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Old 14-03-2019, 02:50 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
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I am indeed distressed to read about the trauma associated with kundalini awakening as experienced by so many. NoOne is perhaps best placed to assist.

In my view, the energy follows a path of least resistance and ideally should rise from root to crown in a single swoosh through the central funnel or Sushumna. This may be likened to the natural path. If however our consciousness is not attuned magnetically to allow this, then the alternative routes of Ida and/or Pingala are employed. I’d say the trauma is associated with blockages along the way ... blockages by way of attachment to fears & desires we indulge in.

Prayerful surrendered acceptance may be an optimal orientation to invite the energy to rise through the central funnel. We have to allow it however ... kind of falling in love, there is no formula for it.

Love & Light

Continuum of be-ness
Within staid stillness
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Old 14-03-2019, 06:34 PM
NoOne NoOne is offline
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Originally Posted by Taking a Break
Hi NoOne,
Very interesting and also scary, when I regularly practiced mantra meditation I felt a growing, wild energy in my lower back, it felt a little sexual, was that kundalini?

Yes, I would say so.

What caused your kundalini activation, did you meditate, do yoga, were you doing spiritual rituals?

I started meditating when I was 13 and started doing yoga at 15. Then I stopped both as I got older and meditated only intermittently, on and off. I still continued reading books of a spiritual nature, though I wasn't very spiritual in my late twenties, in fact I was pretty much an atheist. I did know that there are subtle energies that work in us all the time as I could feel them and in some cases even see them.

Then when I was around 30 (I lived in London at the time, after a stint in Singapore, where I started doubting my atheistic convictions), I started working on myself spiritually and energetically in earnest and meditated every day. At age 31-32, I had a Buddhist girlfriend for a while, with whom I engaged in some Tantric practices, although it started out more or less by accident and I discovered that these had considerable non-spiritual benefits as well.

My Kundalini activated a little before that and I could feel heat, light and pressure at the base of my spine, first during meditation, then all the time. I could also feel the spinning of my lower chakras, particularly the solar one. By that time I could feel a sort of wriggling sensation, entirely physical in nature, as if a snake or a worm was trying to wriggle its way upwards, in a spiralling fashion, along the spine. It really felt as if something was physically moving inside me and it was accompanied by a sensation of heat and a tingling of the nerves, as well as a buzzing sound in the ears.

By the time the serpent wriggled its way to my heart chakra, I was 33 and it was the year 2012. I had a huge block in my heart chakra and the serpent was constantly bumping its head against it, but to no avail. This gave me heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and constant chest pain. I started having panic attacks and developed agoraphobia as a result. I could only walk at a slow pace, planning each step and could barely take care of myself.

I forgot basic things, like my PIN code and couldn't even withdraw money from the ATM. My nervous system was shutting down and I felt like I was constantly having a heart attack. I thought I might die shortly or be sectioned, but I knew about Kundalini from my previous interest in Yoga and all things Hindu, so I had at least some hope that this would only be temporary and things would improve once I got through the difficult part.

My only solace at the time was visiting the British Museum and particularly the Sumerian-Assyrian exhibits which I always felt a deep connection to. Most of the Artefacts in that collection are from Uruk (which means "Their Lord" in my own language, Hungarian), Inanna's sacred city. She lived there in flesh and blood for thousands of years, along with some of the other Sumerian gods at the time, who all had their own sacred city in Sumer. You can even see some of the artefacts associated with her cult, such as the necklace and headdress she used to wear as well many depictions of her, most famously the Burney relief. I also spent a lot of time contemplating the meaning of other stone reliefs and carvings, which depicted other Sumerian gods, chiefly Utu, Inanna's brother and the Sun God.

When I was at my lowest ebb, I could take it no more and I cried out to Inanna for help. I established an energetic connection to her, by spending time around and meditating on the artefacts associated with her worship and even some of her personal artefacts. Because of this energetic connection, I was able to establish a link with her (it is like a wormhole of interdimensional portal) and ask for her help.

The next day she came, when I was in my apartment, alone, washing up in the kitchen. I first felt an enormous bright light entering the room and the associated heat. It was a very calm, loving and benevolent energy. I did not see her with my physical eyes, my back was turned to her anyways, but I could still "feel" what she looked like with my other senses. She was mostly bright white light, like another sun basically, but there was a barely visible manifestation of a human face and tentacles of white light reaching out in all directions.

Then, she manifested a hand and touched me on my back, right where the heart chakra is located. I could feel an enormous rush of energy, in the form of heat and light, as well as an electric buzz. She cleared my heart chakra in no time and my Kundalini shot up straight to my throat and started wriggling its way up into my head. I had to go into my bedroom and lie down, to let the process happen and complete itself. I was basically in constant ecstasy all the time, surrounded by an incredible, loving light and pretty much out of my body the whole time. As the serpent continued its journey upwards, it got all the way to my third eye and beyond that. Then it got stuck at the top of my head and could not break through my skull, to reach the Sahasrara.

Inanna, who stayed in the kitchen until then, floated into the room, still in the form of a light being and touched me again. Her light body merged with mine and we basically became one. She gave me her own energy to help me complete the Kundalini awakening process. I could again feel this incredible rush of energy rushing up my spine. Then there was suddenly a breakthrough, I heard a tearing or breaking noise and I could feel that a hole had suddenly opened up at the top of my head and there was a feeling that I could compare to the blossoming of a flower. As the serpent broke through, I could feel it peeking out of the top of my head and sort of curling down to rest on the top of my forehead. There are many depictions of this sensation in ancient Egyptian and Buddhist art.

First I felt energy rushing out of me, as the serpent broke through, but then something even more wonderful happened. First of all, at the very moment the serpent broke through and I heard that tearing noise, a crow perched on the tree opposite my bedroom window crowed exactly four times. Then, liquid light came rushing in through this newly created opening and it flooded my brain and my entire body. It was the most glorious and ecstatic feeling I have ever experienced, like having several full-body orgasms at once. I heard a sound of flowing water, not unlike a waterfall or a rushing river and everything was covered in bright light. I was no longer in my body and started expanding outwards, feeling infinite and all-knowing. With this rushing of liquid light, I started getting information as well, about how things are, the truth about everything and everyone. I was basically all-knowing in this expanded state and I felt one with the Universe and could perceive no distinction between myself and everyone and everything else.

I don't know how long I remained in this expanded state, there was no perception of time there, but eventually I started shrinking and with time my awareness returned to my physical body. I could only bring back a small fraction of the knowledge I gained in this boundless, universal state, but it was already more than I had ever understood about the Truth. Inanna was gone by then, but I was profoundly grateful for her for healing me first of all and then of course for giving me this life-changing experience. Yes, I got there mostly through my own efforts, but that final push was needed from her to complete my awakening and who knows what would happened to me eventually if she hadn't stepped in to save me. We are in contact to this day and have been working together for over six years. There have been some challenging times after that, my Kundalini still acted up a few times and it took time for all the problems to clear, though it was considerably better afterwards.
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Old 14-03-2019, 11:13 PM
Taking a Break Taking a Break is offline
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Dear NoOne,
I admire your writers' abilities, your posts are great to read and full of wisdom, knowledge and information.
Thank you very much.
Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.
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Old 15-03-2019, 05:50 PM
Bornonthecusp Bornonthecusp is offline
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Originally Posted by lomax
How i managed to triple my post,i have no clue.I apologize for this.Sorry guys.

Maybe it was in case somebody missed it the first two times ;)
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