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Old 16-06-2019, 07:12 PM
Found Goat Found Goat is offline
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Accessing The Archives

Accessing the Archives: In reference to the Akashic Records.

I would like to hear from any who have likewise tapped into this rich, spiritual resource of info. What has been your experience within the Akasha? What kind of feedback have you attempted to glean from it? Do you use it as a means of soul-searching? As a means of communing with the Ascended Masters? What technique do you use in order to gain admittance? Have you acknowledged the efficacy of this field of information flow as I have?

Those who have been drawn to this archetypal region of spatial timelessness often tend to use the experience to acquire guidance and a deeper, more circumspective understanding of their lifeís journey. Upon exiting this primary substance, itís known that a different perspective on things is often attained. There is a larger purpose to it all, and sometimes humans become too focused on matters as perceived from their limited vantage point.

For me, it is about making contact and ultimately knowing the divine realm Ė or at the very least a more enlightened plane Ė on an intimate basis, absent of unnecessary ecclesiastical intermediaries. Sometimes I just like to bask in its energetic presence that encompasses me, one of warmth and peace, aside from the vibrational sensation akin to an electrical current pervading my being while in its meditative state.

It is a high-minded nonlocality, this ethereal library of sorts, where Lords of the Hall and Light Beings are thought to exist. Words like compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, cooperation, affectionate Ė all kinds of positive terminology come to mind as I often sit within these sessions with pen and pad handy.

The akashic state has been for me for a few years now a wonderful source of metaphysical insight and esoteric intimacy in my connecting with what I believe to be on occasion my Higher Self.

From as far back as I can remember Iíve always been drawn to the concept of there existing recording angels or celestial scrolls in which every thought and deed is archived so to speak in its archetypal form. The Bible hints at this with its Book of Life and key passages (e.g. Ecclesiastes 1:9-10). In my youth, I used to have a recurring dream of visiting these etheric stacks and running my fingers along the spines of shelved volumes that went on seemingly for eternity. (I have sometimes wondered whether these Records accounts for the panoramic Life Review known to the near-death experiencer.)

While in the akashic state, thoughts that I have long since expressed come back to me (verbatim, I am to assume); memories of the distant past are recalled with ease; and sometimes scenes of what I interpret to be future events in which I am involved play out upon my mindscreen, some of which come true soon afterwards, as if in synchronistic fashion. (Those that do not I speculate are events that may occur in a separate timeline, a parallel universe, innumerable these must be.)

I have encountered in print, those who have used the Records as a means of accessing memories of their past lives and as a reincarnationist this fascinates me but itís something that has never been my own experience. Others profess to have made it as far back as the antepartum period and have recollected what is was like floating in the amniotic fluid. One man gave the experience of recalling a detail of his own birth that was never made known to him until he verified it with his mother, that involved a breech presentation amidst parturition.

Have some of the jottings (the majority of which I tend to be in agreement with) that Iíve made upon immediately or soon after exiting the akashic state come from the Records, my Higher Self, my subconscious? I suppose Iíll never know for certain. (Refer to footnote)

In recent months, I have put to the Records questions that Iíve wanted some spiritual insight into, that perhaps my own mind has been grappling with. This is far from anything commonly mystical. I might add, that I am neither a clairvoyant nor does this have anything to do with channeling. In fact, Iím pretty much a down-to-earth terrestrial. Instead, I liken it a bit to prayer. Many people pray to what they consider to be a listening God who will in His own time and way answer their prayers ... or not. Such ones often pray for guidance, wisdom, understanding, support. There is nothing the least bit weird about that. More often than not, as with those why pray, I get the sense of my source as being most unresponsive. I still like to think that the Etheric Scribes are sometimes with me.

There are those heavily in tune with the Records, experienced practitioners, who make the claim that the Akasha is, in theory, open to everyone, but I personally find this highly debatable. These ones on the one hand acknowledge that in the past the Heavenly Hall was available only to certain ones, like savants, adepts, and students of the Mystery Schools or Pansophic Tradition. On the other hand, they say that nowadays even business executives of all people theoretically have the means to seek out guidance from this source, pertaining to decisions that are to be made within their companies, which I find very difficult to believe. (Do we go paperless as a token gesture of greenwashing, as a means to save on billing expenses, or as a symbolic act in demonstration of our support of an illiterate, audiovisual agenda?, I can just picture an executive musing aloud in the boardroom.) If this is true, we have come a long, long way from the likes of Blavatsky, Steiner, and Cayce!

- Is there salvation for atheists and religionists?
- Is reincarnation limited to earthly lifeforms?
- Is cosmic justice for real? Would, say, karma see to an aristocrat return as a dung beetle?
- Will there be meat to eat in the afterlife for spiritual carnivores?
- Is material progress truly achievable in a mechanistic universe where nothing Ė not even heavenly bodies Ė survives?

These are just a few of the curiosities I have posed to the Records in recent months. My questions are always of a spiritual nature.

As one who is not self-deterministic in his worldview, a quest for power, status, or an infatuated lover exists not only outside my ken but, gratefully, beyond my control to attain even if the desire for these were there. These are simply not in the cards for me and amen to that. I strongly doubt the spiritual existence and claims of those who are said to have used the Records for selfish, egotistic and monetary motives. I am of the opinion thatís not how it works.


Following one session, I sat there mulling over what Iíd asked for clarity on and that evening awoke and felt the need to make some point-form notes, that later were formulated into self-directed, impersonal statements. Not surprisingly, they mirror sentiments of my own that Iíve been expressing in one form or another, for years. Reminders, then, more than revelations:

Know you are of the divine and nurture the seed within. Pray for those whose light has been quashed by the de-spirited pall of this age [the nihilistic zeitgeist of our disenchanted culture].

Be careful not to withdraw from the practical at the expense of the spiritual, as spirit infuses even those objects you consider the least significant and disposable.

The soul that hungers for the spirit will encounter within the truth of temporary darkness life-giving roots that can weather the storm of perishability [the plane of entropy].
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Old 16-06-2019, 07:53 PM
inavalan inavalan is offline
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You probably realize that your beliefs affect the information you perceive ... You have to adopt an attitude of unbiased receptivity, and record the raw message you get. No rewording, no interpretation. From the questions you asked, I'd say that you still have to work on that.
Everything expressed here is what I believe. Keep that in mind when you read my post, as I kept it in mind when I wrote it. I don't parrot others. Most of my spiritual beliefs come from direct channeling guidance. I have no interest in arguing whose belief is right, and whose is wrong. I'm here just to express my opinions, and read about others'.
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