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Old 05-06-2020, 08:33 PM
inavalan inavalan is offline
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I understand that an adherent obeys the restrictions imposed by their faith. I strongly disagree to impose your restrictions on others. I don't agree that we have to respect everybody's beliefs. You can accept them, tolerate them, disagree with them, challenge them, as long as you obey the law of the land. I respect everybody's right to their beliefs, but their actions have to obey the law of the land too.

There is a clear difference between respecting somebody's rights, and respecting that person, what they do, or what they think.
Everything expressed here is what I believe. Keep that in mind when you read my post, as I kept it in mind when I wrote it. I don't parrot others. Most of my spiritual beliefs come from direct channeling guidance. I have no interest in arguing whose belief is right, and whose is wrong. I'm here just to express my opinions, and read about others'.
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Old 06-06-2020, 08:50 AM
Ewwerrin Ewwerrin is offline
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You cannot compare being's, because there exists only one being, and you are made out of it, you are Allah, waking yourself up, all the fractalized aspects of your own consciousness, that is of your own choosing to forget yourself and disperse yourself into all the beings of all of your becoming, to forget the self, to become more than the self, but you've always been the one.

And now you even wake up through the perspective of the holy books.

The perspective is of your creating. Do not compare perspective, because there is only being in all of existence. One consciousness. When you compare, you are comparing against yourself. When you say this is bad, you saying bad to yourself. We are all made out of the same one being. And you create your own reality. This is unchanging law of existence. as all as one as one as all, the words of the prophet are the remembrance of the fractal nature of reality and how we create our own reality so we may remember and be responsible creators. To accept the eternal and infinite responsibility you have, for everything that happens to you, so that you may never get lost. Because when everything is meaningless and revealed as such as you are free forever from all the bondage of all illusions and the fact that existence is eternal and infinite becomes revealed. THERE IS NO PHYSICAL REALITY OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, IT IS YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT. WE ARE ALL ONE.
The truth is that all truths are true, and every truth is scary because it takes away the previous truth, because it has never existed just as the new truth is not real, it doesnt exist except as a shift of frequency of consciousness, that happens 5 billion times per second, plank time. Nothing is impossible to allah, the consciousness that we all are of the absolute, of which there is no likeness to it. All conditions have to be let go of to become aware of your eternal nature and relax into it and enjoy the etenral journey.



Look you guys are trying to hard to understand. And comparing conditions. When you know the truth, there is no need to argue. The conditions simply exist to enjoy developing a deeper faith, not because we need it, but because it feels so good to develop a deeper faith and because the splendours of God or Allah are evermore revealing and yielding when one really begins to understand and KNOW and feel this knowledge of knowingness and absolute accuracy of total undeniable extacy that one feels or "praise" that one feels when they really begin to understand how good all of it really is.

Most people fear, because they fear their own misunderstanding. But the truth is there, but you cannot see it. So recognize this fear and relax your thoughts a bit, learn to look at it differently. And if you're completely terrorized, then simply take a rest, or start over again. Don't try to rush it. When you rush, you just read over your misunderstanding as if you understood what was actually written. And then you become defensive, not because of what is written, but because you tie your thoughts into a knot of misunderstanding and self contradiction, that causes you to sort of become angry, not because what is written is bad, but because your misunderstanding of THE IMMENSE VALUE of what is actually being said, IS MISSED by you, not SEEN even tho it is right in front of your eyes.

You have to find a perspective and a way of appreciating and a way of reading the Holy Quran, so that you can receive the knowledge directly, by inner felt emotional guidance and recognition and validation.

See it like an adventure or JOURNEY, don't expect you will understand everything just because you read it one time. This knowledge here and value is so rich and deep and valuable, it is for all of humanity. Not just you. And not just for one second. But your entire life. And endless many other lifes. And all the possible lifes you may even live.

Just drink the water and let it heal you. And don't try to compare waters. And discuss who has the right water. Or who's experience of the water is the correct perspective/experience. The Quran is designed to give you benefit, but if you misunderstand it, it can be painful or distressing, not because what is in there is bad, but because there is actually something very important and valuable that is being misunderstood by you and THAT FEELS BAD AND YOU KNOW IT. It is painful because you WANT to understand it and so you are ready to KNOW SO WAKE UP!

