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Old 30-09-2018, 12:31 PM
God-Like God-Like is offline
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Originally Posted by Tortoise Walks
Hi Daz, wishing you to be surrounded by loved ones at this time...

Iím listening to an Alan Watts lecture and I thought a lot of the discussion touches upon things Iím hearing through this thread. I am curious if you heard it before or had thoughts about it.


I resonate with the idea of ďdancing as if you donít have an audience...Ē

Returning to childlike wonder and not overthinking the joy out of being... needing to know in order to proceed with any action. Instead, setting an intention inside to pursue (resonate with) joy and loving (with compassion) as my desired state of mind and heart... i can steer through with my feeling perceptions, understandings and intuition rather than rigidly remaining compliant to constraining thought-forms that stick yet feel ďstrongly untrueĒ inside... Disonance recognized upon reflection. Processing. Realizing when the me that is and does and observes... opens and closes my heart as I go about existing... day to day. And the how can I transform any of the non-loving and joyful states into reclaimed invaluable energy to synthesize and propel me once again to open to love and joy. And what happens... happens...

I consider my thoughtful/thinking state to be both nurturing and waste elimanating... as are my feeling heartfelt tears... itís a full on cosmic recycling powerhouse and ďmaybe if iím in my in the grooveĒ 100% energy reclaiming depot... within me.

Not sure where Iíll end up or grow into but that is part of the anticipating excitement from feeling that anything can happen - especially if i can imagine it! For me... Life is an opportunity/challenge to be present/vulnerable/loving/sensing/joyful/curious/creative/harmonious. Consciousness... the gift of knowing the me (meta-me :-) that is sensing and universal consciousness, Recognizing the sensing gifts of others. All following birth, growth, stasis/stagnation (are they both the same?), decay, death, (recycle/return?)... their own processes of transformation in action (or not...).

Couldnít our embodied selves be but mere unique and specialized ďcellsĒ of a larger whole/soul/being/? - aware of only what we our ďcellĒ selves come to perceive around us and feel connected to? Just as blood and skin regenerates and renews time and again within... keeping the entire body going for some time so do we all... there are many... the family lives on...

Like one tree and a forest... an onwards... outwards... through time and dimensions. Doing our thing. One way or another...

Expressing a myriad of possibilities... the wonder of it all.

Through trial and error, ebbing and flowing within various states of obscuring/exposing/developing love and joy with whereever i find myself.., as its the highest most desirable energetic state iíve discovered to date where i can feel the peaceful hum of the universe within and thrive and become pregnant with creation and possibility. From my perspective.

I may not know why i thrive, buzzing with lifeforce energy, from a place of love and joy... like a plant may not know why it seeks the caress of sunlight... itís definitely not because Iím told to... or becuase its proper form in the eyes of others or myself... and itís not becuase iíve thought my way there... more it feels true and resonant time and again and keeps me going moment to moment without draining effort... as part of it all - ever changing. An expression of existence... part of some forest...experiencing various conditions and juxtapositions.

Maybe, flowing with the urge towards love and joy is the most efficient, creative, and sustainable way to create life force energy as that is what we all are (need to exist) in some form or another. While attempts to control and harness energy without mutual resonance and energy creation eventually go bunk, collapsing in on itself to be reformed... renewed, due to imbalanced rigidity and long term unsustainability.

Is this whatís simplistically under it all, the point of the doer, knower, observer... to create and sustain universal energy with whatever conditionings, inklings, knowhow, and interconnectivity we can bring to the table of each of our individual conscious awareness and expression?



Thanks for your thoughts T.W. I am feeling pretty good to be honest ..

I listened to the first 5 minutes of the video (not enough so to comment in entirety) but I get what he is saying regarding effort / intelligence and such likes . I think it does have some bearing in regards to what we are discussing .

It can get so deep because there can always be another question based upon the point of awareness had .

Is Alan watts when speaking of such things being carried with the wind as he mentions in the video or is he contemplating upon things from another aspect / place so to speak ..

There are some wonderful wise words spoken from a manner of all folk, some words are so poetical and inspirational that at times one doesnít want too or is required too question what is said because it will somewhat spoil the message / essence of the message .

When we get to the nitty gritty of things at times it canít help but spoil the mood hehehe ..

I can relate to your process of nurturing and waste eliminating and similar to self enquiry at a point one just gets absorbed into it in such a way where one canít help go with the flow, I suppose this can be associated with Alan Watts wind analogy when it catches the boats sail ..

I think there is a mixture of many things at play in regards to life experiences, some refer what happens in reflection of Self alignment at the heart centre as 7L would likely say .

You mentioned ĎíCouldnít our embodied selves be but mere unique and specialized ďcellsĒ of a larger whole/soul/being/?

This is something along the same lines as a thread I started that suggested that God has a God and Gods God has a God to infinity ..

Realizing Self could be just realizing the God that we are and nothing more .

This perhaps opens up the possibility of infinite possibilities and the mention of absolute Truth could be seen to be so far away from being that ..

x daz x
Everything under the sun is in tune,but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
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Old 30-09-2018, 02:24 PM
davidsun davidsun is offline
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Originally Posted by God-Like
Like a think tank being able to access everything that ever was and is.

I remember a master answering a similar question and said why would I fill my head with all that stuff
From Ch.2 of The Bhagavad Gita:
"As a man can drink water from any side of a full tank, so the skilled theologian can wrest from any scripture that which will serve his purpose."
Including from the 'script' of the 'drama' of his, her or everyone's Life, methinks.

Originally Posted by God-Like
I think it's possible to be fully awakened and not have a thought about anything that was once a mystery and such likes.
If that's your 'real' purpose, maybe, or maybe for a while.

That being said, I think that that can't possibly 'really' be anyone's 'real' (meaning 'core') purpose, however.
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Old 30-09-2018, 02:34 PM
davidsun davidsun is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Location: Arizona, U.S.A
Posts: 1,573
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I resonate with everything your said in your post, TW. Convergence to the point of communion, it feels like.

Originally Posted by Tortoise Walks
Through trial and error, ebbing and flowing within various states of obscuring/exposing/developing love and joy with wherever i find myself.., as its the highest most desirable energetic state i’ve discovered to date
As part of my meaning 'making Creation, in the first chapter of the treatise, "What Jesus Really Meant," which I am still composing, I wrote:
"It has more recently struck me that developments in the field of modern computer systems may provide us with an even more illustrative model for the universally creative, feedback-loop based interfusion of The Essence of Creativity and the Life of every individual and amalgamated aspect of Its expression. To explore this proposition, imagine if you will that the main aim or goal of said Essence’s ‘program’ – the primary motive (i.e. ‘desire’, or 'purpose') ensconced in its ‘source code’*–*is to maximally express and thereby experience Love and Joy, to Joyfully express and experience Love and Lovingly express and experience Joy to the greatest possible degree in every possible way, or something like that.
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