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Old 27-07-2018, 03:34 PM
Michelle11 Michelle11 is offline
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Originally Posted by TalkAboutSpirit
About six years ago I read Dr Eben's book, Proof of Heaven, and it helped me put together many ideas that I had been forming over my life. I decided to think about it all - daily - to "test" any missing parts or flaws in my theories and have found none. I've moved far beyond any misgivings and feel like I'm as aware as I can be that mortal existence is (pick an analogy here) merely a chapter in a much larger book.

But - is this even good? Great lengths were taken, it would seem, to provide us with a blank slate when we are born. Belief that "this is it" seems essential to the human experience we dropped into. I find myself pouring through NDE literature and accounts and wondering if it puts me at odds with my original life mission? Because I find myself less engaged with life as I do so, less in my body, and kind of disconnected with things. I'm aware I'm here to do things but the fact that I'm aware of this makes me kind of self conscious about it.

I wonder if anyone feels similarly or has some insight?
I read a quote by Franz Kafka that states, the meaning of life is that it stops. I couldn't agree more. I agree we are in the dark about a lot of things so this place is a challenge for us and I believe that the point of experiencing a state of being susceptible to death is so that life has impact. If things weren't life or death we can become complacent about our growth. If there is no end then the urgency to try is gone. Knowing this truth can create the same lackadaisical response but if we keep in mind that we are a spirt having a temporary human experience we can start to appreciate the limited amount of time we do have as the person we are. Our soul is infinite, our human self as Jack or Jill is finite and so that is what makes it a precious gift we may not want to squander. At some point in the near future our life as Jack or Jill will stop and our opportunities to experience things as them stops too. From that perspective it would be wise to take life more seriously, not less, but maybe without the fear driven life or death pressure humans can put on themselves, which can get in the way. Our growth progresses from one life to the next much like a book picking up on the next chapter or life where we left off with the last chapter/life. But each chapter is unique, special, and one of a kind, never to be repeated and for that reason there is value in appreciating every breath as opposed to taking it for granted. Our human life will stop, so don't squander it is maybe the point.
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Old 28-07-2018, 02:57 PM
FallingLeaves FallingLeaves is offline
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Originally Posted by TalkAboutSpirit
Let me ask this question in another way. It seems many religious and spiritual faiths have, at the top, a monastic tradition. These are people who deliberately eschew the norms of the human lifecycle in order to meditate and focus on the spiritual realm.

But what if this is a mistake, a waste of time? Because in "heaven" perhaps everyone is already doing this, and perhaps not getting very far, and chose instead to incarnate into a gritty, imperfect, experience-rich human life in which to quickly learn?

If this is true, then how is it best to spend one's time here?

in my understanding the thoughts you have, including whatever you think is the 'way it is' are just replicated in the energy fields in and around the body. As you become comfortable with whichever ones you have, it becomes kind of stagnant and you just eventually cycle through and through the same experiences over and over. Then comes death.

you can see this somewhat in the sense that you've seen the thought patterns you have take you 'away' from the senses in your body.

The people who eschew the 'norms' and meditate or whatever have exactly the same problem, the difference is that they have less of the 'in' with other people (the norms) so they get a bigger room to move around in. And they get to see some of the hidden mysteries as a result.

But the real problem is the idea that you 'should' have a 'meaning' of the 'way it is and should be'. It is like putting yourself in a prison. Very limiting. But again everyone does it so it is like a disease you just keep getting.
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Old 28-07-2018, 04:10 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
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Even if we feel that we have walked a life that has had no impact on the Earth on the path of history we have still left a part of us here, out DNA. We always leave a part of us in being on the Earth so there is a record of us being here. I feel that has to hold some meaning to the bigger picture.

We might not be native to Earth, we might not be from the Earth but to experience the human body is a magical thing. The senses we have give us pleasures and at times yes pains, we do not all get a life of bliss. There has to be a meaning to it all.

I am watching the Lost Book of Enki on You Tube right now and it gives one food of thoughts to the bigger pictures of creation. Maybe were are all just one big "Lab Rat".

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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Old 29-07-2018, 04:18 AM
Eudaimonia Eudaimonia is offline
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Some people have a more defined life definition while others are more subject to their will/desires (i think having a more defined purpose is better because the path is usually smoother than trying to figure it out yourself. Having a strong incarnated purpose is likely to be a result of past posotive karma and soul intention anyway). I would say that the will of others and oneself is far stronger than whatever intention is put into an incarnation beforehand in most cases though. We think quantumly, the vast decisions possible of the soul and the enviroment enable people to move far from what their original incarnated intention is.

I find it massively suspicious however that we barely remember our past lives at all. Indeed, if we may have had many incarnations but we remember almost nothing of them than perhaps this is to faciltate our evolution in some way (especially if all is truly one anyway). Bu I am more inclined to align with the idea of the Gnostics among otherd, that our wiping of our memories is sort of a soul trap in the wheel of samsrara. The Gnostics very much understood the soul would go through many incarnations,and the Bardos of the Tibetan Book of the Dead say this as well but both seem to imply this is a negative action and is the result of karma or interference with the fabric of reality. I believe that if we did have some memories of past lives we would be MORE aware of our actions and less likely to create suffering. Interestingly, great spiritual teachers/aware-ones are said to have FULL memories of their past lives.
The end of fear, the relief of suffering, the development of the soul. "We all live in the real world, the key is to understand it and that brings power which brings potentiality."
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Old 28-09-2018, 12:29 AM
Dravak Dravak is offline
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Here your mission is simple. experience as much as you can.
Be god child road to perfection, failing that cause you canīt find a purpose in life.

Breed work have childeren live the normal life. hoping one of your child reaches that state of perfection that god wants.

Those who suffer from NDE are different they are failsafe mechanics.
Most donīt even reach their full potential.
Or most who even reach half their potential go all powerhungry.
And alter this reality as we know it. so why do you want to understand NDE ?

Most NDEer are stuck in the loop of love. and not able to get trough the loop of hatred.
To get to the point where most NDEer wants to go, you have to break all illussion and shatter all believes.
And learn to be alone. not very attractive is it to be a NDEer ?
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