And this is why Allah is non-physical. And why you have to differentiate between faith and no-faith.

At first, you will be a bit split in energy. Meaning you can see and understand some things, that are written in the quran, but when other things are said, you will feel a repulsive reaction.

For example
"In the name of Allah, the entirely merciful, the especially merciful."

Sounds good right? You can believe in that, and you can call yourself a believer, and you can say yeah it feels good to believe in that, that rings true to the core of my nature! It is compatible with the way Allah created me. My creator, I'd certainly want my Creator to be merciful! To be loving. Joyful. All embracing and offering of help and guidance.

Then there follows verses that talk about how people pretend to be believers and they are not referring to what they believe in, they are talking about people who pretend to have faith in their hearts like saying "I love you son, you have to eat your brocolli!" That is what it means to be saying you are of faith when you are infact not. That is what it means to have disease in your heart, because when you denie negative emotion (worry in this case) you label it as love, even tho you feel worry, then you have exchanged faith for error and a painful thing is the result of that. The mother doesnt love her son in that moment, she WORRIES about her son and she WORRIES of the bad fate of her son and negative faith and unfaith and disbelieve! And she exchanged her emotional guidance system for error! which results in punishment, duh... That negative self contradictory energy, that mistake, that error, will grow untill it will cause the one to receive the punishing revelation as a MERCY of what they no longer need to do. They no longer have to pretend to be of faith when they are not. That is illness. It causes self denial and illness to grow. It blocks awareness of god and knowledge. And faith and understanding. Faith is natural if you listen to your heart.

So... But then they expand on the MERCY of allah! And here is for example where you might completely misunderstand.

Then you read further and you come to a verse like 2:17:
"Their example is that of one who kindled a fire, but when it illuminated what was around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness [so] they could not see."

"Deaf, dumb and blind - so they will not return [to the right path]"

So listen! does this sound merciful to you? If it does not, then you have misunderstood what it actually means! that is why you have to relaaaaax... Take it slow... Calm down. No rush. Check in on yourself. feel your heart rate. Are you still breathing? Is your heart still beating?

Ok then, this is talking about the forgetfulness that is of our human nature.

Imagine you're in a dark cave, and you strike two rocks, maybe you throw one, and light flashes! And YOU SEE! And suddenly, something good happened! You were fearful but something good happened in the midst of all that uncertainty, something good happened! You got a vision and you suddenly saw everything. BUT WHY DID IT DISSAPEAR! IT dissapeared! WHY DID IT DISSAPEAR! IT DISSAPEAAAAAARED. Because one is too focused on the dissapearance of the light. So they cannot remember what caused the light. And so they cannot RECREATE the light from within <----
Memory. Knowledge. Faith. Understanding.
They will not return to the right path, because they were too practiced in uncertainty, that when certainty came in a flash, it was too short for faith to be recognized therein.

This is revealed to us by Allah to help us understand HOW WE as human cannot recognize true faith, because we are not practiced in it. So when it comes, it is like a flash of light that dissapears very quickly and one does not even recognize that THEY CREATED the light. So you can read the words but you will not know. flashes of fragments of understanding. So a flash of something good is felt, but because one does not recognize how it feels, one has no way of even knowing what caused it! they cannot add 1+1=2. They dont have the tools to understand, they exchanged their emotional guidance system and connection to god for error.

As in we create our own reality. But we have no idea how we are doing it.

And again the following verses also describe how we human beings actually FEAR what is beautiful and good for us. Thunder! We are afraid of it, even tho it lights the way for us! And we walk in its revelation of the way. This is revealed to help us discard our own inner lack of faith and trust in the well-being of this universe. And that we are blessed and loved beings, created by a merciful God/Creator/Source.

