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Old 15-03-2018, 07:36 PM
Bubbles Bubbles is offline
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My First Experience on Pendulum | It's more than telekinesis, explanations, thoughts

my first experience was with a wooden kendama..... it was around the house, i don't even like to play with that toy...

As I was 'wandering' around the house... I pick this kendama, hold it up as a pendulum with the wooden ball in front of me .... initially i was trying to move the sphere with the power of my mind...more like a 'play' yet focused that I could do it... same as you would try to move a car with your mind...... so I started, a sort of mental focus ...on the ball.... back and forth back and forth.... bigger distance at each wave..... was working with my mind to push and drag it, like a swing/cradle, pushing it stronger with each swing/wave...... worked!...i was like 'wait wait wait wait....'... ok ok......... what just happened? nah.... let's try this sideways..... left-right-left-right-left-right... worked!!!! the swings were so distant... very powerful.. was like I was feeling 'it'~ ..... telekinesis? The initial vibe I got when I realized this was real... felt so... grr.. wow.

it could be that our subconscious can make the movements even if we consciously think we hold the hand firm. so it is one way of how this work, and i can move the pendulum in any direction i want without moving my hand consciously at least.

Quoting below from: https://www.erinpavlina.com/blog/200...d-telekinesis/

“Rather, it was a demonstration of how the unconscious mind can control your actions. What you must understand is that while your conscious mind was keeping your arm and hand very still, your subconscious desire to see the pendulum move sent signals through your arm and hand and into your fingers, where minute movement caused your pendulum to move. This was not something you could see with your eyes or even feel happening inside your fingers. You believe you held your pendulum as still as possible. But you did not.”

“When you desire something, your unconscious mind begins working to make it happen. Even if it is not something you consciously want — like smoking another cigarette when you’re trying to quit — if your subconscious mind wants it, you will smoke another cigarette. Sometimes your subconscious mind can manifest something you desire even when your conscious mind says you cannot have it, for example getting a date with the head cheerleader. When you believe it is possible … when you expect you will have it … when you know it is coming, it manifests. So be wary of your subconscious mind because it controls your actions more than you realize.”

In the same time i know that it relates to throat chakra to hear our guides, angels etc... One of the important communications governed by this chakra, is the clairaudient communication with your spirit guides. But the chakra context is unnecessary here, my point is that sometimes is hard for us to differentiate from our thoughts and our guides messages (still our~ thoughts). And since thoughts are streaming from our subconscious as well.... then you can see why the pendulum work is more than the explanation of telekinesis by psychologists. Need to mention that i have discovered this in the same day i have received a psychic attunement from my metaphyscisian/lightworker :) this 'ability' surfaced naturally, i wasn't planning to try it, and I never even bothered to read into pendulums... until now :)

So I guess is that what I am saying, is that by accident I discovered I can move the kendama-pendulum (will get proper pendulum some day soon) with the power of my mind.......after a psychic attunement, few hours later. Had a very unique feeling when this happened... no need for analogies here. Then I proceeded to read about telekinesis and found that link I posted above, which explained 'how it works'..... but I realize that that explanation is merely a mechanism and not even the full spectrum. As a plus, now I see how much more power the subc. has on our life.

PS This happened 3 days ago. Today I took the kendama-pendulum.... (well it's just a kendama) and I hold it again as a pendulum. I said: Show me YES and it started to go back and forth back and forth back and forth...... ok good.
Then I said, Show me NO.. and it started to go left-right-left-right....

Then I asked: Is it sunny today? (yes it was) and the pendulum started back and forth back and forth saying YES...
I asked a few basic questions that were true....and the pendulum said YES... I asked..is it month March? Yes.... Is it year 2007? NO...

so you see, it is a nice confirmation that it does work in a way where I feel that I hold my hands still... yet I do know these answers come straight from me, and the subc. and consc. knows perfectly! I think that this can be a way to 'extract' information from your subc.... really advanced technology!

Now... I have asked... am I happy? and the pendulum started to go in diagonal rotations~ But the reality is that even consc. do not know that. Maybe the question was too broad. Happy now? Happy life? Happy mood? Happier than who ? etc...

