is simply their path because it is better for them not to know?
For most people, knowing about reincarnation itself is a distraction at best. A sizable portion of people use it as an escape goat for the problems in this lifetime. They act helpless rather then taking action and dealing with their life situation as it is now.

On a mixed note: it is also difficult to take this life too seriously knowing that its just one of so many.


I have less experience about people who are sent here with a life plan or purpose (either knowing from birth or told later). Mostly I have noticed they tend to resist being told what to do.
no sugar coating here, I tell it straight as I see it
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Old Yesterday, 09:20 AM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: united Kingdom
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I have less experience about people who are sent here with a life plan or purpose (either knowing from birth or told later). Mostly I have noticed they tend to resist being told what to do.

You've nailed it,wstein.
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