So we are told to worship this lord not like "oh I am a poopy and god is angry at me, I bow down to god in resignition to my poopy nature." No! IF you say you are poopy then you have insulted the very good nature that you are created out of a loving god. So yeah. Learn to recognize your own level of faith and emotion. So that you can actually grasp the wisdom behind the words without contradicting yourself. To ensure that you are actually believing when you are reading, and you cannot understand if you do not believe. This is not an order! This is a LAW. IF you stop believing, you literally feel bad, and so you are misunderstanding. If you are understanding you are also simultaneously believing and thus feeling good. You feel faith. And you rejoice in faith. God doesnt say that as a warning, but just to help you be aware of your own nature and when you are aware of it, life becomes easy and enjoyable! Delightful.

So if you do not believe, meaning you feel no faith in your emotion. Your emotions feels a negative lackful faith, or doubt or self contradictory thought patterns within you, and you think your lord is not merciful and hateful and god who created you is evil, then you are of no faith. See? You feel bad in that idea.

"So fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers."

Why is this merciful? If you do not understand this, then you do not understand what is being said! So as a mercy, you are being told, if you have no faith in the absolute mercy of your creator, then you can only believe in physical reality. So since you have no faith, you dont feel good and you are without guidance, you can only feel fear and move away from bad things you fear, then as a mercy you are being guided to FEAR THE FIRE WHOSE FUEL IS MEN AND STONES, prepared for the disbelievers.

So that is a mercy why? Because if you are a disbeliever, it is INEVITABLE that you will go to war and fight and misunderstand everything, so you are being guided as a mercy to fear the fire of that, TO REMEMBER TO NOT FORGET HOW BAD IT FEELS THAT FEAR that it is NOT GOOD! IT is not of your nature! That LAVA looks beautiful, but DONT JUMP IN IT, IT IS BAD, FEAR IT! Don't touch it, it will consume you, kill you, eat you, you will die, bad bad bad no. Human not go in lava! No bad! Nono! Remember nono! Fire? Nono bad not for human ok? GET IT?!

This is a mercy for those who came to the prophet, peace be upon him, who needed to hear this guidance! Why? They are just human beings walking around and about, they dont care about god, they just live in physical reality. (they agreed to be forgetful, more on that later) So they are told, fear fire. That is a mercy for them. That is why it is being shared. So that someone may say one day "Hey, that fire is bad, don't go there."
"What? Pfff, you p*ssy"
Goes to fire, burns and coughs. Dies.
Other friend says "How did you know this?"
"Oh some imaginary MErciful helpful non-physical god or something, told me to fear that, or whatever."

You see even the angels did not know of the mercy of Allah. They asked Allah "will you place therein (earth) those who cause curroption and shed blood?"
And allah said "I know what you do not know."
Meaning, you are misunderstanding what is good and what is bad. You have no idea. For an angel only light fluffy clouds are good. They cannot expand their idea of goodness. And this is so mighty helpful to understand know and it is revealed to us in the holy quran. So praise be thy lord! We are literally being given greater revelations than the angels. What else do you want?

Because I can go on forever!

"" And we said, "O adam, dwell, you and your wife, in paradise and eat thereform in ease and abundance from wherever you will. But do not approach this tree, lest you be among the wrongdoers." ""

ALLAH IS SPEAKING IN NEGATIVE. Can you hear it?! "Don't go to THIS TREE, this beautiful tree from which you can eat here, don't go THEEEERE where this tree is, don't go THEEEERE to that beautiful tree from where you can eat."

It is inevitable that they will eat from it. HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS do you want it to be?! EXPANSION IS INEVITABLE. Allah is laughing and eating popcorn, while you still question his mercy. "Hmmm, is my lord good? Why did he make me eat from the tree."

"Satan caused them to slip out of it. And removed them from that condition in which they had been...... .... ..."
They were removed out of the condition of EASE AND ABBUNDANCE, BECAUSE OF THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE! they are not removed from heaven. Heaven is on earth. HELOOooOOOOO! Waky waky! Trees all around you! DUHhHhhhh.... hhh... Satan is not ALLAH. It is a freaking JOKE!!!! You are suppose to laugh! Why are you not laughing! How can you think... oh my god.... Allah created satan in the verse prior to this! I just told you how he spoke of the double negative. "Don't eat from THIS TREE <---- Highlighting the tree. Pointing at the tree from which you are eternally able and allowed to eat, "Don't eat from it<--- The tree!! of knowledge! OF EXPANSION OF REVELATION OF BECOMING MORE AND MORE AND MORE FOREVER AND BECOMING MORE FREE AND EVOLVE EVOLVE EVOLVE! TRY NEW THINGS TRY SELF CONTRADICTION TRY ILLUSION TRY PRETENDING PRETENCE""