So until now I can see its logic...a way~ it works. All that is left to make pendulum work truly powerful, is for you to ask the right questions, and your spirit guides to answer them to you. This last part is what makes a lot of the difference...but even so, one could still get some info from himself.

I still have a lot to learn, these are my first experiences I wanted to share with this sub-forum.
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Old 18-03-2018, 09:58 PM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: North East united States
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Thanks for sharing Bubbles.

Yes it works very subconsciously.

And actually yes quite right, we are capable of moving the pendulum with mind and focus.

Great experience for you to have. I am very happy you have enjoyed experimenting with pendulum usage so far.

Keep experimenting.

I have found they even can be in a way programmed.

Sort of like programming a mineral. The first time I used my pendulum, I had it conducting rapidly over water- for dowsing.

Since that old pendulum broke and I've made a new one. I currently have this one programmed to move rapidly over pocket change (nickles, dimes, quarters), but have yet to experiment with it further. I will as soon as I am able to find time to work with it some more.

I also use my Staff for dowsing. My Staff was a branch I found and decided to try to use for mineral dowsing. I found a piece of Anthracite coal with this branch- now my staff. In fact I used the coal I found to top my Staff.

I recently tried dowsing with the staff itself yesterday, out of doors to see verily if it still worked as intended as a dowsing branch.

Yep. It is still very much able to find minerals.

Found 2 white/ milky white pieces of minerals. It had found a piece of quartz, the more solid white I am unsure still of what it was, as I haven't yet picked it up.

But yes, my dowsing Staff seems to actually still work as an object for dowsing.

I am pretty happy about this.

So far so good.

My encouragement to explore to you Bubbles.

Keep experimenting and practicing.

Also would like to add, I think the material (wooden) that you are currently using for a pendulum for now, is a great choice actually.

You said yourself, it is working. It sounds like it is working well with and for you. So why not? For now the wooden material seems to be doing you some good.

If I remember correctly and if I read this right, long ago wood with pendulum usage was actually more preferred before crystal usage.

But seeing as you enjoy crystals, perhaps you'd really like a crystal pendulum that you feel called to.

But as you can see, wood works, I have a metal pendulum (My current one) that works.

It is up to you.

Glad you've had a nice experience.

All my best.
The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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Old 23-07-2018, 08:22 PM
Heshane Heshane is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 2
RE: My First Experience on Pendulum | It's more than telekinesis, explanations

Thanks for sharing, Bubbles and thanks for your comments, SaturninePluto.

I'm currently in another phase of experimentation with my pendulum so it was good to read up on your experiences. A friend of mine is really into pendulum and he swears by them. I believe one's mind can influence the movement. I also believe that (or I should write that in my experience) the pendulum can also be directed by our own subconscious minds, if allowed.

So this time around, I hope to allow my pendulum to just work unencumbered. We shall see!
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Old 01-08-2018, 01:55 AM
Compendium Compendium is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Location: Everywhere
Posts: 322
So my pendulum which I made myself and my experience.

So I had a convo with mine got some answers yadda yadda. Then my husband told me what you said bubbles so I set out to prove him wrong. I made a stand hooked it up and asked it a test question. No one was touching the pendulum or the stand. It still moved and gave me the correct answer.

Remember: This life is only temporary so make the most of it
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Old 15-08-2018, 10:50 AM
Geoff Geoff is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Aug 2018
Posts: 4
I use a pendulum, a half inch diameter steel nut on 2inches of string, to dowse got information on several subjective have found that there are several sources of information available and one of them is indeed your subconscious mind. This mind is used to determine whether melons are ripe, various kinds of food are safe to eat, good or bad for you and other subjects of a personal nature.

Then there are other sources of info that can be contacted. These sources can supply information about subjects not accessible to ones subconscious such as healing diagnosis, archeological sites, historical events, map dowsing underground searches for water, minerals electromagnetic energies, past lives, rregression and progression, card reading,and other subjects.

These sources maintain acces to your nervous system and, when you are in contact with them, operate the nerves in your wrist, when you use a pendulum, to give you the answers to your questions.

These sources exist in other dimensions. Some are live, others exist in the Spirit World.

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