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Old 01-03-2007, 03:30 PM
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In trance state, one is transported to another realm or level of consciousness. There is a journey of love and enlightment that make for some awareness of knowledge and the gathering of it, without the actual memory or awareness of the place from wence it ocurred.

God bless, J
Old 05-04-2007, 09:38 PM
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the ecstasy of release

Hey everone,
I haven't actually experienced death myself but have witnessed it firsthand 4 times now.Thought i might share this with you,maybe it will be of some comfort to those that fear dying.
When i lost my partner last August,i had pulled back the duvet to put some boxer shorts on him(he spent his last days sleeping in the raw,bless him,he always loved to go commando!!) before the undertaker came.I was so shocked to see that his big toes were strained backwards,as if he were in pain when he died.As you can imagine,i found this deeply distressing and was so very very upset at the idea that he had died in agony.
A week later,i was talking to my friend who's a midwife,and i told her about what i'd seen and how bad i felt for him(Reg) that he'd died in so much pain.She gave me the best present that anybody has ever given me,peace of mind.You see,having experienced deaths during her years as a nurse,she had seen people who had died in pain and told me that this did not sound the same as what i had described.His toes were pulled backwards and she told me that if he had been in pain,they would have been scrunched downwards.Can you imagine the relief.
Now if this isn't too much information(hopefully) i remembered what his toes used to do when we were making love.My lovely Reg died in purest ecstasy.I am now not scared of dying.The climax of my life,will be the climax of my life(is that too much?My apologies if so but i take great comfort from this thought)
I believe what my friend told me and will never be able to thank her enough for putting my mind at rest on this point.
Old 09-04-2007, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonflower
Hi all you lovely people

I am pondering whether any of you have experienced personally what it is like to pass over to the other side & what it was like for you.

Moonflower, I cannot say that I have experience of passing over, but I can tell you of my Greatgrandfather, who I never met in this life. I have visited him several times, and spoken to him frequently, read his books; he has simply wall to wall bookshelves there, and is always dressed in a black suit. When I was a little girl I once went outside his abode into a beautiful sunny day, and sat with him, at his feet. He was in an easy chair, and there were two other little girls there also. He was teaching us but, unfortunately I cannot now remember what it was about; also, I did not know who the other little girls were. I do know that there is an incredible feeling of love there, from each of us, that is simply too difficult to put into words.

Also, I have been shown where I will live when I 'go over,' I do not mean 'heaven' as in the religious sense... It is a strange, but serene abode such as I have never seen the like of before. Ever since I became aware of consciousness I have had memories of having lived before several times. Unfortunately the memories are scattered fragments, and I do not know if the child I am from one memory grew up to be the adult from another.
Old 10-04-2007, 12:24 AM
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Dariel & moonflower, aren't Dr Michael Newton's books great!

Nick, You should buy both of those books, i'm sure they will squash your fears about dying, there is apsolutely nothing to worry about, i'm actually excited about it, not that i want it to come now, but i think it will be the most wonderful thing ever, It's always nice to go home after along trip away isn't it!
Old 10-04-2007, 06:33 AM
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Hi Everyone

Lightworker a lovely way to put it going home after a long trip away.. However I would not say I am excited about it lol I hope to be around for a long time yet sooo much to do during my 120 years + thats my goal & still have all my faculties lol.

I do know Freedancer & believe that there is no physical pain at the passing it is the spirit letting go of the physical vessel that has served it's purpose for the time being, the spirit passes/moves on before the physical body (shell) dies, I have had 2 relatives recently come through me to give messages to their loved ones my cousin John we were very close who was 52 passed through me physically to let me know that his spirit had gone even tho he was on life support at the time & that they are fine & not to worry they also gave me information that I was not aware of at the time so clearly not my imagination..

Laurie a wonderful, comforting experience for you to be shown this by your GGF he is obviously walking alongside you watching you grow & develop into a beautiful soul.

One thing is clear our journey through our lives & beyond is like the universe as infinite as you wish it to be.

Love & blessings to you all Moonflower x
Old 10-04-2007, 01:06 PM
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Here's an experience I had...

When I was 6 or 7 years old (My family won't speak of it because apparently it was traumatic for them at the time, so I'm not really sure how old I was & I only remember from a kids comprehension & perspective), I was on my bike and got run down by a speeding drunk driver.

All I remember was everything was in slow motion, dream-like, and it was like watching a movie with fastforward/skip moments mixed in. It was a vivid experience and detailed, from the chrome grill at the front of the car, shining in the warm sun, as it gently touched my skin, to the look on peoples faces, everything was clear. It was warm, bright, peaceful, quiet, and I felt totally detached from the whole thing that I was witnessing.

I consciously remember thinking that I could leave my body and watch the rest of the accident if I want to. I actually might have done that as the angles kept changing. I can even recall the smell of warm flowers (that summer night smell) I watched most of it through my own eyes though, ....I think.

I was revived & came to in the gutter down the road a bit. From that moment on, it was noisy, extremely painful, and I couldn't get my barings. I screamed and screamed, the pain was horrible. Very much opposite to what I'd just been through.

I recovered from the external injuries and could you believe it, I only broke one bone in my entire body, my right big toe, lol. I'll remember it till I die....tehehe, again. I've had some pretty amazing experiences. This was one of them.

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Old 11-04-2007, 02:01 PM
The Dreadful Hours
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I've not experienced dying per se, though I imagine it would be more enjoyable than a lot of mortal plane experiences, say a root canal. Of course I would think the circumstances leading up to death would make an impact, like say suffering from cancer or some such disease. I would imagine the release would, in a way, be more gratifying after a long suffering, then just dying out of the blue. But, that's just what I imagine.
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