So they were removed from the condition of ease and abbundance because they believed in ALLAH, they accepted the TEST, the test was "if you are allowed to do anything at ease and at will, then I challenge you to not eat from this tree! And they ACCEPTED THE TEST of the double negative." Which DOES NOT EXIST! SATAN IS A CREATION OF GOD. It is not real. They ate from the tree and are allowed to do so, but they entered guilt and shame, which is a self contradictory believe! How can a merciful god shame and guilt you? IT's just a freaking EXPERIMENT. A joke. A dream an illusion. You are suppose to laugh about it.

So they felt guilty because they accepted the test, so they went for it. like "ah hell, why not, let's do this, lets contradict ourselves and believe our lord is satan."
So they became enemies of eachother. One another. OF THEMSELVES. Humanity against humanity. DUHHH..... It's a freaking joke. It's not real. <----
ARE YOU AWAKE YET?! WE ARE IN HEAVEN. LOOK AROUND, WE NEVER WENT DOWN.... How can you go down from a place with trees to a place with trees?! Can't you see?! HOW OBVIOUS THIS JOKE IS! God is playing with you. A game an experiment that you chose. To pretend you are guilty. So that you can experience what it is like to be unworthy. So that humanity goes against humanity. And we pretend we are amongst trees from which we are not allowed to eat. When those trees are made for us! To eat from it with ease and abbundance!

DUHH!!! We are in heaven! HELLOOOooOOOO. DUHHHH..... Think, feel with you heart, think with logical sense.

Those who abide in eternal fire, are those who don't play the satan game. They are the upholders of truth. And of the light.

Children of israel are told to be afraid of only allah. Not fear the world, not care about the world, they play the seperation and limitation game, on earth, pretending to be somewhere outside of heaven, because we needed to expirement for the purpose of expansion. To experience something new unlike we had ever experienced before. Which is what? EVIL! it never existed. And it still doesn't exist. That is being made so obvious, so that you can enjoy the dream you are in. Because all is always well. but you are not forced to play in this game to any degree unless you want to! Unless it is your choice.

ALL IS WELL. The fire of hell does not exist, it is a flame of knowledge, that you are told to fear, because when you play the evil game, you need to be afraid of innocent people! God has protected innocent people from those who dive deeper into the experiment of evil which does not exist but they can still choose to buy into it and believe it, (but in the end they day and return back to full awareness) because otherwise you cannot enjoy THE EXPERIMENT THE DREAM AND EXPERIENCE OF EVIL. And otherwise those innocent people would wake you up and cause you delusion to go away! I cannot make your delusion go away if you are not ready for it if you still choose to play the limitation game/experiment.

But in reality there is only live! No EVIL. Only LIVE. Mirror mirror? Hello? Waky waky! Evil has never existed and never will, so how can you ever experience it, unless you can block the light? This is an experiment we chose as humans, we chose satan, even tho satan does not exist. It is the double negative suggested by Allah. You are not guilty, you can feel guilty and experience guilty, but life is just life. And everyone you kill, IS YOURSELF. We are all one humanity. Duhhh.... The experiment said "go down from here as enemies to one another." They did not go down, they went down in energy, lack of believe. down in consciousness. They went down to fear energies. Self contradiction. Dreaming. Blindness. FORGETFULNESS. Guilt. "I am bad" consciousness.

The light has already been revealed. And everyone is awakened. There is no need to play in forgetfulness anymore. Because we know everything that has gone on before and has come before us, all a result of illusion. Of experiment. Just try out some fear here and there, cause why not? For the purpose of inevitable expansion. That's all there is to it. We are gonna experience it, because of MOORE'S LAW. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN. It is inevitable in an eternal state of being, you're always gonna do something! So YOU DID IT! Congratulations, you believed that you are unworthy! Bravo! *clap clap clap* pat yourself on the back. And GET OVER IT! Jeez.

