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Old 08-01-2012, 02:23 PM
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Young Flames, my story and a Question about Signs and Syncs

Hello, I'm new to the form and I'm 18 and I'm pretty sure I've found my flame through facebook (Shes 19)I had started talking to her about 2 years ago, but there weren't any " signs" per say, I just remember wanting to talk to her all the time and I thought about her here and there. But right around where the Mayan calendar was going through those 9th wave and all that, in September, I started getting the 11:11 and other numbers having to do with my own occult study like 93, 418 and such, and THAT started happening right when she broke up with her boyfriend (which she wasn't aloud to talk to me with this boyfriend, but she still did... and she sent me a neat Celtic Christ Consciousness Pendant that I wear every day) It was almost as if, after we " reconnected" our friendship, then all these syncs started to happen, but unnoticed to me, and unnoticed to her. She posted a little note on facebook about twin flames, and I read it, with the vague feeling that it was written in regards to me. So, time goes along, and here comes this one night, where I get quite stoned with a couple of friends, and I mean, REALLY stoned. I meditate on my third eye almost 24/7, there's always the pressure there, so I pretty much saw the magnitude of the Twin Flame connection, and it TOTALLY blew me away, and all these syncs and signs were just right there in my face for about 3 weeks after this. I had made my twin aware, and she accepted, even though it was a pretty frantic proposal of all my feelings (that I had been hiding and suppressing, because I thought it would be to good to be true, to have this girl even " love" me) So, for about the month of october, things ran smoothly and then BAM a obstacle of the runner dynamic on her part, and that lasted about 2 months, it was terrible for me, she thought she would run off with one of my facebook friends because of the pressure, but not only that, she wanted to help him which indicates the " service to others" that a twin flame may have. I had always wanted to... " help" her, but I had no clue on how, she has sometimes a depression problem and I tend to try to life her spirits and tell her shes loved. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, now let me get on to this main part of what I want to ask people.

Does it ever feel, that when you ask for the signs or you are getting the signs and syncs, that there is just a vault or veil that lifts momentarily and then just vanishes? I get them ALL the time, and both of us are rockers, so it comes through music such as Led Zeppelin. So, does anyone feel the same way? That we get the signs, and then its almost as if they weren't there after you look at them, maybe an hour later, giving you some doubts about them. This may be a very basic observation about it... I had never believed in the "signs or syncs" before i had my experience, which rearranged me TOTALLY. Even in the runner dynamic I had to go through, I still got signs, but I ****ed me off because I was so upset with her, I tried " hating" her, but that would just vanish and then blam, a sign. So that faded, and we both reconnected again and shes a little less scared of the connection like she said she was when we had the obstacle. I think, one thing with the signs, that gives us doubt that they really are signs, is because the connection is so vast and magnificent that we simply cant grasp it 24/7 in this moment in time on the planet. I'd love to be in the all loving head space all the time, but I just can't because its such a consciousness change that seems like its and impossible to the mind. I can't even remember what I saw or what feeling I got when I noticed the connection when I was pretty stoned, all I know was, it totally shook me and made me cry infrot of 3 friends saying " thats it, shes the one, thats it thats it." It was honestly like the biggest dejavu ever, or like this really massive psychic flash. Sorry my post is scattered, I had also sent her a Hathor pendant(Egyptian goddess of love) and for some time, I actually THOUGHT she was Hathor, because I had no way of telling if she was real or not, it was just so marvelous. So I have some basic questions.
1. Does this sound like a twin flame connection? (I'm guessing yes, because all my life as a boy up till now, had always subconsciously been looking for a profound relationship, just like the twin flame thing... so I got it ;)
2. Does anyone experience the sudden closing of a vault or veil when ever they get signs, to where it kind of just dazzles you?
3. Has anyone ever experienced a different perspective on the twin flame relationship through the use of drugs or psychedelics?
Thank you
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Old 08-01-2012, 02:32 PM
John32241 John32241 is offline
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Hi Dan,

(1) If you are inclined to ask that question, the most likely answer is no.

(2) Only if you stop listening to the implied advice.

(3) No because those things foster ego centric brain activity and what is best is heart centered intuitive perspectives.

I hope my thoughts on these things can be helpful.

