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Old 03-06-2020, 08:28 AM
Rachella Rachella is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 175
Should I stay or should I go?

Hi guys, who wants to help with this?

A little background. I live in one of the most expensive cities in Europe (but the coolest in the world if you ask me ). Rent is a big chunk on anyone's wage here but I was lucky enough to find a cheap room in a great neighborhood one year and half ago.
I have always had an okay-ish relationship with my other two flatmates. Not very close to them but still friendly. However, after 10 weeks of lockdown, I am going through the maybe natural sentiment of not wanting to deal with them anymore. There have been space control issues (one of us wanted to take over the kitchen to do her work, we refused and she became angry and frustrated since). Also, facades have crumbled and lies have come to surface. I find myself drained and also started to dream about living on my own (just a dream I am afraid, as long as I live in this city.)

I am wondering what's going to happen in the next months regarding to my living situation and tried to look into it with tarots. I did a Celtic cross spread and used radiant RW. The outcome did not impress me :

Card 1 and 2 the root of the matter and the obstacles: The Empress and Seven of swords.

So, here is the latest version of me, the Empress, as I have surprisingly coped very well with isolation (I guess), while the other card pertains to the issues that have emerged in my flat.

Card 3 the past, King of pentacles reversed.

I don't understand this very well, maybe it points to a past when I was living with an ex boyfriend with high living standard and paying a rent that was above my possibilities. Basically I don't want to end up doing that again.

Card 4 near future, Eight of swords

This makes perfect sense, I don't know what to do.

Card 5 on a conscious level, the Nine of wands

I know that I am resisting changes (simply because I am not sure what they will be)

Card 6 the subconscious, Six of words reversed

quite obvious again, I want to leave but for the time being I am not.

Card 7 Myself, Three of wands

I am "expecting" for something to happen (getting some inspiration at least)

Card 8 the environment around me, reversed Moon

I know what this one is about too. My current flatmates have a dark side that sings perfectly in accordion with my own dark side... as it's said, you never meet anyone by chance.

Card 9 the hidden factor, Eight of cups
Right, eventually I will have to go, perhaps I will be made to go?

Card 10 the outcome, the Judgement

This one puzzles me the most. What's that, does it mean I am going to get "what I deserve"? What's that I deserve? I don't find this card very informative with regards to a living situation!

Can you please share your thoughts? Do you see anything that I may have overlooked? Thank you very much.

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Old 03-06-2020, 10:31 AM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 4,887
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
First of, it is a reading on a situation, meaning everyone involved, yet you make your interpretation on you.

1) Being harmonious, able to connect, knowing your own worth without being arrogant.

2) that has gotten blocked by people now being focused on their own needs and wants. The communication isn't open and clear either

3) A rigid outlook. Taking the truly meaningful aspects of life / living together for granted. Not coming from the heartspace. A lack of connection and there can even be a sense of authoritative control.

4) Clouded perception. When still affected by other people/circumstances it might be time to look at all the choices that are available. That doesn't necessarily mean one has to move out, it can be any solution, maybe a good conversation, but you'll have to get over your limiting thoughts and perceptions about it all.

5) Being defensive and not open, holding on to your own beliefs/point of view and possible also what you want. (This is not you, but all 3).

6) Change is needed but avoided. Energy is blocked here, and it can be draining your power. That's why it needs to change, but there's resistance.

7) This makes me feel strongly you have to stay in the here and now, and not look away from where you are, at the external, for options and solutions.

8) This feels very ungrounded, total chaos. That needs to be addressed one way or another if things are to change. I don't feel this has anything to do with anyone's darker side at all. More like everyone is going around like a chicken without a head, doing whatever, no coherence, no foundation.
That makes me wonder if you actually established a basis, some basic rules to go by when you first moved in together or if it was then also kind of 'whatever'.
This really feels like ungrounded, chaotic blind action. No one having a compass, just running around like idiots, doing whatever, likely blaming the others.

9) That makes me feel it could go really well, streamlined.
Positive change is still very possible but there has to be clarity, all noses wanting to go in the same direction so all are motivated to work together on this change and having a happier vibe.
Could be that 1 starting this and opening up the conversation about this is enough to get the others out of their chaos (Rev Moon) and willing to cooperate.

10) What you deserve??? Judgement is about a 2nd chance, rebirth, a wake-up call. In other words: things working out.

In general: everyone is too focused on their own desires and wants & needs, and how they think things should be. The coherence and cooperation has gone out the window, but this can be recovered. No one seems happy about this situation. But again, it looks like it can be sorted.
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Old 03-06-2020, 12:46 PM
Rachella Rachella is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 175
There was a mistake Card 9 was actually Eight of Cups, not Wands! So sorry, I have edited now!

Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
First of, it is a reading on a situation, meaning everyone involved, yet you make your interpretation on you.


You know, I have always thought the tarots are mostly about you, about the querent that is.

FC, you have picked on a lot of stuff here. It's true, rules were never set as I moved in, because I basically moved in as a 3rd addition when the other two had already lived together for sometime. Given the very cheap rent, I have never brought up any issue, but since the get go I had to find my own space around the flat. The other two have never liked each other that much. I have always seen little of them up to the beginning of lockdown.

I really hope it's going to get sorted as you say. Also, agree on the "stay in the here and now". Fingers crossed. Thank you so much FC, as usual super supportive
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Old 03-06-2020, 02:55 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 4,887
  FairyCrystal's Avatar
Glad it is helpful, Rachella!
To me a reading can also be on a situation, unless you really focus on you and what you should do and not do and so on.
I do, however, never zoom in on another person as then you start reading someone without their knowing & consent.

Anywho, good luck!
I do hope it will resolve itself in a good way.
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Old 03-06-2020, 10:24 PM
ant ant is offline
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 1,018
The Clash : p
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Old 04-06-2020, 06:42 AM
Rachella Rachella is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 175
Originally Posted by ant

Love it
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