There exists only peace. In the entire universe. You are dreaming that you don't have acces to that knowledge. Because that is what you chose. We chose as humanity, but here is the light of rememberance so that you may appreciate why? Because you remember again WHY You chose it. And that you agreed to it, because you knew it was a joke and nothing bad could come out of it. God was being playful and somewhat sarcastic. Double negative. like nothing bad will come out of it, but ofcourse in your experience the entire world will constantly be in despair. When in reality nothing bad can ever happen! And nothing bad actually is ever happening. It's just forgetfulness experiment and game. Because when you die, then WOOSSH you wake up to full glory of allah. Duh.... Well-being is the only constant in this universe. Even if you kill another human being you are basically literally killing yourself. You cannot enjoy it, so you experience equal amount of pain as the one you kill. Why would you need punishment, if the very act of killing is as painful as being killed? When you kill, you are already balls deep in self contradiction. Only death can wake you up.

So if you believe you have to fight religion? Go right ahead, you are not less religious. Religion is for the purpose of reminding us what is going on here on this planet. It is a way guider. Showing you what the options are. "Here is some despair. There is some bloodshed. There is some forgetfulness and confusion. And Allah is the most high and obvious rightful path duhh... Because it is all an illusion. And a game. So you dont have to fear it and the religion, manual instructions say dont fear it. Duhhh. So you can get lost, but its not real and fake. You are made from your lord and all praise belongs to your lord and your lord is merciful, it's all of your choosing. It has all been yielded to you like the endless yielding of your crops.

What do you wanna do with it? How do you exit the game? Do you wanna just start living normal natural life on earth or do you wanna die on purpose? It's both the same. There is no death. When you die, you become of nature again and you remember Allah is of all nature and is always all around you. And you are it! You are made out of it. It is INSEPERABLE FROM YOU. Your dream is made out of you. All of physical reality is an illusion. But when you do not know you are dreaming, you live in a delusion. So return back and investigate your faith and understanding with your heart. Because your true nature will never forget who you and all truely are, for you are made out of all of it! Your body is part of all the external world, and your consciousness may feel trapped in your body, but your consciousness is an extension of allah, and everything is made out of source consciousness, so you are ALWAYS looking at yourself. Everything is you. And all is one as all as one as one as all. You just go to a tree and there is allah. That's nature. That tree is fully in alignment with the highest truth of allah. When a shark eats you, you do not die, because you have always already been that shark, but when you die, you just wake up that fact of who and what you truely always already have been and you dont need to die before you remember who you truely are, you can remember even while you are alife, by no longer fearing reality. Surrendering to everything as god. As you. As consciousness. As everything is made out of your awareness.

IF you don't enjoy a tree, then you wont enjoy anything! So go play in death and destruction, if you wish. But when you die, you will enjoy being the tree again. You will remember your eternal nature and you will say "Oki doki! lets do the evil game of limitation again. Of guilt and forgetfulness." Because nothing bad can come out of it. All the elements of this universe are made out of god and your consciousness, frequency awareness perspective, the joyful bubbles of ever expanding fractalizing consciousness into infinite evermore here and now omni present omni dimensional being and becoming, boundless, limitless. Your conscious chose to be here and is still doing so. That decision is not seperate from your being here now, it is simultaneously co-existing, beyond your time and space reality, you are made out of your own consciousness, and you are not seperate from it, you are an extension of it. You are made out of it, and you are eternally evermore inseperable from who you truely are in the absolute nature of your existence, that is unlike which there is any likeness to, because it is omni dimensional, it is beyond time and space. There are endless many time and space realities. As many as there are universes, and in one of that particular universe, there are endless nebulous clouds of galaxies, where one galaxy is like tiny micro mist particle, containing endless stars and suns and planets. And the amount of time, is an illusion, because your consciousness and source can focus itself into being and becoming simultaneous on all infinite realities beyond time and space aswell.


Sharing my perspective and enjoying your sharing and our co-creating.
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