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Old 28-02-2011, 11:47 PM
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Introspection Sometimes Leads Me to Negative Thoughts

I am usually reviewing much of what I do, say, and think to see if I'm helping myself, but as it comes with many novice spiritualists (or so I believe), I get stuck on repeating negative thoughts to myself, even though I would obviously like to maintain focus on the positive. I, myself, from my own heart and soul, can't imagine God creating inherently evil beings whatsoever, yet there seems to be a lot of determination from others on this planet to insist that there's a hell with the devil, demons, etc. It's frustrating that when I am reading a book that I derive very good information from starts to delve into this subject of evil spirits. This is not to say that I'm necessarily so much naive about what can really happen in the planes of existence, because I went through a relatively long period of time where I thought I was bound by hellish spirits, but when I communicate with God through my feelings, God assures me that there is no such thing as a real hell. In fact, God gave me a feeling that soon enough I will be revealed more Truth to reassure me further and bring me comfort. I was wondering if anybody reading this may know and can convey to me what it is I may be needing to hear to help me remember more strongly that God really is All That Is; I have patiently been waiting for a very big catalyst in my life, and I know that maybe even the most subtly spoken message relayed to me at this point may help me in a big way.
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Old 09-03-2011, 11:45 AM
Rainbow Maker
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I may not have the information you desire however this is a piece of my story, my truth ..... a few years ago when I was opened up to the brutal truth about myself and it was brutal honesty, I too got stuck on repeating negative thoughts to myself about myself so much so I couldnt believe how I had lived my life for so long on this path where I thought I was so positive, yet my heart was not in the right place .... I used people when I thought I didnt, I abused people and blamed others, I took advantage of situations to better myself, I lied to everyone and myself most importantly myself, I was spiteful and controlling and angry, the list goes on ..... on the journey to self discovery and self love you have to recognise, acknowledge and let go of all of the negatives. I did dwell on them for quite a bit, losing my worth. I discovered that a change was in order and a new start, a new thought pattern, a new self was every day. Everyday was a challenge to change the perception that was into something new .... a journey to the positive and it got easier and easier and has made me today altho things do crop up from time to time. My heart is so much more open to God now, God is All, God is you and me and everything that exists, God IS, we are God, we are all, we are one!
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Old 09-03-2011, 12:58 PM
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Add me to the mix. Out of curiosity, did either of you read Conversations with God?
I am usually a positive person but I have my days. Had one yesterday as a matter of fact. Something got me twisted in the early AM and I let it control my thoughts the majority of the day. I was mulling over what I should have said, should have done, and was getting more worked up. Every little comment I heard, every action that took place in my mind was building on the negative and nothing seemed to go right. I was being a real butt head by the time I left work. It seemed that a lot of people were having this experience as well. On the ride home, I put on my headphones to block out all the others complaining on the ride home and started reading and wallah, the next paragraph had to deal with what was mulling around in my head.
Honestly, I remember thinking let go and let God (something my Mom said to me) and 1-2 sentences down it say's , Let go and let God.
This not only happens with this book, but it happens a lot when I read the Bible, and Astrology book, pretty much a lot of things I observe.
I used to see 444 every great once and a while. Now I see number sequences like this or 49:49:9 almost on an hourly basis.
Yesterday I seen 2 crows back to back on one post facing opposite directions and 2 sagebrush stalks 2 feet back to back sticking out of a berm.
What does it mean? I haven't made up my mind about it but the thought that kept bouncing through my speeding mind was observe, just observe.
I am sure this will all start making sense in due time.
I did have a funny thought about Let go and let God, 1st that I need to just let things happen and secondly that my intuition is getting stronger because I may have already done this and intuition is me remembering and gives me little clues.
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Old 09-03-2011, 10:41 PM
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Both of you guys helped me immensely; I can literally directly relate to both, so thanks; and yes, I have read Conversations with God; wisdom seems to be hitting me harder than ever before, but relying on God in the process has allowed me to get through the life process easier even though it may very well be harder; I seem to be thoroughly convinced that I have what some would call a guardian angel that allows me to tolerate the pain pretty well considering how much much is coming at me. In response to the first response on this thread, I am trying to practice discernment a lot more like you have worked on and gotten much better at. I feel absolutely blessed, and I know that these two responses were giant blessings. I would love to hear more from you two if you don't mind (and of course to whoever else reads all of these posts and has something to add). Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot overstate how much this helped!
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Old 10-03-2011, 12:41 AM
Rainbow Maker
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I am so glad this has helped you. I picked up that it may be similiar to my story so I thort I would share with you. It is hard to stop the snowballing effect. I had started reading Conversations with God years ago but just couldnt get into it. It may have been that I didnt need that info at that time. Cdog I really enjoyed reading your post and can most definitely relate to it like you would not believe!! My mum also always said Let go and Let God and that is something I try to live my life by actually scratch 'try' because it says I am struggling ....... so (affirmation) I 'Let go and let God' forever and ever amen! Your number 444, I am amazed you say that too .... I posted in signs n sychronities (i think thats how its spelt) about 222 ...... everyday for over 6 months now I see 222, not a day has gone by that i havent seen it ..... I see it on clocks, my work invoicing, signs, transport and the most uncanniest places!!! 444 I quite often see also, maybe not every day but every 2nd at least .... I dont exactly know what it all means. But birds too ..... I feel a connection sumtimes when I see certain birds in certain situations, I feel its not a physical bird at all but an angel or soul things and I feel completely at peace when this happens. I drive for a living so it always happens when they fly with my car, along side it or along above me. And yes I just observe, I dont know what it means but I feel with my heart and soul. Thanks guys, it been a real pleasure connecting with you both!
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Old 10-03-2011, 05:57 AM
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These are amazing times that we live in friends. The statement "they were the worst of times and the best of times comes to mind.
I drive for a living as well. 12 hrs of personal reflection for the most part. I like to complain sometimes about that but it is the only true time I have to myself. A blessing in disguise. The amazing thing is, I am on auto-pilot most of the time.
10 minutes behind the wheel and wallah, I am wherever my mind takes me.
Like an OBE minus the meditation.
After I wrote the earlier post, I decided today to write down my observations and thoughts on the moments throughout the day. I asked that they be clear and it took about 3 minutes before seeing 333. I had at least 2 dozen before 3 AM but I then noticed a halo or aura coming from the sun, it was so huge it took up about 1/8th of the sky. I had to ask another driver to verify that I wasn't just seeing things. Later, I found that it is a common occurrence. I have seen it around the moon many times and just as large but never in the day. It was pretty cool. Just before sunset I also had another first. About 15 Ravens flew across my truck on there way to somewhere. The odd thing is some flew in front, over, and behind as if I was not even there. Anyways, I might soon post what I wrote exactly so I might get your take on it.
I haven't looked in Angels 101 for a while so I might try that.
Anyways, its always nice to meet new people and realize that we aren't the only ones seeing a different picture right!
Some day we may have to discuss some things in Chat.
Good Day/Good Night all.
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Old 10-03-2011, 09:53 AM
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You always have a choice. When you catch yourself repeating negative thoughts, STOP AND PRESS PLAY! In other words, imagine your thoughts like a videotape (or dvd) - stuck on the same spot. Stop the track and press play.. or fast forward, if you like. In other words, choose not to focus on that.

