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Old 15-04-2018, 02:29 PM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: North East united States
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An Experience While on verge of sleep


I am wondering if someone here can try and help me with something?

I am not sure if this is even a past life experience or not.

For a very long while I've not even been very certain if past lives are possible or real, or if they exist (Sort of like how I feel about Angels). More recently however, I have been starting to open my mind up to that possibility.

I had an experience while laying down trying to sleep. I was drifting, and viewing imagery (Strange imagery) while trying to sleep. In other words sometimes when I am laying down with my eyes closed and trying to sleep imagery will come to me, it usually happens right before I wake up but instead of strange imagery, it normally takes the forms of strange thoughts. It is very hard to explain. By strange thoughts I mean it often happens when I have been gaming- computer or otherwise, or if it seems I have been thinking of something.

While I was trying to figure out what guides are and trying to communicate with my own I would often just before waking up experience strange thoughts about guides, strange phrases speaking about it.

Now to the experience, I am sorry I just find it very hard to explain what I mean here.

I was on the verge of sleep and some imagery of a game I enjoy came up, strange thoughts about the game, sort of like characters in the game recently added (Like that?) but in waking reality such characters and things in the game do not exist- I am not certain I had not simply fallen asleep for a period of 2 or 3 minutes and had dreamed it either. During this time the imagery of the game changed to a game shop and the inventory of the "Shop in the game". At this moment I had began hearing voices, like I sometimes hear before sleep- they usually sound demonic and jabber away at their nonsense while I am trying to get to sleep. I am laying there thinking about how the game is evidently wrong and these things are not even in the game so why am I being bothered with this type of strange imagery and the strange thoughts again, I am thinking of this and listening occasionally to the demonic sounding voices in the background of what I am viewing, I could clearly make these words and phrases out then, now they have seemed to fade, all but one. I was viewing the game inventory thinking the equivalent of "Well how odd" and one of the entity sounding voices said "What are you even looking for"?

And then I had an experience- at this point, I am well aware of lying down and trying to sleep- yes very tired, but very much still awake- I was trying to ignore these voices, but when the last one said what it did I was no longer hearing the usual demon like voices and was now hearing actual sounds- very very loud- this struck me as not the usual- and very very clearly. I heard clearly and very loudly what sounded like a large metal door squeaking, seemingly opening, then the sound of it shutting, and what sounded like reverberating metal and a bit of an echo of the sound of what you'd expect a metal door closing to sound like.

Then I heard an unrecognizable young man's voice saying "Okay well, it's here somewhere. Let me go through some of these bags in here and see if I can find it".

I am utterly confused. This isn't a cakewalk to explain. These noises were very clear, very loud, and to me they were most certainly very real. I've not quite experienced something like this before. I have heard voices before, even one's that sound human- like the voice that mentioned honey flavored vodka to me and how awful it was right before my brother brought me a small bottle of it.

But this wasn't the same. I've never heard this person's voice before and it sounded definitely human, but I was well aware of being awake and these sounds and the male voice were very real. It didn't sound like from a state of sleep or from a dream.

I am wondering whether or not this could be an experience of a previous life? Or if it could relate to someone in this lifetime?

I am not certain.

Also is it even sensical or accurate? By this I mean, are there places in our world here that keeps items, in rooms in bags?

I tried looking up facilities that keep items in bags on google to get an idea of what is out there and what I have found so far seems to be disposing on things like blood, or things with blood on them and such things related seemingly to biohazardous materials.

Of course I can't be certain the snippet of the person's voice when looking for an item or something in a bag after hearing a heavy metal door close goes hand in hand with something like this, itself, for certain.

My questions are is there a possibility of receiving this side to a conversation despite its genuine randomness being past life related?

And what type of facilities out there store items in bag that someone is asked about to find, and it seems very important that said item "IT" is found?

Any help appreciated.

And thank you for reading..

The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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Old 15-04-2018, 09:35 PM
Elysium Elysium is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 406
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My first impression:

the voices were your true self without your ego in the way, and i believe this because when you're falling asleep, and you're very worn out at the same time, your ego takes a break and you just go into a drift-trance, falling asleep.

you need to work on those thoughts. they're you.

part 2
i've had this happen a lot in the past. i've pretty much shut my demons/thoughts/lower self out and it's not healthy to do so, that's what i need to work on. one time, i was laying down trying to sleep, and a extremely loud demonic like voice started screaming. it was a very deep scream, it hurt my head.

there's a part of you that is coming to you for a reason. it could be connected to your past lives yes. but mostly it's your soul, parts of your psyche, coming out to be listened to. and heard.
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Old 16-04-2018, 02:50 PM
linen53 linen53 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Colorado, USA
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I've heard loud noises from time to time that didn't appear to be in any context with where I was before either fully awake during the day or at night in bed. But that's it. Just a loud noise and then it's over. Explanation. Something I momentarily tuned into on another plane of existence. I was always alone at the time and deep in my thoughts.

When we are first going to sleep and when we are just beginning to wake up our minds are in limbo. Kind of like a hypnosis state.

Once I was just waking up in the morning and heard what sounded like a radio announcer. He was talking about money. Money, this, money, that, how to get more, where to find it, how to keep it. It was all about the love of money. As I came full awake I just lay there and listened. It lasted about 10 minutes, or at least felt like it. I found it amusing.

There are literally countless planes of existence. Both in the physical side and the ethereal side. Anything you can imagine, there is a plane there where souls (in the case of the ethereal side) or people (on the physical side) are living whatever lessons they are working on at that time.

In this case this plane I tapped into was all about the love of money. Money! Money! Money! I remember the enthusiasm this commentator spoke when he said the word, Money!, each time.

I would call the first place (with what you called demonic voices) to be a dark plane. That is where you start because that is closest to your waking world where you do not believe in light beings. So you immediately go to the dark world and "tap in" so to speak. Nothing scary or bad. It's just where you start in your hypnotic state.

But as you go deeper into this hypnotic state you tap into a different (higher?) plane where someone is looking for something in bags.

These planes are just like here. Bags are not symbolic. Finding something is not symbolic. It's just a person in either the ethereal or a real plane world looking for something in a bag. Same as you go about your day. Maybe they tap into listening in to you at times too!

If you hit rock bottom, start picking up rocks.

By embracing my imperfections I am becoming perfect.
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Old 22-04-2018, 01:58 PM
desert rat desert rat is online now
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Phoenix AZ USA
Posts: 3,397
That half asleep half awake state is tricky . What you are seeing and hearing could be any thing .
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