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Old 14-11-2011, 05:02 PM
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spirit world and electricity

Hi there .

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place but I am a bit curious.

How would the spirit world be aware if my electrical appliances were not up too scratch?

I have had a warnings of ' check your electricals ' in meditation , last time this happened my hairdryer blew up and burnt my scalp!
Had another one last week, discovered yesterday the fridge is leaking water from the back..... how can they know this sort of thing ?

Any thoughts gladly appreciated.
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Old 17-11-2011, 12:34 AM
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Well if we are ultimately energy then it can be concluded that the spirit world is nothing but energy. We lose our physical bodies and are converted into energy after death. From my own experience the souls,Angels or Guides who work with you know everything about who you are, what you are going to and what is going to happen to you until the day you die. I feel this is just your Guide trying to let you know you are having some issues in your home and to beware. I have had many experiences with my car where it has died on me and I called on my Guides and Angels to start it back up for me. I prayed that anyone in the spirit world with experience with cars to come work it out for me. I prayed, put my hands on the dash and spread energy to the engine. There wasnt one time that the car didnt start the very first time I tried it!! Pretty kewl huh?? We all have it in us and they automatically know when things are off in our world. Find gratitude that they are warning you!! Thats awesome!!!
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Old 19-11-2011, 01:05 AM
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happy... You'd be amazed at what spirit beings can know about our lives and about us. A whole lot more than we do.

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Old 19-11-2011, 01:11 AM
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Yep I agree with both coming2 and Xan, cool experiences happy2b and coming2 I love hearing this kind of stuff...
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Old 21-11-2011, 06:11 AM
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Spirit comes to me through fans, record players, the wind.
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Old 21-11-2011, 07:46 AM
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Our guides can observe what is happening here even though they are nonphysical.
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Old 21-11-2011, 11:26 AM
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when i lose something they tell me where to find it.....lol, sometimes it's cryptic and you have to be a detective to figure it out but they are usually right on!
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Old 29-11-2011, 04:12 PM
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Spirits are believed to be able to make contact with us thru electricity as they are forms of energy. Sometimes, the lights in my bedroom act strangely and I just assume it has something to do with spirits.

Making me think that maybe I should ask if they have a message for me and not just continue to go about my business....
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Old 29-11-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by happy2be
Hi there .

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place but I am a bit curious.

How would the spirit world be aware if my electrical appliances were not up too scratch?

I have had a warnings of ' check your electricals ' in meditation , last time this happened my hairdryer blew up and burnt my scalp!
Had another one last week, discovered yesterday the fridge is leaking water from the back..... how can they know this sort of thing ?

Any thoughts gladly appreciated.

We are in mercury retrograde where electronics and things go haywire. (google it if you don't know what it is)

You also need to learn to ground your own energy. You can gather energy with every person you talk to and meet, this build up needs a place to ground.. So if you don't do it, it escape from you and be very destructive.

esson I - Part I - Grounding yourself and your surroundings

I am going to first cover grounding and centering, then psychic protection. On the outline this was farther down but I do realize that in order to contact, we must first protect ourselves

Let me first explain what grounding is. Grounding provides a vehicle through which your body can focus and release its excess electrical energy. It works best with your feet touching the ground outside, but you can do this exercise inside any structure as well.

There are a variety of ways to ground. Electricity always seeks grounding to complete its circuit; it seeks the shortest route possible to the source with the least amount of resistance. We protect our homes and ourselves from being electrocuted by lightning, by having a grounding stake attached to our electrical box. It channels the extraneous electricity such as lightning, into the earth rather than into your outlets where it would seek you as the source to ground through.

We will be visualizing ourselves with a grounding cord which will serve to be our stake into the earth so that the foreign energy goes down the cords instead of bouncing around inside our bodies. Since gravity works with our grounding cords, it forms a vacuum effect, by grounding the building we are essentially giving it its own vacuum hose and this lessens the possibility of our own getting clogged or congested.

Ok lets start by grounding our room first. You may want to read this into a tape recorder so you don't have to keep looking back here.

Grounding the Room

You want to sit in a comfortable position with your feet touching the floor. Turn your palms up and rest them on your thighs. You will now ground the room by imagining a huge beam running from the center of the ceiling deep into the core of the planet. Imagine this beam with various metals in it, such as copper, iron, silver and gold. The beam should be about half the width of the entire room but round like a column. You can also now visualize beams running from each corner of the room from ceiling down into the earth. You can add beams outside of the house or wherever you are. Imagine now that an intense white light is pouring into these columns and washing away any negative energies, sucking them into the tubes and down into the earth where they burn away and return to the earth to be cleansed.

Grounding Yourself

For those that may be familiar with Chakras, you are going to create your grounding cord from your base chakra. This is also where your tailbone is. I want you to now imagine this cord as anything you wish it to be. Debra Katz suggests that you use a redwood tree trunk, a cruise ship anchor, a heavy column of pure gold, a crystal, etc. It is best to imagine this object as wide as your hips. Some people ground with cords like vines but it doesnít really seem very sturdy to me! Those people that picture a thin cord probably are really in need of grounding and therefore it appears thin. Donít worry, as you keep performing this it will grow stronger.

Now imagine your object to be hollow with a slippery center inside. (keep your minds out of that gutter LOL) You are going to give your grounding cord two jobs. The first thing to tell your cord is that it is going to absorb anything that comes your way that you would not want to stick to you, and then tell it that it is going to operate as the vehicle by which you will release any pain, emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you. Start to imagine now that gravity is pulling all of these unwanted things down this cord and into the molten core of the earth. You can also imagine that the earth is a mouth and your cord is the straw, it is drawing out all of these things from your body. (excerpts from Debra Lynne Katz)

Now once you are grounded, imagine you pull your core object up and back into your center. Breathe out and you are now grounded

Shielding or psychic protection

This can be done a number of ways. The way that works best for me, may not feel right to you. I will give you both here today.

Imagine first that you have a very stretchy suit. Like the ones that surfers wear This suit however is full of reflective mirrors. The suit even has a face mask (yes you can still breathe!) and this is covered in tiny mirrors as well, so are the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. From now on, you will wear this suit when you are working with spirit. Heck I even wear it at the store! These mirrors will reflect any energies that do not belong in your aura. You can sense them, feel them and communicate with them, but you do not absorb them at all.

The 2nd way to shield is imagine a pure white light surrounding you like a bubble. With the same concept as the mirror suit. This is a very strong bubble of white light of pure love and pure peace. Nothing can get into it. So chose which ever works best for you.
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