My web site: Spiritual Academy

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Old 08-01-2012, 02:59 PM
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I'm pretty sure on the connection for that first question, sometimes I just ask dumb questions... I'm really not looking for a direct answer to it, I'm just curious to what other people think, I do have my own convictions on it so I shouldn't have asked, in all honesty it was a loose question. And for number 2, I see what you mean there, for a 3 weeks I had been listening to the " implied advice" and it kind of drove me crazy and my friends and family saw it and it was pretty outrageous. I think it activated my Kundalini energy and I had not only the recognition of a twin flame and a total spiritual awakening - then I had the fall, and then the runner dynamic... which was pretty hard, but it was a cleansing now that I look at it. I have to disagree with psychedelics having to do with egocentric brain activity, I have done quite the extensive research on it, its a passion of mine. What the pot had done for me, was to look at my life in a different perspective, and to see the rolling journey, ever since I had started talking to this girl - because I wasn't very spiritual before I talked to her, I was an atheist with a slight interest in Occult, but after a while It turned into my own philosophy on life. I do tell, it did hit me at the heart center intuitive perspective, and it was as if I had never felt my emotions or love for that matter my entire life. I had always been reserved or transcended from my own emotions throughout life. I think I may be whats described as a " wanderer soul" and that's something that is normal for them, to not be able to be in touch with their emotions, mostly stuck in the mental body. I do very many different types of meditation (and a lot) and most people say I have pretty much no personality from it, I just feel that with the use of some chemicals it allows me to break free and see the " other side" briefly. And the intuitive perspective, I am also an artist, that had kind of just been in an artist block for quite along time, when my flame came along, I just kind of got out of it and started making art again and I feel I'm quite intuitive with my art.
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Old 09-01-2012, 02:50 AM
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Hello danny =], I want u to know that ur definitely not alone. I've experienced something similar to what u have experience.I am now 17 years old.My twin soul is 16. I met him on f.b aswell about two years ago aswell.I added him on august 1st 2010.I did not know why i chose to add him at the time. Something juss told me to.And i dont add ppl whom idk.At the time i didnt look at his page or nothing cuz i liked this other guy.He was 14 yrs old when i added him n i was 15.On november 2nd i saw it said it was this persons bday.So even if i dont know the person i say happy bday to them.But then i glance at his page n notice its the gu who i added a while ago i tell myself.I also begin to notice that he was alot like me in the things he wrote n ect.He loves hip hop n so do i.His name is like the masculine version of mine.We share the same race, we look alike in bone structure n in many ways.Then i began having dreams of this guy in a white aurora andtelepathy n much more.But n e who.I also received the 11:11 wake up call as soon as i recognized my feelings n what i fastly felt for him.I believe u did meet ur twin from wut uve written.I believe we r one of the young adults who r supposed to help make this ascension transition.I am so glad i found a person who is around my age n met them on the internet!!Ur intution will tell u shes the one but ur mind will not agree or settle w the idea,simply bcuz it doesnt accept/consider anything that is not 100% rational to be true.
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Old 09-01-2012, 03:39 AM
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Oh wow, yea my twin shares the same name as me to. Daniel and Danielle. I think your right about how some of the younger people are connecting with their twins at this time... Actually, I think it's more commen for younger people to connect because we simply use the Internet more. From what I've got from the whole thing is that most younger twins live far away from each other. It's cool to find another person around your age that has met their flame as well. As far as feeling the role in the asscension, I know I felt the magnitude of what is described as the " soul contract" that's the main thing that freaked me out the most. I honestly had visions of how I played out this role in planetary asscension, I don't know what It exactly is right now, but I am a musician and an artist with the intuitive feeling that I may go somewhere with it. Thanks for the reply!
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Old 09-01-2012, 11:26 PM
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Omygoshh i love music\artistry, creavity,phillosophy,physics but most importantly jesus christ <3!My name is Genesis n my twin souls name is Gaetano .Well my twin juss lives in a different borough from me.We live about an hour away by train,by car we live less then an hour.Wow I believe u r in my soul group or something lol! Yea i feel good now because most of the ppl whove met their twin souls r usually alot older then us.We r lucky to have met our twins ahead of time but it also feels like acurse too. N ur welcome!
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