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Old 26-03-2017, 05:49 PM
The Taoist The Taoist is offline
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Hello' Firas335:

This you may view as an interesting learning lesson, within consciousness, experiencing new developments in manipulation of physical consciousness, to which you are learning to manipulate quite efficiently.

Clearly, this has been and still IS....a learning lesson that YOU have created for your own benefit and empowerment.

And what is seen ….is that.....this is an issue/challenge that YOU have to resolve...not others. And...the best way that is seen for you to do that is.....in the sincere and committed effort to investigate, examine, identify, address and...RESOLVE this challenge...on your own...which is a tremendous compliment of your own powerful and very capable energies.

For I myself understand great suffering, internal chaos and overwhelming conflict and have followed similar pathways as you. And what I found was that....it is important to understand that your main purpose here, on this planet, in this plane of reality, is....to learn lessons and achieve “Value fulfillment” from your own creations...which is shared for edification and advancement with your overall group consciousness or “Sphere Identity” (soul).

And that, this lesson of yours, the lesson of “Self Illumination”...is a common one, but one that most do not clearly understand and therefore, this can become a problem, for many.

As most individuals do not make it a habit to “Pay attention” to their own energies, their own behaviors, feelings or attitudes.

Now, as I move into your soul level and observe your present challenge...it is clear that....you do not actually wish to have others offer you your own answers, your own solutions and have quite a strong internal wall or barrier protecting you from other's opinions, perceptions and imaginative projections and that...you clearly have a strong Will and wish to solve your own challenges...yourself! This is part of the lesson that you are teaching yourself.....not to rely on others for your own perception of truth.

Therefore, as I wish to always respect and honor other's personal pathways or choices, I will simply offer you a hint as to where to look for the essence or source......of your current “Energy blockage”, and in that way, YOU are solving this challenge of yours...not me.

And...what is seen is that.....this issue of “Holding to energies” (what you call blockage) is a common one, indeed, and that, what is seen as a key aspect or source is....a BELIEF.

And the belief that is seen as the source of your current “Energy imbalance”...is based in the concept of.....”ABSOLUTENESS”.

In that, you appear to have a belief that all life is....Absolute.

Remember, life is what you create it to be...not what others say it is...and that, this pathway that you have chosen appears to be a path of great inner illumination, enlightenment and EMPOWERMENT.

Therefore, I will honor your path and resist in any further assistance and insight and simply wish you a fulfilling and empowering day, my friend.

And..if you wish to relax and release your “Hold” on your energies and.....let them.....once again...FLOW....then....this would be a very beneficial path for you to venture down.

Remember, BELIEFS create the 'patterns of thought' ( Attitude) and from there....one takes ACTION....and from there....one MANIFESTS one's reality.

And therefore....your present challenge/issue....is based in your BELIEFS....and therefore.....you must examine and identify and address those core beliefs, in order to.....RESOLVE your current issue.

I may suggest to you.....to make a commitment to yourself in doing just that.....RESOLVING your issue. And this can take the shape of many different expressions of preparation for change....such as.....taking a quite walk in nature or ...listening to a musical expression or some prose or by.....meditating on your inner purpose and those beliefs that are the foundation of your challenge(s).

Also, remember, that.....if you ignore this insight and continue to follow down the same pathway of suffering....(and this is your freewill choice)....you will continue to 'drain & exhaust' yourself and your energies on a daily basis...as an imbalanced being is always in a state of energy drain or exhaustion.

For, the normal FLOW of one's energies has been blocked or ...more accurately.....is being...”HELD ONTO”....and therefore....it is vital to understand here that....if you are holding onto your energies (which you are) and refusing to let your energies flow....in a natural or normal way...then....your mind and body will have to ..”Work overtime”....in order to do what is done naturally and easily, on a daily basis.

For....energy FLOWS....naturally...but...when an individual makes a choice or perceives a particular way to experience an energy or physical expression or has a belief that hinders one's natural energetic expressions... then......that is when one's energies can become as you say...blocked. But, in reality, those energies are merely being...”HELD ONTO”.....a type of.....holding to one's energies....and this can easily be resolved...by simply IDENTIFYING & RESOLVING the source of that “HOLDING TO ENERGIES or BLOCKAGE”.

And...the opposite of a belief in ABSOLUTENESS is.....”MULTIDIMENSIONALTY”.

In that....there are no “opposites of energy, no polarity of energy”....but in fact...from a higher more spiritual perspective...there is only.......infinite.....ever-changing....multi-dimensional and ever-expanding consciousness and creativity...forever creating and re-creating itself!

And so, absoluteness would be the opposite of infinite, ever changing growth and creativity...correct?

Something to ponder. ( smiling gently ).

I wish you success and enlightenment in your current challenges and journeys, my friend.

A brief but valuable structure for self healing and resolving matters such as these is.....

1. Become SELF AWARE.....of your challenge by paying attention to YOU.
2. Identify your issue/challenge/belief clearly.
3. Address that issue.
4. Resolve the issue by....'accepting it'...which in turn...neutralizes the 'effect'.
5. Replace the old belief with a new and empowering belief and then...maintain your new belief by practicing daily, by focusing on your commitment. Listening to your feelings, behaviors and energetic sensations, which will be your personal 'measuring stick' of success, so to speak.

In Light & Peace Taoist

P.S. Remember....an effective problem-solver does NOT focus on the 'symptoms'.....but rather....focuses on the.....'source or essence'...of the challenge/issue.
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Old 27-03-2017, 01:47 AM
slowsnake slowsnake is offline
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To The Taoist,
That was a very well thought plan,and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly!

Well Done.

Kind Regards Billy.
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