Bring in JOY! Focus on love, flowers, childrens laughter... anything which makes you feel good and uplifted. Focus on God's love.

In books, don't bother reading the stuff which doesn't work for you. Only take in what has resonance in your heart and soul. Don't pollute your psyche!
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Old 10-03-2011, 10:11 AM
vortex vortex is offline
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Originally Posted by Enya
You always have a choice. When you catch yourself repeating negative thoughts, STOP AND PRESS PLAY! In other words, imagine your thoughts like a videotape (or dvd) - stuck on the same spot. Stop the track and press play.. or fast forward, if you like. In other words, choose not to focus on that.

Bring in JOY! Focus on love, flowers, childrens laughter... anything which makes you feel good and uplifted. Focus on God's love.

In books, don't bother reading the stuff which doesn't work for you. Only take in what has resonance in your heart and soul. Don't pollute your psyche!

yip i agee
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Old 10-03-2011, 11:27 AM
Rainbow Maker
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That is beautiful and such a gift ..... yes these are truly amazing time. I love being by myself with myself while driving .... yes it is the only true time I have to myself and it is a blessing. I am very familiar with auto pilot and my mind being wherever it wants to be, it is wonderful and thankfully because I have been in heavy traffic most of the time I am truly thankful to Lord God full of Grace for his protection and overseeing where I am going and when I am stopping! Its very interesting that you can record your observations and thoughts and how it opens up such an array of events. I am really pleased that I can share these unique experiences with someone that truly understands and can comprehend these facts. I feel the boss would think I am crazy for the stuff I encounter on the job so I havent shared it with anyone but my 15yo son who sees what Im on about now especli when he works with me. Its absolutely gorgeous to work out of town amongst the hills and mountains and feel the trees. I quite often see the aura of the trees and sense the perfectness about them. Ahhhhhhh such peace. That must have been an amazing experience to be with the ravens as one. Well, you have a beautiful day/night.
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Old 14-03-2011, 02:20 PM
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Many thanks to all of you who have posted your thoughts here. I am greatly comforted by reading your honest and frank appraisals of your struggle to find God within and the times you feel drawn downward into dark thoughts projected by the shadow self. I believe as long as we are human we will always have those moments come upon us, but we DO have the capability of throwing them off and stepping back into the light and the grace of God. It's true... we ARE all One! And when we can access the power of that simply truth, we are elevated out of the muck and mire into the radiant light once again.
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